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2005 quick recs
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26 dec 05
fic: the Poison arc (in progress)
author: Ginnybag
site: Sabre and Rose
genre: canon / TWT
pairing(s): 13x6
setting: the series and beyond
notes: (good) Oz fics get me every time. I think it's the intensity...
author's summary:"A 'Canon' fic, charting the relationship between Treize Khushrenada and Milliardo Peacecraft from their early years in Oz, through the events of the series and after."
extras: hello? 13x6? *rowr*
warnings: angst (a-duh), lemon, het mixed in with the yaoi >_<

04 dec 05
fic: Zero Effect
author: trowacko
site: (the gwa forum)
genre: mind-fuck
pairing(s): 1x2, zero x 2
setting: post war-ness
notes: woah. woa-ho-ho... this, my friends, is why i loves me some trowacko.
extras: zero-ness
warnings: angst, lemon

05 sept 05
fic: Santa Monica (ficlet)
author: C
site: the 6x2 ml archive
genre: AU
pairing(s): unknown
setting: rl
notes: I've been wanting to put this on my site forever, but the author is nowhere to be found. chances are s/he'd never know if I snuck it up, but there is my policy of asking to host fic. damn my morals. ^_~
author's summary: "Someone has been calling their lost lover late at night..."
extras: nothing really happens, the characters are never defined, it's hardly even a fic, but it's fracking haunted me since the day it was posted, however-many years ago...
warnings: angst

25 july 05
fic: Cherry Ripe, under the "Misuse and Abuse of Food Arc"
author: Shenlong
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: AU
pairing(s): 2x1
setting: rl PWP-ness
notes: not too big on food!sex, as a general rule. I've got heck of alot of fic!kinks, but that ain't one of 'em. cherry!sex, however... that's a different matter entirely. *feral grin*
author's summary: "Duo and Heero have been a couple for several months but Duo has yet to make love to Heero. the Japanese man decides to have a little fun with his other favorite thing - cherries."
extras: *snort* that would be the cherries... there's just something about them... *ponder* and the anal play cuz damn...
warnings: sex, baby

31 may 05
fic: Credibility (1 ch., so far, of a proposed 5)
author: Diamroyal
site: (the gwa forum)
genre: umm...
pairing(s): ummm....
setting: post EW
notes: I have absolutely no idea where this fic is going. at this point, I'm terribly pleased with the (as yet, and maybe permanently, platonic) relationship between Duo and Wu, as well as the Wu POV. so terribly pleased, in fact, that I'm rec-ing this blind, as it were.
extras: fabulous Wu POV
warnings: ...ummmm...

fic: A Somewhat Sticky Situation
author: JinLucifer
site: (the gwa forum)
genre: ficlet
pairing(s): 1x2
setting: post EW? AU?
notes: ficlets are damn difficult to do well, no matter what one might suppose to the contrary. capturing a Moment is a talent, and this ficlet, never mind that it at first had its origin in a longer idea for a fic, does it very well.
extras: so in character in so little time...
warnings: ref. to last-night lemon-ness

fic: Mind, Body, & Spirit  (4 parts, to date)
author: Ah Hael
site: gundam-wing-universe.net
genre: fantasy
pairing(s): eventual 5x3x2 (whoo-hoo!!! *ahem*), 1x4+5
setting: a school for... ummm decidely non-celibate priests
notes: I have to admit that the biggest draw this fic has for me is its main pairing. and, of course, the fact that I know I can trust this author to both write, and handle, it well. that always helps. ^_~
author's summary: "Wufei has a promising future as a priest of the Trinity until he encounters strange forest creatures."
extras: hello?? 5x3x2?? OMFG!!!!
warnings: eventual citrus *rubs hands in anticipation*

18 apr 05
fic: Regrets Unwanted
author: CeeDee
site: (the gwa forum)
genre: angst, (eventual) romance
pairing(s): 1x2, platonic 2+H, a bit of misguided 1xR; background 3x4 & HxOFC
setting: post EW
notes: ahhh, dramaticism. it's over the top here, no doubt about it, but I cannot help but be sucked in by fics where the other pilots abandon Duo due to a Misunderstanding. it gets me every. single. time.
author's summary: "Duo is left alone and unfortunate events cause him to take a dangerous step."
extras: Duo angst! I love it so...
warnings: ...did we miss the 'angst' bit? eventual lemon (2x1)

