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the administration [ original ]

Set in an alternate future dystopia, Manna has created a universe of intrigue, scientific marvels, government control, and officially sanctioned torture. Val Toreth and Keir Warrick are two individuals, thrown together by chance in this ofttimes dark world, and kept together by lust... and just maybe something more.
[ click here for more info ]
aphrodisiac [ original ]

The most beautiful and explicit original yaoi artwork on the net. Guaranteed. Lara Yokoshima's characters are set in their own original world, complete with original fiction, but it is her immense artistic talents that make this site a wonder to behold.
Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault [ gundam wing ]

Ahhhh... *satisfied sigh* If ever I need a pick me up, this is where I go. Sure, there's angst here, too, but her sap and her action are to die for...
[ bakuretsu hunter, final fantasy (6-10), harry potter, phantom menace, samurai trooper, vagrant story, weiß kreuz, xenogears, yuu yuu hakusho, etc. ]

Home to tenshi and llamajoy -- extraordinary writers of anime/game fanfiction.
bleeding hearts [ weiss kreuz ]

You really can't lose when you mix Aoe and Shoori with Weiss Kreuz....
boys next door [ ai no kusabi, angel sanctuary, ayashi no ceres, bronze / zetsu ai, boku no sexual harassment, cowboy bebop, escaflowne, evangelion, fake, final fantasy, fish in the trap, fushigi yuugi, gundam wing, kizuna, revolutionary girl utena, rurouni kenshin, saiyuuki, tokyo babylon, trigun, weiß Kreuz, xenogears, yuu yuu hakusho ]

Whew! Try saying all that 5 times fast. *laugh* But seriously folks, this site is one I hit so often it's not even funny, not to mention it's home to the Boys Next Door Smut Contest. *growl*
bunny doll
[ flame of recca, initial-d, ruroni kenshin, saiyuuki, weiss kreuz, etc. ]

ome to one of my fav yaoi writers of all time -- Kuwabara no Miko (aka KnM) -- as well as a comfy set of incredibly talented hosted authors.
death and the dragon [ gundam wing ]

Mel and Christy
's archive, named after their outstanding 5x2 arc, is home to not only their own fiction but many other gifted writers.
Deb's Dragon Gundam Wing Diaries
[ gundam wing ]

destiny interrupted [ cowboy bebop, final fantasy (6-10), gundam wing, nightwalker, outlaw star, sorceror hunters, spriggan, weiss kreuz, etc. ]

Home to Pond's glorious fan art and fiction...
ephebian paradise [ original ]

A fantastical world of sorcery, royalty, and warriors, overflowing with beautiful men, angst, and true love. Reyna's works of fiction are an addictive joy.
gwa [ gundam wing ]

Duh... ^_~
illuferret's fanfiction
[ gundam wing ]

Some of the best Oz fiction out there by, oddly enough ( ^_~ ), one of my very favourite Oz writers...
lemon heaven [ ai no kusabi, arslan, bronze, escaflowne, evangelion, fake, fushigi yuugi, gundam wing, here is greenwood, kizuna, renegades, sailormoon, titan AE, weiss kreuz + original ]

The home of Roo, whom I am enamoured of for both her gw and non-gw work.
love is a battlefield [ gundam wing ]

Aoe and Shoori's gw site, with droolworthy amounts of 1x2x1, but dedicated to the 2x3/3x2 pairing. Although just about everything here is hosted on my site, I couldn't help but include it here in homage. *smile*
moments of rapture
[ gundam wing ]

Sharon's shrine to 1x2/2x1, including literally everything you'll ever need to get you through your Duo/Heero cravings.
Moon of Moons
[ gravitation, gundam wing, etc. ]

Artemis is not the most prolific author, but she more than makes up for it in that everything she writes is just, let's face it, damn good. And she's damn sweet, as well. ^_~
nocturne [ weiss kreuz ]

My wk site of choice, run by Lady Gackt.
the side scroll life [ gundam wing ]

*chuckle* *snort* *guffaw* Ah, you've gotta see it... Created and run by Ileana Aponte, if the mini-comics on this site don't have you in stitches... what the hell is wrong with you? ^_~
te land [ dc (comics), lost boys, etc. ]

Came for the Lost Boys fic, fell in love with, and stayed for, damn near everything. Te's writing is so gloriously raw, you have to, every now and then, avert your eyes...
Trixie's Anime and Other Fic Page [ earthian, fake, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gravitiation, gundam wing, weiss kreuz, etc. ]

Known to us all through the wonder of Rattlesnakes, trixie is the Queen of the (angst-y) ficlet. *bows low in reverence and awe*
WufeiDuo.net [ gundam wing ]

... cuz I need 2x5x2 in order to breathe. *cough*
your wings are mine
[ original ]

Aoi Hayashi
's on-line original manga -- the single best on-line manga I have found. Her gorgeous artwork and angsty shounen ai will have you squirming for more.

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