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Magic Happens by Ebonydove (22 parts) @ Aenai~ai
I love fanfiction. I know, I know -- I continually and insistently dwell on the absurdly obvious, don't I... But it still strikes me, even after all this time and having mentioned it so often, as something worthy of note. Fanfiction has taken over fulfilling this intense need (and I won't belittle it by calling it anything less than that) that I have had to read which sprang to life with startling ferocity when I was about 5 and has continued unabated until now. GW started it all. I watched the series, I watched the OVA (and there are times when I like to use the term 'OVA' simply because I'm the only one, until now, who knew that I don't know precisely what 'OVA' stands for...). And it wasn't enough. I wanted more. Thank god on high for the internet, ne? Can you imagine that there was a time when I thought the www was a complete and total waste of time? I've changed my mind a bit on that one in the meantime, needless to say. After I discovered the rapturous world of the yaoi gw fandom, there was KwG. Then wk. And DBZ... At this point, I'll read almost anything as long as it's yaoi and well-written and has characters I can care for even if I might not quite know who they are. But it's always gw I return to. And it's only gw that I can read and read and read and not need a break from. Fics from other fandoms might make me smile or laugh or cry or squirm, but it's gw that messes with my head and makes me think of Duo as a real person (yah, I know -- I'm alot of things but 'delusional' is not one of them) and gets me to re-read and search and prod and poke the fanfic world with my patented fanfic pointing stick until I really might seem obsessed. It was as I was reading my latest discovery ('latest' being perhaps the wrong term, as I had been aware of its existence and the authors merits for quite some time) that this all came back to wallop me upside the head as it so often does with, I might add, absolutely no sense of remorse. 'Magic Happens' is a story. In it, bad, violent things happen. There are secrets and mysteries and men with guns and hateful intent. There are touching moments between Heero and Duo, and realistic ones full of misunderstandings and betrayals and heartache. It is well-written enough that I'm breaking my somewhat lax rule of rec-ing only one fic per author and coming up with all this drivel. It is unique enough that it has no chance of boring me and familiar enough that I can understand what's going through Duo's mind even as he's thinking it. But what strikes me most of all is how exciting and thrilling and wonderful it all is... even after all this time.
warnings: eventual 1x2x1 main... there's more, but that would be giving it away... ~ yaoi ~ lime / implied lemon ~ post EW ~ angst-ness ~ violence ~ Duo confusion and in-the-dark-ness (in more ways than one... ) ~ Duo POV
[ added 01 jan 03 ]

The Max and Zee Arc by Wystii (ongoing) @ Wystii's Whispers
You could say that I have an attraction for all things gw related, and you'd be right. I'm drawn to it like nobodys business. It's almost rather alarming. However, just because I'm a self-proclaimed addict doesn't mean that I like everything regardless of whether or not it's good. Hell, no. I'm as picky now as I ever was. It just so happens that the gw fan world is abounding with what can only be described as an above average-ly high number of dang good writers. Such is the case with Wystii. Her fics, in general, draw me, but it's her Zechs that gets me enough to make me sit here and sigh my little heart out. Because, you see, she's got Zechs down so well that you can see him across from you, sipping his coffee (or should that be wine?), and speaking to you in that low, soft voice which you can imagine seducing just about anyone. The mystery that is the Lightning Count is one that is so often overlooked in favour of his platinum hair and ice-blue eyes, but underneath the princely façade lies a man who has struggled and fought, not only in wars but against his own nature, for so long that it's not hard to believe that he might have lost himself along the way. It is during the course of this arc that he is finally saved by his own knight in not-so-shining armour.
warnings: yaoi ~ ref. to past 13x6; 4xR, 4x6, Maguanacsx6, complete strangersx6; 2x6 (main, eventually) ~ citrus ~ angst ~ eventual idiotic-grin-inducing sap ^_^
[ added 18 feb 02 ]

Maxwell's Demon by Madamhydra @ Madamhydra's Lair
I've stumbled across quite a few fics where the premise is that Duo Maxwell is more than he appears. Not satisfied with the 'fey' and 'elfin' that so many authors inevitably dub him (-_-), he's transformed into another entity altogether not human. And, as is probably more than obvious by this point, I usually don't appreciate the outcome of such high brow imaginativeness. But, as always, it's when you think that you've finally pinned down a rule that you realize it's completely bunk. Cuz this fic just tickles me. Not in a goofy, corny way (though that would not at all be a bad thing since I am, as we all know, particularly goofy and corny *grin*), but in a 'wow, I really like that in a way I never expected to' way. This fic is incredibly well done in that it somehow straddles the lines between fluff, angst, sap, and drama whilst never once alienating any of the best of the characteristics of each particular genre. I can't believe I just said that. I'm kind of surprised I can even understand that, but it's actually true. ^_~ This fic starts with Relena attempting, yet again, to break up Heero and Duo by claiming that Duo isn't (or rather, is much more than) what he seems to be. The funny thing is... she's right.
warnings: yaoi ~ 1x2, 3x4, 6x13x5 ~ implied lemons ~ wicked Relena ~ Duo as... wait for it...
[ added 16 jan 02 ]

Method Behind the Madness by Wufei's Onna @ Steel Song
I don't think I've ever recommended a fic this short. It's not that short fics can't be good, but usually it takes a while to pique my interest enough to want to rec something. But this fic... it got me right away. Everybody has their own theory of why Heero treats Duo so unforgivably -- fear, love, avoidance... And all those are inextricable entwined in whatever it is that motivates Heero, but not once have I seen it put quite this way, so bittersweetly, nor been privy to a 'method' that was at once so cruel and so touching...
warnings: shounen ai ~ 1+2 ~ angst ~ bastard Heero...
[ added 28 dec 01 ]

