An Island Unto Themselves (cont)

"Can you stand?" Treize ask softly.

Wufei obeyed, but he floundered and gripped onto Treize's shoulder for support. The muscle beneath his hand rippled with strength, which made Wufei swallow hard. He just couldn't keep his mind focused. He had been upset about something a moment ago... what had bothered him? Treize knelt before him and slid his pants and underwear off with one single stroke, his hands caressing Wufei's legs all the way down. Wufei trembled a little as he stepped out of his garments. He leaned back against the counter and tried to breathe.

Treize untucked his own shirt and slowly pulled it over his head, revealing his golden expanse of twelve perfectly chiseled abdomen muscles. Wufei starred at them in the flickering candlelight. He really wanted to touch them. Treize flicked his thumb across the top button of his pants and slowly unzipped the front. He pushed his pants and silk boxers down to the floor and kicked them over into a neat pile under the counter. Suddenly he scooped Wufei up and carried him into the massive tub. Wufei let out a hiss and then a moan as hot water surrounded his bruised body, instantly turning what little brains he had left to mush.

Treize rested his back against the marble tub and then pulled Wufei towards him. Wufei rested his head on Treize's chest and let himself be encircled by those strong arms. His brain just shut down as Treize began to ladle hot, scented water over his chest and arms.

"Mmmmm." Wufei groaned. Treize let Wufei rest there for a bit, gently stroking strands of hair back from the boy's beautifully sculpted face. He let himself touch the back of his hand to the boy's cheek. Wufei felt the stirrings of Treize's erection against his back; his eyes popped open and he sat up a little. Treize immediately covered the awkwardness of the situation by grabbing a sponge, lacing it with sweet smelling gel and then rubbing it softly against Wufei's back.

Wufei began to relax again. The harder Treize scrubbed, the more responsive he became. Soon the General dropped the sponge and began massaging Wufei's sore muscles. His expert hands worked the tension out of the shoulders, then moved to delicately trace along his ribs, and then a little further down, kneading the muscles in his lower back. Wufei puffed out his breath. Treize scooped up a handful of warm water and poured it onto Wufei's back. He did that three times, making sure he got all the soap up, then tenderly caressed the soft young skin. Wufei shivered.

"I'm sorry. You got cold," he whispered in the boy's ear.

Treize pulled him back down into the steaming water, this time his hands tracing the sponge across his chest. Up and down, in slow rhythmic strokes, the general covered his Gundam pilot's chest with suds. Wufei moaned again. Treize smiled. He felt glad the boy enjoyed this. He let the sponge scrape lightly across a nipple, instantly turning it into a hard pebble of pink flesh. Wufei jumped at the contact. Treize brought his other hand up to press Wufei's head against his chest, stroking back his hair, and tucking it behind his earlobe again and again. Wufei sighed.

Wufei didn't realize he made any noise. Concentrating on remaining still, he warred with himself, desperately wanting to rub against the hard, huge, protective body that made him feel so good. But he had his pride. He kept trying to remember why he didn't want this... why he had been angry... but it just wouldn't come. Treize's warm onslaught held all thoughts at bay. Soon he began to lean against Treize, pressing back against the sculpted chest, his breath coming a little faster.

Treize looked hard at Wufei. The pilot didn't seem to be aware of his actions. He didn't want to take advantage of the boy, especially if he had a head injury that affected his decisions. Besides, Treize had been used to having a very willing partner; one he felt sure appreciated the ride.

"Wufei," he said quietly, as he pressed closed lips on the warm forehead resting against his neck.


"Wufei," He said again, slowly, attempting to draw the boy back into reality.

"Yes, Treize?" Wufei all but purred as he turned very carefully on his side and nuzzled his nose against the General's neck.

Treize drew a deep breath. He could see Wufei's arousal in the candlelight. He could feel the soft thudding of the boy's heartbeat against his chest. The General looked down into dreamy, half-lidded eyes and cupped the boy's chin in his hand.

Wufei's head lifted lightly as Treize's gentle fingers curled about his chin. The next thing he knew, Wufei felt warm, soft lips capturing his own, making him hold his breath. It had been a chaste, sweet kiss. He liked the feel of the flesh across his lips; he wanted more. He whimpered slightly. Treize slid his tongue across Wufei's lower lip, running it back and forth slowly, erotically. Wufei had never been kissed before; he felt unsure as of what to do. He parted his lips, and gasped as Treize's tongue entered his mouth in a hungry attempt to map every inch of him. His shoulders melted against Treize as he felt the warm tongue scrape against the roof of his mouth, then across his teeth and finally on top of his own eager tongue. Wufei sucked gently on Treize's tongue, moaning sweetly into Treize's mouth.

