Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.

Fate + Chapter Twelve

"I propose a toast, to my self control. You see it crawling helpless on the floor."
- Morphine, Cure For Pain

Duo snuggled against the warm body beside him, his eyes closed against the sunlight filtering into the room. He could feel steady breathing, the soft thump of a heart. He nuzzled smooth skin and peeked open his eyes. He felt better, not so feverish that he couldn't focus.

Heero lay beside him, face peaceful in repose. Shadowy eyelashes brushing his cheekbones, lips softened in sleep. Duo resisted the urge to brush back the few strands of dark hair resting over the stern eyebrows. The impulse to lean over and kiss those gently parted lips however, proved too great. Heero's mouth was so incredibly soft and warm against his. He submerged in the feeling, just resting his lips, then slowly moving them, tasting the warmth, the life.

"Mmm, Duo?" The yielding mouth mumbled against him. Duo lifted his head, staring into the half open, sleepy blue eyes.

"How do you feel?" Heero asked, absently brushing stray wisps of hair from Duo's face.

"Better, and I'm hungry." A cool hand touched his forehead then his cheek.

Heero gazed into his eyes for a moment, then smiled. The fever was much lower now, just a faint heat in the sunburned skin. "I can't cook like Mil, but I can make you something." He slid off the bed, tucking the covers around Duo. "Stay here, I'll be back in a bit." Duo watched the retreating back, sighing and settling back against the pillows. His eyes drifted shut and yawning hugely, he stretched and slid lower under the blankets. A few seconds later he was sound asleep again.

"Duo." A gentle shake, "Come on, food." A hand slid down his face, pressing against his cheek for a moment. "Wake up, I found some soup."

Duo blinked open one eye fitfully, muttering into his pillow. Then he rolled onto his back and sat up a little. "What kind?"

Heero propped a few more pillows behind him. "Chicken, it's the best for you, I think. At least that's what they always say."

"Ah, the ever elusive they." Duo chuckled, and relaxed back. His head still felt sluggish, every thought an effort. And he was drowsy, so tired. But food sounded good, he tried on a lopsided grin. "Are you going to feed me?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want you spilling this all over the place." Heero smirked and lifted a bowl from beside the bed. Dipping a spoon in he grinned suddenly, and met Duo's eyes. "Here comes the..."

Duo glared at him. "Don't even."

He chuckled and waved the spoon in front of Duo's lips. The boy stuck out his tongue, then grimaced and opened his mouth. His eyes brightened slightly after the first spoonful of the hot, rich soup. Soon enough, Heero handed him the bowl and spoon, settling down on the side of the bed and watching him eat.

"When you're done eating, you should take a bath, rinse off the sweat. I'll change your sheets while you're bathing. Then you should rest some more."

Duo looked up, his mouth wrapped around the spoon. He pulled it out and tilted his head to one side. "Bath? Can't I take a shower? I don't like baths."

Heero mentally shook his head; the pout on Duo's face was charming. "Yes, a bath. You'll survive. Besides, I don't think you're as strong as you think you are right now." Taking the now empty bowl, he set it aside, leaving the spoon in it. Then he pulled back the covers and wrapped an arm around Duo's waist, helping him from the bed. Slowly they made their way down the hall towards the bathroom.

Duo was astonished at how heavy his body felt, maybe a bath was a good idea after all. Standing might be a little too difficult right now; gravity seemed to be not in favor of him at the moment. He leant against the wall.

Heero began to fill the tub, kneeling beside it, dipping a hand under the water, adjusting the temperature. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid the bath won't be very warm. If you took a hot one the fever might get worse, so this is the warmest you can have." He stood up and pulled Duo over to sit on the edge of the tub, tugging the t-shirt over the boy's head, careful not to brush it against the still bright burn. Then he helped Duo stand up so his shorts could be removed.

