by Razorqueen

Playing With Fire + Part 6

Sleet rattled against cracked windows, cold wind creeping through rattletrap wooden frames. Duo shivered.

Treize carried Duo through his suite to the bedroom, carefully setting him on the floor near the end of the bed. "Sit down," he ordered.

Duo obeyed, willing to let Treize take charge. After trying and failing with Heero for months, the older man's attention was a salve on his wounded ego. And there was an odd sort of comfort in falling back into old patterns.

He glanced around the room, automatically calculating the value of every item with the practiced assessment of a former thief and scavenger. Any one of the wall hangings alone would have fed him for a year back on L2.

He realized he'd put Treize in the "rich guy" category the night they'd met. These rooms proved his eye was as good as ever.

Not even getting to first base with Heero had made him think he might be losing his touch, but Treize seemed just as willing for a quick one with the street kid as the other rich guys in his past. Maybe Heero didn't want him, but this was a game he knew how to play. Smiling, he decided that this bed was a hell of a lot more comfortable than the bunk in the cell, and he damn well wasn't sleeping there when he could sleep here. Duo leaned back on his elbows, knees spread, waiting for Treize to give some indication of what he wanted him to do next.

Treize knelt and removed the clumsy work boot and heavy sock from Duo's injured foot. He hesitated a moment, then removed the other boot as well.

"Treize," Duo protested, surprised. "I'm OK. Leave it--"

"Hush." Treize examined the injury with surprising skill. "I think you've only sprained it. However, it needs to be wrapped and iced to reduce the swelling."

"Treize," Duo whined, making two syllables of the name. "That's not the swelling that's bothering me, y'know?"

Treize looked up, his clear blue eyes momentarily startled at Duo's brashness. Then he stood, hands on his hips. Duo tilted his head so he could see the Colonel, who towered over him from this angle. He wondered if he'd made a mistake--maybe Treize didn't like that kind of talk. But a small, speculative smile quirked the corner of Treize's mouth. Without warning, Duo found himself tackled and flattened against the soft mattress, Treize's body covering his.

For an instant, Duo felt a pang of fear. Then he saw the teasing sparkle in Treize's eyes and relaxed. "How about some first aid?"

"Gladly." Treize nuzzled at the shell of Duo's ear, outlining it with his tongue. Slowly, he traced a line of kisses down his neck until he found the small cleft at the base of Duo's throat, fastened his mouth there, and sucked gently.

Duo squirmed, straining upward with his hips, trying to apply pressure where his body craved it. Treize allowed him to grind their bodies together for a moment, then he lifted himself away. Duo groaned in frustration. "Man, you're making me crazy!"

"That's my intention," he said, smiling wickedly. Treize unzipped Duo's coveralls a few inches to the middle of his chest. He slid one hand under the cloth, his fingers searching until they found one of Duo's nipples. With his thumb, he gently rubbed until it hardened, then pulled aside the rough fabric and lowered his mouth to the small nub of flesh.

"Shit!" Duo gasped. He wasn't supposed to be letting Treize make all the effort. He promised himself he'd go to work. In just a minute.

Treize raised his head. "Is something wrong?" He sounded genuinely concerned, although he continued to tease Duo's body with his fingers.

"N-no." Treize's touch drove all coherent thought from Duo's mind. "Feels I'm on fire," he whispered, not entirely aware he'd spoken aloud.

Treize was too busy using his mouth on Duo's body to reply, but his increased effort showed that he had heard. Duo writhed, his hands clutching and twisting the satin bed covers. He hadn't known that anything could feel so good. He hadn't ever guessed that being with someone could be like this.


Treize lifted his head, his hands tormenting the smooth skin from Duo's neck to his waist. He watched Duo's face, delighting in his unrestrained responses. Deep violet eyes fluttered open, as if he had sensed Treize's scrutiny. With slow deliberation, he cupped his hand under Duo's chin, bending down to reach his mouth. Duo half closed his eyes, parted his lips slightly as if in anticipation. Treize paused. For the moment, nothing existed for him but that exquisite mouth inches from his own. He studied it, noting where the lips curved and swelled, the minute variations in color, the texture of the skin. Such a work of art.

A rush of possessive need engulfed Treize. He slid one hand behind Duo's head, gently pushing so that the delicious lips met his own, his fingers curled around the thick braid. Slowly, he unbound Duo's hair, combing through the shining strands with his fingers, spreading the chestnut cascade until it spread out like a silk coverlet across the bed. He sighed with pleasure, reveling in the soft strands, the warm scent that was all Duo.

