Author: Ravengirl
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// = direct thought
:: = mindspeech

Wet + Part 6

"How disappointing."

The contemplative note in Zech's voice caught Wufei's attention and he turned his rapt gaze from the entwined figures across the lawn. His eyes narrowed suspiciously at the sardonic half-smile on the blonde's face.

"And what might that be, Merquise?"

"It seems the little beauty already has a prior claim on him. Pity. He would have been a delicious piece of distraction."

The slow boil of his blood was familiar to Wufei. His temper had always been short, violent and easily-provoked. Once the major explosion was over, though, he could rarely remember the cause of his ire. Quick to anger, quick to forget, he rarely gave past transgressions a thought.

Today's fury, however, held new and disturbing elements. For once, his anger was on the part of someone other than himself. Zechs' careless dismissal of a relationship so obviously more than any of the shallow liaisons they both indulged in, made him ill. The urge to wipe the smirk off that gorgeous face -- maybe rearrange the perfect bone structure a bit -- was nearly irresistible.

"Just shut up," he spat, fists clenching. "You know nothing about either of them. I didn't ask you to come and, so help me, Zechs... stick your dirty fingers where they don't belong, and I'll chop them off."

Distant satisfaction touched him at the faint surprise on Zechs' face. Not much could shock a reaction from the jaded aristocrat, and Wufei took pleasure in knowing that he'd been one of the few to do so.

Glancing back down the lawn, he noticed that Duo and Heero were gone, the faint movement of the bushes along the beach path the only indication of their whereabouts. Directing another quelling frown in Zech's direction, he turned on his heel and stalked back towards the house.

He completely missed the thoughtful expression in his sometime-lover's eyes.


They couldn't stop touching. It was almost as if they each thought the other would disappear without physical contact. Neither seemed to mind, though.

When Heero finally lifted his head from the crook of Duo's neck and shoulder, the mer moved back a bit to look up at him. Large, purplish eyes glanced towards the trees then back to warm cobalt, a question in them.



A glowing smile was Heero's reward as, feeling a bit dazed, he willingly followed the tug on his hand.


Principessa Relena Maria Amarantha Desdemona Luciana Rose Peacecraft was pretty much, aside from the unwieldy horror of her given name, a normal teenage girl.

Which is to say that -- in addition to her utter contempt for anyone over the age of twenty-one -- she possessed a wardrobe consisting almost exclusively of black, a scowl permanently affixed to her face, and an attitude which raised the animate expression of 'sullen' to an art form.

And since she was, at the moment, in practically the last place on earth she could possibly want to be, her sullenness knew no bounds. Why she couldn't have just stayed at her best friend's Spanish estate over the summer hols like she usually did was beyond her.

Actually... that wasn't quite true. She had a damned good notion of what had prompted her parents to ship her off to her black-sheep brother post-haste, before they left town.

That notion was Doro.

Dorothy Catalonia was the classic, public school bad-girl. She hacked her uniform skirts off mid-thigh and always left her school tie unknotted. She thumbed her nose at Authority with impunity, uncaring as to whether or not Authority saw her do it.

Last term, she'd dyed her blonde hair bright blue, then when ordered to remove the color, had shaved her head completely.

She told her teachers to fuck off when they annoyed her and had even mooned the Head Mistress on one memorable occasion. Her exotic grey eyes looked out on the world with a weary boredom that judged the quality of life in general and found it wanting.

She drank. She swore. She kept a pack of Djarums tucked in the tops of the thigh-high stockings she wore under her shockingly short skirts.

'Try one, Lena,' she'd said in that husky, sexy tone that never failed to send shivers down the wheat-blonde girl's spine.

Relena had tried one. Her coughing fit and Doro's laughter hadn't dissuaded her from finishing the clove, and afterwards, she'd decided she liked it. The taste was smooth and rich on her tongue... alien to her senses and like nothing else in her experience. Much like Dorothy.

Eventually, she'd tried other things with Doro... things that could get a girl expelled pretty damn fast if she got caught. And inevitably, they had.

