Author: Ravengirl
Rating: NC-17
Parings: 2x2, 1x2x5
Warnings & Disclaimer: see 1st chapter

Whiteout + Chapter 3


How the hell do I get myself into this shit? Okay, rhetorical question, there. I know exactly how I do it. Mouth opens, brain disconnects, words spew forth... and suddenly I'm gagged and tied to a fucking bed.

In my own defense, though, I really had no idea Heero would even consider doing something like that. Who knew Mr. Perfect-freakin'-Soldier was such a perv?

He loomed above me, straddling my hips, blue eyes smoldering into mine, and I just knew he wanted nothing more than to fuck me into next week. And he knew I knew... and I knew he knew I knew... and... uh, you get the picture.

So into this freeze-frame of lust, who should walk but the Prince of Pedantry himself?

There was this kind of gargling noise -- like someone was strangling on their own spit -- and I jerked my deer-in-the-headlights bug-eyes away from the extremely hot dom on top of me to see what had crawled into our hall to die.

Wufei looked like someone had whacked him with a 2x4, poor guy. I wouldn't say his mouth was hanging open, but there was a distinct gap between his lips and his teeth were definitely in evidence. Very nice white teeth and beautifully formed lips they were, too.

Said lips opened and shut several times, wide black eyes blinked and the lovely 05 declared:

"Yuy... what in the nine hells is going on here?!"

Wuffie, old boy, we're having a goddamn tea-party. What the fuck does it look like's goin' on, ya moron?! Now get your pretty ass over here and get this gag offa me before I explode!

Er... or maybe you could just lick me all over for a couple of hours. Yeah. Better yet, why don't you and Heero lick each other all over for the rest of the evening, whilst I watch?

The whole tied-up thing would definitely have been worth that, in my book.


I eyed my shell-shocked colleague as he stood in the open doorway, fingers clutching the frame so hard I'm surprised they didn't leave dents. Chang's normally clear, intelligent eyes were clouded by confusion, but I could detect no revulsion within their dark depths.

In fact... I was almost positive I'd seen appreciation there as they drifted over the sexually charged picture Duo and I must have presented.

"What does it look like, Chang?" I asked in my most detached tones. "02's been bored the last few days. He asked me to keep him occupied for the evening, and I've taken him up on it."

Chang Wufei is an extremely attractive man. If I were heavily into narcissism, I'd say his looks mirror my own. We share a number of physical characteristics generally associated with those of Asian descent -- Wufei's more pronounced due to his exotic eyes -- and I have it on good authority (otherwise known as 'that long-haired maniac') that side-by-side, we give the impression of a pair of very hot, very pissed-off bookends.

That's Duo's perspective, of course, but neither Chang nor I would deny that when either of our attention is on the braided menace, it's generally because he's done something exceedingly annoying. So I suppose 'pissed-off' would be, for the most part, an apt description.

At that moment, however, it was not the phrase I'd have used to illustrate the arrangement of 05's features. Great, gawping guppy was more like it.

"He... he... asked you to...?" A long-fingered hand indicated the bed, the bindings... the situation at large.

"Well, not in so many words," I mused. "But he did indicate that I was clever enough to figure out something he'd like."

I slanted a look down at my prisoner -- he of the cream-tinted skin and dilated amaranth eyes -- before returning my gaze to Chang's face. I was quite interested to note that his attention had wandered once more to 02. Specifically to 02's arched throat and the hint of dark nipples poking through long strands of flame-touched hair.

Oh yes... Chang Wufei is a very attractive man. Especially when he's as horny as a soldier on leave and hard as bloody gundanium. And unless I missed my guess, that was not his favorite Berretta pushing up the fabric of his white trousers.

"Enjoying the view?"

His eyes whipped back to mine, a flush staining smooth cheeks and I smiled slowly at him.

"So Dragon... just how bored are you tonight?"


Ye gods... not only had I left sanity behind along with HG Wells, I'd advanced a goodly ways along the route of unstoppable lunacy. I wondered, briefly, if tonight's moon would be full and blue above the snow-clouds.

