Author: Ravengirl
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[ ] = Duo's direct thought

The Last Beautiful Girl + Part 6

For all it was one my most fervent desires, I had a long-held, sneaking suspicion that any physical contact with Heero Yuy promised to be pretty damn painful. I was right.

His mouth on mine was anything but gentle, his hands held me in a bruising grip, and his tongue forced its way inside me with the bare minimum of politesse.

On the other hand, I had him right where I wanted for the first time in six years. So I relaxed into his hold and set about teaching the Perfect Soldier how to make love to Death.

Sliding my arms around him, I let my fingers trail random patterns the length of his back... telling him without words that I liked where I was and had no intention of going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

I opened my lips readily to his invasion, sliding my tongue along his... turning the act from conquest to exploration. Rubbing sinuously against him, I allowed our awakening erections to brush, surprising a low growl from Heero.

His grip loosened; one of his hands curled around my hip while the other slid into my braid and along my scalp, sending waves of sensation over my sensitized skin. His tongue left mine to trace the full lines of my mouth and then he bit down on my lower lip, a sharply erotic sting I felt all through my body.

I'll say this for him: he's always been a quick study.

My hand moved without my express permission, sliding between his legs to rub the impressive bulge that I'd only been able to sneak glances at, previously. Once, during one of those school sojourns we'd shared, I'd actually gotten a look at a naked, aroused Heero Yuy. Let me tell you, that one brief sighting fueled my masturbation fantasies for months. Not to be crude, but the man has a gorgeous cock.

And small, it is not.

When my fingers slipped between spandex and skin, he tore his mouth from mine and groaned, pressing me into the wall nearest the door as I palmed his erection.

His body was pliant along mine, his mouth open against my neck as he panted. I let myself enjoy the sensation... concentrated on the contrasting soft/hard feel of his cock in my hand, the texture of ridges and veins. God knew how long I'd be able to do this before he came to his senses.


I would hate myself for this later, I was almost certain. But I just couldn't leave it alone. I had to *know*. Heero's regret and possible disgust weren't worth a quick hand-job against a wall.

"Hee-man, look at me for a minute, 'kay?"

Warm lips nuzzled my throat and I couldn't help the moan that rose all the way from my gut.

"Duo? Whassamatter?"

Lick. Nibble. Lick.



"Would you just look at me a sec? Please?!?"

His mouth left my collar-bone, where it seemed to be conducting a thorough investigation of my skin, and then I was staring into eyes gone black with want.

"What's wrong?" he whispered, leaning forward to kiss me again.

His cock was in my hand, his taste in my mouth and all I wanted was for him to fuck me so hard and so well that I wouldn't be able to sit down for a week.

"Why?" I heard myself ask, as my mind screamed, *shutupshutupshutupbaka!*

Warm, rough hands cupped my face. Those depthless eyes searched mine.

"You told me to do something *I* wanted."

"Yeah...?" I drew the single syllable out.

"Well, that's what I'm doing. I can't think of anything I want more than you. I always have, you know."

Nope, didn't know that. But I was starting to get a clue.

He pulled me away from the wall and shoved me towards the bed, but I held onto him.

"My room. Lube."

His pupils swallowed the rest of the blue, leaving only thin rims around oceans of lust. As he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out the door behind him, my body and brain did a short tug-of-war with my common sense. Guess who won?


When Heero decides on a course of action, patience generally has no part of the equation. By the time we reached my room, my shirt had been ripped off, -- literally... he can bend steel for chrissakes -- my jeans were open and my hair and his hands were all over the place. 'The place' being me.

Smacking the wandering fingers away, I sank to my knees in front of him, taking spandex with me as I went. Oh, yes. Oh *fuck* yes. Leaning forward, I rubbed my face against silky skin and rock-hard penis before running my tongue up the most prominent vein to the sweet-spot beneath the crown. I flicked it just to watch that perfect erection jump. Then I opened my throat and took my best friend all the way in.

There's just something about having a cock in my mouth... don't ask me what, all I know is that it feels and tastes and smells like heaven. The first time I ever sucked dick ruined me for women for all eternity. Why the hell would I want pussy when I could have *this*?

Heero groaned as I swallowed around him, his hands threading through my loosened hair and tightening on my skull. I let him slide out then took him back in again. And again. And again.

