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Lingering Days by Kumiko and Tzigane (8 parts) @ GWA
A 6x5 AU story that's so chock full o' sap that you could get a sugar high just from reading it. Very sweet, very romantic, not at all angsty, and, of course (heh... ), very lemony. *growl* I could go on and on... but why bother? It really does speak for itself. Trust me... *hentai grin*
warnings: yaoi ~ 6x5 ~ lemons galore ~ AU --
> college days... ~ sap to die for

A Little Death by Heartfelt @ Aenai~ai
When Jana announced her masturbation fic contest, I was, let's face it, just slightly more than a little bit tickled. ^_~ If there's anything more fun than masturbation itself, it's cute bishounen masturbating right out where you can see (or at least imagine, quite vividly, seeing *grin*) them. So when the day came when all the entrants were posted, I was... confused. I read through the bulk of those fics and thought that just maybe I didn't have the masturbation kink in me after all. Funny, that. I could it have sworn it was in there somewhere, right next to the shota-ai and the incest. *another grin* *can't help it ^_~ * Turns out, of course, that it really depends wholly on the fic itself whether or not this particular kink decides to rear its *ahem* gorgeous head, cuz, damn but there was one fic in there that made me all hot and bothered. So hot and bothered that I voted for it. So hot and bothered that I would have voted for it multiple times, if I thought something like that would be fair. Heh... Mind you, I knew, as I might have mentioned, even as I voted for it that it wouldn't win. After all, when I get kinky, I get kinky. *evil laugh* So the least I can do is give praise and pay homage to one of the best, IMHO, masturbation fics ever to see the light of day.
warnings: 2x1 (in theory... ), 2x2 (in practice ^_~ ), 1x2 (in future... ) ~ yaoi ~ masturbation (duh... ) ~ canon TWT PWP-ness ~ kink ~ not a even a hint of romance *last grin, this one quite feral*
[ added 14 may 03 ]

Little Tin Flower, Red Stitches and a Rain-Soaked Angel by Link Worshipper (prologue + 9 parts + epilogue) @ Atsui
A while ago (though admittedly a very long while) I rec-ed a fic that, to me, encapsulated quintessentially what and who Heero is. Heero, after all, is still one of my least favourite pilots, at times. I still have no explanation for this and chalk it up as one of those Great Mysteries of life, of which there are so many. Duo, on the other hand, is (and stop me if I've said this before) (*snort*) my favourite pilot, hands down. So much so that I can see him as being himself even when so many authors portray him so differently. The bloodied killer, the psychotic genius, the laughing lover---as long as he's not the braindead idiot, I'm, for lack of a better way to put it, sooo there. So. Not very difficult, in that sense, to write a Duo I'd fall for. But extremely difficult, then, to write a Duo I've not yet read or which I would consider totally unique. Lethanon, whether you like her writing or not, is such a one. Link Worshipper is another. Reading this fic is like discovering Duo all over again. He's everything we know him to be, and yet so much more. His relationship with Heero, which is (despite the intense plot) the focus of the story, is definitive and sensual. He has half of the Heero-to-English dictionary in his hands, intact, while the other half remains obscure and renders everything he might imagine of Heero's thoughts to be mere subjection. He is outgoing and lonely, fierce and vulnerable, rationally emotional and artistically logical. He is, for even more lack of a better way to put it, perfect. And he sings. ^_~ Once again *cough*, I am in love... *purr*
warnings: 2x1, 1x2, H+2, waaaay unrequited Rx1, implied 3x4x3 ~ yaoi ~ lime / implied lemon ~ post EW ~ angst-ness ~ sap-ness ~ over-the-top-villianess-ness ~ evil Relena ~ a goodly amount of songs throughout, but not a song fic
[ added 18 feb 04 ]

The Lost Soldiers Series by Kracken (11 parts -- this one is archived here, now...)
Here I go again. Can't I ever get enough? Strike that. Stupid question. ^_^ Duo angst and I go together like hand and glove. There's just no escaping the fact that I love the poor little lad, even when fic writers everywhere love to torture him so. This isn't the first of Kracken sama's works that I've rec-ed, and I'm certain it won't be the last. She's almost too good, you know, if that weren't impossible. ^_~ I stumbled across this series posted on the 6x2 ml and completely fell head over heels for it even though, and stop me if you've already figured this out, Duo is going through his very own hell on earth. What makes it worse, or perhaps inevitable, is that most of it is at the hands of one Heero Yuy. Heero has the high distinction, if you want to call it that, of being the only pilot whom I like or dislike solely based on his relationship to Duo. Outside of his interaction with pilot 02, I really couldn't care less about him. Funny, that, but it does explain how I could enjoy a fic where he's being a complete and total bastard. After the war to end all wars and having lived a life that really wasn't worth living in the first place, Duo's struggling to survive in a world where no one really gives a damn about what he's done or the horrors he's lived through until one man, disillusioned and bitter in his own right, stumbles across him one rainy night and, for reasons that are, frankly, as bitter as he is, begins somehow to care...
warnings: yaoi ~ 6+/x2, twisted 1+2, 5+1~ angst ~ Duo torture ~ nasty Heero ~ a less than sympathetic Quatre... heck all the other pilots are kind of icky... ~ barely avoided NCS on Duo's part ~ not even a drop of sap 'til the end, and then, whoo boy, it's every one for themself ^_^
[ added 05 jan 02 ]

Love, Drag and the Kinsey Scale and its sequels (ongoing) by Casey Valhalla@ Shinigami & Wing
You know what I love? A good AU. Sure, I cherish my pilots being so canon that you can see the blood dripping, but as much as I need the gundam-ness, I crave also that other world-ness. Something about seeing the gwboys as people you could run across while you're shopping at Safeway is simply tickling, although the accompanying thought that they'd still be way out of my league is something I try not to think about too hard. Thank god for my grasp on reality, ne? *laugh* But seriously folks, it really doesn't get any better than the pilots being taken far from what we know them as, being plunked into an entirely fresh situation, and still falling head over heels for each other. Seduction becomes something we are more familiar with rather than the kind nipped by the howling wolves of death and pain. And while I love a romance set upon by the direst of life-threatening circumstances, one that's fretted upon by nothing more than teen angst is more than enough to get my eyes crossing from the day-to-day brilliance of it all.
[ plot-ness: Heero is quite assuredly homosexual, with his eyes on one long-haired boy. Duo is as assuredly the biggest flirt this side of Helsinki, with both sexes, and yet hasn't ever kissed a guy. Follows: simply oodles of loverly inevitabilty-ness. *grin* ]
warnings: 1+2+1, 3+4, 5+M ~ shounen ai / yaoi ~ lime ~ AU --> college ~ POV ~ sap ~ Duo nervous-ness alternating with Duo giving-in-ness ^__^

[ added 21 nov 03 ]

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