The Prize + Part 6 (cont)


General Treize Kushrenada effectively fell apart. For three days he didn't eat, move from his writing desk or even bother to look up when Zechs or his servants spoke to him. He clutched the silver necklace and ran his fingers up and down the cherry wood desk.

His mind wandered... Wufei studying at this very desk. Wufei lying on the floor as he read him the classics. Wufei trying on clothes. Wufei's soft lips. Wufei's coal black hair. Wufei's laughter; his cries. The way the boy clung to him in fear or elation. Even the harsh words delivered to him in the hospital became precious to Treize and he ran then over and over in his mind. All the duels, all the arguments, all the dances he'd had with Wufei. Gone. His dragon now gone... and with him went Treize's heart.

"Get up! Dammit!" Zechs slapped him hard across the face.

"Milliardo? There you are...."

"Treize? Treize, can you see me?"

"Yes, you don't have the power to become invisible, do you?"

"Treize, do something for me?"


"Take a shower!"

"A shower?"

"Yes! Now! Please!"

Zechs lifted Treize up and hauled him into a steaming hot shower and closed the door. He then threw several soaps and shampoos over the glass door. "Don't come out of there until you smell like a rose!"

"Um, Milliardo, you're scaring me..."

No you're the scary one, Zechs thought. Not even moving for almost 24 hours is scary. It's so unlike you Treize! "Just get clean and then I'll order you some soup."

"I'm not hungry."

"I'm not interested. You've been a royal pain in the ass, you know. Scaring everyone. Not showing up for work. Not eating. NOT MOVING! Marie has been asking for you and Wufei for days and quite frankly I didn't know what to tell her..."


"Don't apologize, just wash!"

Treize scrubbed himself harshly, enjoying the pain over his sensitive skin, luxuriating in the too-hot water, punishing himself. When he got out he had turned a red as a crab.

"Good GOD! Here..." Zechs wrapped a towel around his friend. "You look like a lobster, Treize!"

"Butter me," came the bitter reply.

Now that's more like Treize. "How bout some chicken soup instead?"

"Whatever, Milliardo."

Zechs sighed and let the older man lean on him until he reached the bed. Then Zechs punched in 77 and ordered the food up.

After Zechs had been satisfied that the General had eaten a little, he tucked him into bed and turned off all the lights save one. "Good night, Treize."

"Thank you, Milliardo..."

Treize tried to sleep, but he couldn't. Where did his dragon live now? What did he do there? Did he keep safe? Did he stay with his friends? Would he find someone else soon? Treize tossed and turned and decided to get up rather than surrender to the nightmares he knew awaited him. The General could never remember being so weak, but then he had never been so strong either. He loved Wufei. He could move mountains if the boy needed him to. He loved Wufei. His rejection could kill him, would kill him.

Treize moved to the writing desk and sat down, brushing his fingers across the lid as if he were stroking his dragon's body. He opened the desk and took out the book of Tao, and held it to his lips. It smelled like his love -- lavender, lang lang, and something only Wufei had. Treize laid the book down and rested his head in his hands. The moonlight washed over him, but his eyes were tightly shut, and he did not see the shadow pass over him.

Wufei slipped into the room from the balcony and silently unsheathed his sword.

"I have come to challenge you again, General."

At first Treize thought his clouded mind had imagined the voice, but Wufei had never spoken to him so sensually, so huskily before. He opened his eyes and slowly looked over at the dragon in attack position not ten feet from him. He drew in a sharp breath.

"You win."

"Not that easy, General.... I have some questions..."

"No doubt."

"What was that I saw with Zechs three nights ago?"

"I was congratulating Zechs on his engagement."


"To Lt. Noin. They are to be married this winter, and I was asked to be best man. I was thanking Zechs and I kissed him, as I always have. Why?"

"No. My questions first." Wufei never moved from attack position. "Why did you make me a war prize?"

"Because I thought I was in love with you..."

Wufei tried not to crack when he noticed the use of past tense. "And why did you let me go?"

"Because I really did fall in love with you."

That marked Wufei's turn to draw in a sharp breath. "And why should I believe you?"

"You shouldn't, dragon. I don't deserve you. I put you through too much to ever hope for your love now..."

Wufei stared at the figure glowing in the moonlight. He looked pale, clearly troubled. An air of sadness hung all around the room. Treize's eyes were hollow and burned with fever. He looked so frail it unnerved Wufei. He lowered his sword.

"I thought you didn't want me..."


"Because... I wasn't... new."

