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A Venetian Fantasy by Illuferret (6 parts) @ Fanfiction by Illuferret
There is nothing quite like a good Oz fic. So many authors, myself included, steer clear of the Ozzies for the simple reason that they are so very complex. How to capture Zechs, who is at least three people in one? How to portray Trieze who is a monster and an angel (of the biblical, not the valentine kind), both at once? Even their very sophistication could drive those who might attempt the great feat of writing them to despair. It is, then, a precious few writers who take up the ponderous task of delving ever deeper into these two avowedly great men. Illuferret is, undoubtedly, one of the better ones. In her capable hands, Trieze and Zechs are the height of aristocracy, the embodiment of honour, the very picture of war. These are men who could own the world... and yet cannot hold on to love.
warnings: 13x6, 6x13 ~ yaoi ~ lime / implied lemon ~ TWT ~ Oz angst --
> there's no other kind quite like it...
[ added 3 mar 03 ]

Walk This World (4 parts) and its sequel, Komm Zu Mir (in progress) By Sephy @ Fallen Icons
Hands up any of you who haven't gone through a vampire stage. Considering that we all live in the era of Anne Rice, I have a feeling that if by some miracle of Romper Room technology I could look through the monitor and count hands there'd be fairly few of them waving back at me. [ blanket statement, I know. go with me here, people... ] This is not to say that I ever dressed up in black, red or some freaky horror in white and put on little tiny fangs that jabbed my lips and made me talk with a lisp. But it does mean that I've read my fair share of vampire stories, and that, further, I've written my fair share. Nowadays, however, I'm pretty much over the whole vampire mystique. Been there, done that. [ gods... I feel so jaded... ] It was inevitable, though, that vampires be introduced into the gw cosmos. Heero is, more often than not, the vamp, Duo his seductively tempting blood-suckee... I have not been impressed. Until now. [ c'mon.... you knew I was gonna say that... ^_~ ] I suppose what makes the difference is depth. It is a new definition of silence, a raw interpretation of hunger. It is need in its purest and most untainted form in lives where need is a pariah among all possible desires. It is blood and pain and all those things with which vampires should be enshrouded, and yet are so often tempered out of them. The sway of the vampire is in his ability to blind you with his cold, untouchable beauty even as he steals your life away. It is a gift and a curse that we cannot, and should not, be allowed to forget...
warnings: 1x2x1, Hx3, 13x6, ref. to past Hx1 ~ yaoi, het-ness ~ lemon (and, damn, but this girl can write a lemon... ) ~ AU ~ blood, pain, vampires (in case you missed all that before... ^_~ ) ~ ref. to past attempted suicide ~ AU OOC-ness ~ evil Hilde
[ added 26 aug 02 ]

Weaving a Tale and its sequels, Selling the Story and Book Binding, by triedunture @ Lev's Lair
Humour and war really shouldn't go together. People fighting for their lives, not to mention the lives of those near and dear to them... or, hell, just perfect strangers floating around in space in souped up sheet metal, simply don't have time for that sort of thing. But there's alot of things that people can be talked into. Being made to beleive that war is bad and causes pain of both the physical and mental kind, is a simple example. However, *ahem* gw fans and their *ahem again* imaginations open the field quite a bit more than that. Suddenly, it's perfectly logical, and at times seemingly unavoidable, that the pilots' relationships be carnal rather than merely fraternal. And if we can jump to that conclusion, why not jump to a further conclusion beyond that which says that they have fun doing it? Which is exactly what triedunture (and you have no idea how much I'm holding back by not making that 'ture' into 'true'...) has done with these two fics. Say you're a megalomaniacal and charismatic world leader with a second in command who's so gorgeous he literally does make your head spin -- what better way to pass your time, or indeed win the war, than to speculate on the relationships between your worst enemies? Heck, it's what I would do. ^_~ And then, just to continue on this line of thought seeing as triedunture certainly did, let's say you're one of those aforementioned 'worst enemies' and a closet romantic (or is that hentai? *grin*) to boot -- what better way to rescue a comrade-in-arms than by playing with those self same speculations with a few entirely non-rescuing ends in mind? Why, and you must have seen this coming, there's nothing better!!
warnings: weaving --
> 13x6, conjectured 1x2x1 ~ implied citrus ~ humour ~ OOC *snort*
selling --
> 13x6, 1x2x1, 4x4, implied 3x4 ~ yaoi ~ humour ~ voyeurism ~ masturbation ~ lime ~ OOC *guffaw* ~ TWT
binding --> 1x2x1, 3x4, implied 13x6x5 ~ yaoi ~ off-screen lemons ~ humour ~ OOC ~ TWT ~ and, last but not least, PWP *grin*
[ added 10 feb 03 ]

