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Damnation by koyote (17 parts + epilogue) @ Tresses: The 6x2ML Archives
You know what I love about fanfiction? *dacia covers her ears, trying to drown out the groans from her loyal followers* What??? ^_~ What I love about fanfiction is its ability to make me see things that I had taken for granted, or indeed not taken at all, in an entirely different light. How many times have my horizons been broadened since I've been in the fandom? Do you realize that there once was a time I couldn't see Duo with anyone but Heero? Or that in the beginning my soft spot for Relena was really more of a... hard spot? And yet here I sit, happily, and quite graphically, imagining Duo with any cute gw male and thinking that Relena was really rather ok, despite all the pink and, yes, that 'kill me, Heero' thing. There's one bridge, however, that I have never been able to cross, which is why I have to begin by admitting that when the Reverand rec-ed this fic to me, I all but literally shuddered. After all, if there's one thing that my horizons haven't been broadened to (and never will be -- this is the exception that proves the rule), it's being able to imagine Duo with... *shudder* a female. *gack* I simply refuse to go there. So when I say this fic is realistic and moving and suspenseful... and 6+2+D, you'll hopefully comprehend the rather glaring fact that this makes this fic, not to mention this author, very special indeed. As much as I love him, in fact probably because I love him so well, I firmly believe that Duo Maxwell has some... problems. Most of us would also most likely agree that Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft has himself a few problems, as well. *snort* And Dorothy Catalonia? Anyone who doesn't think that this chickie has problems has got ... well, some problems. ^_~ It will not surprise you, then, that in Damnation, they do indeed have some problems, but it might very well surprise you to find they are entirely different from, or at least only in addition to, the ones you might suspect. It is these very same difficulties, which set them so apart from others, that bring them together, despite the odds, and allow them to create their own new beginnings...
warnings: growing 6+2+D; background 4x5 & 1x3; ref. to past 13x6x13 ~ AU-ness (mostly in the canon timeline, but the war lasted 2 years and there was no EW) ~ angst ~ action ~ preventer-ness ~ violence ~ death (though not of a main character) ~ supernatural things ~ not-alone-anymore-ness ~ Treize- & Solo-ness, with a bit of Helen-ness throw in for good measure ^_^
[ note: if the thought of Duo not being particularly close to, or appreciated by, the other pilots upsets you, you might want to prepare yourself. it's nothing brutal, but it is there... ]
[ added 09 jun 03 ]

The Dancing Lemon by Koyasu no Miko @ Got Fics?
It's a known fact that I'm pretty quiet on the ml's. *ahem* Unless I have an announcement to make, I do all of my replying off-list, so I won't look like such an idiot when I stumble through what can only very loosely be termed as 'feedback'. (heh...) Fic searches, though, are a horse of an entirely different colour. If I know where a fic is, as I so often do cuz I'm so damned good ^_~, I never hesitate to share the wealth. And every now and then, I do a search myself. This, as you might have guessed, hasn't happened often. If I like a fic that well I make a point of remembering where to find it again, so it's safe to say that I've asked about the whereabouts of a fic maybe 3 or 4 times in +/- 2 years. One of the reasons I've been so slow on rec-ing fics, lately, is that I tend to only rec fics that are new to me. *snort* Needless to say, there aren't exactly very many of those left. No stone in the stone-field of gw-dom has been left unturned. *laugh* It wasn't until this exact moment that I realized that rec-ing fics I'd read before wouldn't be such a bad idea. And rec-ing fics I had actually bugged people about and gone out of my way to find was an even... less bad one. Heh... And so to begin -- the very first fic I was desperate to re-find. It's captivating and mesmerizing, in a way that only a dancing fic could be. Duo is so scintillating that you can literally feel the heat rising in waves off the monitor and, heck, you know for a fact that I'd jump Heero just as quickly, myself. Only in the fanfic world can two virtual strangers having sex in a public place come off as so unbearably romantic...
warnings: 2x1 ~ yaoi ~ lemon (as if the title hadn't given it away ^_~) ~ AU ~ PWP-ness
[ added 06 jan 03 ]

