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Play the Joker by trowacko (archived here ^_^ , due to the demise of GWNation... )
Duo and Heero... I can so very easily see them falling in love -- the little Disney bluebirds twittering 'round their heads, the trusting fawns nibbling tender shoots of grass in the shadow of their entwined fingers... *sigh* Lets face it -- these boys, soldiers or not, simply scream 'romance'. Yet, in the end, they are soldiers and life isn't as sweet and lovely as it could, or should, be. Sometimes the most touching moments between the two are those in which there are no expressions of love, where emotions are obscured; where giving and taking become misunderstood expressions of need, and desire cannot be explained with words. In the game of solitaire, the choices and decisions one makes are solely one's own. The rules are straightforward; there is no no margin for error. It is a simple game, though one so very often has no hope of winning. But, in the end, can rules truly govern a game of chance?
warnings: 2x1 ~ yaoi ~ lemon (1x2) ~ angst ~ incredible imagery --
> who knew a deck of cards had so much potential?
[ added 20 jan 03 ]

Private Lessons by Amaranthe @ Moments of Rapture
*ahem* *cough* and, of course, *pant* ^_^ A 1x2 PWP, but mein gött... Something about this one really gets me going. I think it's due to the fact that it has most, if not all, of the elements I find most alluring in a lemon -- cross-dressing, a bit of S/M, rimming, mirrors... What can I say? I never said I wasn't a hentai. ^_~
warnings: yaoi ~ lemon ~ PWP ~ cross-dressing ~ bit of S/M ~ OOC on Heero's part -- very good thing, this *pant again*

The Prize by Wiggle @ the BishiPile Gundam Wing yaoi ML archive
This is for the hentai in me.
*feral grin* I'm stating up front that those of you who aren't into disparate ages will literally shudder at this one. It's an AU 6x13, where Zechs is 12 and Treize is 17. Stop squirming so much. It's just a story, for chrissakes. ^_^ One of my fav 6x13's, to be precise. It's really just a PWP (although there's nothing "just" about it), so there's no need to tell you about the plot it doesn't have. *grin*
warnings: yaoi ~ lemon ~ underage seme ~ loving PWP ~ sap --
> does anyone really talk like this? and, if so, how do they keep from laughing?

The Refined Touch by Blue Lightning (18 parts + epilogue) @ Atsui
[ note: best au runner-up in oishii 2003 ]
At its shallowest, one could call this fic a fusion of the GW world and the Dune universe. One could even possibly leave it at that, although that would be a crime. And I suppose I also could have rec-ed it before it was completed, as I have so many other fics. It's a kind of wonder, I suppose, that permitted me to wait, to give in to not knowing what the hell was going to happen even as it unfolded before my eyes, to allow myself to become so immersed in Blue Lightning's world that I read through it almost as if it were far future history and not fiction at all... When a man in power suddenly loses the very thing that, unbeknownst to him, made him great, what will he do, what will he become, to get it back? The answer to these questions is not simply the story of love, or of war, or even of hatred or honour. It's an exposition on what it is to be a good man, and what it is to be an extraordinary one. Sometimes to be saved is not enough. Sometimes it is merely the beginning...
warnings: 1x2 ~ yaoi ~ lime / implied lemons ~ nasty Relena ~ NCS ~ major angst ~ AU --
> fusion with Dune ~ philosophical-ness ~ hope in the face of hopelessness
[ added 19 jul 02 ]

Regret by Niko (7 parts) [ 2K winner 'Best Romance' in the Nanashi contest ] and its sequel, Chances (7 parts + epilogue) @ Atsui
Why oh why do I do this to myself? *sob* I should really know better. Death fics and I just don't get along. I avoid them like the plague. We all know I weep like a baby even in a fic where everyone lives. Having someone die, especially Duo, basically guarantees that I'd be crying my little eyes out. *sniffle* But the fact of the matter is that it wasn't because Duo dies in this fic that I cried, as sad as that might be. I cried for all the misspent time, the time that could have been spent loving but was wasted in fear and avoidance and loneliness. Heero can be such a clueless boob, ne? And yet my tears are for him as much as for Duo. To realize only in the end that you love someone and to watch them be snatched away from you before you'd even begun... My god. Could you imagine anything more desperately sad?
warnings: yaoi ~ 1+2+1 ~ angst ~ death fic *sob* *twice* ~ sap, in that 'the person I love is dying just after we found each other' way...
[ added 04 jan 02 ]

Righteous by trowacko @ ...here (heh... it was an off-site fic when I wrote the rec... ^_^;; )
Have I rec-ed a ficlet yet? I think not. As much as I enjoy them, it's just never come up before. *clueless shrug* But there has to be a first time for everything, and what better place to start than this. Ever wonder just what the frigging hell Wufei was thinking to join Mariemaia? It's not like pondering this question has kept me up nights ( ^_~ ), but my answer would have to be a resounding 'hell, yes!!'. Wufei. Fighting for the bad guys. There are plenty of moments to infer from during EW, namely all that 'a place for the warrior in a time of peace paved by blood' rhetoric, but still... what gives? I don't think I've ever read a fic that has satisfactorily explained, to my eye, why he seemingly turned his back on everything he had been fighting for, been living for, only to lend aid to a tyrant who possessed all of Treize's more megalomaniacal qualities and none of his finer ones, yet in 7 short paragraphs trowacko has done just that.
warnings: none, really, 'cept some Wu disillusionment and political Relena bashing-ness
[ added 16 jul 03 ]

the Road Trip arc by Sunhawk (ongoing -- this one is archived here, now...)
[ note: winner of best arc in the 2002 **a little piece of gundam wing** fanfic contest ]
Another Suzume find (what I would do without her, I really don't know ^_^ ), this 1x2 fic is so smooth and flowing that you almost forget it's fiction at all. It all seems so real and lifelike that everything the pilots experience, you can feel right down to the very tips of your toes. Seeing as how I'm me, it will not surprise you when I say that this is, yet again, a series chock full of Duo angst. *sob* Though not as gut-wrenching as some other fics on this list, Duo's problems in this fic are as difficult to overcome as ever. Luckily, Heero is the most loving I have ever seen him in a fic that wasn't all sap. He's absolute perfection, I swear. *weepy sigh* Add to that the fact that this is the first fic I've read where all of the pilots are well-rounded sympathetic and sympathizing characters, and you've got a fic that's so worth reading that I'm not even sure why you're still at my site... ^_^ (written, of course, before the arc was at my site *laugh*)
warnings: yaoi ~ lemon (eventually...) *sob* ~ AU-ish ~ many graphic references to past NCS ~ Duo torture, Duo angst, Duo in lots of pain, Duo depressed... you get the idea ^_^
[ added 26 nov 01 ]

Room Service by Jenn @ the DHML Archive
This is me. Giving in to my penchant for kinky lemons. Again. *laugh* There's a reason behind all this, though. Lemons in general can get... Well, as someone I know once said, there's only so many things that can be licked, sucked, and stroked before you tend to get a little... bored. Been there, done that. *ahem* *twice* That, my friends, is what makes kink such a very good thing. And I'm not talking whips or chains or kitten ears, here. You'd be surprised what a well placed mirror, a touch of masturbation, and a little voyeurism can do...
warnings: 2x1 ~ yaoi ~ soulful lemon ~ PWP ~ a bit o' kink *growl*
[ added 20 may 02 ]

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