Correlation Conjunction Juxtaposition Admission (cont)


Heero was standing at one of the many wide windows in his apartment, watching yet another volley of snow fall from the roof above. It had snowed all night, the world outside his window white and clean looking from above. He smiled as his thoughts drifted over the night before. They'd built a snowman, a decrepit and badly made affair, twigs for arms and bubble gum for eyes. It had made them burst into laughter when they'd finished, falling to the snow together in a heap of chuckles.

He'd liked the way Duo's face had gotten all red from the cold, his nose a perfectly upturned cherry of scarlet. When Heero closed his eyes now, he could still see the face of Duo Maxwell, a wide smile arching across his lips, grinning up into his face from a bed of snow. His black coat askew, scarf unraveled and laying along his chest like a used banner from some long forgotten cause.

"Still think it's no fun Heero?" He'd whispered, eyes glimmering with good humor.

Heero had been about to answer, when a cold, wet handful of snow slithered down the neck of his coat, sending him howling into a sitting position, hands frantically digging at the ice melting against his back.

"I couldn't resist!" Duo had protested, as Heero sought his revenge, stalking the other boy with fistfuls of snow and a glint in his eyes.

Heero's smile grew larger at the memory; they'd kissed when he had caught Duo. He still shivered just thinking about it. That cold nose rubbing against his cheek, the warmth of Duo's mouth meeting his own, it'd been electrifying. He'd never had a kiss like that; the air so icy about them, coat wrapped arms slinking around shoulders and waists. Eyes shutting as they did it again, laughing nervously because they each found they liked the sensation.

And then Duo had apologized, pulling the heat of his body away, eyes falling to the snow. "I won't do that again." He'd said it as if it were a fact, no question about it. "I promise."

Heero had been speechless, unable to voice what he wanted. No...what he needed from Duo Maxwell. His gloved hands had flexed, the cold penetrating his clothing suddenly, as if it had just appeared from nowhere.

As Heero continued reflecting on the night before, his smile slowly turned down; the edges of his mouth forming a deepening frown. "No," he said against the glass of the window. "No," it was what he should have said last night, "I want this." The glass reflected his saddened eyes.


He was surprised to hear the phone ring a few days later, snapping him to attention from the seat he'd pulled to the window. For some reason, the snow kept drawing his eyes, until he'd given in, dragging a heavy plush chair over to watch it.

He stood quickly, the blanket that had been draped across his lap falling to the floor forgotten. Only one person would be calling him, and for the life of him, he couldn't understand why he felt so excited by the knowledge of who it would be.



"Duo." It breathed out as a sigh of relief. Perhaps he'd only hoped it would be him, but the definite knowledge of it was comforting.


"How are you?"

"Alright, I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight?"

"Of course not...I mean," Heero chuckled nervously, "I mean, when do I ever have plans?"

"I was looking through the paper, and I found something you might like, want to try it?"

"Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"Why would I do a silly thing like that?"

Heero laughed, "Ok, ok. Fine, where is it and what time should I be there?"

"Eight o'clock, meet me at the library and we can go from there."

"Anything I should bring?"

"Just yourself...and possibly some padding for your butt." With that cryptic statement he hung up, leaving Heero to wonder exactly what they would be doing.


"It's freezing tonight!" Duo yelled as he met Heero on the library steps, his familiar black coat and violet scarf catching Heero's gaze immediately.

"I noticed. Please tell me whatever we're doing is inside?"

"Nope, I refuse to say anything without my lawyer present."

They exchanged smiles, a tension between them that hadn't been there before.

"Well then, lead the way."

"Blindfold and cigarette sir?" Duo asked in perfect seriousness, though his eyes still held their usual glint of mischievousness.

"I'll take my chances."

"And ruin my fun? How cruel."

"How far do we have to walk?" Heero asked as they went down the steps together, heading North down the sidewalk.

"A few blocks. Why? Are you cold?"

Heero nodded, shivering for emphasis. "Freezing, as you pointed out yourself by way of greeting."

"Why so I did," Duo smiled slightly, tugging on Heero's arm and pulling it over his own. "I guess I just don't feel it now."

"Hm," Heero mumbled as they hurried down the street arm in arm, scarves slicing through the air in their wake.


For the millionth time that night, or so it seemed to Heero's extremely sore bottom, he sat in the middle of the rink, circling patrons skating easily around him. He winced as he tried to stand, his muscles protesting that he would actually want to try again.

"I think you're getting the hang of it." Duo yelled as he swung in a neat circle and stopped, bending down to help Heero up.

"How did you know I'd never been roller skating?" Heero asked, letting himself be yanked upright, his hands settling unconsciously over Duo's.

"A wild guess. Actually...I'm betting you've never done a lot of things." Duo skated backwards, pulling Heero along with him, barely glancing behind himself to guide them. They moved in an easy circle, Heero's hands sliding down to hold onto fingertips, the heat of it pleasant.

"You'd be right."

"What do you write about if you've never done anything?"

"Heh, life. Funny isn't it?"

