Author: Ravengirl
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// = direct thought
:: = mindspeech

Wet + Part 7

Duo a welcome weight against him, Heero basked in the warmth of late afternoon sun. Leaning back on his elbows, he turned his head to better feel the sea-scented air against his face.

The mer in his lap wriggled, adjusting his body to Heero's new position.

:Stop moving: Duo groused. :I was comfortable:

:Of course you were... I am here as your animate furniture, my only purpose being to keep your delicate skin from the filthy ground:

A puff of laughter escaped the mer, surprising them both. Heero looked down at the other boy curiously. It was rare for Duo to express himself through sound.

:That's... new:

Flipping over on top of him, Duo pushed Heero all the way flat and propped himself up on the human's chest.

:Wufei thought it would be a good idea. Me learning to talk, I mean. And I thought... if I'm going to be here a lot... he's probably right. Don't you think?:

Worried eyes peered down at him, their expression unsure as to whether Duo's statement might be considered outré or perhaps pushy.

Heero wrapped his arms around the mer, pulling the slim body stretched the length of his own even closer.

:It's a very good idea:

Duo relaxed against him.

:'Kay. That's what the lady – Noin – is here for. She's a... therapist, I think:

:Mm: Heero toyed with the shining braid. :And Merquise? I suppose he's here to see Wufei?:

Duo suddenly seemed to find the soft cotton of Heero's Tee fascinating. Tracing random patterns across dark blue fabric, he watched the movement of his fingers rather than Heero's eyes.

:Don't know. I... he came with Noin:

Lean fingers grasped his chin, tilting his head back up. Intent cobalt searched violet.

:Has he been bothering you?:

:No! No, he just... stares. I hate that. It makes my skin crawl:

Heero shouted with laughter.

:Oh god... I almost wish he was around to hear you say that. That over-blown ego of his is in severe want of deflation:

Duo dropped his head back down on Heero's chest.

:I don't care about that. I just want him to go away:

:Good. I'll have 'Fei kick him out:

The chestnut head perked back up.

:Would he do that?:

:Sure, if I ask him nicely:

In a sudden move, Heero rolled them, reversing their positions so that Duo lay on his back against the ground with Heero between his legs. Gods! Duo with legs... and gorgeous ones, at that. It just blew his mind.

:Watch the braid!:


Grinning, he helped the mer free his woven tail before settling himself more comfortably in the vee of Duo's thighs. Wonderingly, he ran a hand up one of the slender limbs he'd been contemplating, enjoying the supple flex of taut muscle.

:Mm. That feels good: Duo arched and purred as said limbs hooked themselves over Heero's calves. :'Ro?:


:Do you... like them? Do they seem alright?:

Heero stared down at him incredulously.

:You can't have looked in a mirror lately. You're perfect!:

A faint wash of red inched its way along creamy skin, even as a delighted grin curved the wide mouth.

:I'm glad you think so. You have to remember that I haven't had these very long... I just want to make sure I've got all the pertinent bits:

As if to emphasize the point, one foot nudged Heero's backside.

:Believe me Duo... there's nothing wrong with a single 'bit' of you:

One hand slid under the mer's head, cradling it protectively away from the gritty sand, while the other cupped a smooth cheek, thumb lightly tracing smiling lips. Eyes sliding shut, Duo pushed into the caress, arms and legs twining tightly around the other boy.

:Missed you. Missedyoumissedyoumissedyousomuch:


:Would have come sooner if I... knew. Knew I could-:

"I know that." Heero spoke aloud, needing the added emphasis of sound. "They told me I dreamed you. For years I thought you... didn't even exist. But you're here now and that's enough for me."

Before the reverberations of his voice had died, Heero bent his head and touched his mouth to Duo's.

There was no hesitation in the mer's response. Soft lips bloomed open immediately; breath mingled with breath as they slowly reacquainted themselves with the act that had precipitated their ten-year separation.

It should have been awkward or embarrassing. It wasn't.

Their minds slid seamlessly together, collapsing boundaries of thought and memory melding two separate beings into one. There was no need for further words. There was only the surety of knowing, and the electric glide of sensation along reawakened nerve-endings.

Heero's hips rocked steadily, torturously, his erection pressing insistently against Duo's answering hardness as conjoined mouths drank deeply from one another.

:Always wondered... where you kept that:

The bright shards of Duo's amusement danced across the surface of Heero's mind, along with a brief explanatory vision on the hows and whys of a mer's cock. His answering laughter was swallowed up by another comprehensive kiss.

Hands slid between writhing bodies, pulling impatiently at ties and zippers, tearing fabric in their haste.

:Too many... damned... human... CLOTHES!:

:Just – ah! – wait a-:

:Ha! Gone!:

Triumphantly, Duo sent Heero's jeans flying just as the other boy freed him of his loose drawstring pants.

Then they were mercifully naked, sweat-slick skin sliding urgently together, mouths and hands caressing, stroking each other towards climax. When Heero's fingers closed around both erections and pulled, Duo bit down hard on his shoulder, fighting his rising orgasm.