Dangerous Liaisons (15 parts) and its sequel, More Dangerous Liaisons (ongoing), by Christine @ GWA
I guess I'm just in the mood to cry my eyes out. Funny, that. *watery grin* I know there are some of you out there who know about the 13x2 incident -- that fic without labels that I started reading not knowing how hellish it was going to turn out? I first read it on Yaoi no Hentais. As we all know, that is not the best organized site ^_^, so I figured I'd never stumble across it again since I couldn't remember the title. But, miracle of miracles, I found it again today (14 Nov 01). *sigh* And it all came flooding back, even though the labels on this site are damned shitty. Turns out there's a sequel where, and I quote, Duo begins to heal. *sob* This fic really did make me cry. I'm serious here. Tears falling from my eyes. Damn it all to hell. The main story is about Duo's relationship with Treize, whom he was forced to seduce by the scientists who are complete and total bastards (and don't even get me started on Howard...). Duo's the odd one out here -- Heero and Wufei are together as well as Quatre and Trowa, and to save them from all the hellish things the scientists wanted any one of them to do, he did it all. *sobs again* Then he falls in love with Treize and the feeling is mutual but Treize dies (there's more to it than that, but I won't give it away ^_~) and it's just so sad that I can't believe I'm still f*cking reading this (which explains all the cursing -- I don't swear in real life -- gomen nasai). So I'm recommending this because it's literally good enough to make me cry. *sniffle* God damned angst... *water-ier grin*
warnings: yaoi ~ 13x2, 1x5, 3x4 ~ lemon ~ AU-ish --
> post war and into EW... kinda... ~ OOC ~ NCS ~ so much Duo überangst, you want to die ~ evil Zechs & Howard ~ everybody has had a hideous life and is fucked all to hell *yet another watery grin* -- and don't you go thinking I'm kidding about this. This is not a fic for the faint of heart. Which I am. So why the f*ck am I reading it? Sha... I am a mystery, sometimes... ^_^
[ added 14 nov 01 ]

The Devil Made Me Do It by Isabella Kraft (4 parts) @ ... here ^_^
You know a fic is good if it's a 3x4 and I like it. A lot. I'm still amazed, myself. ^_~ This fic makes me laugh, it's so good. Trowa as a monk, Quatre as... the devil? I'm hooked... *wipes tears of laughter from her deep brown eyes* We all know this is a happy ending, right? I mean, this is me we're talking about. So I won't feel bad about including this quote... "And so the devil and the monk went into business together selling pretty flowers to people in a completely secular way. And they lived happily ever after. The moral of the story is obviously.... Crime doesn't pay, flowers are pretty." Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Trust me -- 'tis very funny. ^_~
yaoi ~ 3x4 ~ lemon ~ AU ~ Quatre is so OOC that it's priceless ~ wonderfully well-written humour

Dragons of the East, Tigers of the West by Kedriaa (33 parts) @ SweetlySour.net
I love Chang Wufei. *sigh* He's my favourite gw character, after Duo. Especially when he's with Duo. *nudge nudge, wink wink* The reason that this is a noteworthy pronouncement is that, just from watching the series, I couldn't stand Wufei. He bugged the hell out of me. He was always alone, and if he wasn't ranting about 'justice', he was spouting off about 'weakness'. I mean, let's face it, all those stereotypes I complain about? When it comes to Wufei, they're all true. *laugh* I didn't fall for 'Fei 'til I read Nazarri Blue's 'Love's Winter Lights' where, for the first time, I was able to see him as a human being and not a rather boring, 'fast forward through my speeches if you know what's good for you' automaton. And not only did I fall for Wufei, but I fell hard. So it should come as no surprise that I've fallen for this fic, as well. ^_~ This story is, after all, a glorification of Chang Wufei in all his beauty, intelligence and, at times twisted, sense of justice. Set in a time when the duties of family are placed above personal desires, 'Fei is faced not only with the encroachment of the Western world into his Eastern ideals, but his own reticent rebellion against all that he has ever known. In a world at war when even friendship is not trusted, where do you turn when it all falls apart?
warnings: 5xMx5, 2+5; eventual 6x9x6, 13+5, 3+4+3, S+5 & 1+R+1; ref. to past 2x3x2 ~ het, shounen ai ~ AU --
> "the era of China's last Imperial Dynasty" ~ angst ~ war ~ death (have you ever known Meiran to live?) ~ sap ~ history
[ note: I actually found this fic best through part 14. after that... *shrug* but it's well worth it, whatever the case, and my reaction to the latter parts of this fic might have something to do with its blatant veering off into domesticity, cuteness, and het-ville. *shudder* ]
[ added 25 may 02 ]