The sound made Treize positively hard. Treize broke the kiss and looked down at his gasping dragon. Wufei looked up at him, shivering, but his eyes told Treize that he had been fully awake and aware of what went on. The two soldiers just looked at each other for a while. Treize found himself drowning in deep brown pools of iris. God, he wanted him. He bit his lip.

Wufei frowned when he saw Treize bite his lip. Did he not want him? Did he do something wrong? Why was Treize stopping? Wufei didn't like the idea of the skin on those soft warm lips being broken on sharp teeth, so he inched forward and, placing one hand on Treize's chest and lifting the other to cup his cheek, Wufei kissed Treize very lightly on the mouth.

"Mmmmm. Wufei..." Treize breathed in his ear, as he gently crushed the small boy to him. Treize began sucking on Wufei's earlobe with determination. He would make this little dragon scream with pleasure before the night was through.

Wufei tilted his head to give his lover better access. He gasped as Treize's breath tickled the moist cavern of his ear. Wufei pulled back and dropped his head on Treize's chest. Treize relinquished his prize, only to move on to another one. He lifted Wufei's hand back to his cheek, then kissed the back of his palm, gently nipping the soft flesh there. Wufei nuzzled him again. Treize turned Wufei's hand over and bit tenderly at the slender wrist then clasped his fingers around Wufei's thumb. He drew it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it suggestively, and looked meaningful into Wufei's eyes. Wufei became all pupils.

Wufei stared at the incredibly erotic image of Treize taking each of his fingers into his mouth and sucking on them, moving them in and out of his mouth slowly, his tongue playing with the pads.

"Treize," Wufei's husky voice called.

Treize pulled Wufei's middle finger slowly out of his mouth, making sure the boy felt every last centimeter slide away from his hot cavern, and then he pressed his lips to Wufei's forehead with tender affection. "Yes, dragon?"

Wufei started to speak when Treize seized his mouth in a brutal kiss, claiming the lips, forcing them open, invading Wufei with his tongue in a rough, possessive manner. Then, just as quickly as he began, Treize gently sucked on Wufei's tongue, licking at the corners of his mouth, pressing his gentle, closed lips on top of the boy's full and swollen mouth. Wufei shuddered. There would be just no escaping Treize now. He surrendered happily.

Treize began running his hand up and down Wufei's body, first stroking his back, then dipping into the small of his lower spine. His hand wound its way around Wufei's leg, and cupped his stiff sex. Wufei groaned and thrust his hips up to meet Treize's hand. Treize moved slightly, so that they were side by side, their heads supported by the back wall of the tub. Treize began to kiss Wufei again, this time suckling his neck, finding all the sensitive target spots with stunning expertise. He ran is tongue into the hollow at the base of the boy's throat. Wufei's head rolled back and he rocked his hips forward into Treize's hand again, asking. Treize cupped Wufei's penis in one hand and began to move slowly up and down, with feather light touches. Wufei's breathing stopped. Then he began to pant. If this would be OZ's torture, he wanted more.

He heard the boy whimper. His grip tightened only a little. Wufei's hand clung to his wrist, following his every movement. Suddenly the boy pushed him away. Treize opened his eyes to see what had gone wrong, when he found the boy gripping his shoulders, trying to move under him, but failing, having almost no strength. Treize obliged his little one, shifting so that his face hovered over Wufei and his right arm cradled him. This had been the same position he had held the boy in to feed him, only a day before. He gasped when he felt heat upon his left nipple. Wufei lapped at Treize's nub, then bit it gently. He suckled Treize with abandon, feverish, starving for the hard, brown morsel. Treize gasped sharply and stuck his chest out towards the boy. Again, he feed him. It felt so good. So good to hold this boy, now trusting and unguarded, against his body. To feel him nurse at his chest sent electric shocks of pleasure straight into Treize's groin. He moaned low in his throat.

Wufei abandoned the left nipple for the right, this time taking as much of Treize's pectoral as he could in his mouth. Treize's back arched, and Wufei sucked harder, bruising. Then he stopped. Treize looked down at him, and Wufei gave him a slow, seductive smile. He reached up and drew the man down on top of him, luxuriating in the weight pressed upon him. Then he winced. His ribs!

Treize quickly repositioned himself and began to kiss his dragon all over... his face, his eyelids, his neck, the crux of his shoulder and chest, his little strawberry nipples. Wufei ran his fingers through Treize's hair, and whispered his name over and over. I'll make it your new mantra, Treize swore to himself, as he began to caress Wufei's sex again. Wufei jerked up and a strangled, painful cry filled the room.