Duo's face grew serious, "Oh Heero," he said almost sadly, "how can you write about something you've never experienced?"

"I just write about what I wish I could."

The sudden smile that lit Duo's face relieved him, the tension easing out of his shoulders. "What have you always wanted to do?"

They rounded a corner, Heero barely noticing that he hadn't fallen yet. He opened his mouth to respond, when he suddenly realized, he didn't know the answer. He was doing what he'd wished for, without even being aware of having wished for it. "This."

"Skating? You've always wished to skate?" Duo grinned at him, pausing for a split second before whirling them in a tight circle together, and then sliding with simplicity back into the steady rhythm of skating backwards.

"Yeah, I guess so..." he bit his lip to keep back the rest of it, to hide what he really wanted to say. He'd always hoped he'd fall in love too. His eyes seemed to speak for him however, because without another word Duo was tugging him towards the edge of the rink, steadying him.

Stepping back outside after gathering their coats and shoes, Heero began shivering violently in the cold. Duo remained silent, merely glancing at him occasionally, a strange look on his face.

As the library approached through the darkness of the snow drenched evening, Duo at last spoke. "Heero, I want something from you. And I'm afraid..."

"Afraid of what?"

"I'm afraid it's something you might not be able to give."

They stopped beneath the steps, snow gathering inside scarves and clinging to eyelashes.

"Duo, the other night..."

"I'm really sorry about that, I didn't mean to..."

"It's all right, I..."

"You liked it?"

They stopped talking, Duo moving forward, one gloved finger sliding down Heero's cheek. Words had ceased being necessary, a bizarre form of mind reading seemingly taking hold of each of them.

This time when they kissed, Heero felt it arc straight down to his toes, the rest of the world dimming to a tiny point. His fingers clutched at Duo's coat, dragging their bodies together, feeling suddenly on fire with this strange sensation. Mouth to mouth, hands entwining only to get lost amidst hair and coats. It was hot, wet, and perfectly right in every way. Heero felt as if his knees would give out, each moment taking the tension and tightening it. Until it was as if a coiled spring sat inside of him, waiting to explode outwards.

When they parted, white puffs of breath whispered between them on the cold night air. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Duo asked, and this time he didn't pull away.


This time it would be a real date, a movie and just the two of them in a crowded theatre in the dark. Heero was so excited he dreaded the prospect of it. This was something he truly had never done before; he smiled at himself in his reflection. Deciding a black sweater and dark jeans suited him perfectly for the evening ahead. Though, he wasn't sure what to expect. The night before Duo merely whispering to him about it, inviting him to go and watch something, anything. Heero had a sneaking suspicion they wouldn't be watching the movie very much at all, not that he minded.

Last night...he let his mind wander over it, thoughts of it seducing him into a trance. It'd been so nice, standing close to Duo, arms wrapped around each other, faces inches apart. The snow had been white around them, coats black in contrast. The sky above a dark blue, twinkling stars spattered across it like a painting. And Duo's face, well, that'd been the best part of all, so open and smiling across from him, lips parted softly, breathing visibly into the night.

"More than friendship." He'd said, eyelids lowering towards the ground while he waited for a response.


"That's what I want from you." Violet eyes turned a dark wine by the shadow of the moon, and Heero let himself fall into them.

"Well, you can have it."

Heero woke from his thoughts with a start, glancing at the clock and tearing from his apartment, he was nearly late for the date.


The movie theatre was nearly empty as he approached its doors and entered the small looking building. It was the middle of the week though, which explained the lack of movie going patrons. Heero was thrilled with the fact that he might just find himself alone with Duo. It was funny, alone with Duo, but never alone as he had been before. He supposed that when there were two people involved, it would be impossible to feel true loneliness.

"Heero!" The call rang across the small lobby, drawing Heero's eyes and turning his body to face it.

"There you are." Duo said, briskly walking over to him and grabbing his hand. "I thought you might not show."

Heero was surprised to see a look of hurt pass over Duo's face, leaving just as quickly, a ghost of pain. "Of course I was coming, I wanted to see you."

This earned him a bright smile, a small squeeze of the hand Duo still held. "Thank you." He said quietly, clearing his throat and glancing at the concession stand. "Popcorn?"

"Too greasy." Heero responded automatically, then winced at his own response. "Sure."

Duo chuckled, tugging his hand and pulling him over to the counter. "I picked a movie I thought we wouldn't mind missing." He half whispered, leaning close to Heero, his breath tickling an ear. Out loud he said to the counter man, "Medium popcorn, small coke, and..." He turned towards Heero again, "Candy?"

"Something sour."

"Something sour for the gentleman." Duo said with a grin, easily avoiding the hand that went to swat at him.

"So what movie did you pick?" Once again Heero felt nervous, realizing that soon he might be kissing, caressing, and all out making out in a darkened theatre for two. He hoped he might be able to ease himself into it, get used to the idea more than he was. Anything so that he wouldn't feel so shaky at the thought of it.

"Do you like horror movies?"

"Not really," Heero avoided Duo's gaze, shifting from foot to foot.

