By Roo
Warnings: Angst. Sap (as always). Threesome lemon. Edited by the illustrious Sxy Maxwell.

A Taste Of Paradise

Zechs Marquise had never been so close to panic in his entire life. The midair battle had been an absolute disaster, and the Gundams had taken down almost all of their Mechs. Soon even Tallgeese suffered extensive electrical damage from the barrage of blows. The last message he received read as followed:

Millardo. Been hit. Going down. Safe house 07. Treize.

Zechs gave the order to retreat, but no one survived to follow his command. He blasted Tallgeese's thrusters and narrowly escaped Sandrock and Shenlong's synchronized assault. He reconfigured the coordinates and sat back, shaking; all his thoughts focused on how badly Treize had been hit.


Zechs tumbled out of his Mech and fell on the ice-covered ground, his body barely registering the pain, as he approached the small wood cottage at a dead run. He banged open the door and burst through the room.

"Treize!?!" he forced past his trembling, blue lips.

Silence greeted him. A small fire glowed in the left corner of the room, and a figure shifted, causing a silhouette to dance upon the white washed walls.

"Millardo?" a tired voice called out.

Zechs shut the door, forgetting to lock it, and warily shuffled towards the weak sound. "Treize?"

"You made good time, old friend. I'm glad you came." Glad you're still alive, is what he meant.

"Treize? Were you... injured?"

Treize tried to shift into a sitting position but changed his mind. "It's not bad. Just my leg... and... my side."

"Here let me see!" Zechs tossed his silver mask on the familiar couch and bent protectively over Treize. He hissed when he saw the purple bruise on the man's lower abdomen. "Let's take off your pants..."

Treize smiled, despite the pain. "Oh Zechs... surely I deserve some foreplay first..."

Zechs smiled weakly. He knew the man hid his pain, or tried to, but Zechs had known Treize's every tone and facial expression since he had been thirteen. The man couldn't fool him now. Zechs carefully removed Treize's constricting uniform and brought the blankets down off the couch, spreading them for Treize to lie on. He wrapped Treize's shirt around his bloody kneecap, and then lay down beside the man, resting his head upon Treize's soft, sleek chest.

"Thank you, Millardo. I feel much better now."

"That was some escape today, General."


Zechs looked up at Treize, a little surprised to hear such sadness in his husky voice. "What troubles you?"

Treize looked pained. "The pilot of Shenlong... was there."

Zechs's frown dissipated. There lay the true source of his pain.

"Ah," he said simply, and bit his lip.

He tried not to cry as Treize's arm enveloped him into a strong, warm embrace. It had been hard sharing a lover, especially with the enemy. It didn't make sense to Zechs, but he loved Treize so much, he turned a blind eye. Or, pretended that he didn't mind. To see Treize so broken hearted about the battle made him want to sob, but he held back, knowing it would only pain Treize further. Zechs nuzzled Treize's ear and then settled down for the night.

Not more than five minutes passed when the door to the cabin burst open with a shrill wind and the pilot of Shenlong rushed into the room. Throwing his sword in the corner, he slammed the door and marched right up to the two OZ officers without the slightest hesitation.

"Damn you, Treize Khushrenada! Goddamn!" the small dark boy spat out at them.

"Dragon?" Treize's voice sounded amazed.

"What the hell were you thinking, you idiot? Since when do you pilot a Mech and take on Gundams by yourself? Huh? I didn't even know it was you, till you sent that stupid encryption to Tallgeese!!! Dammit Treize!" the boy cried, totally exasperated, shaking with emotion. "I hit you! I hit you, you bastard!" he sank to the floor.


Zechs just stared in wonder at the sobbing little figure in front of the fire.

"Why did you make me do that, Treize? How did you... how could you be so foolish?"

Treize's soft voice had a slight hint of anger in it. "Was I supposed to stand back and let my men die?"

Wufei looked up at Treize and tears spilled down his cheeks. His breath hitched in his chest and for a while he couldn't make a sound. "... Are you wounded?" he whispered.

