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How It's Not Supposed To Be by Ashura @ Moments of Rapture
When this fic came out on the ml's, I adored it. It was that kind of sadness that makes you ache inside. *sigh* I love 1x2. Hey -- don't laugh like that! I know it's not exactly news... *grin* I love sappy 1x2. I love PWP 1x2. I love WAFF-y 1x2. I love angsty 1x2, despite myself -_-. But I think what I love most of all is a realistic 1x2. I never doubt that Heero and Duo could fall in love. I think that should be obvious by the folks I've asked to host. ^_^ But I do sometimes doubt that it will all turn out sunshine and roses, that love will conquer all, that falling into bed is enough to cement a relationship and make everything all right. Don't get me wrong -- this fic is about love. No doubt about it. But it's a love that's frenzied and furtive and frightening, between two boys whose grasp on their own humanity is stretched to the breaking point from fighting in a war that never should have been. What do you do when the love of your life might die tomorrow? That's (and you're gonna thwap me for this, I know ^_^) not how it's supposed to be...
warnings: yaoi ~ 1x2 ~ lime-y ~ light angst ~ a lightening flash of sniffle-rousing sap at the end

[ added 30 nov 01 ]

I Wish by Yumemi-dono @ Lady Koneko's Anime Fan Fiction Library
This is it. This is Heero. All that Heero is, it's here. I've never seen him characterized more lucidly. That's it. The shortest rec I'll ever write, simply because I have no better words for it and, quite wonderfully, the fic doesn't need them.
warnings: Heero and Duo ~ canon ~ bits of Heero POV ~ angst ~ a baby step towards understanding

[ added 18 nov 02 ]

I'm not dead yet, so HA!!: A Sestina by Meiran Chang @ the 6x2 ML Archives
Poetry and I have a love/hate relationship. Poetry can still my beating heart. It can nestle itself so deeply into what I so arrogantly term my 'soul' that I cannot imagine life without it. It can also make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt cuz it is so very often incredibly and pitifully bad. This is in no way to say that I do not respect all those who try. Having myself written some of the most unintentionally hilarious poetry ever to be put to paper, I cannot help but tip my hat to any who bravely make the attempt, however ill-fated those attempts might be. But when it is done correctly... when it is done well... poetry is as much a thing of beauty as the star-strewn night sky, as bewitching as spring's first flower. Meiran's poem is such a one. It twists and writhes its way through Duo's tortured existence, weaving us into his pain in a fragile way that no fic ever could. Dreams of death and pain, of fierce, unholy joy, seem to flicker in our vision as if they had been our own...
warnings: major Duo angst ~ did we miss that part where I mentioned this is a poem? ^_~

[ added 14 aug 02 ]

Interfacing by The Czarina Merquise and Artemis (many, many, many parts -- ongoing) @ Tresses: The 6x2 ML Archives
My god... Where to start? In it's most simplified terms, it is a 6x2 story. However, that really doesn't do it justice. The Interfacing series is a huge arc that deals with the subjects of love, betrayal, trust and the loss of trust in an atmosphere of political and personal upheaval. [ phew!! say that five times fast! ^_^ ] Set in the GW canon world, it is made AU by the Gundam pilots becoming allied with a disillusioned Zechs Merquise. This is a frustrating fic, to say the least (you'll have to read it to know what I mean), but more than worth reading, despite the at times gag inducing moments between Zechs and Duo. ^_~

warnings: yaoi ~ 6x2, 3x4 ~ lemons ~ AU (or, as they term it, 'an alternate Gundam Wing reality'...) ~ angst ~ sappity sap sap ~ gratuitous use of pet names ( ^_^ )

It's the Pilot (prologue + 18 parts) and its sequel, 'Two Roads Diverged' (ongoing), by Truth @ GWA
I've been through the archives at GWA so many times that it should be a crime, but there's always something that one missed because one has a habit of reading fics by the listed pairings. *ahem* And 'It's the Pilot' has pairings listed as '?'. Why on earth would I, the hentai duchess (not quite the queen, seeing as I can't write a decent lemon myself ^_~) read a fic with no listed parings? Pu-leeze... It was a comment I received to one of my polls (which I'm still surprised and shocked and pleased that people actually pay attention to, I might add) that got me to go give this one a chance. So, thank you, masked stranger. You know who you are, even though I don't (though I have to say that I can still see 6x2 -- blame it on Razorqueen. ^_~ ) But back to the fic. I have to start out by saying that one thing I loathe is changing POV's -- skipping from one character to another. It bugs me to no end. So it's really kind of like me (i.e. hypocritical) to have found myself enjoying this fic so much, when it's nothing more than a string of POV's. But it's done so well, that I don't mind at all. Hn. That's really saying something. Add that to a plot that is of the flowing variety and which manages to keep me interested even without any real yaoi aspect to it (although the sequel is developing a very nice 5+2 line *growl*), and you've got a fic that's drawn me in, hook, line and sinker. Curiouser and curiouser... But far be it from me to dwell on the how's and why's of my utter enjoyment of a fic. Once enthralled, I stay that way 'til the bitter end... Which in this case is a sequel that I have to wait with baited breath to continue. -_-
warnings:ummmm... AU ~ alternating first person stream of consciousness/POV ~ Duo and Wu angst-ness
[ added 13 dec 01 ]

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