Heero tried very hard to ignore the naked boy, but with every movement more fevered flesh touched him. Gritting his teeth he maneuvered Duo into the tub, settling him down in the water and handing him a washcloth and a bar of soap. "I'll be back in a few minutes to check on you. The sheets are in the hall closet right?"

Duo looked up drowsily, his belly felt warm and full, and he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. "Yeah, how'd you know that?"

"It's the obvious place." Heero's eyes strayed down Duo's chest and then slowly made their way back up, meeting the sleepy amethyst gaze. "Don't go anywhere." He said, pointing a stern finger. Then he turned on his heel, partially shutting the door as he left.

Duo sighed and slumped down in the warm water. Idly he lifted the washcloth and smoothed the soap across it. It felt good to finally be able to wash the dry film of sweat off, get clean. The idea of clean, cool sheets sounded good too. He closed his eyes and sat back carefully. The end of his braid was getting wet, but then, his hair was barely contained by now. The restless night having made a mess of it, loosening the sun streaked mass. He wondered if it would be a bad idea to try and wash it. No shower, he frowned. Maybe he could do it in the tub. A smile spread across his lips, maybe he could do it with help. Closing his eyes, he rested his head against the wall, waiting for Heero to return.


"Do you really have to do this without help all the time?" Heero was trying not to tangle his hands within the wet mass of hair more then he already had. Every dripping strand of it seemed to want to cling to him, twisting around his fingers and arms like a living thing. He shook his head and tilted Duo back.

"Hold your breath." Heero warned, then he dunked him under the water, quickly rinsing the remains of the conditioner out. Putting his arm behind the boy's neck, he helped him sit up again, trying not to smile as Duo sputtered, looking indignant. "That's the best I can do for now. Feel better?"

"Yeah. But now it has to be dried." Duo's mouth turned down. His hair waved around him in the water, tendrils covering him, bangs slicked back. His cheeks were pink, skin flushed a rosy shade.

"We'll dry it, then you get back in bed and stay there."

"That's something I have no problem promising."

Heero smiled at the somewhat petulant tone. Yanking the plug out of the drain, he lifted Duo to his feet, and reaching over, grabbed two fluffy towels from the sink ledge. He wrapped one of the towels around Duo, and then waited while he tried to dry off.

"Need help?"

"I can do it, I'm not an invalid." Duo said testily, swaying a bit, before managing to grab the other towel out of Heero's hand and wrap it around his soaked hair. He tilted his head back, one hand remaining on his head to keep the towel in place. "Wipe that smirk off your face, I know I look silly."

Heero laughed out loud, he couldn't help himself. Duo was standing on the bath mat, two mismatched towels wrapping around his slim form, his head tilted back at a haughty angle. For all the world looking like an aristocrat trying holding a hat on in the wind. The towel slid sideways a bit, and Heero began laughing harder. Then he wrapped his arms around the glaring boy. Holding him tightly, still chuckling, he asked. "Has anyone ever told you, you make a cranky patient?"


"Hey," Heero slid his hands lightly over Duo's back. "I just had an idea."

"What?" Duo pulled back, looking sullenly out from under the towel.

"Let's go outside, I'll sit you in the sun, and brush your hair for you. Ok?" Heero nuzzled the damp neck, tugging Duo towards the bedroom. "You can put on some comfortable clothes and just relax. Then sleep the rest of the day."

"Alright." It actually sounded pleasant. Duo could already feel the sun soaking into his skin, the brush running through his hair.

"I think you should wear long sleeves though, don't want that burn to get any worse. As a matter of fact, I should probably put something on it." Frowning he paused next to the bed, then pushed Duo down. The sudden weariness overcoming the slender boy didn't appear to be a good sign.

"Rel left me some more of that paste stuff." Duo's eyelids were heavy, and he closed them, slumping gradually over onto his side. "It's on the dresser." He gestured vaguely, rubbing his face against the pillow.