04 apr 05
fic: That Yuy Guy's Heart (5 parts---this is a direct link to her fiction page, as I cannot navigate to it from her index. *shrug*)
author: Tralla
site: Tralla's Lair
genre: supernatural angst
pairing(s): "alluded 5+1+5, mostly 2?5?2, and some weirdness between 1 and 2"
setting: AU present day
notes: a transplanted heart has given a young man a new lease on life, but something other than a donated organ seems to have come along for the ride...
extras: this is one odd fic. I have never seen anything like it. and that is so cool...
warnings: Heero is dead from the get-go.

07 mar 05
fic: Nice Legs
author: Sol 1056
site: gwa
genre: gender-bending introspection? outre-spection?
pairing(s): "1+OC, ?x1"
setting: post war-ness; preventer-ness
notes: "temporary madness" can be a damn good thing. ^_~
extras: cross-dressing!Heero. 'nuff said.
warnings: "could be terribly, terribly OOC"; not your normal, everyday fic... (which, in my mind, is a very good thing indeed)

28 feb 05
fic: Plumbing Has Nothing to Do With It (10 parts)
author: UtopiaDoesn'tExist
site: Gundam Wing fanfiction by UtopiaDoesn'tExist (handy, that)
genre: humour *snicker*
pairing(s): 3x5x3, RxD (oh-so-briefly), (eventual) 1x2x4 (main)
setting: post war-ness
notes: Heero. wanting, in a mission!Heero way, to have sex. now.
extras: Quatre! Quatre, Quatre, Quatre!! *cough*
warnings: eventual citrus ^__^

21 feb 05
fic: Operation Operative Operation (15 parts)
author: Asymphototropic
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: humour, mission-ness
pairing(s): 1x2x3 *purr*
setting: post war-ness preventer-ness
notes: this fic has the oddest Trowa I have ever read. I can't decide if he's amazingly OOC, or if a Trowa outside of war would be prone to being over-sexed and telling bad jokes. I feel a need to keep reading it for this fact alone. well, that and the additional fact that this fic is labeled 1+2+3 and even the vague promise of it turning into 1x2x3 (of which there are far too few in the gw fic world) has me waiting, rather impatiently at this pt, for more.
extras: these characterizations are priceless. for once, Duo isn't the outrageous one. ^_^
author's summary: "Someone wants to steal Duo's appendix. While it's still in him..."
warnings: talking male genitalia *snort*, eventual citrus *rowr*

14 feb 05
fic: Razors on His Bathroom Floor (21 parts)
author: Bandit-Gurl42
site: Jace's Realm of Insanity and ff.net (which is more up to date, under the pen name Jace 22)
genre: angst
pairing(s): "2x1x2, 1x5x1, 2+5+2, 3x4"
setting: post war-ness
notes: when I first came across this fic, I refused to read it---the title had me thinking it was a suicide fic, and you just know I can't stand suicide fics >_<. after a helpful note from the author explaining that this was not the case, I decided to give it a go. this fic... hits very close to home on a lot of painful levels. it's in no way a happy fic, but more a struggle against life, when life itself is nothing but something to escape from. kinda hurts to read it, but... yeah...
author's summary: "There's razors on his bathroom floor and a perfect soldier hero boy sent to pull him up from the wreckage."
warnings: "mentions of past cutting, alcohol, drug abuse, and attempted NCS"---dare I say this is not a happy ride?

17 jan 05
fic: A World in a Grain of Sand (19 parts to date, out of a proposed 21)
author: keiran
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: AU
pairing(s): 1+2+1
setting: "historical sort of fantasy"
notes: I'll be honest with you---this fic doesn't start off as well written as it ends up, but the story is strong so I stuck with it
warnings: ref. to past 1x2 NCS-ness (master/slave), angst-ness