"You! You are everything to me, Wufei. I love you so much, that... I couldn't bear to keep you in this cage. I had to let you go... I had to let you choose. Whether you could love me or not...." Treize swallowed but he never took his eyes off Wufei's face. "Do you? Have you chosen, dragon Fei?...."

Wufei closed his eyes and cocked his head. "Call me that again."

Treize stood. "My dragon Fei," he called.

"TREIZE!!!!!!!" Wufei sobbed, as he dropped his sword and ran towards his love. He jumped on Treize, wrapping his legs around the older man's back and devoured his mouth with a hungry, pure, passionate kiss.

Treize responded instantly, wrapping his arms around the boy and opening his mouth for that precious invasion. He sunk to the floor, taking his dragon with him, until he sat on his knees. He shook with delighted sobs and tears began to stream down his face. Gripping Wufei, he lowered the boy to the floor as he kissed him deeply, bruising his lips, meshing their bodies together. Wufei trembled beneath him as he, himself, shook with sobs. "You are so beautiful, my dragon love. So beautiful. How could anyone not want you? I will want you till the day I die!" Treize confessed.

"Treize!" Wufei began to shake violently, as if he was chilled from the inside. "Treize... I love you!"

"Oh, Wufei!" Treize leaned over him again and arrested that blessed mouth in a savage kiss, claiming the rose-colored flesh beneath him, daring their words to be true. "Dragon Fei!" he called again as he bit at the corners of Wufei's eager mouth.

"Treize! Treize! I missed you so much! I don't ever want to go away again!"

"There will never be a need, precious one. I will go where you go. I will be with you for as long as you want me..."

"Can you live forever?" Wufei wondered.

Treize laughed. "For you? I can arrange it... Kiss me again, my dragon child."

Wufei pulled Treize down by his neck and touched their lips together in a heady mixture of desperate lust and blossoming love. Wufei's tongue flicked over Treize's lower lip and he gained access to the hot cavern, shyly exploring the secrets of its depths.

"Mhmmmm." Treize hummed and Wufei giggled.

"That tickles!" he accused.

"Punish me?" Treize blinked innocently.

Wufei laughed and slapped Treize playfully on the ass. The response had been unanticipated to say the least. Treize bit sharply into Wufei's neck and sucked hard, meanwhile moaning and growling like a lion contented with his new prey.

Wufei ran his hands through sandy brown hair. "I love you! Gods above, how I love you, you bastard!" Treize released Wufei's neck and lapped at the teeth marks he left there.

"I will never tire of you saying so, dragonling..." he crooned into Wufei's neck.

"I love you. I love you, I love you, I love... you, Treize!" Wufei's body rose to rub up against Treize, desperate for more contact, and he let his hands roam all over Treize's back, pushing the man down on top of him. "Oh, my love...Mmmmm. More."

Treize hooked his left arm under Wufei's head to give his dragon child a makeshift pillow, and with his other hand he stroked Wufei's hair. He licked Wufei's throat and nipped at the junction of jaw and neck, neck and shoulder, shoulder and breast. He cupped Wufei's cheekbone in his large hand and looked deeply into those big black eyes. "Are you mine?"

"Always..." Wufei breathed.

"Then come, dragon mine."

Treize lifted Wufei up off the floor and gently carried him to their bed, lowering him onto the soft mattress with the utmost care. He lay beside Wufei and reveled in the touch of Wufei's exploring hands.

Wufei couldn't get enough of Treize. He brushed his trembling hands all over the man's back, his face and chest. This forbidden ecstasy he denied himself no longer. Wufei nuzzled Treize and butted his head against the man like a little kitten. He even purred in his delight and breathed in deeply, to get more of Treize's rosy sent.

"Why my dragon, I didn't know you could purr!" Treize chuckled.

"I can make other noises too, Treize. Care to find out?"

Treize's eyes sparkled. "Most definitely." Treize sighed and ran is left hand down Wufei's arm and leg. "I can't believe you came back..."

"I can't believe you let me go..."

"What made you decide come back?"

"You let me go. That was the moment you made me yours," Wufei said, in revelation.

Treize wondered how Zechs knew. How did he guess? Did he feel the same way when Treize let him go? Did he love him before or after? Or had it been it Zechs that let Treize go? He didn't know. He just knew that his dragon rested willingly in his arms, warm and bright and alive and that would be all that mattered now. "I love you Wufei." Treize shuddered as he brushed the tip of his nose all over Wufei's face.

"Mmm. Show me how much?"

"Hai. But you have to ask what you want in Latin..."

Wufei groaned then laughed. "But I only know the word phallus... aahhh!"

