Author: pyrzm
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Lost Souls + Chapter 42

It took several days to plan the mission. There was research to be done, materials to be acquired, a hotel room to rent. Quatre did the computer searches at night; Duo did the leg work while Quatre was away at work. Looking at himself in the mirror in the morning, Quatre saw a happier face. He was keeping food down a little better since Duo came. And since that night they'd almost had sex, Duo had slept with him in his bed. It was risky, but they made sure the doors were locked. It felt so good, having a warm body pressed to his in the dark, even if it wasn't sexual at all And it wasn't.

He and Trowa had never slept together in a proper bed.

As they lay there together their second night together, Duo snuggled in close and threw an arm across Quatre's chest. "This OK?"

Quatre smiled and laid a hand on Duo's forearm. "Yes, it's fine."

Duo sighed. "This is nice." He was quiet for a moment, then he rubbed a hand against Quatre's side. "You're pretty thin, Q-ball. And I've heard you having some bad dreams."

"I've heard you, too."

"Yeah. Do you have trouble eating?"

"Yes. It's better lately. I think it helps, having you around. You understand."

"I know what you mean. Do you feel like just screaming and breaking things sometimes?"

"Yes," Quatre said softly. "Usually when I'm at the office. I don't know why that is."

"Sometimes I want to do something crazy, risky."

"Like what?"

"I dunno. Riding my bike too fast. Getting into a fight. Going to those bars. Going behind Hilde's back and banging Mikey? That sort of filled the bill. I hated myself for sneaking around, but I did it anyway. I ended up hurting Hilde and I lost just about everything: my job, my home, Hilde-- my bike."

"You still have friends."

Duo chuckled and hugged him. "Good ones. But tell me, if you're having all those problems, how come you're not seeing a shrink?"

"I don't need to. I've got it under control."

"Bad dreams, not eating and vodka is under control?"

"I'm OK, Duo." Quatre was quiet a moment. Then he asked softly, "What's it like, having sex with a stranger?"

Duo shrugged. "It's just a body thing. It feels good, then you say good-bye."

"You saw Mikey more than once."

"And he started to think we were something more than we were," Duo told him.

"You didn't want that with him?"

This time it was Duo who went quiet. When he finally spoke again, he said, "I don't want that with anyone. 'Fuck strangers. Love my friends. Don't confuse the two.' That's Maxwell's New Rule."

There was hard edge to his voice that Quatre had never heard before, but he also sensed a bitter, deeply buried sorrow that matched his own.

Duo hugged him. "Are you sure you want to do this, Kat?"

Quatre kissed him on the cheek. "Love friends. Fuck strangers. That's my rule, too."


Duo kept busy while Quatre was at work the next day. After some web searching, he borrowed the Lamborghini and drove into the city to a particular district where his purchases weren't going to raise any eyebrows. He stashed everything in a hotel room near the club Quatre had chosen.

When Kat got home they put on their club clothes and Rashid drove them to Blue. They did their usual disappearing act, but this time they took a cab to the hotel, where Duo had their outfits laid out on the bed.

Quatre's eyes went wide when he saw them. "Duo? Are you serious?"

The tops were hip length, long sleeve tunics, but made from thin, see-through mesh: black for Duo, metallic gold for Quatre. Both pairs of black leather pants were so low they showed the tops of their hip bones. Quatre's had silver brads down the outside seam. Duo's had zippers. He'd gotten Quatre a few heavy silver chain bracelets and a matching choker. Duo's were black leather.

"How come I get gold and you get black?" Quatre asked as they stood in front of his tall mirror.

Duo stood behind him, arms around Quatre's waist, chin on his shoulder. "Because I look like a bad boy and you look like a sweet, innocent little thing. Believe me, Kat, we're gonna knock 'em dead." He paused, and his expression went serious. "But are you sure about this place?"

"I researched it carefully. Because homosexuality is such a taboo here, clubs like this one have a strict code of secrecy and security to protect their members. They don't even have our names, just a code, and all transactions are in cash. And no one is allowed to use names in the club."

Duo shook his head. "It's a hell of a lot easier where I'm from."

"If you don't mind ending up in the news."

"It's easier if you don't care."

"Please, Duo--"

"I know, I know! So, are you ready for 'Operation Get Laid'?"

Quatre grinned nervously. "Mission accepted."

"And what are the rules?"

