Author: Ravengirl
Rating: NC-17
Parings: 2x2, 1x2x5
Warnings & Disclaimer: see 1st chapter

Whiteout + Chapter 4


Oh... my... god... Ohmygod. That is -- without a doubt -- the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen.

My brain was mush, my tongue was hanging out, and I'm pretty sure there was drool on my chin. Right before my unblinking eyes, the fantasy of a lifetime played out.

My head was already spinning from those mind-blowing kisses they'd laid on me but now Heero Yuy had just ordered Chang Wufei to lock lips with his fine self.

They knelt on either side of my prone body, facing each other. Ever so slowly 01 reached out and ran a thumb over 'Fei's bottom lip. 05 brushed that messy chocolate mop out of indigo eyes.

I wanted to yell at them to get on with it but stifled the urge, remembering Hee-man's 'no talking for Duo' rule. My cock was already painfully hard, but hey, what's a little more visual torment when you're all tied up with nowhere to go and two gorgeous bishounen about ready to devour each other in front of you?

Then 'Fei slid a hand around the back of Heero's neck, pulling him forward, and praise the lord, I died and went heaven.

How does one describe the eroticism of mouths meeting and melding... of tongues sliding together, exploring slick surfaces and yielding flesh? Cripes, that was almost poetic! But so was what they were doing to each other.

Two varying tones of golden skin pressed together as 'Fei's hands caressed the hard muscle of Heero's abdomen, and the Perfect Soldier snaked callused fingers up under midnight blue fabric to skim over tight nipples.

I was completely mesmerized. They just kept kissing while I just sat there watching and getting harder by the second. Finally I couldn't take it anymore.

"Yo. Not to interrupt or anything, but... kinda tied up and feeling neglected down here, y'know?"

Mouths gradually separated. Hands slowly stilled. As one, two dark heads turned molten eyes in my direction and when they fixed on my quivering person, a couple of things suddenly occurred to me: a) opening my mouth around these two was just begging for trouble and b) there are certain types of attention, it's better NOT to attract.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the wrong kind was now staring greedily at me like a pair of winter-hungry wolves. And here's Duo all trussed up and ready for the bonfire. Ruh-roh.


As Duo's kiss differed greatly from a woman's, so did Heero's from his. 02's lips were smooth and seductive... they coaxed and teased, pulling me out of myself, drawing me into him, starving and sating their victim with one practiced caress.

01's mouth advanced on mine like a general out to take a battlefield. I was at once the mission and the prize and Yuy has never been one to concede defeat.

On the other hand, I've never been able to resist a challenge, especially when the gauntlet is thrown in such a delightful manner.

I was lost in a haze of silky skin and aggressive tongue when Duo's voice intruded.

Breaking from Yuy's possessive embrace, I looked down at Maxwell, then back up at our partner in crime. Heero's grin was positively lupine, and I'm sure mine wasn't much better.

This was 02's much-needed lesson in moderation, after all. We were neglecting our prime objective. Luckily, said objective had no qualms about reminding us of our duty.

Leaning down, I brushed the long curtain of hair from Duo's chest, exposing exquisitely-formed masculinity to our view. Beside me, Heero licked a thumb and brushed it lightly over one peaked nipple.

Duo's breath caught for one long instant before his lungs collapsed, air gusting from them.

A single finger, rough from constant contact with Wing's grip, trailed delicately up the inside of one pale thigh. Every muscle in Duo's body went rigid and his lips parted, words almost visibly on the edge of expulsion.

"Maxwell." That finger had reached the join of thigh and groin, and a hand cupped firm balls. "One noise of any kind from you and... I'll stop."

I could hear the whimper hanging on the air, just beyond the range of audible sound. Oh, how he wanted to scream. And gods forgive me, this whole scenario -- Duo tied up and vulnerable, Heero so effortlessly in command, and myself their willing victim -- turned me on more than anything ever had before.

