Correlation Conjunction Juxtaposition Admission (cont)


The apartment building Duo resided in was as large as Heero's own, a doorman letting him in after he identified whom he was seeing. He hurried over to the elevators, impatient to be there already, to see Duo again. He barely noticed the plush surroundings, instead buried in a lovely fantasy world. Seventeenth floor, the elevator pinged, doors sliding open to reveal a hallway clad in burgundy carpeting and impressionist paintings. He counted the doors, stopping in front of apartment 1708 and nervously smoothing back his hair, adjusting his coat, tugging on his scarf.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked, wincing at the heaviness of the solid oak door.

A few seconds passed, time in which Heero took to try to calm his heart rate, and failing miserably at it. And then the door opened, a pair of bright violet eyes peering out at him, that huge smile welcoming him inside. He couldn't seem to stop himself, rushing up against Duo and wordlessly kissing him, mouth hesitant for only a moment before he wrapped his arms upward, groaning into it.

"Dessert comes after dinner, Heero." Duo chided after a few minutes of kissing him back, his own hands having slid beneath the long winter coat, unbuttoning and removing it. He smiled softly, hanging the coat beside the door and turning. His eyes opened wide, first sliding up and then slowly dragging down Heero's body. "Weren't you cold?"

Heero felt his cheeks redden, he'd been freezing, but he wasn't going to mention that. He fidgeted under Duo's gaze, pulling at the tight black t-shirt he'd managed find buried in a drawer. It was the only thing he could think of that was even mildly sexy, the jeans he wore the usual tight black, perhaps tighter than that, as they were from when he'd been sixteen.

"Never mind," Duo chuckled, "I'm just teasing you, you look great, edible even." again, his eyes drifted, almost as if touching every inch of Heero in sight. "Very nice."

"What's for dinner?"


"A bit, I didn't manage to eat today." Heero blushed harder, realizing he was behaving much like a virgin schoolgirl. He might as well start stuttering, he tore his gaze away from Duo's, glancing about the apartment. It was actually very similar to his own, slightly different furniture, though that same dark and light feeling to it. Comforting, he decided, nodding at his own unvoiced thoughts.

"You approve?" Duo asked, taking his arm and leading him to the couch that nestled in front of a large picture window, a low table set in front of it, chairs to either side.

"It's nice, looks a lot like my own apartment." Heero sat down abruptly, folding his hands in his lap and then unfolding them, looking anywhere but at Duo.

"Don't be so nervous." A finger caressed his cheek, turning his head up, eyes meeting with Duo's once again. He shivered, unable to control it.

"I can't seem to stop."

"Well," Duo sat down beside him, sliding an arm behind his neck and pulling him close. "Tell me why you're so nervous, and maybe I can help."

"I don't think you can help with this..." he fumbled for words, catching a whiff of whatever it was they were having for dinner. "What's that smell?"

"Ahh, dinner," Duo grinned, dragging Heero up and tugging him towards an open doorway. "Don't want it to burn." He said by way of an explanation.

"Smells good, whatever it is."

"And it will be, it's my specialty."

Heero watched as Duo opened the oven, peering inside and humming softly to himself before shutting the door with care. He opened the fridge, taking out a bottle and setting it on the counter. "A few more minutes and it should be done. In the meantime, I'm going to pour you a glass of this horrifyingly expensive wine, and you're going to sit and talk."


"Yes, talk. You need to relax. Besides, it might unsettle your stomach if you eat while nervous." Duo grinned at him over the glass he held out, waiting until Heero had swallowed a mouthful before turning back towards the oven. "Go sit on the couch, I'll be in, in a moment.

"Yes sir!" Heero smiled, the wine already warming him and relaxing his tense muscles. He headed towards the doorway, feeling a little calmer.

"Oh, and Heero?"

He turned in the doorway. "Mm?"

"You might want to take a look at the bookshelves over beside the window."

"Ok," Heero shook his head, wondering what could possibly be interesting, certainly not one of his own books. That'd be too much.

He set his glass down on the table in front of the couch, meandering over to one of the tall wooden bookcases and perusing the titles idly. A small, black bound book caught his eye, and he slipped it out, glancing more closely at the spine. The tiny gold lettering seemed to leap out at him, burning into his retinas with the force of a nuclear explosion. "D. Maxwell, Poetry compilation, The Murder of Innocents." He read aloud, softly, as if said too loudly it might crack the window. His fingertips caressed the spine, opening it without a direct command from his brain. Eyes automatically reading as they fell to the page.

"It was snowing the day the Black Death came
Murder on it's mind, driven to be insane
Cornerstones left burned/ Children in its wake
Innocent lives
Things it would take"

He snapped the book closed with trembling fingers, searching the shelves urgently now, wondering what else he'd see. Another spine caught his eye, D. Maxwell scrawled down its side.