Treize cupped Wufei's erection and gently rubbed over it in a slow circle. "Very good, Wufei. That's a very good word. I shall teach you some others before the night is through..." Treize sucked Wufei's right nipple through the cloth of his shirt.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm.Tre.... Ahhhh!"

Treize's hand never hurried its pace, but his tongue began to lash at the awakened nub of flesh. Wufei shifted and sat up on his elbows. Then he removed his shirt and let it fall to the floor. Treize could barely contain his joy. His tongue whipped Wufei, then teased in light circles, and then his teeth grazed his flesh, all the while, that large, gentle hand stroked they boy towards madness.



Wufei tugged at the man's silk pajama top. "Off."

"Yes, dragon."

Treize slipped his shirt over his head and no sooner was had chest been exposed then Wufei's hungry mouth descended over it, mimicking Treize's previous onslaught, yet biting more sharply, punishing the General for making him wait.

"Ohhhh! Hnnnn. Yes...." Treize whispered.

Wufei scooted down farther on the bed and licked under Treize's right nipple, lapping at the sensitive muscular sheath he found there. He sucked on Treize's abdomen muscles, one by one almost satisfied that Treize lifted his hips and arched his back with want. But Wufei wanted more.

"Treize. May I?


"You've got to be kidding me?"

"Latin, dragon."

"Um...phalla -- la -- shio "

"Close enough. And, an excellent notion, dragon Fei!" Treize rolled Wufei onto his back and hooked two fingers on each side of the boy's pants and ripped them down past his ankles, smiling at the yelp of shock Wufei rewarded him with. Trieze tossed the pants behind him and spread Wufei's legs slowly. His dragon looked eager but shy; he could be so sexy! Treize settled between the boy's thighs and rubbed his cheek across the boy's passion.

"Oh!" Wufei bolted and then fell back against the covers as Treize flicked his tongue across the shaking tip. Wufei gripped the sheets as Treize ran his tongue up one side of his penis and down the other, over and over, then flicked the tip of his tongue rapidly over the weeping slit, smearing the white precum all over the cockhead so quickly it looked deliciously obscene.

It turned Wufei on! Treize made him feel so hot, like he had been the most desirable thing in the universe. Wufei lifted his hips, but his lover insistently pushed them back down and held him there.

Treize continued to flick the cockhead until Wufei writhed. Then Treize opened his mouth and slowly sucked his way down to the boy's root.

"Uhhhhh!!!! Nnn! Oh sweet stars! Trei....."

Treize luxuriated in his dragon's scent, in his masculine taste. The slender cock began to twitch under the burden of its pleasure, and Treize engulfed it harmonica style, sliding his mouth up and down the side, then swirling the cockhead with forceful nudges. Treize lightly scratched his nails over Wufei's balls, eliciting a howl of pleasure.

Treize replaced his mouth with his hand and pumped Wufei's wet cock as he drew one testicle into his mouth and sucked on it powerfully, forcing it in deep. Then Treize took the other ball into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it in clockwise motions. Wufei pulled his hair, practically screaming now. But Treize couldn't be bothered; he had to concentrate. Treize took both balls and smashed them together then withdrew his mouth and blew cold air onto them.

"HHnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Oh Gods, oh Gods oh Gods..."

Treize looked up at Wufei, cornflower blue eyes smiling into the darkest onyx. Treize covered Wufei's erection with his mouth and pumped up and down, licking on the way down, sucking on the way up. He let Wufei buck his hips up, fucking his mouth. He breathed through his nose and moved faster, wanting to bring his little love to a sweet completion. Wufei fucked him and screamed his name, and that put Treize into pure heaven. As Wufei's salty cream filled his throat, Treize had to close his eyes, because the beauty of the thing becoming too much.

Wufei collapsed on the bed as the last pangs of sheer mind-blowing pleasure ripped through him. It would be a while before he could speak and when he looked for Treize, he found the man over him, and then kissing him, spreading his own seed around his mouth, coating his tongue, his teeth and the roof of his cavern with his own salty taste. Wufei moaned. This seemed so unbearably erotic and he became hard again. oh no! Treize!

"Treize?" came a small voice. "I'm sorry..."


"I... you didn't come... I didn't do it right..."

Treize exhaled and hugged his little one tightly to him. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Treize," the little voice replied.

"Then, you did it right, Wufei. All I ever want from you is to let me know what pleases you and what doesn't, okay? Just be honest with me. Promise?"

"Yes. You, too?"

"I promise." Treize kissed him again and Wufei braved the unknown, stroking Treize's rigid cock through his silk pants.

"Do you like this Treize?"

"Ver... very much." He shuddered.