Treize's face softened. "Not badly, a scrape on my knee and a bruise on my hip. Nothing really."

Wufei's bright black eyes shot up to stare at Treize, and Zechs found his heart melting, to see the other boy's grief. It must be so hard on them, he thought. Wufei finally registered Zechs's presence and nodded his head slightly. "I'm sorry to interrupt... I'll leave..."

Zechs could feel Treize's stomach muscles clench and on impulse he spoke, "Stay, Chang Wufei. Stay the night, please. There is a severe storm coming tonight. We could not rest knowing your safety had been compromised on Treize's behalf."

Wufei looked a little shocked. He did not expect civility. But then the man before him had been born a prince, Treize had told him as much. A fine officer and an honorable warrior, he said. Clearly respected by all that knew him. Wufei began to understand why, but he still felt uncertain. Surely this man viewed him as competition for Treize's affection. It would not be wise to remain...

As if reading Wufei's thoughts Zechs extended an arm and rested his hand lightly atop the boy's petite shoulder. "Please stay."

"Ah." Wufei nodded, unable to refuse.

"Dragon... Are you hurt?"

Wufei looked back at Treize. "No, Treize."

The way his name rolled over his little dark child's tongue sent a shiver down Treize's spine. What an odd situation, for both his lovers to find themselves stuck under the same roof. Yet Treize felt oddly at ease, comfortable. It seemed a rare moment indeed when he knew that both his loves were safe. He rested his head back on the covers for just an instant, totally unaware that he slipped into unconsciousness.


Wufei had set to work immediately; his stomach tied in knots. He got blankets from the closet, and put them by the fire. Zechs took them and piled them around Treize with a graceful, intimate tenderness that made Wufei's chest ache. He quickly moved on to another meaningless task. He went outside and filled a bucket with snow, then came back and held the pail over the fire, melting their drinking and bathing water for the evening. He watched the blonde man out of the corner of his eye, and that careless mistake earned him a burn on his left palm.

"Itai!" he cried, as he removed his hand and dropped the pail to the hearth.

Zechs moved like lightning, and cupped Wufei's hand in his own. Then he took some of the snow and spread it over the boy's slender palm, gently rubbing away the pain. Wufei's eyebrows shot up in a remarkable imitation of Treize and Zechs couldn't help a small chuckle.

"Please be at ease, Chang san. This cabin is as much yours as mine, I take it."

Zechs had noticed the way the boy knew where everything had been, and his heart wrenched at the idea of Treize making love to him in the very place he and Zechs had christened with their passion so long ago... during a chess match...

Wufei bit his lip. "I'm sorry," he said, his eyes focusing on the floor.

"Am I so easily read?" Zechs whispered.

Wufei looked up, eyes full of compassion. "I know how you must feel... It's not easy sharing him... But... you can't leave a man like Treize. He gets into your blood, and there's no living without him."

"Mmm." Zechs nodded in agreement. He still had not removed his hand from Wufei. He gave it a light squeeze, knowing it must have caused some discomfort. "Do you love him?"

Zechs looked positively feral in the firelight. Wufei felt afraid then, for he didn't know what to expect from the other man. He raised his head bravely and declared, "With all my heart." He breathed in sharply, daring the other man to challenge him.

"Good," Zechs murmured. "Now I don't have to kill you." He smiled.

Wufei shuttered. "And you?"

Zechs looked deep into Wufei's eyes. "Do you even have to ask?"

"No." Wufei smiled shyly.

Suddenly Treize stirred. "Forgive me... I slept..."

Wufei pulled his hand reluctantly out of the handsome blonde's grasp and moved to rest along side Treize. "Rest, my love. You are not well."

"Well enough." Treize smirked as he pulled Wufei down for a kiss. "You utter terror, mine!"

Wufei blushed and moved to hide his face. He had not been used to displaying affection before an audience.

This fact had not been lost on Zechs, who positioned himself along the other side of Treize.

"You are a terror, Chang san -- "

"Wufei, please..."

