Author: Ravengirl
Rating: R
Pairing: This is 01 and 02 as partners, nothing more
Spoilers: Not really
Warnings: song-fic, VIVID invective (courtesy of Duo), mission-ness, death-fic??... your interpretation is solely your own, and I'll not be held responsible for it
Disclaimer: GW is not mine. Neither is 'Pull me Under'. That belongs to Dream Theatre. *bows abjectly to the masters*
A/N: This is possibly the prologue to another fic that is still under construction within the depths of my mind. Or it could be a death-fic (but not really, unless you wanna suspend belief in the end of the series, which I absolutely DON'T). However... it's up to you. Half the fun of reading is forming your own conclusions. BTW, If you haven't listened to 'Pull me Under', go find it. The fic works better that way and the song is goddamn incredible. It could almost be Duo's theme...

// = lyrics

Pull me Under

/ Lost in the sky
Clouds roll by
and I roll with them /

"Hey Hee-man, you ready for this? Hope so, 'cause they sure as hell ain't!"

"Coordinates verified. Visuals confirmed. Estimated touchdown 20:05."

"Jay-sus, boyo, you got to get over that 'target-acquired' mind-set. What if we hit some strays comin' in? Gotta be flexible, babe, or you're dead."

"Ten minutes out. Switching to tight-band. 02..."

"Yeah, man?"


/ Arrows fly
Seas increase
and then fall again /

"C'mon you motherfuckers, come and get some! Fuck yeah! Oh, you want some too? Well there's more than e-fuckin'-nough to go 'round, asshole! Hoo-ah!"

"Base shields down 79%. Taurus suits reduced by 87%. LEO threat fully neutralized."

"Yo, YUY! Off an' on, dude. I took out the main turret like, yesterday. Get yer lazy butt movin'!"


/ This world is spinning around me
This world is spinning without me /

"Element gundanium... confirmed. MS construction... confirmed. Potential target area... confirmed. Elimination... highly recommended."

"Christ, can you believe this? These dumb-fucks thought they could build gundams way out here on some deserted station and we wouldn't find out. And Romefeller wonders why we regularly kick their ass... 'm tellin' you Heero, not a freakin' brain amongst the lot o' them."

" ... You might have a point."

"Holy shit... never thought I'd live to see the day the one-word wonder actually agreed with me."

"I take it back."

"Too late, I already heard ya! What say we blow this popsicle-stand sky-high then make like trees and leave?"

"If I'd understood a word you just said, 02, I might concur. As it is... go do what you do best and make a mess. I'll cover."

"Yessir, Yuy-sama, Sir! One big honkin' mess comin' up."

/ Every day sends future to past
Every breath leaves me one less
to my last /

"Nobody does it better... makes me feel sad for the rest..."


"Whaaa-ut? That one's a classic! And – may I say – quite apropos for this venue... even JB would've appreciated that blow-out!"

"I have nothing against music... just you singing it. But I admit you are competent with demolitions. Very... thorough."

"Awww, he likes me! I'm blushin' over here, Hee-man."

"Hn. Baka."

/ Watch the sparrow falling
Gives new meaning to it all
If not today nor yet tomorrow
then some other day /

"Shit. Shit! Check your out-bound sensors, Yuy, we've been made!"

"Roger that. Fifty mobile dolls confirmed."

"Dammit all to hell... we were almost out!"

/ I'll take seven lives for one
And then my only father's son
As sure as I did ever love him
I am not afraid /

"Heads up 01, there's four on your six and closing fast. Can't catch 'em myself, I'm just a tad busy."


"Damn, they're fast little fuckers! Even the Hell's havin' a hard time."

"Engage your cloaking device. That should distract them."

"Yuy, sometimes you're so smart you make me sick."

/ This world is spinning around me
The whole world keeps
spinning around me
All life is future to past
Every breath leaves me one less
to my last /

"Heero! Man, don't do this to me! Fucking come in, now! Shit! Piece of fucking-,"

"Incoming, Maxwell!"


/ Pull me under Pull me under
Pull me under I'm not afraid
All that I feel is honor and spite
All I can do is set it right /

"02! You are listing to starboard. Fire auxiliary thrusters and get yourself out of there! Repeat... pull up, Maxwell, you baka!"

"No can do, Hee-man. That last hit took 'em out. Power levels down by half, gotta disengage the cloaking shield."

/ Dust fills my eyes
Clouds roll by
and I roll with them
Centuries cry
Orders fly
and I fall again /

"Maxwell... Duo. This is not authorized. Deathscythe Hell is needed. The doctors-,"

"Ya know what, Hee-man? Fuck the doctors. What did they ever do for either of us, huh? 'Less you can give me a damn good reason, I'm takin' these assholes out with me."


/ This world is spinning inside me
The whole world is
spinning inside of me /

"Yeah, I know... the Perfect Soldier don't give a shit. But ya know, Heero? I ain't perfect."

" ... I don't understand."

/ Every day sends future to past
Every step brings me closer
to my last/

"We don't have time for debate, man, get your ass outta here!"


"Heero, fuckin' go!!"

"... No."

/ Pull me under Pull me under
Pull me under I'm not afraid /

"Goddamn it! There went my boosters! Get the fuck out, Heero, I'm done!"

"Unacceptable, 02. Stand by. Taurus fleet down by 65%"

"Always, Heero. Always."




/ Living my life too much in
the sun
Only until your will is done /



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