Mission Details by Dev-Aki Basaa (17 parts) @ GWA
I really can't believe it's taken me so long to rec this fic. What is up with me anyways? I am a mystery. But seriously, folks, this fic is so good that I've been taking it for granted. I take it for granted that each part will be as good as, or even better than, the last. I take it for granted that the relationship between Heero and Duo will be as steamy as it is romantic. I take it for granted that Dev is the wonderful author that she is. And it's high time I did something about that, ne? So here I am, rec-ing a fic that's so deserving that it's not even funny, and feeling really pleased with myself about doing so. The story centers around Heero and Duo (duh ^_^ ) who have to deal with being apart for 2 freaking looong years while Heero is undercover as a Preventer, along with Zechs, to prevent (heh, heh -- funny, that) the rise of a new and threatening criminal faction. Who knew a 1x2 fic where Heero and Duo aren't within even 1,000 miles of each other for the first 13 parts could be so engrossing? And as we all know, Dev has a way of making her characters so 3-D that you can walk around them and oooh and aaaah to your hearts content and say to yourself, 'but it's so real '. Plus there's that whole image of Heero with tattoos and a tongue ring. Mmmmm. Heero with a tongue ring... *feral grin*
warnings: yaoi ~ 1x2, OMCx6, implied 3x4 ~ lemon ~ angst, of the 'separated from a loved one' as well as the 'I'm in love with a criminal' kind ~ sap til you drool
[ added 09 jan 02 ]

Monkey Boy Mysteries by Kat and Tzigane (11 parts) @ Asylum
When one enters the gw fandom, one of the first things that is thrust upon one is the need to have a basic understanding of Japanese vocabulary. We've all gone searching for little glossaries, or felt a fool and asked on an ml. *dacia raises her hand with nary a blush* And then, inevitably, those words and phrases, once learned, are used to quite a large extent. Everywhere you go, you're spouting off (verbally or otherwise) bits of Japanese, partially because it's a cool as heck language on its own, but mostly because it's almost a secret language. Aside from those who are actually from the country in question, or the rare few who are not and are yet fluent, it's only anime fans who have a clue. However, there also comes a time in each anime fangirls life when Japanese expressions... lose their allure, when it just seems rather silly to employ them when, hello, you're not Japanese. [ blanket statement. I know. don't kill me. ] Now that I know what it all means, I, for one, feel no need whatsoever to go around calling you all 'minna', as I once did, and asking sweetly if you're all feeling 'genki' today. *laugh* All this, of course, predicating my gut reaction to this fic which was, to quote Zechs, 'kawaii'!!! My god! I don't think I've ever read so cute a fic! And not cute in a merely fluffy, sappy way, but cute in a goddamnfriggin' kawaii way. There really is no other word that fits so exactly. I am in love. *happy grin*
[ note: yes, there is a plot, and a good one, too (having to do with proving the innocence of two wrongly accused magicians in a stratified society of science and magic), but the word of the day here is 'monkey boys'. ^__^ ]
warnings: 13x5, 6x1, ref. to past 13x6 ~ yaoi ~ eventual lemons *rowr* ~ AU ~ monkey boys! ~ general and pervasive kawaii-ness ~ silliness in bits, but... it's so kawaii! *ahem* ~ I can't believe these gals wrote something without angst... ~ yes, yes --> OOC *smile* ~ "Is there such a thing as too happy?" [Wufei] whispered, kissing him again. Lip to lip again, and Treize couldn't be happier! "No. No such thing at all."
[ added 01 sept 03 ]

Nightfall by MikAAislin Nymph @ ... here, cuz I refuse to keep finding it and losing it... ^_^;;
You know, I really love fics written for contests. You wouldn't think it would matter. I mean, a good fic is a good fic, right? Yah, yah -- that is so, but still... The very idea that a fic was written for a special purpose (besides the whole joy of writing thing ^_~ ) makes me kind of giddy, if only because I am painfully aware of how incredibly difficult it can be. Or maybe it's just Ais. *grin* It's no secret, I hope, that I love this girl to death. Her stories are truly astounding, and I think the only reason I haven't archived her is that many of her fics are so dark (angst, I can do. Dark... that's another matter entirely... ) But I'm rambling now. Gomen. This girl does that to me. So there I was, bored out of my gourd, as it were, and I saw on the lists that the winners to Ashura san's Bob Dylan song fic contest were out. See? I was starting something when I mentioned contests. A lot of the entries I won't even bother reading, not being into gw het at all, and others I hadn't really found that awe-inspiring, but when I noticed the 2nd place winner was Ais, well, let's just say this is where the 'giddy' part starts. I know that if you ask Ais herself, she'll tell you that she wasn't happy with this fic. In 'Ais language', that just boils down to it being fabulous, cuz it's an Ais-ism that the fics she thinks are her worst, I seem to find her best. So it makes sense that if she considers this fic "not worth the paper it was written on", I would love it so much that I crushed the poor dear with e-mailed glomps the exact moment after I'd finished it. This fic is so brilliant, and I'm quoting myself here (try it -- it's fun!!) "that I was moved to those emotional not-tears -- you know, when you feel like you should be crying except for the fact that you (or, rather, I) hate crying so much that you refuse to do it unless you're utterly miserable". What Ais can do with words is no less than magic as she weaves the tale of two gundam pilots, both afraid of what is growing between them -- one because he has known love and lost it, the other because he has never known love at all... *continues to look at Ais with shining eyes*
warnings: yaoi ~ 2x1, 1x2 ~ angst ~ sap ~ song fic ~ a deep Duo ~ a confused Heero ~ did I mention sap? of the tear-jerking kind? ^_~
[ added 15 feb 02 ]

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