When Stars Collide by tkmaxwell777 @ gwa
Song fics. If ever there was a double edged sword... *dacia shakes her head and sighs* On the one hand, songs lend themselves so very easily to setting one into a writing frenzy. Heck, take a look at my plot bunnies -- all but one of them is based on a song. The only thing that saves me (heh...) is that I prefer the songs to be used merely as inspiration. Putting the words of a song into a fic... now that can be tricky. Many times the fic ends up revolving around the song, a situation which doesn't sound like such a bad idea but ends up making the fic just a touch too... contrived. The way I got around this all but inevitable fate (for all of the grand total of 2 song fics I have penned >_<) was to write the fic first, having the song in mind but not in front of me, and then intersperse the lyrics throughout after all is said and done. Hey *shrug* it worked for me. And something sure as hell is working for tk. In evidence, may I present 'When Stars Collide' which is, without a doubt, one of my top 5 favourite song fics of all time in any fandom. You know how I said a fic shouldn't revolve around a song? Well, here, the song revolves around the fic. It intertwines with it, it underlines it, it intensifies it, and all without one ungraceful movement. As many times as I've read this fic, each time at first thinking that this has all been said and done before, I never fail to have a silly grin on my face by the time I'm through. Ooh, baby... the perfect soldier has never been vanquished so sweetly...
warnings: 1+2 ~ shounen ai ~ shameless sap ~ post EW ~ song fic (duh ^_~) ~ Heero POV
[ added 13 jan 03 ]

When The Bough Breaks by Ebonydove (6 parts) @ Aenai~Ai
You want to know what I really love about gw fanfiction? *dacia thinks on this a bit* I suppose if you are really insightful, and have had enough time on your hands both to read everything I've rec-ed and archived and then mold all you've gleaned from that into a psychological abstract, that you might have figured it out yourself by this point. Somehow, I kind of doubt that any of you have done that. *laugh* So to make it easier on us both, I'll just straight out tell you -- what I love about gw fanfiction is the interpersonal relationships. I don't mean only the yaoi kind, although *ahem* I certainly am drawn to those, now aren't I... ^_~ I mean the depth of... connection between the pilots, the ties that bind them so strongly to one another, that allow them to care for, respect, and protect people who have become more dear to them than family. Passionate love is a volatile thing. It makes the world go round, it starts wars and it ends them. But there is a place, too, for deep, unabiding affection and, sometimes, passionate love pales in comparison. When life is literally hanging in the balance, it can be all that keeps us going...
warnings: light 1+2+1, 2+5+2, and 1+2+5, ref. to past 5+M ~ sweet and subtle shounen ai-ness ~ blood and pain and trees (don't look at me like that... it makes sense, I swear...) ~ TWT ~ angst ~ brotherly sap
[ added 19 aug 02 ]

Wildflower by Becca Abbott (21 chapters) @ The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbot
At first I really didn't want to read this fic cuz of the whole angst thing, but it was so damned good that I couldn't help but be drawn in. The story revolves around Duo, who is on the run and presumed guilty of brutally murdering Relena, and Heero, who comes across Duo when involved in undercover operations. I don't want to say too much more, since it'd just be awful of me to give it all away so lightly ^_^, but I will say that after a long, painful while, it ends a solid, sappy 1x2. I swear, if it hadn't I'd have expired from the misery of it and never forgiven Becca. *grin*
[ note: there are now three sequels to this fic that are just as 'damned good' but not nearly so incredibly, horrifically, painfully angst filled. Cool, ne? ^___^
Wildflower 2: White Rose (17 chapters + epilogue)
Wildflower 3: Promises (17 chapters)
Wildflower 4: Reflections (43 chapters)
warnings: icky OMCx2-ness, 1x2 ~ yaoi ~ lemons ~ NCS *shiver* ~ aliens ~ lots o' Duo angst ~ lots o' Duo torture ~ still more Duo torture ~ followed by, yes, you guessed it, a touch more Duo angst ( ^_~ ) ~ a soupçon of sap, to top it off...
warnings for the sequels: yaoi ~ 1x2x1, 6xOMC, 5x13 (in a way, in Wf 4) ~ lemons ~ ref. to past NCS, & attempted NCS ~ action galore ~ clones ~ Heero torture, for a change *grin* ~ true love *sigh*