Wufei put his hand down Treize's pants and stroked his cock gently, tugging upward, using his fingers to press the cockhead.

"Oh, God!" Treize groan as he fought to keep his hips from coming off the bed. "Wu... fei...."

Wufei slid his hands on either side of Treize hips and stroked his pants and underwear down and dropped them over the side of the bed. Then Wufei lay on top of Treize, so that they were nose to nose. Wufei's right thigh rubbed languidly across the General's throbbing shaft, and Wufei licked and kissed his chin and lips.

"Oh, my little dragon... what you do to me....mmmmm."

Wufei French kissed his lover, deeply, urgently, and he raked his nails down the man's chest, pausing only to twist his nipples.

"Hmmmmmmm! Maaaa!"

"Treize, my darling, my only love...." Wufei chanted as he sucked on Treize's neck and ran his tongue along the man's collar bone.

Treize couldn't wait any longer; he let his hands slide down Wufei's back and grope his firm, round ass. The General clutched one buttock in each hand and rolled them in opposite circles, pushing Wufei's awakening member against his belly and making the boy press his thigh against his own pulsing penis.

"Treize... Gods, you make me feel so good... I want you..."

Treize let a stinging little slap fall onto Wufei's left buttcheek and then he continued to fondle that silky smooth ass. "Don't tempt me, dragon. Not until you're ready..."

Wufei grabbed Treize's shoulders and pulled him up into a sitting position. "How can I convince you I'm ready, General?"

Treize crooned deep in his chest. "Latin."

"Are you -- "

" -- insane?!?" they both finished.

"Yes. I'm certifiable. Latin, or no play."

Wufei blushed. Then he leaned close to Treize and whispered in his ear.

"I'm so glad you read that book I left out for you..." Treize muttered as he fumbled for lubricant in the top drawer of the night-stand. Finally recovering the bottle of crème, he turned back to face a smiling, shy dragonling, resting atop his lap, and he let out a small sigh.

"I'm so glad you came back to me, Wufei..."

"I'll never leave you again, Treize... I love you so... I never knew what love really was until there was you..." Wufei said between little kisses all over Treize's eyebrows, forehead, nose, and jaw.

"I'll make sure you never have a reason to go away..."

Treize twisted open the bottle and poured a generous amount of lotion onto his hands. Wufei still kissed him, but he took Treize's hands and removed the crème, coating his own hands. Then he rubbed the scented lotion around his palms, warming it. Finally, he closed his hand around Treize's purple, weeping cock and stroked downward, placing his other hand at the cockhead and repeating the motion, creating an endless tunnel of warm, wet bliss.

Treize fell back on his elbows and watched as his beloved dragon child coated his cock with thick, soft crème. Treize pulled himself out of his reverie long enough to dollop two fingers into the bottle and wipe them across Wufei's crack. The boy threw his head back in anticipation. Treize pressed his middle finger tenderly inside Wufei, carefully penetrating the tight ring of muscle trying to force him out. Treize removed his finger and Wufei hissed.

Coating three fingers this time, Treize teased Wufei's opening and then quickly slid two fingers up inside, stroking in and out, consciously rubbing against the boy's prostrate. Wufei leaned so far back Treize felt afraid he would fall over. He noticed his dragon kept biting his lip, hard.

"Does this hurt you, Wufei?"

"No, Treize."

"Then why are you biting your lip?"

Wufei blinked, and his face became a little sad. "... Habit."

"Oh. Well, we shall have to make you new habits then... I want you to be as loud as you can. Wake the dead, dragonling. Don't hold back," Treize whispered, as he thrust three fingers into Wufei.

"Yes, Treize! Oh, yes!!"

"That's my dragon child."

"Mmmmm." Wufei began to fuck himself on Treize's fingers and mewed in supplication.

Treize removed his fingers and leaned back until he rested against his headboard. He held his cock in one hand and Wufei's hip in the other. "Remember, tell me if it doesn't feel good..."

Wufei nodded and lifted his hips above Treize's straining erection. The Cinese youth lowered himself rather quickly, sharply impaling himself on Treize's thorn, shocked to find the pain reverberating in his heart, his soul touched by the magnificent beauty of their union. Treize involuntarily shoved himself deeper into Wufei's tight hole and then cried out as he tried to restrain himself.

"Wufei? Doesn't it hurt?"

"Not like before.... Oh Gods....It's too much." Wufei leaned forward and rested his head on Treize's shoulder, as Treize stroked his hands lovingly up and down Wufei's back, waiting for him to set the pace. Wufei began to hump Treize, but after a while, he rolled back and pulled Treize on top of him. "Treize?"