Treize looked down with concerned eyes. "Are you all right, my dragon?"

"It's just... this position hurts," Wufei said tiredly.

Treize snaked his arms around Wufei's back and lifted gently, torquing them around so that Wufei sat atop the officer, his ribcage free of all oppressive weight. Wufei sighed in gratitude, and then descended to capture Treize in another kiss. Wufei licked at the sides of Treize's mouth like a hungry kit. He actually purred, and licked lower. He dipped his mouth into the water, drinking in a small mouthful and then opened his lips slightly above Treize's chest, letting the water pour over the muscles there as his lips traced patterns across Treize's flesh. Treize's rapid breath told Wufei he enjoyed this, so he took another mouthful and poured it over his shoulder and neck, licking his tongue across the vein that throbbed there. Wufei took a third warm mouthful of the scented water and let it gush over Treize's chin, then licked his tongue across Treize's lower lip, and nipped playfully at the upper lip.

"Dragon!" Treize's voice broke, and he felt his own erection start to throb, begging for release inside the boy. "Wufei... I... I want to be... inside of you." Kushrenada felt suddenly unsure. He didn't want to take the boy if he new it would cause him regret later.

"Good. That's what I want, too," Wufei murmured seductively, as he chewed on Treize's earlobe.

"But, I don't want to hurt you." Treize had meant that on many levels, Wufei knew.

"So don't hurt me," he said, as he stared deep into the General's eyes.

Treize brushed the back of his hand across the boy's face, and Wufei leaned into the caress, suddenly so sad. Treize felt a hot tear fall onto his knuckles. Wufei looked like he might just shatter into a million pieces.


"I... I...I'm tired," a small voice said. "I'm so tired. I don't want to do it anymore..."

Treize's mind spiraled. Did he just force the boy into something here? Didn't he enjoy it? Did Wufei feel like he had to do this because he was a prisoner? Did he think Treize would force him? Treize laid a soothing hand on Wufei's back and stroked up and down as Wufei's head fell forward onto his chest.

"I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to keep going. I failed. I didn't protect my family. I couldn't save her. I lost my Gundam.... I'M SO USELESS!" The boy sobbed.

"Wufei, Wufei, you are so far from useless. You're one of the bravest, most honorable pilots I know..."

Wufei sniffed. He felt drunk. He couldn't control himself. He tried to stop crying and just managed to hick-up more air into his lungs. "You must be crazy, General."

Treize smiled. "Yes, indeed, dragon. Crazy for you. Please, I can't bear for you to cry."

Wufei's eyes shined down at him. Why did this man, his enemy, whisper reassuring words of respect and solace to him? Did he play mind games? Wufei didn't have the strength to doubt or resist anymore. "Please," he said thickly, "please, just.... Hold me.... Touch me. I want to feel you -- "

Treize kissed him passionately, his hands stroking the boy's silky, wet erection and soft round balls. Wufei made fragile little mewling noises. Treize made Wufei sit on his hands and knees. Then he slid down through the water, until his face had been positioned directly under Wufei's manhood. He took Wufei's penis into his mouth and licked at the tip, tasting the precum there. So salty, Treize absently thought. He could barely hear Wufei's gasps against the hum of the water lapping at his neck and ears. Wufei thrust himself deeper into Treize's hot mouth, moaning loudly. Treize sucked harder, tonguing the central vein along the underside of Wufei's length. Feeling it beginning to throb, Treize took his mouth away, and Wufei gave a little cry of protest. Treize slid back up underneath Wufei, then sat up, taking the boy onto his lap.

"Little one," he whispered, "I want to be inside you when you come. Will you let me?"

"Yes... yes please...."

Treize kissed Wufei slowly, threading his fingers through the boy's jet-black hair. He slipped the hair band off, and watched the soft silken mass flow down around Wufei's neck. "Beautiful." He sighed. Treize cupped several handfuls of water, and poured them over Wufei's scalp, watching the water trickle down his shoulders and chest, sending shivers up the boy's spine.

Wufei began kissing him again, almost worshipping him with his tongue. Treize's left hand fumbled for the bath oils on the side of the tub. He found a bottle and flicked it open. Breaking the kiss, he cupped one hand around the boy's high cheekbones. He took his hand away and poured some of the scented oil onto his right palm. Rubbing it around his thumb and forefinger, he warmed it. Then Treize put the bottle down and grabbed Wufei's right hand. He laced his fingers between the boy's, and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "You can say stop if you want," Treize informed him. Wufei merely shook his head.

