Correlation Conjunction Juxtaposition Admission (cont)


They made it as far as bench a few blocks away, collapsing on it and laughing nearly hysterically at something they couldn't define. It was snowing yet again, soft light flakes drifting down from the sky, settling like feathers. Heero shivered as he realized just how cold the bench was, moving closer to the heat source sitting beside him.

"Cold again?"


Without a word Duo pulled him close, opening his coat and wrapping it around him. "Where did you live before this?"

"South America."

"That would explain it then. You're just not used to this weather."

Heero snuggled closer, his gloved hands inching behind Duo, laying flat against his back, face resting against warm skin.

"Your nose is cold." Duo whispered, laughing as Heero began rubbing it against his neck.

"Duo...what do you do?"

"You mean for living?"


"Well, if you'll pay me enough, I'll warm your nose up for you." He laughed loudly; squirming inside the coat they shared as Heero trailed his icy nose upwards. He stopped as their eyes met, lips inches apart.


"You really want to know?"

"Of course, besides, now you know my dirty little secret."

"Dirty indeed, and nothing to be ashamed of."

"Hm." Heero couldn't control the urge to lean even closer, rubbing his nose against a cheek, brushing his lips over Duo's. "Tell me." He whispered, watching as Duo's eyes closed.

"I'll tell you what, how about you try to guess? And the closer you get to the right answer, the closer I'll get to you." Duo mumbled, fingers fumbling with the buttons of Heero's coat, hands pushing inside to run over sweater-clad skin.

"Umm," Heero was having trouble concentrating, unable to think of a single occupation. "You seem to have a lot of free time." He managed, gasping as a bare hand inched under his sweater. "So that leaves out anything with a strict schedule. Your hand is freezing."

"I'm warming it up. Keep going."

Heero squirmed, as both hands lay bare against his skin, sliding up and down in soothing motions. He moved deeper within the folds of the coats that surrounded them, biting back a soft moan as Duo's hands moved lower, palms spreading across his lower back and pulling him closer. A finger slid beneath the waistband of his jeans, teasingly light, a tickle of sensation. "Artist?"

"Nice guess, but not correct."


"Maybe." Another finger slipped beneath his waistband, both brushing back and forth softly against his skin.

"Can you give me a hint?" He slipped off a glove, shoving it into his pocket and carefully inching his hand up the front of Duo's sweater. Fingers finding nothing but a shirt, he pulled his hand out and untucked it, then sighed as his fingers met smooth, bare skin as they slipped upwards once more.

"It's not a normal job."

"Wonderful, what kind of hint is that."

"A bad one?" Duo laughed as Heero pinched him, bucking slightly and forcing his entire hand down the back of Heero's jeans. It molded itself to the rounded cheek it found there, squeezing lightly. "Mmm, it's uh...nice..." He trailed off, pushing their bodies together as they both seemed to lose concentration, rocking against one another. Both hands firmly holding onto Heero's rear, one on the outside of the jeans, one on the inside of them, hips raising into the motion.

Heero found himself straddling Duo, legs bent and resting on the bench to either side. His hands were sliding open palmed against Duo's chest, fingers finding nothing but soft, smooth skin, hot against them. He gave up on the game, closing his eyes and finding Duo's mouth, tongue sliding out and inside. It was a sensation that shot straight to his arousal, making him harder at the intimate touch. He moaned into it, unconsciously rocking his lower body with more force against Duo's, feeling the caress of tongue against tongue. Vaguely aware of the fact that he was making out with Duo on a bench in the middle of a park at night, snow falling thicker around them.

He couldn't seem to get enough contact, the urge to crawl further inside coats and sweaters, crawl naked over the body beneath his, clawing at his mind. He'd never felt this way, not about touching or being touched, such heat, desire filling his entire being. The hand that wasn't beneath his jeans slid up his back, delving into the hair at the base of his neck, Duo's mouth beneath his opening, the kiss becoming harder, more furious in its wanderings. He could feel the erection rubbing against him through jeans, a twin to the one inside his own pants. He wasn't sure just how much more he could take, emotions gathering hand in hand with sensations to drive him wild.

