Author: pyrzm
Summary: Quatre gets his horizons broadened yet again, by guess who. Naughty lime-flavored fun. 02x02, 02x04. Reviews appreciated, willing. *g* (Seriously folks, I'm dyin' of artistic starvation here!)

Lost Souls + Chapter 9
Educating Quatre

Quatre had grown so at ease with Duo that he didn't even think to knock when he went to his friend's room rather earlier than usual one morning. Ostensibly, he wanted to ask if he'd like to go for a hike while the air was still cool, and maybe smoke a little weed, away from Rashid's sharp eye and nose. Quatre had quickly developed a taste for that forbidden pleasure, so much so that Duo's stock was getting dangerously low. They'd almost gotten caught the other night when Duo had lit up by the swimming pool.

So that was his excuse for being here so early but in fact, expecting to find Duo still asleep, he was planning a surprise attack. He was going to pounce on his friend and blow a few of those obnoxious "raspberries" on Duo's neck or belly before he was awake enough to fend him off. It was payback. Duo had tackled him by the oasis yesterday when he'd refused to go swimming naked and raspberried him so mercilessly he'd nearly pissed himself.

He grinned, creeping up to Duo's door and reaching for the handle. He'd never thought in terms of "pissing himself" until Duo came along. He really was a corrupting influence, and in this time of boredom and uncertainty, Quatre was enjoying being corrupted.

The heavy door opened soundlessly on well-oiled hinges and Quatre slipped in-and froze, hardly able to comprehend the scene before him.

Duo was awake all right. Stark naked, he was kneeling on the bed over a large bath towel, legs spread wide, hair all loose around him, masturbating with wild abandon and obvious pleasure. Just as shocking as the actual act, Quatre had never seen anyone naked, that being one of the strict prohibitions of his faith, and certainly not anyone as-beautiful as Duo.

His head was thrown back, eyes closed in ecstasy as he pumped his erection with one hand and fondled his scrotum with the other. And he was making sounds, too, little moans, sighs, and breathy gasps that sent alarming sensations through Quatre's own penis, making it feel hot and tingly as it went hard in his pants. Too stunned to think straight, he stupidly stayed still, not wanting to draw Duo's attention.

Duo arched back, thrusting with his hips, driving his engorged penis back and forth in his fist. He wasn't so skinny as he'd been when they'd first arrived here at the base-hardly surprising, given his appetite; he was slender, though, and well muscled, even though he was still very much a boy. But Quatre couldn't help admiring (not for the first time) how smooth his fair skin was, and how flushed his chest and face had become. His nipples were dark pink little points on his chest, like he was cold. And with all that shiny hair, he was eerily, stunningly good to look at. He was making different noises now, whispering frantically, too soft for Quatre to make it out clearly.

"Uh, yeah, mmmmmmm that, yeah! Do-uh uh uh like---yeah!" Then he was panting hard, something that sounded like "Row, row, row."

With a last few thrusts he let out a strangled little whine and thick white fluid shot out of the end of his penis, falling in three long arcs on the towel. Spent, he slumped forward with a happy groan and opened his eyes to find Quatre still gawking at him by the door.

Duo froze, still cupping his scrotum with one hand, and his face went scarlet. They stared at each other for a moment, equally speechless, then Duo gave him a weak grin. "Uh-good morning?"

Quatre turned tail and bolted, so mortified and ashamed of himself he just wanted to jump in Sandrock and head for deep space. He might be naive, but he knew what Duo had been doing, and according to Quatre's upbringing, that was a lot more wicked even than smoking weed. But just like when he'd discovered Duo smoking, Quatre had been intrigued, too. In fact, his own erection was making it rather hard for him to walk as he hurried downstairs. Glancing down, he saw with shame the front of his trousers were tented out very noticeably. If Rashid or the others saw him now---!

He took cover in the music room window seat, pulling the heavy silk curtains across to hide himself. Scrunched up in a corner, he wrapped his arms around his knees and gritted his teeth, silently reciting the most boring poetry he could think of to make the erection go away. When that didn't work he switched to repair schematics and then musical scales. Things were beginning to subside by the time the curtains twitched back and Duo climbed in to join him. On fire with renewed shame, Quatre hid his face against his knees.

"Hey, Q-man. What's up?"

"Oh Duo! I am *so* very sorry! I didn't-that is I was so surprised. I didn't mean to--- Oh Allah!" By now he was crying from shame and the fact that seeing Duo, who'd only put on a pair of Quatre's tight shorts and hadn't bothered to tie back his hair yet, wasn't helping the erection situation one bit.

"Hey, don't cry, Kat! It's no big deal. It's my fault, for not locking the door like I usually do. I guess I was kinda distracted. I had this dream-well, never mind. Please don't cry!"

But Quatre couldn't stop. It was just like back at school, when he'd get too overwrought and lonely and something would set him off on a crying jag and he couldn't get himself under control. Now Duo would know that he wasn't just a pervert and a voyeur, he was a little crybaby, too. Some Gundam pilot! Curled up in a ball of misery, he braced for Duo to either leave in disgust or make fun of him.