Pressing his mouth more firmly onto those now-swollen lips, he felt the younger man's eager response. Treize probed slightly with his tongue, insistent but without violence, feeling his own body harden further at the small, mewling noises the boy made. Encouraged by the shudders he felt coursing through his partner, he began to slide Duo's coveralls off his shoulders. Duo's eyes flew open as he sensed the change in Treize's purpose. The faintest hint of alarm showed in them, enough to make Treize stop.

"I would like to be able to see you--all of you. May I?"

Duo nodded. Treize sensed the boy's alertness to his desires, almost as if he feared not pleasing his partner. Slim hands trembled as he fumbled with the unfamiliar fastenings of the coverall.

"No," Treize said, gently pulling Duo's hands away. "Let me."


"Let me undress you."

"But-but I should--" Duo protested in obvious confusion.

Treize sighed. "Duo, do you understand that I wish to do this for you? You do not have to make a show of it in order to excite me."

Unmistakable relief filled Duo's violet eyes. It was all the encouragement Treize needed. Slowly, he pulled the zipper of Duo's coveralls, opening them to his waist. Sliding his hands inside the uniform, Treize pushed the heavy cloth off Duo's shoulders, baring him to his hips. He took in the perfection of the young man's body, the ivory of his skin pale against the wine-dark satin of the bed. The well-developed muscles of his arms and torso surprised him somewhat, given the boy's slenderness. Duo could have been some ancient sculptor's model, his beauty preserved eternally in marble. Perfect, save for a single thin scar that curved around his hip.

Duo must have realized where Treize's attention had fastened, because he drew his arm close to his body, obviously trying to hide the mark.

"Don't," Treize whispered, wrapping his fingers around Duo's wrist and lifting his arm away from his side. "It makes you more human. It reminds me that you can be hurt."

Treize tugged gently on the zipper of Duo's coveralls, opening them fully. He leaned down, brushing his lips against the scar. Duo arched his back at the unexpected touch, and Treize used the opportunity to slide his coveralls and briefs over the pilot's slim hips, removing them completely. His hands caressed Duo's long legs, spreading them, working slowly from his calves to the soft skin of his inner thighs. Treize lightly stroked Duo's rigid organ enough to inflame without satisfying.

"Please," Duo whimpered. He thrust his hips upward, attempting to press himself more firmly into Treize's hand. Then he stopped, abruptly, his eyes wide with fear. "I-I'm sorry, Treize, I-"

Treize stopped him with a kiss, one that began gently but gradually increased in heat. "There's no shame in asking for what you want, little one," he said, smiling as he traced an elegant finger over the planes of Duo's face. "Such beauty," he murmured, drinking in the strange fusion of experience and innocence, desire and fear in the violet-blue eyes.

Treize gave Duo what he'd asked for, but only briefly, circling his fingers around Duo's erection for a few long, firm strokes. Then he lowered his hand, reaching between his lover's legs to find the small, tight opening there.

Without warning, Duo's body went rigid, his eyes squeezed shut. He breathed in panting sobs, as if he couldn't manage to get enough air, moaning something unintelligible. Treize leaned closer to hear.

"No." Only one word, repeated in a small, desolate voice.

Treize reached to hold him, but Duo pulled back. "What is it, Duo?" The young pilot rolled away and turned his back to Treize. Treize laid a hand on his shoulder, puzzled by the sudden tension he found there. "Tell me."

Duo shook his head, his long chestnut hair tumbling across his shoulders, shielding his face. He lay on his side, curled up in a small bundle of hurt. When he finally spoke, his voice sounded ashamed, forlorn. "I guess-I guess I'm no good at this any more after all."

Treize felt helpless. He knew that he could not begin to imagine the scars on Duo's soul. Out of his own arrogance, he'd thought he could heal this wounded young man, that he had the power to banish the past. Instead, he seemed to be causing Duo more pain. Unexpectedly humbled, he took Duo's hand, his habitual assurance deserting him.

As if he'd been burned, Duo pulled his hand away. Still hiding beneath the waterfall of his hair, he said, "Don't waste your time with me. I'd just be a disappointment."

"I can't believe that." Treize began to kneed gently at the taut muscles of Duo's shoulders. When some of the tightness eased from the muscles, he pulled Duo onto his back, not allowing the young man to look away. "Who do you think you've disappointed?"

Bitterness and something darker swept across Duo's face. "I've let down everyone who ever depended on me. Yeah, it's true." He laughed, a harsh, ugly sound. "Shinigami is really the ultimate fuck-up. Great joke, isn't it?"