Treize then lowered his hand between Wufei's legs, and caressed the opening with one finger. Wufei gasped and leaned into the touch. Treize spread the oil generously around Wufei's entrance and between his crack. Then he pressed the tip of his forefinger into Wufei's hole. Wufei tensed. Treize pushed two fingers in and stretched the tight little anus, preparing Wufei for his massive length. Then he withdrew his fingers.

All patience, Treize whispered, "If you try and relax, it will go easier little love."

Wufei nodded again, and forced himself to relax. As Treize slowly pushed his tip in, Wufei shut his eyes and squeezed Treize's hand. Treize stopped. He watched and waited for the crinkle in Wufei's brow to dissipate. When the boy seemed used to the initial invasion, he pushed in a little further, finding the tight ring of muscle. Wufei's shoulders tensed, but he took deep breaths, trying to relax. Treize stroked his back. He would take all night if he had to, but he would not hurt the boy.

Treize began to stroke Wufei's cock, distracting him, as he thrust forward, inching his way in. Wufei cried out and rocked forward, trying to get away from Treize's invasion. Treize held onto Wufei's hip, increasing his pressure on the boy's penis, and pushed through with a grunt, burying himself to the hilt. Wufei screamed. His little one's eyes went wide and he started trembling. He began to whimper.

"Shhh. Shhh, baby. I know. I know. It hurts. Only for now, I promise.... Shhhhh," Treize whispered to him. Then he began to move slowly out of him, and thrust in a little faster, but just as carefully.

Wufei's body jolted as he registered a new sensation. Under the pain of being split on Treize's length, a burning crept up through his thighs and penis, kindling deep inside of him. Treize pulled out and thrust back in and as he did so, he rubbed against Wufei's prostate. The boy gasped and shuddered, as clear, sticky precum flew from his dick onto Treize's chest. Treize smiled. Finally found it.

Treize lifted Wufei's hips slightly and began to thrust into him, hitting that tiny little nub deep inside him every time. Wufei's silence broke like glass. The boy moaned, snapping his hips back onto Treize's cock. His flesh became covered in goose bumps. He gripped the side of the tub with his free hand and ground his own erection into Treize's hand, gasping as Treize increased his pace slightly. Wufei opened his eyes and gave Treize the most passionate, hungry look.

Treize returned it. He gyrated his hips in slow circles, his thick shaft straining against all the inner walls of Wufei's ass. "Dragon... Do you like it? What I'm doing to you?"

"Oh yes! Mmmm. Don't stop!" Wufei answered him.

"Ohhhhh." Treize moaned as he increased his pace. Wufei felt so tight! So warm! He could barely keep from coming all over the place. He placed both hands on Wufei's hips now and guided him down to meet his every thrust.

"Oh Gods...Hmmmm.... Ahh! So good! Treize!" Wufei wrapped his arms around Treize and pulled him close.

Treize looked up at the beautiful dark boy in his lap, and began to kiss and suck at his nipples, his hand moving faster along the boy's hardness. When Wufei raked his nails down Treize's back, the general cried out and began to thrust into him with total abandon. Wufei gripped his shoulders and slammed his hips down to meet Treize. He panted a pained, "Yes!" into Treize's ear.

Treize's eyes glazed over. Only too happy to oblige. He fucked Wufei in earnest now, pushing himself in and out of that tight abyss over and over again, drowning in the boy's gasps for more, jabbing his cock deep into the virgin ass. He would come soon. He kissed Wufei hard, his hand working the little dragon's flesh in an almost violent rhythm now.

Wufei arched his back as he cried, coming quickly all over Treize's hand, his belly, his chest, even his neck. His anal muscles contracted sharply, pinching Treize's cock exquisitely, making Treize scream his name. With one more impossibly deep thrust that lifted both Treize's and Wufei's hips off the tub's floor, Treize came. His hot seed flooded the boy's interior, coating his insides with the warm sticky fluid, the cream dripping between Wufei's trembling thighs, into the water. "Oh God! Treize groaned, as he finished and the boy's lithe body collapsed on top of him. He gently eased back, immersing them in the warm water, his arms tightening across Wufei's back in a protective, possessive gesture. He kissed Wufei's hair, taking in the boy's faint musk, stroking his fingertips across the boy's soft back.

Minutes passed. Treize's limp member slipped easily out of Wufei. The boy did not stir. His breathing fell shallow, but even. He did not move. Treize started to get worried.

"Wufei? Little love? Did I hurt you?" His voice quaked.