Some little nark had run across them snogging in an empty classroom, and hadn't hesitated to tell everyone what she'd seen. Hadn't taken long for word to get back to a professor and from there it was all downhill.

As there was only a month of school left, they'd both been allowed to finish out the year, but next term -- their seventh and last -- Dorothy wouldn't be back.

If she judged her situation by most of her friends' relationships, Relena supposed that she ought to be wallowing in pathos and chocolate right about now.

She wasn't.

She was pissed.

Gratified to see this evidence of her girlfriend's influence, she set herself out to make life miserable for her parents, her brother and anyone else who even looked like they might be thinking of thwarting her.

Luckily for everyone involved, Doro's uncle owned a penthouse in Manhattan... and Doro, herself, had a trust fund that wouldn't quit.

The day after Relena landed in the States, she'd told Zechs she was meeting a friend. He'd waved her off, warning her not to get mugged or raped or killed, lest mummy have his balls for supper, then promptly proceeded to forget her. Until now.

Five blissful weeks alone with Dorothy, and now she was stuck in the bloody Hamptons for god-knew-how-long. Practically a sausage-fest, too, if one didn't count Noin, and Relena decidedly did not.

Chang, of course, was familiar. She'd seen him at dozens of parties and events over the years. As for his and Zechs' 'relationship'... that was old news. Two years ago, she'd caught them fucking in her parents' music room during a summer fete. It had been educational, to say the least.

That day had been the final nail in the coffin of her sexuality. She'd looked on the bodies of two undeniably beautiful men in the throes orgasm and felt nothing but a distant appreciation of that beauty, in addition to the detached arousal that comes with watching any explicit sex act, no matter the participants. She was a teenager, after all.

When school started that fall, Dorothy had transferred in. And that, as far as Relena was concerned, was that.

Sighing, she shut down her laptop and stood, hands shoved deep into jeans pockets. Walking idly towards one enormous bay window, she leaned against the wall and stared out onto a brilliantly sunny day.

It was beautiful here, she'd give it that. And Chang's entertainment room had everything a person could possibly want: computer, vid-games, complicated DVD apparatus and a screen that practically covered an entire wall... even books, if you were so inclined.

Didn't change the fact that she was bored as hell, and more than ready for Dorothy to come get her. She glanced at her watch. Should be only half an hour or so. Doro's 'Vette was beyond fast and she drove like a demon.

Unexpected motion caught her eye, and she turned her head to see Chang's friend Duo and another man she couldn't place walking hand-in-hand towards the trees that lined the property. Intrigued, she watched them more closely than she normally would have.

Unlike Zechs and Chang, the dynamic between these two screamed love rather than lust. They matched each other's movements with ease, completely comfortable together. Then the one with almost-black hair freed his hand and wrapped his arm around the braided boy's waist. Duo's chin lifted and she got a good look at his face.

/Whoa. That's bloody worship, that is./

Relena smiled smugly. Looked like Zechs was shit out of luck. Her big brother had been panting after the pretty, long-haired kid since they'd arrived. She'd known from the start that Duo wasn't interested, but it was going to stick in Zechs' craw that he'd chosen someone other than the great Merquise.

That suited Relena just fine. Someone needed to take the bastard down a peg or two.

A few moments after the pair vanished beyond the trees, a door banged loudly in the house, and Zechs suddenly appeared in her window's view, walking in the same direction as Duo and his lover.

She frowned. What the hell was he up to? Nothing good, that was certain. Spying on those two right now would be even worse than when she'd watched Zechs with Wufei.

On the other hand... it really wasn't any of her business.

Turning away from the window, she was halfway across the room when a thought struck. This was eerily like what had happened to Doro and her in May. Bunch of goddamn pricks who'd nothing better to do than interfere with other people's lives.

The more she thought about it, the madder she got. She wasn't about to sit around on her arse and allow that kind of crap. Not when she could go down there right now, and...

The buzzer pealed.

And again.

Relena checked her watch. Sandy, elegantly-shaped brows rose. Well... Doro had broken the speed barrier once again.

A tiny smile curving her lips, she headed for the foyer and the girl she was head-over-heels for.

And she... forgot.

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