"Wufei. How did you become such a skilled pilot?"

"I think it has more to do with my Gundam. It's simply better equipped than your Mechs."

"So..." How modest.

"Now, now, gentlemen," Treize chastened. "We'll have no talk of war tonight!"

"What shall we talk about, sir?" Zechs chided back.

"Why talk at all?" Treize whispered seductively as he captured Zechs's mouth in a slow, erotic kiss, which made Wufei both hungry and uneasy. He looked away, as the two men deepened this expression of their love, leaving him alone, forgotten in the moment.

Treize broke the kiss. "There are far better things to do with our mouths, ne, dragon Fei?" Treize beamed as he pulled the Chinese boy to him and ravished his mouth with a fierce and fiery tongue.

"Hmmm!" Wufei moaned, then he broke the kiss. "Just what exactly do you have in mind, General!" he rebuked. "Certainly you are not suggesting..."

"Are you so opposed to the idea?" Treize wondered as he slid his arm around his blonde subordinate, with a familiar and sensual ease. Wufei forgot to breathe, looking into Zechs's cornflower blue eyes.

"We barely know each other..." Wufei whispered, almost lost as Treize toyed with his nipple. His head rolled back in spite of his shyness.

"Is he not beautiful in passion, Zechs?" Treize questioned.

"Yes," Zechs agreed. He cocked his head to the side, shocked to find himself so aroused, watching Treize coax this rival lover into ecstasy. Zechs found his hand reaching out to touch the boy, tentatively brushing his fingers lightly over the chiseled muscles beneath his tank top, gently stroking over his other nipple.

Wufei gasped and leaned into the sweet torture. "We mustn't do this..." he breathed.

"I think we can persuade you, Wufei..." Treize teased as he kissed the juncture of nerves between Wufei's neck and jaw.

"No...." came the moan and then Wufei kissed Treize with abandon.

"Mmm. Your lips are sweet Wufei.... Give Zechs a taste of you..."

Wufei flushed, but his eyes sparkled with want, as he leaned over Treize and passively let Zechs plunder his mouth. Those delicate lips parted for Zechs, and he eagerly invited his tongue to explore the hot cavern.

Zechs moaned, and moved his hand up to hold Wufei's chin as he slowly moved his head back and forth, forcing the boy to follow his mouth to keep the kiss. Wufei's arms slipped around Zechs's neck and soon their lips meshed together and both men struggled to control themselves. The fact that Treize watched them heated their passion. Reluctantly, they broke apart.

Wufei turned to his lover, his master, his soul mate, eyes asking for further instruction.

"Do you not find him beautiful, Wufei?" Treize smiled up at him.

Wufei ran his eyes over Zechs critically. "He's as flawless as you are, Treize." Wufei suddenly looked down. How could he hope to compare to these two beautiful, accomplished, highborn men? Why would they even want him?

Zechs slipped Wufei's hair band off and gave a little gasp as he watched how the ebony silk framed the Chinese face, softening the sharp angles there, and giving the boy a vulnerable, virginal quality. Wufei looked up, a little unsure, but the lust in Zechs's eyes seemed unmistakable.

"Millardo..." Treize called, and Zechs answered, descending to kiss and lick at the man's lips, and running his hand in slow circles over the bare chest beneath him. Zechs motioned for Wufei to follow his example and so he lowered himself to suck at Treize's right nipple, lapping at the pink nub, grazing his teeth over it with playful affection. He nipped, and Treize gasped into Zechs's mouth.

"My loves..." Treize moaned when Zechs released him. "Ah! You little cannibal!" He chuckled as Wufei bit his hardened flesh without remorse. "Why don't you torture Zechs!"

Zechs smiled and slowly removed his uniform as Wufei licked his lips. Seeing Zechs naked arrested all thought for a moment, and Zechs poked Wufei good-naturedly in the ribs as a reminder.

"Oh!" the boy stated, and then he began to suck mercilessly at Zechs's pectorals, sliding his tongue all over that heaving chest without any premeditated design.

