Author: Ravengirl
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[ ] = Duo's direct thought

The Last Beautiful Girl + Part 3

"Hey Heero, you want another brew?" I yelled over the reverb. Friday night and Dick's was rocking, the noise level high enough to blow out your eardrums, no problem.

Heero shook his head at me, not even attempting to out-shout Mick Jagger. He looked a question at his date, a pretty thing with long brown hair and huge pansy eyes, and she nodded, smiling at both of us.

This wasn't the first time we'd double-dated, but Pretty Pansy was the first chick I'd seen more than once. I think she was some kind of EE for one of the firms he contracted with. She was a sweetheart and I would have been half in love with her myself (or as much as I could be with a woman), if I hadn't been so jealous I couldn't see straight.

With every casual touch, every brush of her hair against his shoulder, all I could think was minemineminedon'tyoufuckingtouchhimMINE!!!

Heh. You all know what a possessive sonnofabitch I am, right? No? Let me refresh your memory. Braid. Cross. You touch, you die. Messily. I'd just recently discovered that, somewhere along the way, I'd added Heero to my short list of 'things not to put yer stinkin' hands on'.

And speaking of hands.

"Duo, honey, we've been here an hour and you haven't even kissed me hello."

Esteban, my piece-of-ass du jour, pressed against me from behind and slid his perfectly manicured fingers over my chest. I caught the laughter in Heero's eyes and rolled my own in response. Jeeze, I really needed to ditch this one. He was getting clingy.

Pulling my lover off me, I gave him the patented Maxwell grin.

"Sure, baby, just a minute. It's my round... want another Maker's on the rocks?"

"Umm, yeah," he purred, then suctioned onto my lips like a Hoover.

Aaack! Definitely time for a new flavor. Or maybe I'd just take a break from the dating scene, altogether. Twinks are cute, but they get annoying real quick, and there hadn't been anything solid on my menu since I'd split with Kevin two years ago. SoCal tends to offer fluff, fluff and more fluff.

Besides, I had Heero, and who's gonna match up to my best friend? 'Nuff said.

We didn't stay at Dick's much longer, and Heero drove us downtown to the Gaslamp district. We drifted from club to club for a while, dancing some, laughing a lot, having a pretty good time. Around midnight we ended up at this dark techno place with awesome lighting that made everyone look half-dead. A remake of New Order's 'Blue Monday' pounded through the room... and suddenly I was face to face with Heero.

The floor was packed and I couldn't see either of our dates; hell, I could barely see him and he was right in front of me. The rapid flashing of weird blue lights did strange things to his face, turned his eyes into black pools within the pallor of his face. We were separated by mere inches, but our bodies never touched. He leaned in and his voice whispered across my ear, sending shivers all through me.

"Dance with me."

Do you really think I was gonna say no? I may act like a brainless pretty-boy sometimes -- typically for my own nefarious purposes - but a moron I am not.

We moved together like we'd done this a few hundred times before. Occasionally his jeans would brush against my leather pants... the slick silk of my tank would slide over his tight black Tee.

If anyone had told me, back during the war, that Heero Yuy could dance, I would have laughed in their face. Our Friday nights out quickly taught me that not only could he dance, he was damn good at it. Damn good. I can't tell you how many times I watched him with girl number whatever and wished it was me.

This, though... what we were doing tonight... this was nothing like what he'd done with those girls. This was a slow, hot tease... coming close enough to touch, then backing away... feeling each other's breath against sweat-slick skin... burning up in the heat we generated. We fucked without touching... ate each other alive with our eyes.

And then it was over. Pansy-girl appeared beside him and Esteban slid his arms around my waist. I might have thought I'd imagined the whole thing... except for the white-hot cobalt gaze that followed me, tactile as a long-fingered, callused hand. And of course, there were my hormones, which had kicked in with a vengeance and now commenced to demand satisfaction.

Somewhere in the back of my skull, a snide little voice decided to put its two credits in.

/He's just messing with your mind, Maxwell. Don't even go there./

[Oh, shut-up,] I told it, and got out of there as fast as I could. Maybe some fresh air would help. Somehow, though, I didn't really think so.

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