The Wilmington Stories by various (found under Kuwabara no Miko's GW fanfics -- incomplete, but worth it regardless) @ GWA
Mmmm... *purrr* I think I'm in love... The last time this happened was with Lonewolf san's 'A Good Catholic Boy'. *thinks a bit* Hmmm... AGCB... schoolboys and kinky sex. The Wilmington Stories... schoolboys and, yes, kinky sex. I think I sense a trend here. You know, with each lemon I rec, I show more and more of my hentai side. *feral grin* Oh, but it feels soooo good... ^_~ And when I rec this series, I'm not just adoring one of my favourite authors, but several of them. The only problem is that none of them are involved in GW fandom any longer. >_< The main pairing here is 13x5, but who could resist the Arislan x Zechs?
warnings: lotsa pairings ~ yaoi ~
BDSM ~ schoolboy lemons *growl* ~ Zechs going a bit crazy with the paddle...
[ added 18 dec 01 ]

Words From the Heart by Yuri (7 chapters) @ Scromping and Other Adventures
*bawl* Why is it that my all-time favourite fics are angst? Hell, I can't even re-read them most of the time, seeing as how I do so hate to cry. And yet, to tell the truth, the fics that have made the biggest impressions on me have been the ones that did make me cry. *chibi dacia pops up, with a glaring and indented 'angst' on her forehead* This fic is one that touched me rather deeply when I first read it. I was amazed and astounded to find a 1x4 that I really and truly believed in. One of the reasons Sharon is so adamantly against alternate pairing fics is that, in so many instances, Heero or Duo end up with someone else because Something Very Bad Happens. We all know *ahem* that I am adamantly for alternate pairings, yet I do have to agree with her at times, and those kind of fics, wherein Something Very Bad Happens, I studiously avoid. But this fic... It starts off with Duo dead. From the very first paragraph, you are hit with the idea of Duo being dead. Maybe this is the reason I continued to read it -- I could not avoid the fact that Something Very Bad had Happened, there was no build up to it, so why not see where it was heading? Or maybe it was the fact that Duo's letter to Quatre brought tears to my eyes, not because it was sad, but because it was so Duo, and he wasn't there any more. [ do I get caught up in a fic, or do I get caught up in a fic... heh... ] Or perhaps it was because Heero was so in love with Duo, and Quatre, in his own way, was so in love with Duo and DUO WASN'T THERE ANYMORE. In the course of this fic, dealing with this all but overwhelming loss brings the two pilots closer together until they are both able to live again. Duo's gift to both of them was to want them to be able to be happy without him, to want them to be there for each other when he could not. He gave them... each other and, in doing so, gave them both the will to go on in his absence and the strength to love one another truly and deeply while still loving, and remembering, him.
warnings: 1x2x1, heavy 2+4+2; ref. to past 4x3 and present 3x5x3; eventual 1x4x1; and a few others, but I don't wanna give it away... ~ yaoi ~ lemon ~ AU-ness, with gundams ~ angst or, as the notes to the fic state so eloquently, "ANGST, ANGST, ANGST" heh... ~ grieving ~ eventual OOC ~ happy ending (>_< --
> funny face made not cuz it's happy, but cuz of the type of happiness)
[ note: the ending of this fic is why I didn't rec it right off. I just thought it was waaay too trite. even now, I kind of grimace. for me, this fic is best if seen ending with chapter 4 (before the 'March 3' entry). the rest of it is all well and good, and many of you might be thrilled with it, but to me it somehow belittled the rest of the fic. ]
[ added 07 apr 03 ]

Young Hearts by Keara (ongoing) @ ff.net
If there are two words that make me steer well clear of a fic, they're 'chibis' and 'children'. *shiver* I like my gw boys grown and able to perform carnal acts with one another, thank you very much. *grin* And if I wanted kids to be in the mix, I'd be reading het fics. It shouldn't really come as a shock to those of you who know me that I don't particularly like children. *squirm* I may be sweeter than bee pollen, but there's not a mothering bone in my body. All of which makes it very surprising that I've come to really, really, really like Keara san's 'Young Hearts'. *shrug* It's the premise of this fic which makes up for all the youngsters flooding past my safety valves. The idea of cloning the gw crew isn't a new one. Heck, every time a new part of Lone Wolf's Rejects Arc comes out, I feel a need (which, oddly enough, I never follow through with...) to rec him. But all of those clones, which are only of Heero and Duo, are of an age -- like having a twin (or several) that you never knew about. What Keara has done is to make her clones children, but not just any old children -- children who are exactly like what the gw crew would have been at that young age, complete with all the fear and anger, mistrust and bitterness -- things which they never should have had to feel and which they now have a 'second chance' of escaping with the tenuous help of their older counterparts...
warnings: 1+2, 3+4, 5+R ~ shounen ai ~ angst-ness ~ AU-ish, since, you know, nothing like this ever happened *grin* ~ post EW ~ poor little terrified gw kiddies...
[ note: a friendly warning --
> this is a rather slow moving fic. mind you, who says 'slow moving' is a bad thing? ]
[ added 15 mar 02 ]

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