"Hmm, interesting." Was the only response, and Heero felt his back stiffen. Had Duo guessed? Did he know? Had he gone and found... Heero put a clamp on his thoughts, calming himself.


"Who knew such a small place could hide stadium seating?" Duo whispered as the two of them sat side by side in the dark.

The movie had yet to begin, low lights still left on so that anyone else catching the flick could find their way without an accident. Heero's palms were sweating, and he kept rubbing them nervously on his jean-clad thighs, wondering if he'd be able to calm down at all. "Dolby surroundsound." He whispered back, nodding his head slightly.



"Are you really ok with this? You, we...well we don't have to do anything if you're uncomfortable."

"I'm fine...It's just, I've never done this before."

"You mean I've found another thing you've never done?"

"Making out in a movie theatre?" Heero nodded, feeling his cheeks grow hot as he sensed Duo staring at him.

"Why Heero! Is that what you think I dragged you here for?" Duo sounded shocked, and then laughed lightly, his hand coming to rest over Heero's, patting it comfortingly. "I'm kidding, of course that's why I dragged you here. And that's why you agreed to come, isn't it?"

"Yes...but I'm still nervous."

"We'll have to do something about that." The low lights dimmed altogether, the theatre growing black as the screen ahead lit up. Heero glanced around; realizing the only other people in the theatre with them was a couple located about a million miles away and below them.

He leant back, trying to get comfortable in the seat, slipping lower, and then propping his knees on the chair below and in front of him. He tried not to notice that Duo's hand was still on his, rubbing slightly. Previews of movies to come began playing, and Heero found himself relaxing, focusing his attention on the comments Duo made during each one.

"Hmm, don't want to see that one." He'd said after the first preview. "That looks just stupid."

"Do those look real to you?"

Heero laughed at the last comment, eyeing the blond bombshell that posed across the screen. "She's lying down, and so are they, I'd say real."

Duo eyed the screen again, tilting his head slightly. "Why so they are. Experienced with this sort of thing, are you?"

"I've had a few girlfriends..."

"Oh really?"

"Ok, two."

"Heheh, two counts as a few in my book." The movie began playing and Heero stiffened in his seat as the title flashed across the screen. Oh no...anything but that, he had to distract Duo, quickly. Without a thought, he leaned over, blocking Duo's view, and kissed him.


Heero ignored the small protest, wrapping his arms around Duo's neck, tugging his head lower, lips moving slowly across the other boy's. A few seconds passed, Heero completely forgetting why he was trying to distract Duo, let alone what he was trying to draw attention away from. The lips moving over his own were soft and warm, Duo's fingers sifting through his hair, body leaning over the armrest and pulling Heero closer. A hand slid down his back and wormed its way beneath his sweater, tickling softly as it moved up. Heero groaned, moving forward unconsciously, slipping around the armrest to slide onto Duo's lap. That was much better he decided, now able to plaster himself fully against an expanse of warm sweater and hard chest.
A scream pierced the darkened theatre and Heero jerked backwards, nearly falling off the lap he was perched so precariously upon.

"Just the movie." Duo whispered, pulling him back to safety, lips nuzzling against his neck.

The movie! Heero whipped his head around, praying the credits had already finished rolling, wincing as a name flashed across the screen. He froze, waiting for what he knew would come next.


He slumped down, hiding his face against Duo's neck, wishing they'd gone to see anything but this. "Yes?" it came out muffled against sweater and skin.

"Did I just see your name?"

Heero groaned, wiggling further down, wishing he could disappear. "Yes."

"Based on the book by Heero Yuy...You're famous?"

Oh god, why did this have to happen to him? Why this movie? Why with Duo of all people. He sighed, sliding backwards and over to his own seat, feeling suddenly cold. He could feel Duo staring at him, those eyes searching his face.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

To Heero's shock, there were no recriminations in Duo's voice, merely curiosity, a hurting. "I...I never tell anyone what I write." Finally, he gained enough courage to look at Duo again, relieved when all he saw was a wondering expression.

"Is this why you move around so much?"

"Part of it."

"Heero..." A hand caressed the side of his face, Duo meeting his eyes. "You know this doesn't affect us at all, there's no reason for you to be worried I'll run out of theatre." He sighed in
exasperation, seemingly searching for words. "I like you," another pause, "a lot."

"You do?"

"Of course I do! Why do you think I keep calling you? Inviting you out? I want..."



"Me..." The theatre seemed to whirl about his head, thoughts scattering instantly. Him, Duo liked him. And not for what he was, or what he did, but for him... "Aren't you supposed to kiss me again when you say something like that?" He asked, turning and smiling widely at Duo.

"I think so." And then those lips were on him again, meeting and melding. A brief span of time, and then Heero's lap started giving him warnings that maybe this wasn't the time or place for such kissing.

"Want to get out of here?" Duo whispered as they parted, his fingers still tangled in hair, eyes half lidded and heavy.

Heero could only nod in response, grabbing Duo's hand and nearly running for the exit.


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