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Alternate Dualities by WingNut (ongoing) @ gwa
Ok. Are we all sitting down somewhere? Maybe laying down? Cuz we are about to enter the realm of impossibility -- Dacia... rec-ing a fic... that has 2xH in it. Hey! Are you OK? You scared me by keeling over like that. *grin* But seriously folks, I never thought I'd see the day. It helps, of course, that the 2xH is only temporary. I say that because we all know how much I abhor 2xH. Cannot stand it. Won't even consider the possibility. *shudder* *twice* However, there are, as I've noted before, exceptions to every rule and this is one of them. Go WingNut, ne? ^_^ Who is a fabulous writer, hence my rec-ing this fic, despite the (admittedly small amount of the) dreaded pairing. Heh... So, can we guess what this fic is about by the title? No? Sure you can. You're just not thinking about it the right way. First off, and most importantly considering who it is that you're talking to, this fic is so Duo-centric that it makes me giddy. I do love 'im, if you hadn't noticed. ^_~ That takes care of the 'Dualities' part. And the 'alternate'? Well, alternate universes, of course, into which Duo has been swept, due to an accident with yet another experimental weapon, and out of which he's sincerely trying to get. His memories are a mish-mash of what has been, what is, and what may be. Not a good way to keep yourself sane, by any standards, but then this is Duo we're talking about. It's just so much fun to watch him squirm. He does it so well... *grin*
warnings: yaoi, het ~ various and sundry Duo-centric pairings ~ lemons ~ AU-ness (that whole alternate universes thing, don't you know) ~ Duo torture (gotta love it...) ~ action up the wazoo
[ added 19 apr 02 ]

Anatexis by Alexe (14 parts + 2 epilogues + illustrations + various 'reactions') @ Gundam Wing: Mission Acknowledged
I don't think I've ever read a gw fic without an apparent yaoi paring in it somewhere. Not once. I jumped into gw fanfiction through the hectic and disorganized joy that is the dearly departed Yaoi no Hentais, and haven't looked back. Without my gw boys getting 'together' *nudge nudge wink wink* what would be the fun? Or so I've always thought. Why the hell am I so often wrong? *laugh* It's a good thing I'm such a good loser, or I wouldn't be here telling you about the grandeur that is Anatexis (and in my head it sounds like 'ana' 'texas', but I spose that really is beside the point... ^_^ ). The beauty about series that end is that they never really do, do they. I mean, think of Endless Waltz and then think 'after'. If you're half the gw fan I am, you've got a million and a half images that come flooding into your mind at the thought. All those 'what ifs' have been written and rewritten by some of us, and loved and adored by us all. Usually, these concepts follow the idea that the good guys did indeed win in the end, just like the good guys are supposed to do. But what, says the devil's advocate, if they didn't. What if the good guys lost. What if the future that the gundam pilots fought for was destroyed and twisted, just as they were. No, *sigh* it's not a pretty picture -- I'm not saying it is or that it could be. But it is an engrossingly emotional one, and it does leave you in a sort of strangely fulfilled shock thinking of what might have been...
warnings: canon, in an AU way ~ if you're a yaoi fanatic, like *ahem* some of us, you'll be able to see hints of it here, but if you hated yaoi you could read this fic ~ necessary angst ~ despair ~ war ~ last chances ~ insanity ~ you know... all that good stuff ^_~
[ added 26 apr 02 ]

And He Doth Descended Into the Depths of Heaven by Kuriyamimizu (22 parts) @ White Reflections
Oh... my... god... Whoa. Dang. Damn. I'm not usually into fantastical gw fics, 'From Far Away' and 'Demon of Justice' notwithstanding *grins and waves to Akuma, Mel & Christy, respectively*, but geeeeez... To tell the truth, I started reading this fic because I was bored. And this fic has 22 parts, so it promised to keep me busy for a while. Little did I know that it would also knock my back on my proverbial ass. I don't want to give too much away, since it's the gradual growth of the story that grabs you and pulls you in until you're tingling all over (or maybe it's just me? ^_~), but by the end of this thing I was simply thrilling to the tips of my cute little toes. Thrumming, even. There just aren't enough words to describe the feeling, and I know that for a fact since nothing in my handy thesaurus seems to be adequate. The story revolves around Quatre, who's just a little bit older than you've been led to believe, at the dawn of a new millennium when ancient forces awaken within the g-crew and cause them to become unwilling combatants in a deadly and desperate struggle between the forces of light and dark. And it's brilliant... [ Oh -- and the first part of the epilogue is there... you just have to be canny at getting at it (if you look down at the bottom of your browser window where the link shows up, you can see what the problem is). Or, you could just go here. ]
warnings: yaoi ~ 1x2x1, 3x4x3, 5+2, 5xOFC ~ lemons ~ angst ~ NCS ~ eventually a bad Duo (and by 'bad' I mean sadistic, cruel, and without any redeeming qualities whatsoever, besides the fact that he's still damned sexy... ^_~ ) ~ angels, demons, death, mayhem, and an apocalyptic battle between the forces of good and evil ~ something that's dangerously close to a torturously inevitable unhappy ending, but isn't quite... *dacia gets a dreamy look in her eye and decides to stop typing*
[ added 31 dec 01 ]