Wufei shifted; almost asleep. "Hm?"

"Did I hurt you, dragon?"

"No, Treize, it felt good. Thank you," he said in Chinese, and then realized that Treize didn't have a clue what he just said, so he tried it again. "I loved it."

Treize pressed Wufei's head back against his shoulder and hugged the boy to him. He cupped water in his hands and sprinkled it over the boy's back. Wufei nestled his head in between Treize's chin and shoulder and yawned like a little kid. Treize chuckled, and began to stroke small circles across Wufei's shoulder blades. He planted little kisses all over Wufei's crown, his lips curving into a smile each time they made contact with the boy's damp hair. His dragon remained such a beautiful child. He hated to have to wake him.

Treize carefully sat up and opened the tub drain with his foot. He then cradled the dead-to-the-world Wufei in his arms, lifting him very carefully out of the tub and carried him into the bedchamber. He laid his dragon down on the soft, massive mattress and went to the closet, emerging with a pair of silk pajamas. He just starred at the sleeping Wufei, so angelic, so sweet in sleep. His wet hair clung to his face as it had before, on the makeshift Gundam raft.

His lips were parted in slow easy breaths. "Treize," he murmured. Treize threw the pajamas over his shoulder. Fuck that, he thought. He went to the bathroom, blew out the candles and picked up the pile of clothing and the ace bandages from inside the medicine cabinet. He dropped the clothes on the bedroom floor, and then unwound the bandage. Carefully, the General saw to Wufei's ribs, lifting the boy as gently as he could. Poor Wufei had been so tired he didn't even rouse except to softly murmur Treize's name again.

He looked down at his little one. God, he wanted so badly to hold him tonight, and every night. For the first time ever, Treize desperately wanted the war to end. He didn't care who won, so long as he could have this boy in his arms. How foolish he had been! But he stopped rebuking himself and just resolved to stroke Wufei's hair back from his face and plant little kisses all along his shoulder and tricep. Treize got up and walked to the other side of the bed. He slid in between the satin sheets and spooned against Wufei. The boy sighed softly, wiggling closer to the warmth. Again, Treize snaked his arm over him and breathed in his faint scent. A smell he would never, ever forget. Like the woods after a heavy rain. He closed his eyes and he slept soundly with his dragon safely nestled in his arms.


Wufei awoke to the sound of Quatre's worried voice.

"Wufei? Wufei? Are you all right? Wufei!" Quatre's voice overlapped with Trowa's.

"Wufei, how many fingers am I holding up?"

"Six?" Wufei replied with a frown.

"Ah, shit!" Duo huffed.

Wufei finally realized that he rested among his friends. "What? What happened?"

"I woke up this morning and somebody had dropped you at my door step. I thought I saw a jeep pull away... You looked like a lost little kitten or something... you were just laying there. Heero and I brought you in here," Quatre said.

So, he had been taken to the Winner mansion. Wufei thought he went crazy. He looked up at Heero's concerned face and said, "I was on a desert island. And then I took a bath with Treize..."

As Treize's name passed his lips, Wufei's body shot up as though he had been burned.

"TREIZE!" he cried, as he sank back to the bed and mumbled something totally incoherent about not being useless.

"Oh man, he's out of it!" Duo chimed in helpfully.

"I think he needs some rest. There are bindings on his ribs, maybe you should call a doctor, beloved." Trowa said to Quatre, who nodded his accent.

"Where is his Gundam? If he's been with Treize Kushrenada, then we have to kill him or he could endanger -- " Heero started.

"Oh no you don't! We are NOT killing Wu-chan do you hear? I don't care if he took a bath with the whole OZ army, he's our friend and our comrade and he's not going anywhere!" Duo said heatedly. Sometimes his lover could be just so eccentric when it came to killing people!

"Hn," Heero replied haughtily. "You're so cute when you're angry."

"Treize...." Wufei whispered as his eyes began to droop. "It was all a dream..." and then his head fell against the pillow in sleep.

Trowa's eyes caught something in that slight movement and he reached out for it carefully. A small black leather string wrapped around Wufei's neck, complete with a charm at the end of it. All four boys leaned in closer to see what it could be. A golden dragon entwined itself around a rose. The charm was small, masculine and simply exquisite.

"I wonder where he got that?" Quatre spoke.

"Probably on that deserted island... Right?" Heero said. Clearly that would be Wufei's story. If anything else happened with the leader of OZ, the pilots were willing to turn a blind eye just this once. They were just happy to have him back alive. They started towards the door.

"Welcome home, Wufei," Duo said, as he shut the door to the guest bedroom.


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