Instead, Duo shifted over close beside him and put an arm around him. "Take it easy, buddy," he said, sounding genuinely concerned. "Really, it's no big deal. So ya caught me jerking off. Big deal. Everyone does it, right? Gotta take of the edge, right?"

Quatre hunched smaller, trying to comprehend what Duo was implying. Everyone did it? That couldn't be right. His father had been very clear on the matter, the one time he'd caught a much younger Quatre touching himself in the bath. "It's-it's a bad thing-to do," he managed around his hitching sobs. "It's-it's a sin!"

Duo laughed. "Oh yeah? Well, if that's true than I've got an express ticket to the bad place. I beat off all the time, two, three times a day sometimes. Jeeze, Kat, if I didn't I wouldn't be able to walk straight--Whoa, are you telling me you *don't*? That you never--? Jesus, Kat, that religion of yours is too totally fucked up!"

Quatre sat up and clapped a hand over Duo's mouth in alarm. "Please, don't say that. And keep your voice down!" He peeked out through the curtain and was relieved to see that Duo had closed the music room door when he'd come in.

"Well it is!" Duo grumbled. "You're young. You're a guy. You get urges. What are you supposed to do when something 'comes up,' just ignore it and think pure thoughts?"

Quatre wiped his face on his arm and blinked up at him miserably. "Yes!"

"That's so fucked up." Duo took in Quatre's fetal position and miserable expression. "Look at you! I bet you've got a hard on right now."

Hard on! Quatre had never heard such a term before, but it was certainly apt. And to hear it from Duo, who was still all flushed and had his hair down, tickling Quatre's arm and the side of his face. It smelled good. Duo smelled kind of good, all sweaty and---

"Could-could you leave me alone for a little while?" he whispered. He couldn't talk about this, not when his whole body hurt like this. "I'm sorry, Duo, you just don't understand."

Instead, Duo tightened his arm around Quatre. "I understand that you don't let yourself enjoy some of the most natural things in the world," he said rather sadly. "Really, there's nothing bad about jerking off."

"Stop saying that!"

"What, jerking off? How 'bout spanking the monkey? Beatin' yer meat? Polishing your pole?"

"Please, Duo!" Quatre wailed.

"Look, if you don't know how I could, like, explain it," Duo teased.

Quatre shivered and scrunched into a tighter ball. "You already showed me!"

"Oh, yeah. Guess you got an eyeful, huh?" Duo laughed, a good, friendly sound that made his body shake against Quatre's.

Out of the blue, Quatre was hit with a flash of Duo on that bed, doing those things, only since it was Duo flashing, the sensations came, too, not just the images. Suddenly Quatre was overcome with a sharp, almost painful wave of pleasure. He'd felt something like this in dreams, the ones that made him ejaculate in his pajamas, but never when he was awake and supposedly in control of his desires. Not even the few times he'd let himself rub against the mattress after Trowa had kissed him-- "Oh! Oh! No! Uh! Nuh-UH!" It shook him, blinded him, and he arched back like Duo had, moaning.

When the feeling had passed and his senses cleared he realized that he was sprawled half across Duo's lap, gripping Duo's arm with one hand and a handful of Duo's thick soft hair with the other. Duo had a hand clamped over Quatre's mouth. His eyes were wide with apparent alarm, but he was shaking with barely contained laughter. "Holy fuck, Q-ball! Did you just *come*?"

Quatre hastily let go of his friend and pried Duo's hand away from his mouth. "Come?" he asked faintly, still dazed.

"You know. Come? " Duo pointed down to Quatre's crotch, were a sizeable wet patch had soaked through the front of his pants. "You did, you little sex monkey! You came in your pants, just thinking about it!" He sounded unreasonably delighted, and proud of him.

Mortified beyond all reason, Quatre burst into tears again, curling up to cover his shame and hiding his face against Duo's bare chest. How could he tell Duo that what had made him "come" was a flash of Duo's own release? It was almost as if they'd done something wicked together on purpose.

Duo let him cry for a little while, then hauled him up by his arms and gave him a shake and a stern look. "Cut it out, Quatre. There's nothing to carry on about like this. It felt good, right?"

Quatre had no choice but to nod. It had. Better than anything else he could think of, really, especially when the thought of Trowa had crept in at the end. "But it's wrong!"

"No, it's not! Adults make shit up like that to-to control us kids. If anything feels good, like jerking off or getting a little buzzed, we're not supposed to do it. But let me tell you, they do that shit all the time! And they like it, too. So get over it. The only thing wrong with you is that you don't do it enough! This stuff builds up, ya know? And then you get distracted and the next thing you know?" Duo paused for dramatic effect. "The next thing you know, there you are with Zechs fucking-blond-perfect-hair-tight-perfect-ass Merquise in your sights during a battle and all of a sudden you start thinking how damn pretty the bastard is and then little Quatre there wakes up and you get all distracted! The next thing you know, the enemy blows you the hell up! I'm telling you, Kat, letting yourself get this horney is just dangerous!"