And Never the Twain Shall Meet by Steve Parker, incomplete (maybe permanently, but it stops at a non-frustrating point...) @ Heero's Heart
I kind of put off reading this fic. After all, that's not the sort of title that inspires little sunshiny thoughts to grow lush and rampant in ones head. But we all know I have been known to be wrong before. *ahem* So far be it from to to not admit it when I make a mistake. Cuz, my god, folks, this fic is... like... happiness incarnate. We all know I've read my share of 'Heero and Duo get together fics'. *grin* I've read so many of them that it makes my head spin, in that really good way. But this... well, it's so... there are friggin' tears in my eyes just because everyone's so... happy. Not just any ordinary happy, but a kind of 'they deserve it so very much' happy. And who deserves it more than the g-boys, ne? The war is over, Quatre has Trowa, Wufei has a gorgeous OMC, Duo has Heero... *sigh* For all that I'm drawn to fics that give me the distinct impression that my insides have been acid-washed, a fic like this is the one that makes me break down and continually use the same mundane, boring, and totally apt adjective over and over again. *big, wide, sappy grin*
warnings: yaoi (duh ^_~) ~ 4x3, 2x1, 5xOMC ~ lemons ~ enough realistic sap to make you sniffle ~ a Quatre that you wanna jump *wink* ~ Heero being (wait for it...) happy

[ added 28 dec 01 ]

Blue, and its 'sequel', Words Left Unspoken (parts 1&2 of an untitled, ongoing series which probably won't be going any farther, but... *shrug* what the hell) by figbash @ The Tale of Neko Wufei
Despite the fact that *ahem* I seem to have this insurmountable difficulty *ahem again* with actually saying what a fic is about when I write these recs o' mine, they are always about something. Even if it's just sex, there's a point A and a point B and all that happens in between. It seems almost a given that a fic will have some sort of plot. *snort* I suppose that really was a silly thing to say. Cuz it turns out a fic can be about nothing really at all, and still capture essences and move hearts and inspire dreams...
warnings: 4+3, 3+4, 3+1, 1+3, 2+1 ~ shounen ai ~ light lime ~ canon ~ light angst ~ hope-ness
[ added 24 feb 03 ]

Buried Treasure (8 parts + epilogue) by Windsor Blue @ Shades and Echoes
"Adventure, hn, excitement... a Jedi craves not these things." Every time I watch that movie and hear Yoda say those infamous words, I want to reach through the screen, smack his little green head, and say something to the equivalent of, "What are you, crazy??? What fun would it be without all that??!!" I can just imagine, before the wars, a whole gaggle of Jedi sitting around, contemplating existence, levitating little stones and rocks 'til it's as if they were surrounded by a 3-D Zen rock garden. *yawn* Adventure and excitement are what make anything fun. Sure, they're also what make life dangerous and painful and can as often as not lead to events that you would give your soul to prevent... but without them, life would be one big monastery. You'd think that in the gw universe, adventure and excitement would be abounding. They're friggin' Gundam Pilots, for chrissakes (note capitals... ^_~). But somehow, that isn't always the case. Sometimes it's because the fic is an AU, where there is no war in the first place. Sometimes it's after everything is over, and everyone is happily living in peace. Sometimes, it's cuz an author *ahem* can't write anything but emotional stories that only vaguely hint that, yes, these people are indeed soldiers. [ in my own defense, I live in a very emotional world... I can't help myself... *sheepish grin* ] But then you find a fic like this and suddenly a whole world doesn't so much open before your eyes as it does come to light. This story is adventure and excitement. It is events that the ex-pilots would give their souls to prevent. It's also an incredibly well-written and almost poetic account of what happens when the people you love are put in danger, their safety coming at the cost of your own. After all, as much as I am, at times, enamoured of adventure and excitement, they usually are what result from being left with no other choice...
warnings: 1x2x5, 3x4 ~ yaoi ~ light lime ~ post EW ~ violence --
> physical and psychological ~ beat poetry in motion ~ insanity (and I don't mean this in a good way... ) ~ angst ~ sap-ness
[ added 02 sept 02 ]

