By Roo
Warnings: Alternate Universe. Angst, sap and lemon. It's a long ass fic, but sweet, I promise!

The Prize + Part 1

Oz had won the war. The peace agreement took less than four hours to reach. Surprisingly, the treaty of unconditional surrender didn't cause quite as much uproar as Treize's single, personal demand from the rebellion forces. A token prize; a show of good faith. A Gundam pilot for life. His Gundam pilot for life.


Chang Wufei stared blankly out the window, his eyes glazed over in fear and exhaustion. What the fuck did they expect him to do here? Why? Why? His brain tingled with a warning, telling him to be on guard, to be angry, to be anything other than quiet, resolute and uncaring. But logic seemed unattainable at the moment. War, fighting, even losing, that he could wrap his mind around. But to live as Krushrenada's slave... where did that fit in? It didn't make any sense. Wars were about politics, land rights, religious grudges... why didn't they just kill all the Gundam pilots for war crimes? Well, obviously, because Treize wanted to humiliate them. Treize wanted to humiliate him. There had been no honor in this surrender. Wufei went because if he didn't, Treize could call it a breach of the peace treaty and start bombing the shit out of everyone again. Wufei went because he just didn't care if he lived or died anymore. Wufei went, because curiosity hounded him.

"You may go in now. The General wants to see you," a young officer growled at him.

Wufei stood, a little awkwardly considering his outfit, and followed the guard into Treize's study. He didn't really need to be led... How many times had he visited that office? Exactly how many duels did Wufei lose to this man? And he was about to lose for the last time...


Treize turned as the huge oak door to his office opened. An officer clicked his heels and awaited instructions. Instructions he didn't get, because Treize's mind focused completely on a single, solitary form which knelt on the floor; face covered with soft strands of hair, eyes lowered, arms even trembling slightly. The figure shook, wrapped in an elaborate Chinese tunic of white silk, which complimented his golden skin tone and raven hair perfectly. Treize sucked in a breath, and moved to pour himself a glass of wine. Wufei might have noticed the shaking of his hands, had his eyes followed the general.

"You may go," a voice boomed.

Wufei didn't move, couldn't move, but it appeared that had not been necessary, as the guard clicked his heels again and practically ran out of the room.

Treize surveyed his captive critically. The boy knelt, no doubt having been given orders to, and looked well groomed enough and even calm. But Treize knew better. His arms trembled, from hunger or from fear? And there were circles under his eyes. And not even an ounce of resistance. That and that alone, had not been like his dragon.


Wufei looked up at Treize, but did not let his eyes travel higher than the man's neck. He summoned his voice and the courage to speak.

"Yes, master?"

Treize had not been prepared for that. Not at all. It sent a rush of blood directly to his crotch, sending a shiver down his spine and making his back arch slightly. He tried to breathe. He tried again.

"I'll show you to your room."


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