"Oh my!" Zechs laughed as Wufei devoured him. He reached one hand up to sift through the boy's soft hair and the other gripped Treize's hand and gave it a loving squeeze. Treize came up behind Wufei and began to kiss at the back of his dragon's neck, delighting in the boy's shiver.

"Kiss him well, my dragon Fei..." Treize whispered into Wufei's ear and Wufei lapped at Zechs with a renewed determination. Zechs' grip in the boy's hair tightened and he sucked air into his lungs when Wufei began to lick him lower. They boy simply intoxicated him!

"Treize..." Zechs called.

"Enjoying yourself, Millardo?"

"I want... I want to watch you take him!" Zechs cried as he strained to meet the wet kisses trailing down his washboard stomach. Otherwise I'll come right now, he thought.

"Happy to oblige." Treize laughed as he ripped Wufei from Zechs's warm torso and pushed him roughly to the bedding. "What do you say, little one? Would you like me to take you?"

"Yes, please," Wufei begged quietly.

"Millardo, the oil please."

Zechs got up and went into the bathroom as Treize quickly stripped Wufei of his clothing and rubbed their naked bodies together languidly. The sight made Zechs's erection spring to life. He watched, fascinated, as Treize tenderly prepared his dragon, stroking first two and then three fingers in and out of the boy, who stared up at him with rapt attention and unmistakable adoration. This must by what it's like when they're without me, he wondered. He felt privileged to gain access to their private ministrations.

Wufei moaned as Treize brushed against all the good spots within him and looked down into his eyes with love and sincere wonderment. Wufei stared back, mesmerized, almost forgetting Zechs sat there -- almost. Wufei bit his lip in anticipation as Treize got the bottle of oil again and poured it liberally into his palm and then deliberately stroked his erection in front of Wufei, tormenting him with the slow motions his hand made. Wufei licked his lips and took in a deep breath as Treize positioned himself at his entrance.

His dragon sparkled, such a captivating creature. Sometimes he seemed so small and slender he became otherworldly, possessing a mystery and a depth of soul that enticed and healed something in Treize. Treize pushed into the willing body of his dark elfin child closing his eyes as the decadent warmth encased him. [1]

Zechs felt as if in a dream, as he saw Treize spread the boy's muscular thighs and penetrate him in slow, careful increments, which rendered the most gorgeous expressions of pain and pleasure across the Chinese pilot's face.

"Ohh! Oh!" Wufei cried as Treize's thick shaft bottomed out into him. Treize began to stroke in and out of his body, his hips rolling forward sensually, grunting with pleasure, and filling his lover completely. Wufei closed his eyes and pressed his palms to Treize's back. "Treize... Treize I've missed you so..." he murmured as he kissed the man's brow and nuzzled him reverently.

"My dragon Fei..." Treize whispered back as he moved more deeply into Wufei, his balls pressing softly against Wufei's stretched buttocks.

Zechs wanted to touch himself so badly, but after all those nights of play with Treize he had been conditioned not to give in to his urges, but to savor the moment. He watched as Wufei wrapped his legs around Treize's ribs and lifted his hips to greet each thrust. Suddenly Wufei looked over at him and extended an arm, inviting him to join them.

Zechs hesitated and then took the bottle of lotion in hand. As he lubricated himself thoroughly, he reveled in the hot oil dripping down his throbbing cock. He stroked his tip up and down Treize' crack, giving his lover fair warning, before sharply thrusting in all the way. Treize liked rough play, and judging by the care he took with Wufei, he had not played roughly with him all that often. In this at least, Zechs could be of particular service. He smacked Treize ass extremely hard and hissed, "Spread yourself for me, General!"

Treize moaned low in his throat. He loved it when his subordinate ordered him in their lovemaking. Zechs knew the fine line between pain and pleasure, subservience and humiliation, and Treize loved to walk that line with him. He parted his thighs and revealed everything to his lover, who rewarded him with a painful bite on his left shoulder.