"No glove, no love. Always use lube. Never leave the club. Never accept a drink I didn't see made. Never use any drugs but my own. If I get into something I can't handle, find you or yell for help."

"You got it! Let's go. Oh, and Kat? No empathing. I don't think it would be good for you."

"Don't worry, I already thought of that. I won't."


The Golden Peacock wasn't an easy place to find. There was no sign, no line behind a velvet rope. The polished wood door was in an alleyway between two fancy, expensive stores and they had to give their codes to a burly man in an elegant suit to get in. Once inside, they climbed an expensively carpeted and wallpapered stairway with a fancy wooden handrail and a crystal chandelier.

"Pretty ritzy," Duo whispered, over awed. "Maybe we aren't dressed right."

"The guy at the door didn't say anything."

There was a landing at the top of the stairs and two more big men in nice suits. They could here the faint thump of music through what must be a sound proofed wall. They gave their codes again, which were checked on an electronic clipboard, and let in through a fancy carved door.

Once inside, Duo's fears were put to rest. The place was huge, with multiple levels, and packed with men wearing everything from suits to leather to almost nothing. Most looked Middle Eastern, but not all. He and Kat were easily the youngest ones here. That was fine with Duo; the two of them had seen more shit in their lives than most of the men here, he bet. They could handle themselves.

The air was heavy with Glitter, weed, and shisha. The music was loud, the lights were low, and there were plenty of dark corners with big chairs and couches. A long bar took up most of one wall. Quatre had him by the arm, dragging him in that direction. He looked like he needed a drink or two. Men were taking notice of them, and they were getting a lot of friendly looks, and some surprised ones as people recognized them.

By the time they reached the bar, there were two tall flutes of pink champagne waiting for them. "On the house, boys," the bartender told them. "As much as you like."

Quatre drank half a glass in one long gulp. He was nervous, all right, blushing under the scrutiny of a number of men. Duo could tell it only made them more interested. He made up his mind to keep an eye on things until Quatre paired off with someone who looked safe. This was a huge step for the little blond. Aside from his time with Trowa, he'd led a very sheltered life.

They let the bartender refill their glasses and settled on a couple of stools at the bar. Duo leaned close to Quatre and whispered, "You OK? We can scrub the mission if you need to."

Quatre was almost through his second glass already, and much more relaxed now. "I'm fine, Duo. Just got to find Mr. Right. Mr. Right for Tonight, anyway." He giggled.

Duo scanned the crowd. Yup, there were plenty of guys interested, but they were hanging back, maybe a little shy, faced with a couple of world famous heroes. Or maybe it was Quatre. He must be very well known here. Even with all Quatre's assurances that this was a secure place, he felt a twinge of concern.

The Glitter was hitting, mingling with the single glass of wine he'd had. Quatre was starting on his third. Duo took the glass from his hand and pulled him from his stool. "C'mon, bud. Let's show 'em how it's done."

Making their way through the crowd, they went on the dance floor and started to dance. It was a fast song and they really got to show off their moves. Duo was a good dancer, and a good teacher. Quatre looked hot, and he held his liquor pretty good for such a small guy. Must be all that vodka he put away through the course of a day. More than once Duo had caught him taking a nip when he thought Duo wasn't looking. He never seemed drunk, though, and he didn't now, just relaxed and happy. And social. He went through a whole series of partners over the next couple of hours. That gold mesh top sparkled in the lights, just like Duo had pictured it. Flushed, smiling, a little drunk, hips moving in a way that should be illegal, Quatre looked like sex on legs.

Then again, so did Duo, and he knew it. He danced with a guy, sized him up, then blew him off with a smile, looking for the next one, and the next, and keeping an eye on Quatre at the same time. They'd had lots of practice at this at Blue.

At last he saw Quatre slow dancing with a good looking young Arabic guy in jeans and a long black ponytail who looked to be in his early twenties. Quatre had his head on the guy's shoulder and the man's hands were roaming over Quatre's back, heading south. Duo got a good look at the man's face; no, he wasn't too old, and he looked nice. Quatre was looking blissed out. The man whispered something in Quatre's ear and he nodded. The guy took him by the hand and led him to a stairway across the room. There must be rooms upstairs.

"You keep a close eye on him."

Duo jumped slightly, surprised to have someone so close to him so suddenly. It was a dark skinned young guy with black eyes you could lose yourself in and he was wearing tight jeans, a black tee shirt, and some really nice aftershave. He licked his lips as he felt the adrenaline rush start.