Drinking Games by Zania, the Lemon Princess (4 parts) @ SweetlySour.net
I know this isn't exactly a new fic, but... DAMN! This chickie puts the 'need' in 'we don't need no stinkin' plot'. *growl* Got a favourite pairing? In one form or another, it's in here. This is, after all, the quintessential free-for-all fic... ^_~
warnings: 2x4, 2x4x5, 2x3x4x5, *ahem* 1x2x3x4x5 ~ yaoi (duh...) ~ lime / lemon (double duh *feral grin*) ~ WDNNSP, with a vengeance ~ drinking games (natch)
[ added 27 jan 03 ]

Duo's Friendship Arc by Dyna Dee @ Death and the Dragon
I've said it before, but I can't help but say it again if only for the simple reason that I am continually astounded at how wrong I can be at guessing even my own likes and dislikes. Heck, almost every other rec in my list has me mentioning somewhere or other that I'm amazed that I liked the fic... It's really kind of funny. Or, if you know me, I suppose you could just say that it's kind of 'Dacia'. Heh... So here I am, once again being eye-openingly impressed by another set of fics with absolutely no shounen ai or yaoi content. But what does it matter, after all? [ I can't believe I just said that.... *laugh* ] Here we have 5 gundam pilots -- each one so different from the other that in any other circumstance they might never have found each other, let alone gotten along. In any view of how the pilots finally open up to one another, Duo is the catalyst. He's the joker, the one who smiles, the one who's 'alive' even though he, at times more than anyone else, is in so much pain. And that's the premise behind this arc. Duo's attempts to befriend the other pilots, boys who in some cases have never known friendship and, in others, have never seen the need for it, are both endearing and heart breaking, as are the reactions he receives to his endeavors. In a war that seems to never end, it can be all too easy to forget that you're only a 15 year old boy. Duo has been through hell often enough that he feels, at times, infinitely ancient, but it is his gift and strength to be able to recall that bit of himself that is still little more than a child. However, teaching the others to do the same brings with it a whole set of pitfalls which, although they often appear devastatingly insurmountable, lead to an openness and a hope that just might help them all recover, and hold onto, their own humanity... Damn, but I'm good at this. *victory sign*
warnings: no pairings, although there is a lot of closeness (awwww!) ~ 'getting to know you even with that stick up your butt'-ness ~ Quatre sweetness and light-ness ~ angst ~ lots and lots and lots of wonderful, aggravating, charming, lovable Duo-ness ~ you're gonna fall in love with the pilots all over again... trust me... *smile*
[ note: I like to think of this arc ending after 'Educating Quatre'. it gets to the point where my yaoi side takes over and friendship is just not enough anymore. heh... ]
[ added 08 jul 02 ]

The Education of Heero Yuy by Vermilion Flame (8 parts + epilogue) @ the 1x2 ml archive
Did you know that until now (Mar '02), I'd never seen the first 13 episodes of gw? *laugh* You probably didn't have a clue. It's not exactly common knowledge. It's really kind of embarrassing. But this situation has given me the opportunity to not only see gw in its entirety for the first time, but to see it through a yaoi fan's eyes and, let me tell you, it's really, really fun. One of the things that struck me most when I began anew my gw odyssey was that I'd never realized how much Heero Yuy talks. He's a regular chatterbox. No, not to others, and certainly not to Duo ( ^_~ ), but to himself. And what did this make me think of, little hentai that I am? Why it made me think of Vermilion Flame. How could it not? 'The Education of Heero Yuy' is written in Heero POV and he yammers away like there's no tomorrow. And now that I'm in such a canon-y mood, I can just see it, cuz he really does go on, now doesn't he. Throw in a little 'frenzied activity' *ahem* and a sexy Duo and you've got me loving gw even more the second time around than I did the first, not to mention giving my profound thanks to high heaven that VF wrote this fic in the first place. Yessirree -- life... is good. ^_^

