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2004 quick recs
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27 dec 04 (2 for the price of one *cough*)
fic: A Boyfriend For Daddy (4 parts)
author: Artemis
site: Moon of Moons
genre: get together, fall apart
pairing(s): 1x2x1
setting: rl AU
notes: Artemis told me she had something planned for 'All I Want for Christmas' (a fic she penned last year). this, then, is its prequel, and it is, of course, brilliant
extras: Duo is father to the cutest kid since forever
warnings: lemons, angst (until you read the sequel)

fic: Jingle Bell Meltdown
author: tkmaxwell777
site: gwa
genre: christmas get together
pairing(s): 1+2
setting: post war-ness
notes: I am such a sucker for sap *shakes head*
warnings: none worth mentioning, but perhaps I should note here that you will feel gooey at its conclusion ^_^

20 dec 04
fic: Reading the Signs
author: Granate
site: Recon
genre: gift slush, for stacy
pairing(s): 1x2x1
setting: post EW preventer-ness
notes: made me feel all warm and x-mas-y, though this fic has nothing whatsoever to do with any holiday, let alone x-mas. heh...
warnings: not a one

06 dec 04
fic: Life… Really (21 parts to date - incomplete)
author: Skylark
site: Amy Mizuno's Little Gundam Wing Page
genre: neko-fic!!
pairing(s): 1x2; 4+R, 5+OC's, 6+9
setting: AU future-ness
extras: hello? neko fic *purrr*
notes: i am a friggin' sucker when it comes to anything having to do with cats. the fact that this also stretches to neko fics in a way that is entirely unwholesome is... at times disturbing...
warnings: eventual citrus (Duo starts off as an honest-to-god cat, for chrissakes...)

29 nov 04
fic: Pie With the Count
author: presser
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: first meeting awkward-ness
pairing(s): 2+1+2
setting: AU normal-ness
notes: bare beginnings *sigh*
author's summary: "Duo's car has broken down and he calls at a house to borrow the 'phone.."
warnings: lime-ness, light angst-ness

22 nov 04
fic: Holidays (12 chapters + epilogue)
author: Ah Hael
site: WufeiDuo.net
genre: get together
pairing(s): 2x5; 1xR, 3x11, 4xH
setting: post war-ness preventer-ness
notes: otherwise known as The Fic I Would Have Archived If Not For The Het Sex
disturbing images: the Het Sex ^_~
author's summary: "Just a look through various points in the calendar to watch the unexpected romance between Duo and Wufei. There will be points where their friends find romance as well."
warnings: lemons, light angst-ness

15 nov 04
fic: Wash My Hair (11 chapters)
author: Muffie
site: gwa
genre: humour (as in 'laff your ass off')
pairing(s): 2x1, 1x2; background 5+6; unrequited 4+3 and R+1
setting: post war-ness preventer-ness
extras: Heero in fetish/bondage gear (yeahhh, baby!), Wu taunting, Zechs pr0n, Tro with a wicked sense of humour, Duo (what can i say? he's good no matter what. ^_~), and a Quat you could just eat with a spoon...
disturbing images: Dx1 *tilts head like confuz-zled puppies everywhere*
warnings: eventual citrus, though no penetration *cough*