:No, not yet, don't want to come yet:

Heero stroked their cocks steadily, pre-come easing the mind-bending friction. The feel of Duo against him, wrapped around him, moving with him, was driving him insane. The pressure building in his balls was exquisite agony, and from the barely audible whimpers pushing their way from Duo's throat, he knew the mer was right there with him.

:Heero... have to, going to...:

Sliding his unoccupied hand over Duo's hip, Heero allowed his fingers to gently skim the crease of tight, clenching buttocks before pushing inward. One fingertip teased the puckered entrance just as Heero slid a thumb over the sensitive crowns of their cocks.

Duo went rigid in his arms, eyes wide and unseeing, mouth open in soundless ecstasy. Then the spill of warm ejaculate over his hand and the throb of Duo's cock against his own triggered Heero's climax.

For a short eternity there was nothing but sheer, blinding white and the mindless pleasure pulsing from him in wet waves. He could feel Duo's reassuring touch on both mind and body... that elusive something he'd looked for in other partners and never found. It eased him as he drifted in the aftermath of orgasm, content for the first time in years.

When sight and sound reasserted themselves, he found himself sprawled with Duo over the wreckage of their clothes in a tangle of arms, legs and braid. A sticky amalgam of sweat, semen and sand adhered uncomfortably to sensitive skin and Heero grimaced.

:We need a shower:

Duo cracked an eye, the rest of him unmoving.

:There's an enormous body of water right in front of you and you want a shower?:

:That's pretty cold, sandy water:

Rolling his eyes, Duo pulled away from his frowning lover and sat up.

:You didn't used to be so picky:

:Well, we were on a boat, in the middle of the ocean during mid-summer. At the moment, August is almost over and the Atlantic isn't even warm in July. I'm sorta fond of my balls... I'd rather not freeze them off:

Pushing to his feet, Duo stood over Heero shaking his head, a small smile teasing the corners of his mouth.

:Poor little human. Afraid of the cold, nasty ocean. Come on, Heero... I dare you:

Then he was off, running towards the water, leaving a trail of breathless laughter in his wake. Entranced, Heero turned on his side to watch the other boy as Duo dove head-first into the waves.

He disappeared for long moments and Heero was gripped by the sudden, terrifying certainty that the last few days had been a fevered dream, and he'd wake soon to find himself back in his Boston apartment.

Panic had begun to build in his chest when the mer suddenly surfaced, sleek with water, profile burnished bronze by the waning sun.

:Heero! Why are you still all the way over there?:

Relief a searing burn in the back of his throat, Heero obeyed the implicit command in Duo's impatient words, rising and walking quickly towards the place where land met sea. He waded in carefully, attempting to acclimate gradually to the chilly water, but Duo had other ideas.

When a wave of freezing wet enveloped Heero's unprepared body, he furiously shook the salty droplets from his eyes to see the mer floating nearby. The long legs had vanished, once more fused into a scintillating mist-green tail... which he'd just used to fling several gallons of cold water Heero's way.

Duo grinned unrepentantly as the human's glare promised highly unpleasant retribution.

"That," Heero said, "completely uncalled for."

:I dunno, 'Ro... if I hadn't, it would have taken you forever to come in: Laughing violet beckoned him. :Don't be mad... come play with me:

:Oh, I'll play with you, all right:

Loosing a war-cry of vengeance, Heero flung himself at the mer. Duo's eyes widened and he had time for one undignified squeak before Heero bore him underwater with a resounding splash.


Hidden within the forested grounds lining the beach's edge, a tall figure stood, observing the boys wrestling happily in the surf. Acute hearing caught wave-muted laughter borne aloft on gusty air currents.

Ice-blue eyes widened minutely as a shimmering tail smacked the water, then narrowed with calculating interest. They watched while the pair played themselves into exhaustion before relaxing against each other, drifting with the tide.

They waited patiently as the boys left the water, human pulling mer up past it's reach, then fixed unblinking on finned-iridescence as it gradually faded and divided, becoming pale limbs.

The two on the beach pulled their clothes back on, then rose, wrapping tired arms around each other and exchanging slow kisses as the sun drifted towards the western horizon. When they turned their steps towards the watcher's hiding place, he departed, moving swiftly up the meandering dirt path towards civilization.

Shutting the back door of the Chang's vacation home firmly behind him, Zechs headed for his second-story room, taking the stairs two at a time. Retrieving his cell from one tailored pants pocket, he keyed in a number from memory then waited as the call connected. It was picked up almost immediately, and a whiny tenor irritably inquired as to what the hell he thought he was doing, calling on a Sunday.

"Tsuberov... Merquise. I'm thrilled to hear that you're as sweet-tempered as ever."

Holding the phone away from his ear, he waited for the indignant squawking to die down.

"Be quiet, uncle. I've a project for you... the kind you enjoy most. You're not going to believe what I just saw..."

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