"Lie on your stomach." Heero said, picking up the glass jar of ointment, and sitting on the edge of the bed. Moving the towel away from the crimson skin, he opened the container, scooping out a good-sized handful of the paste. Then he rubbed it between his hands, warming it up, unwilling to jerk Duo out of his lethargy by slapping cold paste onto his back.



Duo opened one eye and looked over his shoulder at the dark haired boy. "Aren't you worried you'll get sick too?"

"I don't get sick." Heero began rubbing the paste in, trying to keep his attention focused on what he was doing, and not what he wanted to do. It was bad enough that Duo was mostly naked, but he kept making the most stimulating little murmurs.

"Everyone gets sick."

"Well, I don't."

"You've never been sick?" Duo's eyes were closed again, once more nuzzling his face against the pillow, arching his back as Heero's hands hit a sensitive spot. "That tickles."

"Want me to be more firm?" Heero's hands rested for a moment, fingers splayed in sharp contrast against the red skin.

"" Duo shook his head against the pillow. "You going to do my legs for me too?" He mumbled, and then lay still, breathing deeply, and feeling himself falling asleep to the gentle kneading motions trailing up and down his back.

"Yeah, then if you can stand up long enough we'll get you dressed so I can take you outside and get this hair drying." Heero caught himself just stroking the smooth skin, and stopped, pulling his hands away.

Duo mumbled in discontent against his pillow and inched closer to the edge of the bed, until he bumped against Heero's legs. "More." He demanded petulantly, opening one violet eye to glare in dissatisfaction.

"Your wish is..."


He chuckled and began smoothing his hands down the crimson, heated skin once more.


Dry, warm, and relaxed, it felt so good. Duo curled up against the firm body lying next to him, wrapping an arm over Heero's chest. He felt almost a hundred percent better, except of course for the sunburn and mild fever. But it seemed as if he were almost completely well again.

Apparently, Heero hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. Duo vaguely remembered waking up a few times and seeing the comforting presence sitting by his bed, watching. He shifted, hooking a leg over Heero's and nuzzling against the sleeping boy's neck. It was dark outside now, Duo glanced at the clock, late too.

"Can't sleep?" Heero asked quietly, startling him.

"I didn't mean to wake you up. But no, I can't sleep. I just don't feel tired." He sighed and rubbed his nose against Heero's cheek. Then he chuckled softly. "Tell me a story?"

"A story?" Heero echoed. He turned his head and smiled in the darkness, giving Duo a soft kiss before asking. "Does it have to be in English?" He could remember a story he'd heard long ago, on a trip to France. His parents had gone out for the day, leaving him in the care of an old woman who'd loved to tell fairytales. He remembered lying by her feet for most of that day, listening raptly to the melodic French.

"Nope, just tell me a story."

"Alright." He pulled Duo closer, stroking his hand down the long braid as he went over in his mind how the story had gone. "I think it was called Le Petite Ours Blanc. Though I don't know if I can remember it all, I heard it a long time ago." Duo snuggled against him.

"Just tell it, I don't speak French, so I won't know if you forget something."

Heero smiled and began the story, whispering softly into Duo's ear, his eyes on the night sky gleaming against the window. "C'est l'histoire du peu d'ours blanc et de sa mĖre qui vivent dans les terres nordiques entourant la mer nordique Le petit ours blanc joue tout le temps et sa curiosite l'entrait toujours dans l'ennui. Mais, come toujours, sa mere est venue pour lui sauver quant il s'est entrappe dans ses voies prankish. Il y avait beaucoup de fo... "


Notes: The story Heero tells is called The Little White Bear, and was written by GRINOLSSON. The French translation was provided by- where the story is also located. The bit Heero tells translates to {This is the story of the little white bear and his mother who live in the Northern lands surrounding the Northern sea. The little white bear cub played all the time and his curiosity was always getting him into trouble. Like always, his mother came around and would rescue him, when he got into his prankish ways. There were many times...} Who knew heero would remember this? ^_^ hehe

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