warnings: yaoi ~ 1x2/2x1 ~ lime / lemon ~ deliciously canon ~ Heero's POV is absolute perfection...
[ added 11 mar 02 ]

Endless Summer by CleverYoungThief (16 parts + epilogue) @ GWA
[ note: winner of best 1x2 in oishii* 2004 ]
I don't know what it is. Maybe it's that elusive (in Seattle, anyways... >_<) summer sun. Maybe it's that warm and fuzzy brain-deadness-that comes from lazing about in the aforementioned elusive summer sun ^_~. Or just maybe it's the fact that I've enjoyed every fic this author has wrote to date and that this is no exception. This one, however, is the one to catch my little rec-ing eye. This fic represents a rather small genre. How many gw surf fics are out there, anyways? Whenever I think of it, though, it's not simply as a good fic, but as the best surf fic I've ever read. And I have this strange feeling that even if the lists were abounding with ripping AU gw boys, this would still be the best. So dig your little tootsies into the sand, sit back, and enjoy.
warnings: 1x2, 3x4, 5+R ~ yaoi ~ lemon ~ AU --> surfer fic ~ angst ~ death (not of major characters) ~ surfer-ness (check the lingo...) ~ competition
[ added 06 aug 03 ]

Eternal One Night Stand by Tayles @ Shinigami & Wing
And the road goes ever, ever on, ne? Let's face it -- angst and gw go together like hand and glove. It really is unavoidable. As much as I love sap, and as much as gw romance can turn me into a happy, hentai puddle of goo, angst is really where it's at and where it has ever right to be. War is, after all, really rather icky (irreverent understatement intended ^_~ ). In order to be able to kill, a man may lose sight of what it is to be human and, in the process, hurt those around him who might still have a tenuous grasp on their own souls. Yet beyond the indifference and the seeming lack of feeling, a human heart still lies beating and, in the darkest night, it just might be that it's not so far out of reach, after all...
warnings: 1x2 ~ lemon-ness ~ NCS-ness ~ Duo POV ~ angst (duh...) ~ and, as always, hope *smile*

[ added 15 oct 03 ]

Everything Beautiful by Sparcck @ GWA
To me, for better or worse, the gw world filters down to the five (six, on a good day, seven if you're lucky *grin* ) pilots. Sure, there are other characters, but what are they but little sparks off in the corner of your eye that barely register? Hilde... the Manguanacs... Relena... Catherine -- names we all recognize but, (and I'm only speaking for myself, here) what are they, really, but tiers on a layer cake supporting my beloved bishounen? If Catherine were to fall off the face of the Earth, would I really care? The sad fact of the matter is -- probably not. As much as I enjoy her as a character, she has never captured even a fraction of a heart reserved solely for my gundam guys. How could she? How could any of them? At least, that's what I thought. Who knew gw would so severely stretch my capacity for changing my views? The only periphery character whom I had ever felt anything for is Meiran. And what is it that distinguishes her from any of the others? There is no denying that there are personality differences, at times quite major ones, between her and her fellow supporting characters, but what it really comes down to is focus. Meiran is, after all, a special case. She is singled out and dwelled upon and expanded until she is every bit as 'real' as her husband. So it's not the characters themselves, but the way they are written that really makes the difference. GW lesson #32, learned at the hands of the splendiferous Sparcck, who has taken a character who I literally had never given a second's thought to (gw tunnel vision, don't you know) and transformed him into one I could not only sincerely care about, but who is now in my mind a feature in his own right instead of merely adding to the background. For all that Howard was a major part of the series, he seemed almost merely a convenient tool, at hand when needed . Now... Now he's a man with feelings and motivations and, most importantly, a past which both inhibits and nurtures his ability to love the future. (I can't believe I wrote that. I get waaaaay too carried away, here. You have my permission to chortle uproariously at my melodramaticism... )
warnings: no pairings ~ Howard and Duo ~ canon
[ added 01 jul 02 ]

