Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.

Fate + Chapter Thirteen

"I'm so addicted to the loving that you're feeding to me. Can't do without it, this feelings got me weak in the knees."
- Mandy Moore, Candy

The first thing Duo noticed upon waking up was the feeling of nothing. But it was a good feeling, because the things that weren't there didn't need to be. No fever, no more pain in his sunburn, no weariness, and -he stretched, squeezing his eyes tightly shut- no ... Heero? He reached out and patted the empty spot next to himself. No Heero. Duo blinked open one eye and glanced at the blank area next to him. He blinked open the other eye, but it showed the same view. Frowning, Duo peered over the edge of the bed, just in case the other boy had perhaps fallen off during the night. There was no Heero sleeping on the floor, but there was a note. He grabbed it up, and barely managing to keep from slipping off the bed, read it.



I had to go, I've already missed 2 days of classes. But I think you should be ok on your own now. Your fever seems to be broken. I'll see you when I get back.



Duo shook his head at the messy handwriting; he could barely make it out. With vague ideas of teaching Heero calligraphy, Duo got out of bed. The coffee machine beckoned to him, and he needed to call Mr. Mac and tell him he'd be able to make it to work.

A little while later, he stood in the kitchen sipping coffee and staring out at the backyard. His thoughts dwelling on Heero, wondering how he'd known Duo needed him. And more importantly, why he'd stayed, taken care of him. It was more than friendship, wasn't it? Things were changing, but how? For some reason the phone ringing didn't startle him out of his reverie, instead he picked it up, and answered in a dreamy voice. "Hello?"

"Duo! How are you feeling?"

He grinned into the phone. "Mil, I'm feeling a hell of a lot better. Remind me to keep Heero as my resident doctor. I swear, without him I'd still be sick."

Mil chuckled. "Well, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, I guess it's a good thing I told Heero I wouldn't be there. Treize and I should be home later tonight. Maybe we'll get take-out or something. We've got good news."

"You got it! You got the commission?" Duo did a little hop, then sat on a nearby stool. "So when do you start?"

"We start next month, but there's more. I'll tell you when we get home tonight. Invite Heero over, we'll make a little celebratory party of it."

"You bet!"


Work didn't seem like work. At least that's what Duo thought as he finished inventorying another shelf. With the news that Mil and Treize had finally gotten the commission they'd been waiting for, Duo's heart had lightened, the entire world becoming brilliant along with it. He was happy for his brother; he'd finally gotten what he'd worked so hard for. A future.

"Are you planning on working all night?"

He smiled as he turned to face Heero. "How do you always sneak up on me like that? I never hear you until you say something."

"It's a gift."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Can you come to dinner tonight? Mil and Treize's deal went through, so we're celebrating with take-out and probably something alcoholic." His mouth quirked upward at one corner. "And also, you should be thanked for taking such good care of me."

Heero's eyes widened slightly. "I don't need to be thanked for that."

"Why not? You missed school for me. I was completely grouchy and you didn't even seem to mind. You fed me, bathed me, and even told me a story when I couldn't sleep." He inched closer to Heero, meeting his eyes. "As far as I'm concerned," He reached out and tugged on a strand of the dark, perpetually windblown hair. "You deserve all the thanks you get." He glanced up and down the isle they were standing in. No Mr. Mac in sight. He stood on his tiptoes and peered over the shelves as best he could, no one. "And I want to thank you in a very personal way." He whispered, before his lips settled firmly on Heero's, his arms sliding around the startled boy and pulling him close.

Heero considered pulling away, but the feeling of Duo's mouth was enough to make him forget any such notion. The last three days had been hellish for him, but not because of Duo's complaints or the cute little pouts. No, it had been, having to be so close. His lips moved over Duo's, and he slid his tongue out to take a taste. It had been the holding back that'd hurt. Warm lips parted and a tongue teased its way into Heero's mouth, sliding inside, playing. But, Heero decided, it had been fun. Enjoyable. It had been nice to just take care of him, be with him.

Abruptly Duo pulled back, pushing Heero across the aisle and turning to face the shelves.

"I'm just about done Mr. Mac." He said without turning away from the shelves, as the old man came around the corner.

Heero almost smiled, catching himself before the smirk could cross his face. He hadn't even heard the man approach.

Mr. Mac turned to glance at him, recognition lighting his features. "Ah, you're the lad that bought all those warning signs. How did they work out? Keeping people away?" He smiled warmly at the boy.

"Yes, they seem to work, most of the time." Heero smiled in return. "Though, they don't seem to keep your employee away." He added, chuckling and gesturing towards Duo.

Mr. Mac burst into laughter, slapping Heero roughly on the back. "Nothing can keep that boy away!"

Duo went crimson from his ears to his toes. Then he turned around, his eyes dancing with barely suppressed mirth. "If you met Heero's dog, you would ignore the signs too."


"You've never told me exactly what it is the two of you do." Heero glanced from Mil to Treize. They sat at the kitchen table, plates of various different take-out foods covering the surface. Since no one had been able to agree on what to get, they had agreed to disagree, sending Heero to one place, Treize to another, and Mil to a third. Now, they sat around the table, picking at the remains, idly chatting. The champagne having long ago been emptied and enjoyed; left only an empty bottle to lie forlornly on its side, and four slightly tipsy people.

"We haven't?" Mil asked in surprise.

"I could have sworn..." Treize stared across the table at the blond, then he grinned.

"Oh no, now you've done it Heero. You should have just asked me. When these two," Duo gestured at the grinning men. "Weren't around."

"Really Duo. We never get to do it anymore." Treize said, his eyes twinkling.