He knocked another book off the shelf in his haste, glancing at the kitchen to see if Duo had heard it. Then took the second book, barely glancing at the title before reading this time.

"...Looking the wrong way at things I should have been paying attention to, listening to the wrong words when I should have been making my own. It took me a year after that to realize why it hurt every time I saw my father and mother each Sunday of the month. I wasn't even theirs and I was a son they wouldn't want. I was the epitome of everything they despised, I was gay."

The book fell from his fingers, thumping to the floor to land closed, the title clearly displayed.

"Loneliness" it read simply, and Heero knew, this was why Duo seemed to understand him so well, treated him with such care. Because, inside, they were the same. He bent down, carefully placing the books back where they belonged, stumbling to the couch in wake of his revelations. He laughed softly; at least he wasn't nervous anymore. An arm eased around his neck from behind, Duo nestling his face beside Heero's, lips brushing his cheek. "Dinner." He whispered, closing his eyes and sighing, a gentle exhalation against skin.

"You're a writer too." Heero said, making it a statement, since he already knew the answer. He felt a nod against his cheek.

"Yeah, I am."

"So what's for dinner?" And he smiled as he felt the lips pressed against him curve upward in response.



Heero was more than slightly drunk, dinner had been fabulous. A supremely manly quiche, at least that's what Duo had called it. Another bottle of wine, a simple salad of herbs, and a small dessert of sweetened whipped cream and raspberries. He felt completely at ease, calm, warm, and comfortable in the circle of Duo's arms about him.

His feet were propped up on a pillow at one end of the couch, hands curled behind himself and wrapped languidly around Duo's neck. He burped softly, laughing when Duo excused him. "Have I told you how delicious that was?"

"I think so, perhaps only five or six times though. So you can tell me again if you want." Teeth nibbled lightly along his ear, sending a small shiver down his spine at the touch. "Though, perhaps you could tell me something else?"

"Like what?" he turned, laying his head against Duo's chest and closing his eyes as the heartbeat beneath lulled him.

"Will you spend the night with me?"

Heero felt the sudden tenseness in Duo, realizing the other boy was holding his breath, waiting for an answer. "Of course."

"Then let's celebrate in true style."


"Why Heero, don't you know how to celebrate?"

"Not a clue."

"Then let me show you."


They were dancing; whirling around the apartment together in an echo of the snow that spun outside the window. Heero had never danced before, and was amazed to find it was easy, at least, it was easy with Duo. He laughed in sheer delight as they dipped and swayed, occasionally collapsing against one another in fits of giggles. The music poured out of a small stereo that sat near the window, the rhythm of it slowing as another song began.

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's neck, sliding close and hardly noticing that they were standing in one place, barely moving any longer. He closed his eyes, lifting his face, seeking and finding Duo's mouth, gently opening it and slipping his tongue inside. His fingers tightened, concentration dimming, thoughts rolling to a stop as he stood and merely let himself feel.

The way Duo's body slid against his own, the soft sounds as their tongues met and caressed, his shirt being inched up by curious fingers, hands exploring beneath it. He smiled into the kiss, his own hands busily pulling at Duo's shirt, unbuttoning it and sliding it off shoulders, fingers following the path of its falling. His hands smoothed over silken skin, trailing lower and fumbling with the button of Duo's pants as he felt his own slither down his hips. He stepped out of them unconsciously, molding himself against Duo's body, head tilting to the side, deepening the kiss.

He tugged at Duo's jeans, pulling them off, greedy for more skin. He groaned loudly as their erections met, dancing their own little dance. His fingers delved into the wealth of hair that had come free of its customary braid, pulling softly, burying themselves inside of it. He didn't even notice when they both sank to their knees, only aware of climbing on top of Duo, running his hands possessively over every inch of skin, and still they didn't stop kissing.

Though after a few more minutes of caresses, soft encouraging moans, blatant lustful groping, he did stop long enough to strip off his shirt and toss it to one side. Then he leaned down once more, this time his tongue taking a different route, tasting flesh.

"Heero..." Duo's hands were gripping his hair, alternately tightening and releasing with each swipe of tongue over sensitive areas. Heero stopped, glancing up along the pale body, eyes alight with something new, something alive.

It was time then, he knew as soon as their eyes met, it was time to come together, meld into something more. No words were necessary as he slid slowly along the length of Duo's body, legs spreading to either side. His hands came to rest beside Duo's head, their gazes locked. One word spilled from his mouth, enough to let Duo know. "Now."

A nod and a smile were his answer, Duo's hands slipping between them to grasp his arousal, the wet head of it bumping gently against Heero.