"Duo... Duo you have to stop. I'm gonna-,"

I pulled away, sucking as I went, letting him go with a pop. Sitting back on my heels, naked as the day I was born, I grinned up at him like a loon.

"What can I say...? I give good head."

Jerking me to my feet, he kissed me hard, bruising my lips.

"That's not all you're going to give me," he grated.

"Damn straight."

I momentarily evaded his grasp, rummaging through my bedside-table drawer and making sure Heero had an excellent view of my bare ass as I bent over.

"Here we go," I flipped the tube at him and flopped down on the bed, splaying my legs and arms wide. "You done this before?"

He was watching my movements like a hawk, the lube dangling from one hand.

"Not with another man, but yes... I have."

"Then get over here and get me ready."

Kicking his shorts the rest of the way off, he prowled to the bed and proceeded to crawl up me like some oversized cat. Maybe a panther. Mesmerized, I watched the play of muscle under golden skin and felt myself get even harder.

"Fuck, Heero... you should come with a damn warning label."

"I do." His hands smoothed down my torso, fingers tracing the ridges of my stomach. "'Contents under pressure. Handle with caution.' J slapped it on me before I left L1."

"Did-," I gasped as fingers dipped into the pre-come coating the head of my cock and smeared it down the shaft. "Did you just make a joke, Hee-man? 'Cause I-,"

"Shut up, Maxwell," my lover growled, then followed up with a kiss that made sure I did as he told me.

Slick fingers circled my hole... just touching, not giving me the pressure I needed, and I whimpered.

"Patience," Heero breathed in my ear, and I could do nothing but acquiesce.

His finger breached my tightly-closed entrance... slid inward.

[Oh. Oh, shit that's good.]

Another digit joined the first on the down-stroke, twisting and pushing... spreading me wide. My internal muscles convulsed around his fingers and I felt empty -- so fucking empty.

"Not enough," I panted, riding the cork-screw thrusts inside me.


It happened all at once: another finger joined the ones already shoved up me at the same time Heero bent down, sucking my cock into his mouth. The extra pressure on my prostate and the suddenness of the wet heat engulfing my prick propelled me into freefall.

I think I screamed. My throat sure felt like I had. I lay there in a satisfied daze as Heero licked me clean before retrieving the lube. Watching him slick his erection was pushing all my happy buttons and by the time his cock-head was nudging my stretched hole, my lower regions were wide-awake and getting impatient.

"Go -- unh -- faster!"

He eased into me a little at a time, letting my gripping muscles pull him inside at their own pace. I tried to push upwards, to take more, but he held me in place easily, his superior strength at once an incredible turn-on and an annoyance.

"No. Won't hurt you."

When he was most of the way inside, he abruptly sat up, pulling me with him onto his spread thighs. His cock slid home in a rush and I froze: head thrown back, impaled and full. The crown rubbed me in exactly the right place and I ground down on him, trying to increase the sensation.

"Open your eyes."

One hand cupped my chin and I looked down into blue-black pools, sure I was going to drown there.

"Ride me, Duo."

I did. My hands gripped his shoulders... his locked onto my hips. I moved over him, feeling the pressure of that heavy cock as it slid inside me, the friction against my walls exquisite agony.

Rising and falling, only to do it all over again.

Heero shoved up into me in short, brutal jerks, slamming into my gland, and my vision blurred around the edges. Guttural groans and hoarse panting were all I could hear as we pushed each other faster, harder... reaching for release.

"Gonna come. Heero, gonna come, can't stop-,"


His hiss of satisfaction filled my ears and one hand wrapped around my weeping cock as the other drew my face to his. His mouth fastened on mine, his fingers pulled rhythmically on my jerking prick, and he yanked me down hard to meet the upward thrust of his hips.

This time I could feel the yell as it poured from me along with my come, echoing through the room while my semen spattered both of us in white jets. My ass clamped down on him and I felt him swell inside me... then burst, liquid heat pouring into me. He bit down on my shoulder, muffling his own shout, and the sharp pain wrung another pulse from my over-worked cock.

We stayed like that for a long time, slumped against each other, too tired to move. Then I felt Heero shift, his softened shaft slipping easily from my body as he lifted me from his lap and onto the bed. He cleaned us both up and pulled the covers over my shoulders before climbing in beside me.

"Gonna talk about this... later," I mumbled as he curled himself around me.


That familiar grunt followed me down into nothingness. I slept.

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