"He's kinda new to all this," Duo told him, dancing a little closer.

"You're a good friend. That's very nice. Loyalty is very--attractive." Smiling, he reached out and ran the backs of his fingers down the center of Duo's chest, stopping just above his belt. It felt nice. "You're very attractive, too."

"You're not bad, yourself," Duo replied, giving the guy a come hither look. He was a looker, all right, a little taller than Duo, but not too tall. A little more muscled, but no one that Duo couldn't take down if things got out of hand. Killer sexy accent, too. Duo's heart was beating faster and things were happening below the belt for the first time tonight. Yeah, this was a go. He gave the guy another encouraging look. "So?"

He laughed. "You're very direct."

Duo came close enough to rub against his shoulder and purred, "In more ways than one."

They danced together for a couple of songs, then his partner's glance strayed to the stairway.

Duo took his hand. "Yeah?"

The rooms upstairs were small, more like store dressing rooms, but they had classy leather couches in them. And towels. And no windows. As Duo looked around, feeling suddenly a little uneasy, Dark Eyes came up behind him, wrapped his arms around his waist, and started kissing his neck. Duo jerked free and spun to face him, reaching for a gun that wasn't there.

Dark Eyes backed off, holding up his hands. "I'm sorry. Perhaps you should tell me what you like."

Duo took a deep breath, fighting down the sudden spike of panic that was threatening what was shaping up to be a fun time. "Sorry, man. Let's try that again." He moved closer and ran his hands up the man's chest, feeling the hard muscle there. Yeah, this could work.


Quatre had kept a tight rein on his empathy, but there was something about this man he'd chosen that felt right, safe. The minute the door closed he took Quatre's face between large, warm hands, and drew him in for a deep kiss. Before Quatre knew what he was doing, he'd opened his mouth and let that questing tongue in, meeting it with his own. The man tasted like whisky and cigarettes. It wasn't bad. It sent warm tingles all thought him, enhanced by the Glitter. He reached for the elastic holding his partner's hair and pulled it loose so he could run his fingers through it. It was straight and pure black like Wufei's, and soft as silk. It felt wonderful against his hands and face. The man made a low sound in his throat and ran his fingers back through Quatre's hair, caressing him.

Then those warm hands were under his shirt, circling his slim waist, sliding caressingly up his sides, circling his nipples lightly with his thumbs. They hardened to sensitive little points under his touch and Quatre gasped and caught his lower lip between his teeth. His cock so hard it ached. It had been so long since anyone had touched him this way!

The hands moved higher, pulling the shirt off over his head, then dropped to his belt and began opening his pants. Quatre reached to unbutton the guy's shirt, but he caught Quatre's hands in his free hand and shook his head, smiling in a manner that bordered on predatory as he slowly backed him against the wall and pinned his hands over his head with one hand. Quatre could have broken free easily enough, pushed him away, even punched him, but that's not what he wanted to do. His body was scorched with desire. He moaned as the man pushed his leather pants down. Quatre kicked off his boots and stepped out of them. Naked, pinned, he arched under his lover's touch as the man pinched his nipples, then took each one in his mouth as his hand dropped to fondle Quatre's ass.

"You're so beautiful!" He murmured against Quatre's skin, sending goose bumps all over him.

Quatre was panting already, his cock standing up proud and needy against his belly. But the man didn't touch it, just kept up his gentle torture, touching him everywhere but there until Quatre was practically whining with need. By the time the man guided him over to the leather couch and positioned him on his hands and knees, Quatre was in no state to argue. He didn't even want to. He wanted what was being offered, wanted it bad. Needed it.

He heard the rattle of a belt and a zipper being opened and looked back to see his partner opening a condom and rolling down over his stiff cock. It was a nice cock, but not nearly as big as Trowa's. He opened a second one and reached under Quatre to put it on him. Duo would be pleased.Quatre moaned at the touch, but it was over too soon and his partner whispered "Not yet! Close your eyes" in his ear.

Quatre obeyed, shivering with need, and moaned again as the man ran his hands over his shoulders, back, and ass. Then a hot tongue began circling and probing at his opening, rimming him.

"Oh, yes!" Quatre hissed, shivering harder. He was rewarded by the feeling of that tongue licking its way down to his balls and each one being sucked into a hot, wet mouth.