"You are not Shinigami," Treize said with quiet authority, stroking the soft brown hair. "You are Duo. And you will not disappoint me."

"I'm warning you, Treize. I bring Death with me. I always have." Duo faltered, his eyes full of old pain.

"Hush." Treize kissed him, more demanding than before, determined to drive away the demons that haunted this exquisite creature. "I'm not planning on meeting Death anytime soon. And when I do, you'll have nothing to do with it."


Heero hunkered in the empty corridor, white and shaking. Sourness filled his mouth. He wiped a rope of spittle from his chin with the back of his hand. Red saturated his vision.

Like a litany, he repeated to himself, "I have no friends. I have no companions. I have only my mission."

What a fool he'd been to forget that.

The shaking diminished and stopped. He stood, his gun still in his hand. The mask of the Perfect Soldier descended on his sharp features as he felt his sense of purpose crystallize. He removed his electronic map of the base from his pocket and pressed the tiny power switch. As emotionless as Wing's computer activating the firing lock, he located Treize Khushrenada's suite.

He memorized the location, then replaced the device in his pocket. One more task and he was ready. Carefully opening the chamber of his gun, he verified that he still had sufficient ammunition. More than enough to fulfill this mission. For that, he would need only three shots.


Duo lay dazed, letting Treize explore him. Oh shit, he was so good. No one had ever done the things to Duo's body that this man was doing, keeping him balanced on the knife-edge of pleasure-pain without pushing him over. Duo thought he knew all the tricks in the book, but Treize made him realize he was barely even a novice when it came to sexual expertise.

He ached with hunger, not just his cock, but every inch of him. His hands couldn't touch Treize enough, his mouth couldn't taste him enough. Treize's need seemed to equal his own. Duo saw it in his crystal-blue eyes, darkened with desire; he heard it roughen that smooth, cultured voice.

The older man's tongue flicked over the tip of Duo's cock, explored the length of it, running along the sensitive ridge. Duo wriggled under the maddening sensations until he found himself begging for release.

Treize kissed Duo's inner thighs, his tongue drawing small circle on the sensitized flesh. "Tell me what you want," he said, his voice husky.

"I want you," Duo answered, his voice dying off into a groan as Treize gently nipped at the peach-velvet skin of his balls.

"Mmmm...I like the sound of that. Say it again," Treize ordered. He pushed Duo's legs farther apart, his mouth roaming over the young pilot's genitals.

"I want you!" Duo nearly sobbed, unaware of anything now but the frantic demand of his body for climax. But Treize was far too skillful to allow him to come so quickly, retreating when the sensations threatened to push him over the brink only to bring him back even closer than before.

"And where," Treize purred, his tongue rimming Duo's entrance, "do you want me?"

"Inside." Raw desire shredded Duo's voice. "Oh god, Treize....I want...I need you inside me."

Treize brushed his fingers against Duo's lips. "Help me make you ready," he whispered.

Duo opened his mouth and eagerly sucked on the long, elegant fingers. His actions obviously excited Treize, who threw back his head with a loud groan of pleasure. But it also comforted Duo to nurse on his partner's fingers, dulling the aching emptiness that crept out of the dark corners of his consciousness. Too soon, Treize withdrew his fingers, but Duo felt them cautiously exploring his ass, pushing gently at the tight ring of muscle between his buttocks.

Duo stared into Treize's sapphire eyes, searching for the echo of his own desire. "Treize?"

Treize stroked Duo's cheek with his free hand. "What is it, my pretty one?"

In a voice much smaller than he intended, Duo asked, "Do you want me, too?"

"You silly--" Treize broke off, his voice becoming almost tender. "Yes, Duo, I want you. So much so that I can barely stand it. Will you let me give us both what we want?"

"Yesss..." Duo sank back into the unfamiliar softness of the bed, waiting. Treize wanted him, and that made it all right. A finger slid into him, stretching him so gently that he barely noticed any pain, aware only of the way his lover mastered the inside of his body as well as the outside. "More..." he pleaded, instinctively moving his hips against Treize's hand.

Treize pushed a second finger into him, and then a third. Duo's breath shortened. He could feel his muscles protest slightly now, but Treize's dexterous fingers overrode the discomfort with intense pleasure. Finally, Treize slid his fingers out as sensitively as he had inserted them. Duo cried out at the sudden emptiness, but his lover soothed him, stroking his body, his hair.

"I can't stand it....don't make me wait any more," Duo begged, feeling abruptly, inexplicably lost.