Or so I thought. Then Heero spoke again and my erection swelled even further.

"That's a good pet."

A faint smirk tilted the Perfect Soldier's perfect lips.

"Such a good, obedient pet. I think he deserves a reward... don't you, Chang?"

Without waiting for my answer, he slid between Duo's legs, propping himself up so that he lay over the lower half of 02's body, his mouth only inches away from a painfully hard, twitching penis. Deliberately, he leaned so close his lips brushed Maxwell's cock and blew a hot stream of air over sensitive skin.

Duo writhed, panting breath streaming from parted lips, but no sound escaped.

"Hn. You're learning. Keep his mouth occupied, 05."

With those words, Heero Yuy swallowed Duo Maxwell's cock nearly all the way to the base and frantic, ecstatic violet eyes fixed on me, eloquent in their pleading. A pink tongue flicked out to moisten the wide, normally-boisterous mouth.

What would you have done, in my place?


I clearly recall the exact moment my personality finally schismed after years of widening stress-fractures. It happened in the instant between basically ordering Wufei to stick his tongue -- or something else -- in Duo's mouth and taking the annoying-but-gorgeous baka's cock into mine.

I could hear J's Soldier shrieking in my ear, voice rife with horror, demanding to know just what I thought I was doing. The second portion of my self -- the part I refer to as 'the Observer' -- simply watched the proceedings with detached interest and vague amusement... after casually elbowing the Soldier in the gut to shut him up.

The final -- and, at that point, smallest -- aspect of my character was in heaven, practically purring with satisfaction at finally being allowed full-rein in place of the other two. This was the much-repressed embodiment of my stunted emotions, and he was determined to make up for lost time.

A surfeit of sensation flooded my deprived senses and they positively reveled in the experience.


The feel of Duo's flesh under my hands, a soft/hard combination of satin and stone.


The spicy musk of Wufei's skin, heat-intensified with our exertions.


The salt-sweet tang of pre-come coating the head of Duo's erection, the distilled essence of him sliding over my tongue.


Wufei's navy tank sailing across the room... the blending of gold and cream as he bent over Duo, fingers tracing patterns down ridged abs.


The strangled moan Duo could not suppress as Chang's mouth left his own to bite down on the erogenous zone where neck and shoulder met.

Tracing the ridges and planes of Duo's cock with my tongue, I allowed it to slide in and out of my mouth in a steady rhythm. My hands gripped his thighs and the bunch and release of muscle there told me he was on the edge.

Kneading tense inner thighs gently, my left fingers drifted down to scrape slowly over tightly-drawn balls... then further, just brushing the pucker between clenched cheeks.

Maxwell froze. I glanced up the length of his torso just in time to see 05's mouth fasten onto a coppery nipple as Duo's skin flushed with approaching orgasm.

I'd timed it perfectly and culmination came nearly instantaneously. Wrapping one hand around 02's shaft, I stroked, sucked and pressed a finger just slightly into the tight opening I'd been teasing.

Duo's back arched, his lips opened wide on a silent scream, and I pulled my mouth from his cock as hot semen spurted onto my hand and his stomach.

Chang was stroking him, running hilt-callused fingers through chestnut hair and murmuring softly in Chinese against the long, white throat. Those fingers wandered down Duo's heaving chest to play in the sticky fluid decorating his abdomen, inscribing wet, languid spirals across milky flesh.

Licking my lips clean of Duo's come, I surveyed my slumped captive and enthusiastic minion. Wufei's eyes rose to mine and I fully understood the glint there. My gaze flicked to the ropes around Duo's wrists then back to 05's face and a positively evil smirk curved his lips.

One of these days, I'll have to send a thank-you communiqué to Master O. I hadn't expected much from my fellow pilots, but Chang was turning out to be a very pleasant surprise. And as J always told me... it's so hard to find good help. Having a partner who could read your mind was, in this case, a definite plus.

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