"Millardo!" Treize breathed.

Zechs drove into Treize, but gently enough to avoid any real pain. His thrusts forced Treize to snap more sharply into Wufei.

Wufei stared up at the men above him. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe how good it made him feel. He gazed into Zechs's blue eyes, penetrating their cool depths, searching and finding the soul that lay underneath. Wufei raised one hand to cup Treize's face and pressed the other to Zechs's smooth ass, pushing gently, asking.

As Zechs looked down, he realized that with every dip into Treize, he also took Wufei. The thought gave him an unexpected thrill and he increased his pace. Groaning, he jabbed his manhood deep into Treize and watched as Wufei's eyes darkened with desire. He must have this boy before the night was through.

Treize began to piston his hips back and forth between Wufei's tight hot hole and Zechs's hard girth. It felt so sinfully delicious. Zechs knew just how hard to pound him and Wufei molded to him perfectly. Treize grit his teeth, trying to hold out for as long as he could, but the sight of Zechs taking Wufei's length in his hands and stroking up and down caught him off guard. The joy of his two lovers finally coming together, finally making his dreams come true, became too much, and soon he spilled himself deep inside Wufei's bowels. He kissed Wufei in thanks, and offered a silent apology.

Zechs stopped. Treize had spent himself so quickly. The poor man must have been overcome. He pulled out and panted, trying to rein himself back in, waiting for Treize to give him instruction. He watched as Treize whispered something in Wufei's ear, and then pulled out of him and rolled on his side.

Wufei nodded his head and opened both arms, smiling up at Zechs shyly. Zechs lowered himself onto Wufei and kissed him fiercely, his desire at fever pitch.

"Onegai Zechs... do it to me now..." Wufei whispered.

Zechs fumbled for the bottle but Treize's hands were faster and they rubbed the oil generously over Zechs's pulsing member. When Treize felt satisfied, Zechs took his erection in hand and then stabbed it inside Wufei. The young man screamed and clung to Zechs, burying his head in the man's shoulder.

The boy constricted so tightly! So very, very tight! It felt wonderful to have such slick warm walls squeeze his shaft. He almost came right then, but Zechs recalled his training with Treize and controlled himself once more.

Unlike Treize, Zechs stroked in and out of Wufei relentlessly, scraping his prostate with amazing accuracy, his primal demand causing the boy beneath him to cry out in pleasure. "Zechs! Yes!" He leaned up and nipped at Zechs's throat and cheeks, licking at the corners of his mouth and panting softly into his face.

"Ah... little one... so sweet... mmmm," Zechs said as he thrust into Wufei harder and faster. Soon his hips moved in short pulses, pounding Wufei in rapid little snaps, until both of them threw their heads back and came with a shout. Wufei collapsed to the floor and Zechs rolled off of him on the opposite side as Treize.

Wufei sighed lushly and reached for a soft cloth resting near the now warm water. Tender hands washed away the evidence of their passion. He lay there, dazzled by skill his lovers had shown. Once his body had been freed of their essence he stretched, catlike, and smiled.

Zechs lay back slowly and luxuriated in the feel of the warm damp cloth soothing his member. He purred low in his throat as the boy tended to his body. Treize had trained the youth well. The towel, warmed by the fire, patted his skin dry.

Treize watched his young lovers as he cleaned himself. He could feel desire surging in his body. His shaft swelled and he bit at his lower lip. Once his heated flesh felt cleansed he tossed the cloth to the floor near the fireplace.

"That was very nice, my loves..." Treize murmured, his hand gently rubbing against his own awakened arousal.

"Here," Wufei sighed. "Let me help you with that..." and he curled on his side as he took Treize's tip in his mouth, flicking his tongue into the man's slit.

Treize gave a little cry and let his head drop back, as Wufei swirled his tongue around the tip and made soft hungry little noises in the back of his throat. Wufei then swallowed him whole, without warning, and the good General fell back onto the covers and stared up at the ceiling, his mind reeling.