"I'm going to--"

A hard smack of a hand across his upturned ass startled him badly, but in its wake he felt not anger, but another intense spike of arousal. Trowa had never done that! He'd never in his life been spanked. It was sort of--exciting. "Again!" he gasped, and was rewarded with a few more stinging slaps, and then a hot tongue lapping and soothing the tingling flesh.

"I'm going to fuck your beautiful pink ass now, pretty one."

The only answer Quatre could manage was a throaty moan of need.

He heard the snap of plastic; his lover had lube. Another rule followed.

Cool, thick liquid trickled against his opening, followed by well slicked fingers that circled and tickled before gently slipping inside him, one at a time, carefully opening and stretching. It stung a little, but it felt good, too. When he felt the blunt, slick, condom-sheathed head press there, he breathed deeply through his mouth and did his best to relax. A smaller cock was easier to take in, but it still stung and stretched him. There wasn't the terrible pain he'd felt last time, though, and once he was used to it and the man began to slowly thrust in and out of him, stroking his prostate, all he felt was stunning, all encompassing pleasure.

Holding him firmly by the hips, his lover murmured, "Now you can come, pretty one."


Duo's choice for the evening wasn't into being the catcher, either, so they started off with a lot of hot groping on the couch. Pretty soon they were stripped down to their pants and their flies were both open, cocks out and sheathed.

The guy paused in driving Duo crazy, licking his way up the side of his neck, and reached for the elastic holding Duo's hair. "Unbraid it for me?"

Duo caught his hand and kissed the back of it

"There's a lot you don't do," the guy said with a sigh.

Duo turned the hand he was holding over and circled his tongue on the palm, making the guy shiver. "Sorry," he purred, looking up at him through his lashes. "But what I do do, I do reeeeally well.

Duo wasn't lying. He gave one hell of a blow job, and turned out so did his partner. Duo knew about sixty nining, of course, but this was his first time doing it. The other guy was really good. It was fantastic.

Sex was good. Being touched was good. Coming with another guy's dick in his mouth was pretty good, too. But when it was over, it was over. His partner was still lying on the couch, grinning and gasping, as Duo cleaned up quickly, pulled on his leather pants and shirt, and sat down beside him to put on his boots. The guy slipped an arm around his waist and tried to hold him. "Come on, baby. Don't run off so fast."

Duo gave him a patented Duo Maxwell smile and ran a hand through the guy's disheveled hair one last time. "It was great. You were great! But I'm not your baby and I gotta go. Maybe next time."


Duo sat at the bar, drumming his fingers nervously and watching the stairs. He as about to go looking for Kat when he finally came down. His face and chest were flushed and he looked pretty happy.

"It's late. We gotta get back," Duo reminded him, steering him toward the door. Up close, he could see that Quatre looked a little glassy eyed. Too much wine on top of the Glitter, hopefully, or he'd broken the "no outside drugs" rule. They hadn't brought any with them. "You OK?"

"Yes," Quatre replied with an odd little smile.

They hurried back to the hotel, changed and stuffed their club wear into a duffle they left at the front desk, then caught a cab back to Blue, arriving just as it was about to close. They slipped in the back and came out the front door to find Rashid leaning on the car, looking at his watch.

"Sorry, we were just having a really good time!" Quatre told him, then hustled Duo into the back seat.

"So?" Duo demanded as they pulled out from the curb. "Are you OK?"

Quatre sat at the far end of the seat, leaning against the door. "I guess."

"It wasn't good? Did he hurt you?" Duo was starting to have a bad feeling. He was already past his own sex buzz and spiraling down, like he always seemed to.

"No! It--the sex. It was--amazing. Fantastic. But--"

"What, Kat?"

Quatre's lower lip began to quiver and a tear spilled down his cheek. "It's over," he whispered, hugging himself miserably. "Trowa and me. It is really over now."

"Oh, Kat." Duo opened his arms and Quatre scooted over and let Duo hold him while he cried. "I know just how you feel, bud."


Later, lying in bed with Duo wrapped around him, Quatre's cheek burned as he thought of what the man--what was he to call such men? Lovers? Sex partners? He'd have to ask Duo tomorrow. His ass hurt a little in all sorts of interesting, rather exciting ways, inside and out, but now that it was over he was overcome with embarrassment at what had turned him on so much. He and Duo had talked about sex enough for Quatre to know that it had been what Duo called "kinky." And with that realization came the thought, "What if the next one doesn't do that kind of thing?"

It certainly wasn't the sort of thing he could ask Duo, or anyone else, about.

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