Drug of Choice (cont)


A few hours later my eyes open onto darkness, the sound of Duo breathing softly right beside me. I move my face slightly, trying to figure out where exactly I am, and where exactly he is. There's a pile of silken hair resting against my shoulder, and when I concentrate, I realize his face is right beside my own. I could get used to waking up like this. His head leans closer in the blackness of the room, breath coasting over my cheek.

"You awake?" he whispers, a gleam of light from the VCR shining off of his eyes for a moment.

"Yeah," and for some reason I'm whispering too. "How do you feel?"

"Good, real nice. I could get used to waking up like this."

"Apparently great minds think alike."

"You too, huh?"

"Yeah," my fingers absently stroke his back, muscles sliding beneath them as he inches closer. "Duo, you don't mind this, do you?"

"You touching my back? Or you using me in some sort of personal psychology experiment?"

"What?" it comes out squeaky, my throat having suddenly constricted.

"I'm not stupid, Heero."

"No, I knew that." I shake my head, wonderingly, "but, why did you do it? Why'd you let me do it?"

"Because." His lips curve, meeting mine even as they open to ask another question. This time he's in control of the situation, all shyness and nervousness gone. I think this is what all those girls see, not the nervous, almost innocent boy he'd been a few hours ago, but this sexual and sensual god clamping his mouth to my own. The kiss starts out sweet, quickly moving into something harder and more furious, his tongue diving inside my mouth, wrapping and wrestling, touching every part of it.

For a strange second or three, a snatch of song runs through my head in answer to his whispered word "because the sky is blue it makes me sad, because the world is round it turns me on, because... " it fits, and explains his reasons. To me at least.

My thoughts melt as he rolls me over, pulling me up, and pinning my back to the couch. His hands curl around my own, mouth still reaping and raping its way over and through mine. Hungry little sounds emanate from him, growls and moans, his hands at last releasing my own only to run down my sides, lifting my shirt, fingers curling around the waistband of my pants and tugging them off my hips.

"What do you want to do?" I manage to ask, forcibly pulling my mouth from his to gasp it out.

"You," he says in a hot whisper, raking his teeth across my neck and biting down gently.

Good answer, I think, my own hands already winding a path down his back, cupping the perfect roundness of his ass and yanking him closer to me. Another sound bite of song winds its way through my thoughts "heaven, I'm in heaven... " I chuckle against his mouth.

"Tell me then, does heaven let you have sex?"

"It does if I'm going there." I manage to say, blindly reaching beneath the couch cushions in an attempt to find the little gift I'd left myself earlier. Just in case.

"Looking for the lube, Heero?"

"Reading my mind, Duo?"

"Turn about is fair play, you know that, right?"

I can't help but grin up at him, my eyes now used to the little amount of light in the room; enough to see he's grinning back at me. And that he's holding out the tube of lube to one side, wagging it. "Want to help me with this? I'm still a little new... "

"Are you sure?" I ask, still being attacked my conscience.

His free hand grabs one of mine, wrapping it around his erection. "What's that feel like to you?"

"I'd say, like you're sure." I snatch the tube from his other hand, opening it and wetting my fingers and palm down with a nice dollop of it. I don't think there is such a thing as too much of the stuff. He lets out a soft exhalation as my hand slips between his spread knees, opening his mouth and leaning closer. A shiver runs through him as I run my middle finger down his balls, just teasing for a few seconds.

"Do it," he whispers harshly, hands gripping my shoulders again, eyes closed tightly.

"Relax," I respond, slowly slipping my wetted finger inside of him, inching it past the first tight muscles, then pulling it down, taking a minute to search out his prostate. His sharp cry indicates I've found it, his entire body tensing around me, before relaxing to sag against me.

"The doctor never makes it feel like that," he laughs, breathless against my ear.

"If your doctor is anything like mine, you don't want him to."

"Good point," his hips wiggle, eyes opening directly in front of my own, "well?"

"Kiss me again?"

He smiles, leaning down, pressing his mouth to mine, then spreading his lips open, teeth nipping at my tongue. I press another finger inside of him, searching, seeking, and striking. His body conforms to mine, mouth open wider as he lets out another cry. All it takes is one more hit and he's riding my fingers almost desperately. Ripping his mouth from my own long enough to call my name before it crashes back to me.

It almost pains me to remove my hand, sliding out of him to the soft whimper that falls from his lips, almost disappointed sounding. But then I'm already positioning, moving him forward, holding him steady, and ever so slowly pressing against him, before sliding gently inside. The pressure of the set of muscles at his entrance is almost enough to bring me off right away. So tight, I can barely get past them, and then with a hard shove he pushes down onto me, head thrown back as he sinks lower, and a silent wail opening his mouth wide. This is an image that I really will carry with me for life. Something I'll never be able to forget. His expression so open, full of lust and emotions, hair falling around and down his back, eyes tightly shut. We take some minutes, sitting still, both of us adjusting to the feeling of being joined in this way. Unthinkingly my hand goes to his cheek, "open your eyes Duo."

He does, and they look like moonlit pools, wide and filled with carnality. "Yeah," he whispers, "I know it's you, believe me," he raises up a little and then sinks down further onto me, "I know... "

It starts out slow, just like his kiss a few minutes ago, soft, sweet almost, quickly turning into something more passionate as he gets used to the feeling of my cock deep inside his body. I wrap my hands firmly around his hips, helping him along as he begins to ride me, every bounce opening both our mouths wide in helpless moans. He leans back, hair tossing as he rides, muscles flexing as he grips my shoulders. He's so hot I'd almost swear there's steam rising off him. Though it's probably from the sheer amount of body heat we're generating. Already we're moving faster together, a beast of sexuality. His legs snap open wider, his weight pressing me hard against the couch back. Lips meeting mine, tongue spearing into my mouth. His erection rubs against my stomach, and he lets out a shout right before I feel him spill against it. A slick trail of semen dripping between us.

At last, I succumb to the pulling and drawing in of his body, tugging him impossibly close as I too climax, satisfied to no end as I empty myself inside of him. He's utterly boneless as he collapses, his cheek resting against my shoulder, breathing still fast and hard. I really don't want to leave the inside of his body, but realize I have to, and slide out of him, grinning when I feel how wet it's gotten between us. What can I say? Wet sex is a turn on for me. For a time, we stay like that, wrapped around each other, afterglow swaddling the two of us. And eventually I manage to get us both awake enough to somehow get to a bedroom and pass out.


It's been a few days, and I have to say, I've never been happier. Duo is the perfect lover, open, honest, and horny as all hell. I still masturbate, though; he's decided he gets to watch me when I do. Not that I mind, since he also likes to lend a helping hand.

All in all, I think my study went rather well. I got Duo, I proved my point, and perhaps I'll even get an 'A' on this paper. Then again, maybe not.

"You still working on that paper?"

I turn my head, glancing at him. He's standing naked in the doorway; hair scattered around his shoulders, eyes looking very bed- roomy. "Yeah," I remember what I was thinking of a few moments beforehand, gesturing to him to come closer. "Hey Duo... "

"Mmm?" His lips cruise over mine, pausing to nibble at my bottom lip.

"Are you gay?"

He leans back, blinking at me, "Heero, in all this damned experiment, didn't you ever stop to think to ask, if I'm Bisexual ?"

Good point.


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