Zechs watched Wufei suckle Treize slowly. The boy looked enraptured. He nursed on the man as if it had been the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, and it made Zechs hard -- painfully, painfully hard. Zechs took advantage of Treize's helplessness and crawled over until he rested beside Treize's head. He straddled the General's face and tugged at his hair, forcing the man's eyes open. He then traced his fingers lovingly across Treize's chin and brushed a forefinger over his lower lip. He took his length and rubbed it across Treize's left cheek, then right, before tapping it obscenely on the General's lips. "Suck me," he commanded affectionately, and Treize opened obediently.

Treize felt Zechs's tumescence part his lips and descend deep into him, scraping the back of his throat. After all the years of making love to his beloved Millardo, taking all of him into his mouth had been no chore at all. Treize sucked playfully at his long-time lover, smiling as the man's eyes lowered into slits.

Wufei watched out of the corner of his eyes as Zechs pumped slowly in and out of Treize's mouth. He so wanted to do that to Treize! And Zechs! He wanted them both! Wufei began to finger Treize's opening meanwhile he let his tongue bathe the man's balls. This, he knew, drove Treize wild.

Treize stiffened slightly as Wufei tugged on his testes and thrust a finger deep inside him. He threaded his fingers through his dragon lover's hair and gripped Zechs's ass with the other hand, forcing Zechs to fuck him faster.

Zechs groaned and pushed his hips forward. Fucking Treize's mouth became perhaps the most fantastic sensation he had ever known in his life... Treize had thoroughly seduced him, and he made love to him with amazing skill, but nothing turned Zechs on like topping Treize Krushrenada. It remained a challenge just to get the man to show weakness, let alone abandon control, and Zechs felt like an excellent lover every time he accomplished this.

Wufei glanced up to see Zechs's beautiful bottom moving up and down over Treize's sandy-brown hair. He brought his right hand down to stroke his aching shaft, the friction exquisite, as he continued to suckle Treize. When Treize erupted in his mouth, Wufei greedily swallowed all of the salty seed, gulping it down without deliberation.

Zechs was snapped into Treize's mouth and screamed Treize's name. Wufei decided to help matters along and licked Zechs's taunt thighs and firm globes, biting the tender flesh between his teeth. Zechs leaned back and climaxed into Treize's eager mouth, smearing his own seed around Treize's swollen lips and finishing himself off with a few harsh strokes of his hand.

Zechs then collapsed beside Treize and wearily draped an arm over his chest. Treize sighed and then looked up for his little dragon. The boy kneeled before them, his lips slightly trembling, brow knit with concentration. His needs had not been attended, but he had been too polite to voice this. Treize frowned and rebuked himself for his carelessness.

"Come here my dragon Fei and lie between us," Treize commanded. Wufei did as told and lay facing Treize, who stroked his penis and kissed him gently. "Turn around."

Wufei shifted his hips and faced the Norse God to his right. Zechs began to lick at his throat and tug on his member. "Hmm! No!" Wufei cried.

Both men stopped, slightly worried.

"I want you both. Please!"

Zechs smiled and melded his hips against Wufei, pressing the boy's steel hard erection against his flat belly. Then Zechs guided Treize's hips to Wufei's plump round ass, and Treize kissed the boy's neck as he ground his length into Wufei. Wufei began to pant as both men humped him. He kissed Zechs with desperation. He wanted so to come!

"Mmm. Wufei. It was so nice being inside you. Can I do it again?" Zechs breathed into Wufei's ear.

Wufei responded by abruptly turning about-face and thrusting his buttocks towards Zechs's shaft. Treize smiled knowingly and turned around as well, spreading his ass with his own hands, inviting his dragon to claim him. Wufei didn't need to be told twice.

Wufei plunged into Treize, grabbing onto the bruised abdomen lightly, pumping his passion into Treize with all his might. Zechs sucked on his earlobe, his weak spot and he began chanting "Ah! Ah! Ah!" in a high little voice.