The Cadence of Time (prologue + 7 parts + epilogue) by Spooks @ Twisted Perspective
[ note: winner of best overall in 2002 **a little piece of gundam wing** fanfic contest ]
I've been watching this fic for a long time. I have to admit that when I first came across it, I wasn't sure what to think of it. It confused me. It has a guy running around called '02'. It was too boggling for me to get my mind around. *snort* All this probably had something to do with the fact that I started in on it at about part 4. Note to self: Don't do that!! When I finally got around to reading the previous parts, a light came on in my head that illuminated it all in that timeless moment of 'ohhhhhh'. This fic, after all, is a study in 'ohhhhhh', a study of what might have been. After all, during the war so many things could have gone differently and, even more importantly and earth-shatteringly than that, they could have gone wrong. What would the world have been like without Heero Yuy? What if he had died when he self-destructed? And what would happen if the soldiers of that new world, many years later, decided to go back to fix those things that had once gone wrong. Spooks, with all the finesse of a crafted story teller, shows us in clear and sometimes painful terms the tale behind those 'what ifs', and the man who would give not only his life but his very existence to see that this time around, things went right...
warnings: shounen ai ~ 02+1 (note the '0') ~ angst!! ~ reference to past / future NCS ~ a really depressing future *sniffle* ~ time-travel ~ AU-ness -- like a rivulet in a stream that curves around and brings us back to what we know...

[ added 25 mar 02 ]

Come Undone by Natalie Baan @ Firecat Fanfics
*sigh* We all know I'm a yaoi fanatic, right? Gotta have my yaoi. ^_~ This fic, however, is an exception to what is only an incidental rule. 'Come Undone' isn't yaoi. It's not even really shounen ai, although there might be hints if you squint your eyes just right. It's simply an incredibly well-written fic of a quiet moment shared between Duo and Quatre. It's about their hopes and fears for a world at war, and their beliefs in what exactly 'peace' really is. *sighs again*
warnings: ummmm... none...

Common Ground by Dead Blush (5 parts + epilogue) @ Joygasm
What do you get when you take one 16 *ahem* 18 year old porn star known as 'Big Scythe' (think about it...) who's sexier than sex and add a high school boy, with a girlfriend he doesn't especially like, who was raised by a mad scientist to be the perfect basketball player? You get Common Ground, the brain child of Dead Blush. This fic has literally had me chuckling for years. Many of the fics that I came across when I first entered the fandom I now realize were... just plain awful. *laugh* My god, but they were bad. And yet they dragged me further into gw-yaoi-dom regardless... Natch... ^_~ CG, however, was one of the better ones. Even after all this time, reading it still makes me chuckle. It is so chock full of absurdity, written in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, that it is truly priceless. I can't even begin to point out all my favourite bits, so I'll just gently *ahem* shove you in Dead Blush's general direction and let you have at it. So to speak... ^_~
warnings: 2x1x2, unrequited Rx1, mention of past 5x4, intimations of future 3x4, 5xR, drive-by 11x13 (these last 4 in a cameo appearance sort of way...) ~ yaoi ~ lemon ~ AU ~ humour ~ mad, and somewhat perversely corny, scientists ~ hilarious Wu OOC-ness ~ plays on gw stereotypes
[ added 24 mar 03 ]

Concessions by Hitori @ Hitori Desu
There are some fics that are truly worlds unto themselves, the whole cycle of life fit into one deep breath. Between an inhalation and the escape of air there is a birth, a life, a death. Or, if you are disinclined to wax poetic with me, a beginning, a middle, and an end. ^_~ And those are the kinds of fics that just floor me. Being drawn in is what I do best, although I have too much of a grip on my own sanity to be drawn in completely. [ dang it ] But as much as I love the whole story, sometimes just a part is enough to catch me unawares until I'm reading every word as if they'll go on forever, instead of stopping so very, very soon. Capturing a moment in time can be just as difficult, if not moreso, than corralling an entire whole. This particular moment is one that has, truth be told, been captured quite a few times before. It is, after all, quintessentially canon. The scene: Duo and Wufei lie incarcerated on the moon. The mood: contemplative, bitter. In one instant in time, 2 boys who scarcely know each other are thrown together, to die. There is no time to dwell, no air to breath, only a gasp in the silence. [ *pause* admit it -- that was good. ^__^ ]
warnings: ummmm... canon-ness ~ memories-of-Meiran-ness ~ boy soldiers, dying-ness ~ Wu POV
[ added 16 jan 04 ]

Crossing the Line by tkmaxwell777 @ gwa
What is love, exactly? Is it wanting and needing and desiring? Or is it possessing and despairing and heartbreaking? Perhaps, at one time or another, love is all of these things... and none of them. Duo has silently loved Heero for years, yet his friendship with the object of his affection has made itself too precious to him to take the chance that he could ever have something more. But when Duo's dream of love is sneered at and reviled by a tactless and hateful co-worker, the former gundam pilot suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his emotions, leaving him in a state of mind where he at last gives in to his heart's urgings with no thought to the consequences. But what happens once he has crossed that line? Can a friendship born of war and strife, forged with trust and care, survive a night of reckless passion?
warnings: 2x1x2 ~ yaoi ~ lemon ~ post EW preventer-ness ~ angst ~ violence (not between Heero and Duo) ~ language ~ sap *sniffle* ~ considerably less dramaticism and 'heartbreak' than my rec might suggest... heh...
[ added 23 apr 03 ]

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