Heero was still staring at me -- head cocked to one side, eyes alight with feral challenge. As if I could have missed the meaning inherent in that white smile. This was a side of the Perfect Soldier I'd never seen. I doubt anyone had before now. Duo must've tripped every single breaker of his 'rational' circuits.

And something had obviously done the same to mine, since I was tempted almost beyond bearing to answer the unspoken invitation in that cobalt gaze.

In the end, I gave in because I had no desire to resist. 'And where is your vaunted honor now, oh Dragon,' my inner voice mocked, but I ruthlessly strangled it as I felt one foot slide forward without my conscious direction.

I don't remember walking to the bed... I just suddenly found myself standing there, staring down at the play of light over satin flesh and shining hair. Duo's entire body clenched and released as I watched and I looked up into wary violet eyes.

We stared at each other for a moment set aside from reality. I don't know what he saw in my face, but something in him relaxed and those wondrous eyes danced, laughing at me. My hand reached out, fingers just grazing the incredible softness of carmine lips.

"Remove the gag, Wufei."

Heero's voice poured over us, rich red wine on an empty stomach, and my head was as light as though I'd drunk an entire bottle. I reached for the cloth and Duo quivered in anticipation. Heero must have felt it as keenly as I did because those low, even tones washed through me once more.

"Not a word, Maxwell... don't make me show you what happens when I'm good and pissed."

The beautiful baka's gaze jerked away from mine and fixed on the boy behind me. Enormous eyes narrowed to angry slits and I got the distinct impression that once freed from his bonds, 02's revenge would be something to see.

Finally, I pulled the knot open, gently tugging the fabric from Duo's mouth. He took in a deep breath of air, tongue moistening the full lips in a way that made me want to do it myself. I could feel him tense up, preparing for action... but nothing happened. He remained silent.

"Kiss him."

The sibilant whisper hummed along sensitive nerve endings. I now had proof positive... Heero was a representative of hell, sent to test my will-power.

Then Duo's lids dipped to half-mast and he looked up at me through ridiculously thick lashes, that deep-rose mouth curving.

If Heero was Satan's inquisitor, then the creature beside me was sin incarnate. And Justice's sword though I might be, a saint I am not.

He tasted of heat and mint and the best plum wine... smelt of gun-oil and sweat and sex. His lips were soft... and yet not. They moved against mine, firm and sure and very male. It was nothing like kissing Meiran or any of the women I'd had since; those brief moments of forgetfulness overlaid by haste and guilt.

Pulling away from Duo I closed my eyes, attempting to regulate my air intake and frantically wondering what made this experience so different from all the others. What, other than the sex of the two people here with me, was so different that I felt free to give in to my body's demands?

It came to me as I calmed, listening to Duo's equally quick breaths and feeling Heero's warm presence at my back.

These were my comrades. I had not wanted them... in the beginning I'd barely trusted them to fight beside me, much less guard my missions. But somehow -- at some moment I could not place -- that had changed.

I looked to Heero for his calm, rock-solid tenacity; if I needed, he provided. And Duo... I mocked his light-hearted insouciance while at the same time depending on it to be there. His unstinting generosity and courage were at my disposal. I knew this without ever having thought it.

When the simple 'alone' of my life became too much, why would I not go to them for comfort? And why would I not be able to recognize that their physical perfection matched that of their souls'?

Opening my eyes, I quirked the corner of my mouth towards Duo and was rewarded with his heart-stopping smile. Not the catch-all grin, this was a look of pure happiness he rarely attained. I returned it as best I could, leaning down to brush my lips over his once more.


The word was hushed, almost reverent. I turned my head to look at the man who'd begun this.

Fathomless eyes caught and held mine. The sharp, precise lines of Heero's face had softened in wonder and he looked from me to Duo and back again with something like awe.

He moved suddenly, dropping down over 02, their mouths nearly meeting. Then Duo inhaled deeply, as if drawing Heero's essence into himself, and that slender space vanished.

Watching them was one of the most arousing things I've ever experienced in my entire life. I abruptly understood 01's previous statement. They were beautiful in every sense of the word.

Then Heero pulled his mouth from Duo's and gazed up at me, his eyes as brilliant as a pair of matched sapphires.

"Now Dragon," he panted, "kiss me."

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