By Roo
Warnings: Alternate Universe. Angst, sap and lemon.

The Prize + Part 2

"This will be your room."

Wufei took in the sudden display of opulence with utter confusion. Gee, if this had been Krushrenada's idea of a prison cell, he couldn't wait to see what his version of... no, no. He would not think about that now.

"This will be my room," he repeated, quite stupidly.

"Yes. You may come and go as you like, provided that you agree to wearing this -- "

Treize held up an exquisite silver necklace, the ends of which would stop at the tips of Wufei's collarbone. Wufei looked at it suspiciously. "A tracking device?"


"A collar you mean.... master?" he ground out.

"If you would prefer to have the constant company of my guards..."

"That will not be necessary, master. As you wish."

Wufei reached for the necklace but Treize had been faster. He laced it around Wufei's neck and stepped back to appreciate his work.

"It suits you."

Wufei wanted to snarl. He really wanted to sink his teeth into the man. But he couldn't. He had to keep the peace. If he didn't appease the General, then his friends and countless others would suffer. Wufei lowered his eyes as the humiliation consumed him. He would not cry before this man! "Thank you, master."

"When we are alone -- you may call me Treize." Treize saw the pilot's sudden hesitation and stepped forward. The arching of Wufei's back and rapid dilation of the boy's pupils were not lost on him.

"I will not harm you, Wufei. Please be at ease. While you are here, everything will be provided for you. You'll find that you have no duties other than to amuse me..."

I'll just bet, Wufei thought.

"I assume you are hungry. Dinner will be served in an hour. I unfortunately have a meeting to attend, so I will not be able to join you... but perhaps you will need some time alone to adjust to your new surroundings."

He treats me like his pet. A dog. Why is he pretending to be kind? Why --


"Yes master? -- Treize?" Wufei stuttered.

"Is there anything else you might require?"

Wufei was totally taken aback. "Um no. No, Treize."

"Very well. I shall see you later then."

Treize turned and walked out of the door without another word and closed it without looking back.

Wufei ran to the door and tested it. Unlocked! Free! He opened the door and stared right into he eyes of two giant guards on either side of the door. He slammed the door shut in nanoseconds. Not free.

He didn't want to go outside anyway. Gods, he felt tired. He looked around the room. Big soft canopy bed complete with about a thousand pillows... a huge cherry wood writing table... windows with a balcony... yes, he knew all about the balconies in this place... a dark wooden highboy, a fireplace that took up an entire wall panel and various tables displaying vases of tea roses. Very Treize. Very, very Treize. Wufei sighed. It would be a nice cell, a beautiful and even cozy cell, but a cell nonetheless. A cell he resigned himself to until Treize got bored with tormenting him and just killed him. Wufei sighed even harder. Damn, he'd gotten soft since the war ended.

He opened the door on the left and found a spacious bathroom, equipped with spa, shower and not two but three sinks, what the hell would he need three sinks for?, and a vanity mirror. He walked out and opened the door on his right. A walk-in closet. Tons of clothes. Clothes that were way way too big for him. Uniforms... Uniforms! Treize's uniforms! He had been put in Treize's room.

Wufei immediately backed out of the closet and fell on his ass to the floor. He would be... sleeping... in the general's room?!?! Hentai! What did you expect? But, But... he had been so nice! Che, right. You're on extended vacation here right? Everything was gonna be so nice and hunky dory?

Wufei made himself pause. Hunky dory? Did his mind just say that? Baka! Time to assess the situation like a soldier. He had been stuck in OZ's central base. People that tried to kill him for years surrounded him. The head of these people just acquired him as his new prize. And now he would sleep for the remainder of his time here in Treize's room, with, presumably, Treize in it. Oh fuck! Oh my fucking Gods. But what else could he expect? All those double entendres. All those little quips and suggestions as they dueled. And those piercing looks he had given Wufei. Wufei had no doubt as to exactly what kind of slave he would be. He steeled himself and began to shut down all his walls.