His fingers gripped hard at Duo's ribs, stilled as he focused only on feeling each surge of lust flitter through his body. His mouth continued to move, open and panting, his eyes half lidded as he struggled to keep them open only so he could watch Duo. When at last their lips parted, he moaned, shuddering as Duo's lips fell to his neck, breath hot against his skin.

"It's snowing." Duo muttered, voice slurred with sex, need dripping from his mouth like a living thing. He sighed deeply, still moving his hips. "We should probably get out of here before we catch colds."

Heero moaned in disappointment, shaking his head from side to side. "Too hot to catch a cold."

"Yes, maybe it feels like that..." He paused, nibbling along Heero's lower lip, tongue running out to sooth the nonexistent hurt left behind. "But there are things I want to do, that we shouldn't be doing in public view." He managed after a few more seconds, lips leaving trails along Heero's jaw, eyelashes brushing against skin.

"Tomorrow night?" Heero whispered breathlessly, already thinking about the things that they might be able to do in a more private place.

"My apartment, dinner, you..."

"Never been to your place before..."

"I'll call you with the address..." They didn't seem to stop moving at all, instead the pace of their rocking bodies picking up with the speed of the falling snow.

"Duo," It came out a soft groan, "I want..."

"Me too..."

"I've never..."

"I know..."

"Mind reader."

"Good guess, but no."

Heero laughed, head rolling back to stare at the sky, snowflakes twisting in a whirlwind above him, scattering and drifting down. His eyes closed as his body trembled, orgasm nearly painful in the tight confines of his jeans. Duo pulled him close, muttering incoherently against his neck, hands casting soothing patterns across the skin of his back as he continued to quake in the aftermath. Heero's breath panted out, white in the night, mind drifting back down from the sudden attack of such intense feelings. "Evil?" He whispered, already beginning to shiver as the sweat that had gathered on his skin began dissipating.

"Is that even an occupation?"


Heero had walked home in the swirling snow, mind preoccupied, feet moving without conscious thought. He'd entered his building, barely registering signing in, taking the elevator up. He kept thinking about what would be in store for him the next day, dwelling on what was yet to be experienced.

He stripped his clothes off, leaving a trail to his bedroom, sinking beneath the covers; eyes still glazed over with thought. The window looked wet in the darkness, flurries of snow spitting against it. His hands caressed his own body as he remembered the feeling of Duo, the heat of each kiss, the sensual slide of fingers and lips. He wanted so much more now, each touch having paved the way to need, the desire to get as much as he could.

He could see Duo when he closed his eyes, pretend it was Duo touching him again, making his erection swell, that feeling course over his skin once more. His hand eased down his stomach, fingers wrapping firmly around the shaft that was tenting the bedclothes. That felt almost too good, but he continued, pumping into his hand slowly, feeling the building of release. His hips thrust off the bed, back arching gently, moans leaving his mouth as he pictured Duo above him, in him, moving over him. Those eyes would be filled with lust, that face reflecting the desire he felt.

With a muffled cry, he turned his face into the pillow, feeling the wet, heated spatter of orgasm fall onto his hand, drip down his stomach. Sleep overcame him in seconds, dreams wrapping their woolly arms about his head, drawing him down into the embrace of darkness.


It was times like this that Heero wished he wrote romance novels instead of horror novels. Maybe then he would have a clue what to wear. His closet door was flung open, clothing lying across the floor, spilling off his bed, and for the life of him he couldn't find a single thing to wear. The light blue turtleneck? Maybe the black long-sleeved silk, perhaps the ...he shook his head, slumping to the floor amidst a clutter of shoes and staring around vacantly.

What did one wear to a boyfriend's apartment, when one knew what would happen that night would have very little to do with dinner, and very much to do with ...well...dessert? Heero smiled, he knew exactly what would be for dessert, him. As a matter of fact, he was looking forward to it so much he could barely think about anything else. Duo had called earlier that afternoon, voice cheerful as ever, rattling off his address and giving the time to be there, telling Heero he looked forward to the evening ahead, and not to be afraid of it.

Heero wasn't really afraid, more like, tense. His gaze fell on a brightly colored sweater of royal blue, hmm, too bright maybe. What could he wear that would be...alluring, sexy? It was far too cold out to wear anything but long sleeves and thick pants. Black then, no, maybe cream? He groaned, toppling over to lie amongst the scattered clothing. He was beginning to understand what women went through, and he pitied them to no end.


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