"One moment longer," Treize promised, sliding a pillow under Duo's hips. Duo opened his eyes slightly to see Treize squeezing a dollop of lubricant from a tube. He trembled, watching the older man smear the ointment over his own member with slow, sensuous strokes. God, what a magnificent body he had. His hands clenched with anticipation.

"It's first time," Duo gasped, "you don't have to-"

"As far as I am concerned, it *is* your first time."

Treize pushed the head of his penis against Duo's sphincter with steady, insistent pressure. Duo's body resisted the invasion, but Treize continued the pressure even as he stroked Duo's quivering belly and thighs, murmuring encouragement. Duo bit his lip as the swollen head thrust into him, followed inch by excruciating inch with the entire length of Treize's penis. He tried not to tense, but the burning pain of being impaled tightened his muscles involuntarily.

"I'm hurting you," Treize said, as he began to pull away.

Duo grasped Treize's hips. "Yes," he admitted, "but don't stop." If Treize pulled away from him now, he felt as though he'd die.

"Ah, Duo," Treize looked down at him, his expression soft, yet faintly sad. "That is the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me." He held still, letting Duo's body accept him, smoothing the young pilot's sweat-damp hair away from his face.

Gradually, the pain ebbed, and Treize began to thrust into Duo's body, slowly at first, carefully watching his partner's face for any sign of distress. Duo drowned in the sensation, crying out as Treize's body hit his center of pleasure, stroking it with each powerful movement.

Treize's hand, still slick with lubricant, wrapped around Duo's cock, stroking it with the same rhythm as his thrusts. "I-I can't take any more," Duo whimpered. "I need to come, Treize, please-"

"Then come for me, my pretty one." Treize groaned with his own heat, increasing the speed of his thrusts and his hand.

Duo arched against his lover, his head thrown back in sheer ecstasy, mouth open in a wordless cry. His semen spurted into Treize's hand, his body clenching against his lover's in spasms. Dimly, he was aware of Treize's grip tightening, of the older man crying out, and of being filled with his lover's seed.

For a few moments, Duo lay contentedly under Treize's broad chest, his fingers toying with the sparse blond hair that grew there. He made a small noise of dismay, reaching blindly for his lover, as he felt the other man pull out of his body.

"It's all right, Duo," Treize murmured, his voice heavy with satisfaction. "I'm not going anywhere."

He lay back, drawing the young pilot with him. Duo curled up under his arm like a sleepy kitten. He felt Treize stroking his hair, and he nuzzled against the strong body next to him, too tired to lift his head. He shivered, cold where the air touched his sweat-slick flesh, snuggling closer as Treize pulled a cover over both of them.


"Hmm?" The OZ commander wound his fingers through Duo's tangled mass of hair.

"Thanks. That was great. No, it was better than great. It was awesome." He took a deep breath, afraid to ask the next question, even though he had to. "But why'd we do that?"

Treize shifted, leaned up on one elbow. "I know my motives. Don't you know yours?"

"Well, yeah, sure." A puzzled frown creased his forehead. "I mean, I guess. Maybe."

"Duo," Treize began, a slight edge of exasperation creeping into his voice. Duo hadn't noticed before that he sort of sounded like Heero. "I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to ask me. But I assure you, I had no ulterior motive beyond wanting to give you pleasure and to enjoy you myself."

"You aren't expecting me to, like, talk in my sleep, or something?"

"I fully expect you to talk in your sleep. I find it difficult to believe that you ever stop talking." Treize smiled, robbing his words of any bite. "I discovered what I needed to know about you before I brought you back to my rooms. This had nothing to do with the war or your mission--or mine."

"Honest?" Duo looked up through his disheveled hair.

"Go to sleep, Duo," Treize commanded, smiling as the boy nestled closer.

Duo surrendered to exhaustion, dozing under his lover's arm with an unaccustomed sense of security. Was this what it felt like to be safe, he wondered, just before the oblivion of sleep claimed him.


Heero sneered at the security programming that protected Treize Khushrenada's suite. It had taken him barely an hour to hack into the protected files and give himself authority to enter the commander's private quarters. An easy job. He expected a little more from OZ. They were getting soft, it seemed.

Soft. What other word described a man like Treize Khushrenada? A man who played at being a soldier. A man who used others to do his fighting for him, who resorted to treachery to accomplish his aims. A man who allowed emotions to cloud his decisions. Treachery was the weapon of the weak. Emotion was the ruin of the strong.

His mission was to destroy the weak traitors. Both of them. All of them.

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