The Evolution Arc by Ashkara (under 'series fics' -- ongoing) @ Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault
It's strange. On the one hand, I'm a total 1x2 fanatic. You might have noticed this (although I'm still pondering the person who e-mailed me asking why my site didn't have a 1x2x1 page *snort* *twice*) It's the pairing that got me into yaoi and, even more than that, it's my firm belief (read: my subjective opinion) that they're the consummate pairing in all of yaoi-dom (pun intended *growl*). They really are perfect for each other. And yet... I don't particularly like Heero. Of all the pilots, he's my least favourite. Why? That, my fine friend, is a very good question and one that, oddly enough, I don't have an answer to. Then there's that sneaky other hand, the hand in which we find a little Duo rapturously in love with none other than a little Wufei. We're all aware that I'm a Duo addict (*victory sign*). It's also rather obvious, to those who know me well, at least, that I'm more than a bit drawn to Wufei. While I may love Heero when Duo does, Wufei I love for himself no matter who he's with. This does not mean that I'll merrily fall head over heels any time any one any where decides to put his name in print. As all the g-boys, Wu is as complex as they come and I only love him, or Duo for that matter, when he is portrayed as such. Which brings us (at long last, eh? *sheepish grin*) to Ashkara, whom we all know and love. I've been struggling with writing this rec literally for months. I couldn't seem to find the proper words. Even now I'm floundering. *smile* But what it comes down to is that fact that this fic epitomizes what I love about 2x5x2. It's a study of Duo Maxwell -- a boy who is so much more that what he appears to be, who has suffered so much pain and misery, and perseveres regardless -- and a glimpse into Chang Wufei -- the proud warrior who only slowly comes to realize that pilot he has so long degraded might very well be the most indomitable of them all. In setting aside their preconceptions, Wufei and Duo begin to understand and, inevitably, gravitate towards one another even in the midsts of an unlooked for homecoming and a return to a lurid past which could never truly be left behind...
warnings: 5+/x2 ~ eventual yaoi ~ eventual lime / lemon ( ^_~ ) ~ angst ~ L2-ness ~ TWT ~ revenge ~ violence ~ ref.s to prostitution ~ hope
[ added 11 nov 02 ]

Friends and Lovers and its sequel, Living in Sin, by Shoori (these are archived here, now)
I'm getting into 3x2. I never really thought it would happen. True -- there is the fact that I can see Duo with just about any cute gw guy you could shake a stick at, but Trowa would probably have been at the bottom of that list. Hell, he was at the bottom of it until lately. Flamika san is the one who opened me up to this pairing with her 'Screams From the Peanut Butter Jar', and then Anria San practically blew me away with her POV duet, so I suppose these two fics are really just the icing on what is turning out to be a much more appetizing cake than I ever would have imagined. Like Anria san's fics, one of these is Duo POV and the other is from Trowa's perspective, but the similarities pretty much end there. There are fics that make me laugh. There are fics that make me smile. There are fics that make me cry and gnash my teeth or start to swoon and thrum as if my life depended on it. ^_~ These fics? These fics makes me sit back, take a sip of my Empress Afternoon Blend tea, and say 'Yeah. That's it. That's good. That's the way it should be'. The reason I can't usually stomach the 3x2 phenomena is that the majority of authors never really say why they're together when it is, after all, so very unlikely. There's a point in the second of these two fics when Trowa is trying to explain to Wufei why he's with Duo, and eventually just says that he loves him. By that time, I really don't need any more of an explanation than that. Cuz, and here's the cool thing, I believe him.
warnings: yaoi ~ 3x2, ref. to past 3x4 ~ lemon ~ homophobic, nasty Relena ~ unsupportive Quatre ~ sap without being at all sappy ~ light angst
[ added 07 jan 02 ]

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