Just then the door opened and a young woman came in carrying a tray.

"I hope it is to your liking. If not, please feel free to use the telephone and order something else...." She set the tray down on the writing table. "The General was unsure as to your tastes, so we prepared a traditional meal. If you need anything else, just press 77 on that phone over there and someone will be right up. Good evening."

With that the girl turned sharply and left. Wufei just stared after her. He rubbed his eyes. A dream? No, they drugged him. That had been it. They drugged him so he wouldn't fight going to Treize. His stomach growled loud enough to echo through the entire room.

Wufei moved over to the table and inspected the food -- shrimp stir-fry. Fairly simple to make, but at least they tried... Could be poisoned he thought. Yes! Could be poisoned. He wolfed down the food, barely registering the wonderful taste and finished half the meal before he realized what he did. He forced himself to go slow. When the meal had been finished, he covered the tray and looked around, half expecting the girl to come back, the room to be under surveillance. Nothing happened. He felt kind of whoozy, so he spread across the bed. He blinked once. Twice. He could feel his head roll to the side and darkness washed over him.


Some time later Treize clicked open the door and peered in to find a lovely little dragon child stretched out across his bed, snoring slightly, with even the requisite drool sliding past his lips. The boy mumbled a little in his sleep but didn't move. He looked so cute like that, Treize had to smile.

He quietly walked across the room while removing his cravat. Buy the time he reached the closet, his shirt came unbuttoned. Wufei moved slightly, and opened his eyes just as Treize began unbuttoning his pants.

"What the -- !"

"Shshh!" Treize scolded and pointed to the guards outside the door. Then he smiled and said in hushed voice, "They're trained to enter armed if they hear any sounds of distress," Treize said. "That goes for both of us."

Wufei blushed deeply and turned his back on the general. "Am I to be gagged then, Treize?"

Treize blinked and then chuckled. "Would you like to be?" His eyes danced merrily. "No, no, dragon, it's not like that, I assure you."

Wufei turned back around to find a boxer clad Treize smiling back at him. His eyebrows shot up to the roof and he snapped back around. "Wufei, Wufei... I bet your wondering why I put you in my chambers, ne?"

"Oh I think I figured it out, Treize."

"Did you? Then you don't need to hear my explanation?" Treize walked towards the bed.

Wufei got up on his knees and shifted back towards the headboard. "No! Explain! Explain!"

Treize smiled. "Well, little one, considering you are the enemy and everything... I thought it unwise to leave you in a room where any guard," he inched closer, "any officer," moving to the side of the bed, "or any personnel could harm you. So I had you placed here, under my protection. You are safe in these apartments. I promise no harm will come to you."

"So long as I do everything you say."

"Something to that extent." Treize rolled back the covers.

"So, I am to sleep on the floor?" Wufei asked hopefully.

"No, this is big enough to share."

"That is not necessa -- "

"You will sleep here." It had not been intended as an invitation. Wufei scowled. He thought for a moment. "You... you... will.."

"I will sleep here, too." It had not been intended as an answer to his questions, Wufei knew.

The former Shenlong pilot huffed and then resolved the internal struggle. He ripped back the sheets and toed off his slippers. No other clothing came off. "If you touch me -- "

Treize looked up.


Treize raised an eyebrow.

"Don't touch me."

"I wouldn't think of it dragon." I'll just dream about it like I have every night since I met you, Treize thought wryly.


How amusing. His dragon resisted a bit now. Some food and some rest should return him to the previous caustic, stubborn, impassioned personality that Treize loved so much.

"Good night, dragon."

Wufei just threw his head on the pillows and squeezed his eyes. Good night indeed. Who'd be sleeping tonight?

Treize turned out the lights. Wufei's thoughts became muddled. His eyes felt heavy. Did they put something in his food? No. He just felt so tired. So...

Treize smiled against the silk pillowcase. Already out like a light...


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