"Don't come yet! Don't come yet, dragonling!" Treize ordered. Wufei's body began to slow, the impulse to obey overriding his need. He whimpered and then stopped all together.

"Please... give me some relief, Treize!" he begged, knowing it had been weak of him, but he had waited longer than either of them already.

Treize turned and lifted Wufei off the floor, twisting his little lover around and forcing him to mount a very willing Zechs. "He likes it rough, Wufei. So just do what feels good," Treize whispered.

Wufei nodded and pierced Zechs with his shaft, driving in and out of him so fast and hard that he began to hyperventilate. Zechs forgot to breathe as well, so impressed with the raw force and power the boy displayed. Truly taken, bent to someone's will, Zechs's manhood twitched with excitement.

"Ahhnnn! Annnn! Ha, ha.... Oh God! Ze... Zechs!" Wufei slid back and forth, back and forth, their sweaty bodies slapping against each other, the sound of their collision echoing through the cabin. Zechs's eyes glowed brighter than the fire, and he began to talk to Wufei, something very rare, even when he slept with Treize.

"Oh Wufei. Yes. Ummm. You fuck me so wonderfully, dear sweet little one! Do it harder! I want it harder... Ahhhhhh. God, God... Yeah... Hmmmm. Come in me Wufei... Come in me," Zechs called to him and Wufei arched his back, spilling his seed just as Zechs splattered his white cream over his stomach.

Wufei felt so grateful, so moved, that he bent down and spread Zechs's legs, licking the fluid that dripped out of the man, and then moving back up to rest his head on the pilot's shoulder. Zechs clung tightly to Wufei, and shivered. Gods, but this felt so right!

Treize moved over them both, his shadow blocking out the light to the fire for a moment. They watch as Treize stroked his erection over them. Treize smiled as both of his lovers licked their lips, wanting to taste him. He would not disappoint. Treize worked his hand over his rod in a flurry of motion, thrusting his hips closer and closer to his eager lovers. Their eyes fixated on his member, and he began to fall over the edge.

"My loves," he called, "My loves... Oh!" And with that, he gushed his seed over Zechs's and Wufei's faces, great gouts of white hot semen spilling beautifully onto their parted lips, their precious closed eyes. He cupped Zechs's chin in his hand and whispered, "Lick," and then turned Zechs's face towards Wufei. Zechs blindly slurped the semen off Wufei's chin and cheeks, delighting in the sensual intimacy of the act. Wufei in turn, sucked and licked the ejaculate off of Zechs's face, kissing until they were both clean and then spreading Treize's spending in their mouths with deep French kisses.

Treize fell beside Wufei and shivered. Zechs moved to drape the covers across them before he dropped bonelessly to the floor. It felt so cozy and warm under the covers.

Wufei snuggled back against Treize and let the man spoon him, reveling in the heat and strength supporting him. Wufei wrapped his arms around Zechs's neck and let his head fall to the pillow of Treize's right arm.

Treize rested his left hand on Zechs's hip, giving it a reassuring squeeze before he let his tired eyes flutter sleepily at his second in command.

Zechs kissed Wufei on the forehead and exchanged a pleased glance with Treize. The boy had slipped into sleep so quickly and now he breathed softly against Zechs's neck, so trusting, so innocent and so beautiful. Zechs let his right hand massage the boy's shoulder and then moved it to rest on Treize's shoulder. It became so comfortable, so relaxed, and so perfect in that one moment, that Zechs shut his eyes, and did not open them again for the rest of the night.

Treize smiled to himself, as his two lovers curled about each other in sleep. He felt relieved that the men had taken so well to each other. He felt whole now, as if he was filled to the brim with happiness, and if he lost this war, or died horribly and went to hell (for sure he would) it wouldn't matter a bit, because tonight...tonight, he had tasted paradise.


[1] I just want to thank Tz and Kat for the phrase "dark elfin child" or the adjective elfin at least. I know I read it somewhere and it was a perfect fit, so I thought I'd pay it homage here.

[2] Thank you for betaing this, Syx!

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