He hissed as it penetrated him, gritting his teeth yet refusing to stop any of it. Duo's mouth met his again, calming him, letting him know that where there was pain there was also pleasure. He grunted softly, forcing his body to relax, another inch gaining its way inside of him. Such slow going, such friction, his hands tightened beside Duo's head, grasping handfuls of hair, an anchor to the earth. Easy rocking motions, another inch gained, another gasp, deeper this time, a moan following on its heels.

Heero leaned back slightly, bringing the hair held with him, pulling Duo by it, lips meeting repeatedly with a gentle fervor. It felt impossibly right, another inch gained, how many more Heero had no idea of, all he knew at that moment was that he'd gladly take it all, claim it for his own.

He rested for a moment, fingers feeling the texture of Duo's hair, lips tasting, body quivering as he demanded of it to remain still. He thrust downwards a bit, taking the rest of Duo inside of himself, moaning loudly at the pain and pleasure of it. Choirs could sing of divine rights, churches could preach of the almighty god, and still it couldn't compare to this. Fusion.

Take it slow, he told himself, relax, he whispered inside his own head. A glance down at Duo's features undid these calming mantras, those violet eyes staring straight at him, straight inside of him, burning into his soul. Nevermind, he decided, take it fast and love every minute of it.

And with that, the last of coherent thought left him, perhaps to run outside and dance with the snow. His body moving of its own will, rocking down and up, each millimeter of flesh inside of him pulsing with a heartbeat of its own. Duo's fingers wrapped around his hips, steadying him, helping him in this ride. He was opened, speared in place, unaware of the cries that tumbled from his mouth, merely feeling.

He felt like crying, it was so good, something beyond physical pleasure, greater than anything that had come before, and so very right. Again, he sped his pace, knees slapping the carpet, breath ripping from his lungs. Duo's arms slid to his back, a sudden change in position as he sat up slightly, forcing himself deeper inside. Taking Heero's screams and muffling them with his mouth, moaning out his own euphoric revelations.

He would never be alone again, because even on his darkest day he would remember this. He would recall the love that joined them together, the desire that connected them. Release was floating just out of reach now, each second that Duo remained inside of him bringing it closer. He didn't want it to end; wishing it could go on forever, eternally.

A whisper against his ear, the softly uttered words ringing inside his head. It didn't matter what was being said, he couldn't understand it, couldn't comprehend anything. Duo was sobbing, gripping him so hard that he could barely move, and still he kept going. The body below him tensed, the flexing inside of him triggering something deep within, exploding behind his eyes in a display of white light. Fireworks of winter snow, a combination of bodily chemistry, and at long last, he was complete.


He awoke to the soft sounds of footsteps, opening his eyes to gaze blearily about. Instantly recalling exactly where he was, his eyes moving to the window, watching as Duo pulled back the curtain. Naked except for a shirt held in one hand, face turned slightly in profile, features unreadable in the night.

"Awake?" the whispered words took a moment to reach him, the silence of the room dragging them down.


Duo's head turned, his eyes blackened pools. "Stay?"

Heero smiled, slipping an arm from beneath the covers, gesturing with a crook of his finger. "Only if you come back to bed."


"Not anymore."

+ "Are you sure this is the right place?" Heero frowned, glaring at the small piece of paper Duo held.

"Positive, see? The numbers match," he gestured down the street at the sign that proclaimed it to be Greenland Way.

"And it's the right building. So, why is it completely condemned and damned?"

"Good question." Duo nodded, glancing up at the building. "I just don't understand, I called the same number, they said this was it." He scratched his head, looking confusedly down at the address he held. "I know I wrote this right, hell, I even asked her to repeat it just in case."

They both looked up at the building again, each wearing frowns of puzzlement. A newspaper fluttered down the street behind them, briefly drawing their attention, and then they both turned to stare at the building once more.



"Was that plaque there a moment ago?"

Two mouths fell open in unison. Duo coughed, trying to clear his throat.



"Do you want to pretend neither of us see that?"

"I'm thinking that might be our safest route."

"Should we mention this to anyone?"

"Uh, no."

"Right then." Heero turned his back resolutely on the building, grabbing Duo's hand and glancing over at him. "Would you mind if we um... run?"


"I could definitely go for a book right about now."

"Reality has gotten too strange." They grinned at one another and took off running, hands linked, shouts echoing back amongst the empty buildings.

The wind puffed again, rattling the decrepit building, blowing against the small plaque that seemed to be the only thing left untouched. Briefly, the summer sun glinted, light catching the engraving.

Founded in 1780,
condemned in 1920,
may the friendship found here expand beyond our vision

Only one other thing was on the small sign, in carefully scripted archaic cursive.

- MaxwellYuy Foundation -

The wind whistled, a shrill happy little sound, and merrily made its way down the street.


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