"Yes, dragon?"

"Take me? Make me yours? I want you... to give me new memories..."

Treize nodded. "I understand, Wufei."

Treize slowly stroked inside the boy, burying himself as deeply as he could go, pressing his balls to Wufei's spread ass. He established the rhythm of thrust, pause, snap, sending Wufei into a frenzy within a matter of minutes.

"Oh Treize, Treize, Treize, Treize, oh, oh... yes, yes! Do that to me again. Again! Ahhhh!"

Treize lifted Wufei's legs over his shoulders and kissed him as he moved for a deep, rough thrust, and then snapped his hips forward sharply a few times, just to keep Wufei off guard. His dragon was wept, crying softly into his shoulder, begging him for more, for it to never end and Treize couldn't let his little one cry alone. Their tears mixed and Treize tried to kiss them away, but there were too many, too fast.

"Dragon," his hoarse voice rang through the moonlight. "I love you. I love you, I love you, my dragon, my lover, my Chang Wufei... my little and dearest love...oh God, you are my everything... my only one," Treize whispered as he fucked Wufei over and over, his thrusts coming faster and faster.

"Oh yes, Treize! Hmmm. Oh Gods, my love, please... please...."

Treize obeyed and he drove into Wufei with abandon, giving himself up to the pleasure as old as the stars themselves. His cock rammed in and out of Wufei's hot, slick hole and reveled in every buck and jolt from Wufei's hips. Wufei bit into Treize's shoulder, marking him, claiming him, loving him.

Treize's hand came down from its grip on the headboard to engulf Wufei's length, until Wufei gasped and screamed under the double stimulation. Wufei's thick white cream shot all over Treize's hands, and their taunt abdomens. His little anus contracted, pinching Treize, who had relinquished all self control a while ago, and Treize coated his gouts of semen deep into Wufei, shouting his undying love as he came, and then collapsed onto the boy beneath him. Wufei clung fiercely to Treize, his only anchor in a sea of emotions and sensations. Their breathing took minutes to return to normal.

Treize looked up through his sweaty locks of hair and peered into Wufei's little eyes. "Dragon fei? Did I hurt you?" Treize asked as he pulled out slowly.

" was.... Treize, it was amazing! Will you...?"

"Will I what, dragon?'

"Will you still want to do this with me?"

"Every night of our lives..." Treize smiled as he pressed a kiss to his insecure, naïve, passionate, feisty little dragon's forehead.

"Hmmm, Treize?"


"Hold me while we sleep?"

"Every night of our lives..." Treize whispered as he slid off Wufei and coiled his warm body around the boy's, spooning against him.

But Wufei turned in the embrace and nestled his head in the crook of Treize's shoulder and chest. He placed a kiss there and said, "Wo ai ni." And then he drifted off into sleep, as Treize brushed his hair back from his face in long, soft strokes.

They feel asleep in each other's arms, unaware of the door opening and Zechs' crystal blue eyes peering in on his best friend. When Zechs saw the sight of Wufei peacefully intertwined in Treize's arms, he clasped his hand over his mouth to keep from crying aloud, as the sheer joy and happiness consumed him. He shut the door quietly and hurried back to tell Noin.


Treize woke with the dawn and a tingling sensation rushed through his whole body as he realized that he lay next to his beautiful dragon child. He watched the boy sleep for some time, and then began to trace his forefinger across Wufei's cheek.

"Hmmmhmmimmmm." Wufei mumbled and buried his face into Treize's arms.

"Draaaaaagon..." Treize sang.


"Oh dragon Fei... wake up!"

"The bed better be on fire," Wufei muttered as he fought to open his eyelids.

"Good morning, my lover."


"There's an important question I want to ask you..."

"It better not be in Latin, because I'll kill you..."

"All right. Fair's fair. Are you awake?"

"Painfully. What's the question?"

Treize sighed. "Ni xiang jia gei wo ma?"

Wufei's eyes snapped open and he forgot to breathe. Then the trembling set in and Wufei pushed himself up from Treize's warm chest to stare down at the beautiful man before him.

"What did you say?"

Treize flipped Wufei under him and repeated his question with careful intonation, "Ni xiang jia gei wo ma?"

Wufei's eyes filled with tears and he nodded his head. "I will," he choked out.

Treize smiled -- no smirked -- and then descended to capture his lovely bride for their first morning kiss.  


Translations: Ni xiang jia gei wo ma? -- will you marry me?

In thanks to Chichiri and Miko no da. Congratulations and thanks for being such great friends! Love, Roo

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