Quatre was left speechless. Then he let out a hiccupy little giggle and whispered, "You like Zechs Merquise's ass?"

"Glory halleluiah, he said ass!" Duo chortled, keeping his voice down. "And yeah, I drool all over myself every time I see him on the news vids."

"You like the *Lightening Count's* ass?" Quatre giggled, feeling downright giddy now.

Duo gave him a wicked, exaggerated leer and licked his lips like they were talking about their favorite flavor of ice cream. "Oh baby, I'd do him in a heartbeat!"

"Do what?" Quatre asked, intrigued but mystified.

Duo ruffled Quatre's hair like he was five or something. "Oh Quatre, Quatre, Quatre! You have led one sheltered life. It's a damn good thing for you and ol' One Eye 03 this L-2 street rat came along. When you two ever finally hook up again, you won't know what to do with him!"

Quatre bristled at Duo's patronizing air. "Will too!"

"Oh yeah? What will you do?" Duo challenged, grinning at him.

"I'd--I'd kiss him and then--then I'd *do* him!"

Duo clapped both hands over his mouth, fighting back a fit of laughter. He turned purple, and sounded like he was going to choke to death, trying to keep quiet. Tears were running down his cheeks he was laughing so hard.

Sitting there with a very uncomfortable and embarrassing wet spot going cold in his pants, Quatre started to get angry. "What's so fucking funny?" he demanded.

That set Duo off all over again. He was muffling howls now.

"What's so fucking funny?" Quatre said again, kind of liking how it felt to use such forbidden words.

"Well, you saying 'fuck', to begin with!" Duo gasped out at last, wiping his eyes and still giggling. "And you just told me you're planning to kiss Trowa, then shove your cock up his ass and have sex with him. That's what 'doing' a guy means."

Quatre was flabbergasted. "Huh? But--it wouldn't fit! Would it?"

This sent Duo into another fit.

"You're just making that up! God, Duo, the things you come up with. Like you'd do that to Zechs Merquise!"

"I am not making it up. And I would, too!" Duo declared.

"Would not! It's nasty! And it would *hurt*!"

Duo suddenly went pale and silent as if Quatre had slapped him. He looked like he was going to be sick.

"Duo? What's wrong?" Quatre asked in alarm. It was just like that day Duo had been teaching him to dance and teasing him about sex. Something had happened to him. Something bad. Quatre resisted the urge to reach out with his mind, in part because it would be wrong to pry that way, and because in truth he was a little scared to empathically tap into anything that could make Duo Maxwell look like this. All the same, his heart went out to the boy. He reached out to touch him but Duo pulled away and pushed himself back out of arm's reach.

"No, don't, Kat. You don't want to know. I don't--I can't--" Duo swallowed hard, then shook back his hair and gave Quatre a brave, fake grin. "Just kicked up another bad memory, but it's OK. Ancient history. Hey, you better go clean up, huh? You can't parade around like that or Rashid will get the wrong idea and come after me with that big knife of his."

Confused by this sudden change, Quatre moved to do that, but before he could leave Duo caught him from behind and hugged him hard, then kissed him on the ear. "Don't mind me, Kat. Like I told you before, I've just had a different life than you. Are we good?"

Quatre turned and hugged him back. "Of course we're good. None of that's your fault, I just know it. I like you so much Duo! I don't want you to be sad."

When they pulled apart Duo's smile was genuine again. "Thanks, Kat. I love you, buddy. I really do. I guess maybe that means I'm not all bad, not if someone like you thinks I'm OK."

"You're not bad!" Quatre insisted.

"Just wicked?"

Quatre blushed at that. "I don't know. You don't seem wicked, so maybe I am, too."

"You're not. You're sweet and pure and I'm probably a bad influence, just like Rashid keeps telling you, but I'm right about the jerking off." Duo shook his finger at Quatre. "Seriously, it's bad for your health to bottle it up like that. Look what just happened! From now on, you jerk off at least once a day, you hear me? That's an order, 04. For the good of the colonies!"

Quatre laughed, hoping Duo wouldn't notice how his words made him blush. Being ordered to touch himself made him feel all funny again. "But you were joking, about the 'doing it', weren't you?"

Duo sighed and shook his head. "No, I wasn't. I've never actually done it--to anyone but I've seen guys do it and they seemed to really like it. So you should keep an open mind, OK? There's other stuff guys do together, too."

"Sex stuff?" Quatre asked, half hoping Duo would elaborate.

But his friend just shrugged and looked maddeningly mysterious. "Yeah. Sex stuff. Go change those pants before you stick to them."

As Quatre snuck back to his room to wash and change, he made up his mind to find out more from Duo, or if he was only pretending to know things like that. He shook his head in disbelief at this 'doing it' business, trying to imagine it. He decided Duo really had been just teasing him, making things up. Putting your penis in a guy's bottom? Quatre shuddered. Yuck!

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