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[ note: so what are you waiting for? if I've rec-ed one of an authors fics, chances are pretty damned good that I might as well have rec-ed them all. the one I chose to rec was just that---my choice. you might have your own favourite, but you'll never know unless you read more... ]

[ note 2: I reserve the right to remove any rec at any time. this decision will never be based on whether or not I like these folks as people, but simply because I don't the appreciate and/or agree with the direction a fic has taken. ]

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and so begins the era of the quick rec >_<

[ 2004 quick recs ]

[ 2005 quick recs ]

12 Nov 07
fic: More Than All We've Ever Had
author: Corazon del Fuego
site: Moment's of Rapture '07 Contest Archive
genre: war-time
pairing(s): 1x2
setting: AU; indeterminate war

notes: this is, perhaps, the best gw au i have ever read. no, really.
warnings: "sex, war, blood, profanity"

30 July 07
fic: Lasting Impression (incomplete)
author: dragonmistress_ 7
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: sci-fi
pairing(s): "3x4 That's your freebie. The rest are a surprise."
setting: AU future

author's summary:"Heero's job was simple, take an unusual alien to meet his bride. Can't be that hard, right? Chaos insues, and traveling companions are picked up along the way. It is that hard, and then some. But the greatest dangers, Heero discovers, are not always the most obvious ones."
warnings: "language, violence, angst, sap, dark themes, shonen-ai, yaoi, het, shoujo-ai, masturbation, what else? I think that's all."

18 June 07
fic: Light on the Stage (incomplete)
author: Impish Inkling
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
genre: drama, romance
pairing(s): 1x2x1
setting: AU
notes: it's odd. parts of this fic have been swooning, and other bits (though these are admittedly few in comparison to the swoonage) have me yawning...

author's summary:"Two messed up kids in a small country town are drawn to each other, and, together, form a [new] brand of music from the old."
extras: Heero sings. well. *rowr*
warnings: eventual citrus

11 Sept 06
fic: Closing the Gap
author: Raz
site: ff.net (>_<), under razberrycreme
genre: OOC fluff
pairing(s): 1x2; slight ref. to DxR
setting: AU
notes: there's a sentence in this fic, near the end, that totally won me over. i couldn't not rec it, after that. i wonder if you'll be able to tell which it is...

extras: butterflies
warnings: not a one

05 June 06
fic: Stalked! [ part 1 | part 2 ]
author: keqqian
site: (gwa forum)
genre: "crack!fluff "
pairing(s): 1x2, 3x4, 4+5
setting: post war-ness
notes: i really shouldn't like chibi fics. logically, i mean. and yet....

extras: humour
warnings: does reference to chibi!sex count?

22 May 06
fic: The Brotherhood of Spandex -- Gundam Wing Out-Takes Theatre #4
author: Ashkara
site: Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault (eventually. right now, you can read it here.)
genre: canon fluff-ness
pairing(s): none...
setting: the circus, post attempted self-destuction
notes: because Heero and Trowa are people, too
... *grins*
extras: human-ness, humour
warnings: none

16 Jan 06
fic: Hitch (5 chapters)
author: kebzero
site: kebzero's notepad
genre: get-together
pairing(s): 1x2; vaguely mentioned 3x4
setting: RL AU
notes: winner of the public poll in the Canonball Run contest. this, indeed, would be the one I voted for.
extras: road trip, Elvis *grin*
warnings: eventual citrus, light angst

02 Jan 06
fic: Words of Wisdom (part of the Kink series)
author: Shenlong
site: Debs Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries (eventually. for now, you can read it at the gwa forum)
genre: PWP
pairing(s): 1x2
setting: ... I forget... is this series post war-ness, or rl? whatever...
notes: for all-out, straight hard-core, WDNNSP lemons, Deb is my author of choice. hands down.
author's summary:"Heero has discovered that Duo likes dirty talk and sets out to drive his lover wild."
extras: dirty talk, rimming... mmmmm....
warnings: *laugh* that would be the sex

[ 2004 quick recs ]

[ 2005 quick recs ]

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and here be the long, rambling, highly emotive recs ^_^;;

[ fyi ]

This is the portal to an ever-growing list of rather wordy and often abstract recs. I love writing recs. It's fun. It allows me to express myself. You might notice that, unlike just about every other rec site out there, I never seem to dwell on plot. I get so carried away by how these fics make me feel that I sometimes don't even leave room to actually say what they are about. Part of this is because I don't want to spoil any surprises. I want you to read these fics just as I did---not really knowing quite what you're getting into, and enjoying them nonetheless. But it's also for the simple reason that I want you to trust my judgment---to go and read these fics merely because I found them worth reading. So. The method behind my verbose madness, explained. Heh...

-- Dacia ^_~

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