"Yes, we have to be serious all the time now." Mil said, his grin widening.

"You loved it when you were ten." Treize added in an almost wheedling tone.

"When I was ten I thought everything was great."

"And you still think that way. So let us do it? Please?" Mil got off his chair and slumped onto the floor in front of Duo, clasping his hands together and holding them out to the boy in a pleading gesture.

"One last time." Treize slid off his chair and knelt beside Milliard.

"We promise we won't ever do it again after this." They said in unison.

Heero was having trouble breathing, he was laughing so hard. Duo, glanced over at him. "Oh sure, you think it's funny now."

"What do they do?" Heero managed to gasp out, clutching at his sides.

Duo rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and glaring down at the two men still kneeling at his feet. "They're inventors."

"Awww, you ruined it Duo." Mil glared and stood up, dusting off his jeans.

"I refuse to have to see your little show one more time in my life."

Treize got up from the floor, and glanced at Milliard. They nodded.

"Ok, fine. But just keep in mind, we'll get you back for this." Milliard threatened.

"You don't scare me, that act scares me."

Heero sat back in his chair, his eyes on the unfolding drama. Duo didn't realize it, but Treize was sneaking up behind him. He wanted to warn the boy, he really did, but a wink from the ginger haired man, made him change his mind and merely watch instead.

With a wide smirk, Trieze grabbed Duo's arms and held them behind the chair, while Mil grabbed a dishtowel from the fridge and wrapped it around his hands.

"What?! No! No! No! At least give me a blindfold! Some earplugs?" Duo squirmed in the chair, almost tilting it over. "I'll tell Aunt Sasha!"

Mil laughed. "That may have worked when we were kids. But there's no one to stop us now!"

With that, the two men backed up until they stood in the center of the kitchen. Standing side by side, they both bowed low, doffing imaginary hats. "May we present."

"The one and only."

"The two who will one day rule the world."

"The possessors of knowledge beyond imagining."

"The amazing."

"The odd."

"The inventors at large!"

Heero stared at them as if they'd suddenly gone stark raving mad. He glanced at Duo, who'd sunk low in his chair, vainly trying to hide his face in his chest. Heero looked over at the two men again. "I can't believe you had to grow up with these two." He said in a low voice.

"It gets worse." Duo mumbled. "Never, ever, mix theatre and science, it can have very scary results."


Moonlight draped itself across the backyard and slithered across the porch. Duo was staring out across the bay, his eyes lit with the cold light of the sea. Heero paced back and forth behind him, ignoring the view and instead trying to get Duo to talk to him.

"Please Duo? I really didn't realize it would be that bad. I mean who would think two grown men would..." He trailed off, and gazed thoughtfully into the kitchen, one hand rubbing his temple, and the growing headache building there.

Duo still didn't turn around, his back remaining rigid and stiff. His arms were crossed on the railing, head cocked to one side. Heero glared at his back and began pacing again. "It makes me glad I only have to put up with Hilde." He mumbled under his breath.

"I'll forgive you." Duo said quietly.

Heero paused and turned to face him, the boy with the braid still hadn't turned around. "You will?"

"Yes." Duo turned away from the view, and raised an eyebrow. "Is that so hard to believe?" He walked forward until he was nearly touching Heero, inches away. "It was embarrassing, but you're right. You didn't know they would..." He shuddered and started to blush. "Besides, I want something from you in return for my forgiveness."

"Ah, there are strings attached." Heero brushed a fingertip over Duo's cheek, and leaned closer. "What do you want?" The dusky blue eyes were warm in the soft night air, lips curled at the corners in a faint smile.

Duo swayed closer, his eyes meeting Heero's. "I think you already know." He smiled when warm hands slid down his arms and tugged him against the strong body.

"A kiss?" Heero softly touched Duo's lips with his own, then leant back with a smirk, eyes darkening.


"More kisses?"

Duo nodded silently in the near darkness then leant close again until their mouths met. His hands slid over the well-defined chest then down the firm back, his lips parting in a soft gasp as Heero pulled their hips together.

"What else do you want?" Such a soft whisper against Duo's mouth, the breath sliding across his cheek even as the warm lips met his again. He had trouble concentrating on the words, instead simply feeling the heat from Heero's body envelop him. "Mmm," he paused to gain another kiss. "I want," he smiled, his eyes closed against the gentle assault of Heero's lips. "More."

They began backing up in a slow waltz towards the wall, until they bumped against the door that led into the house. Heero brought his hands up to Duo's face, caressing even as his tongue slid out to taste the warm mouth. He etched one cheekbone, trailing his fingers down the smooth neck, sliding them across the heartbeat inside Duo's chest, slipping them around the hardness straining inside the frayed jeans. The rough moan that action elicited was more than enough to urge Heero on, continuing the sliding motion of his hand across the solid heat, then impatiently unbuttoning the jeans and sliding the zipper down.

The feel of that bare hand on him was almost too much. Duo squirmed, trapped inbetween the door and Heero's body. He didn't know what he wanted more, escape, or release, or perhaps just more of whatever he could get. Unconsciously he rocked his hips against the hand gripping him, his mouth opened against Heero's, eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Each sensation over his skin, every kiss, even the small sounds Heero made, it all swam inside his head. He wasn't even aware of his own soft chant of "More." until Heero chuckled against his mouth, his hand tightening and sliding faster, hips echoing the movement. His lips trailed across Duo's, and he smiled against them as he responded. "Anything."

Eyes tightly shut, mouth open and slack, Duo moaned. His hands gripped Heero's shoulders, his legs grew weak. Everything was funneling down into the touch of that hand on him. The utter pleasure of being handled this way, and by someone he wanted more than anything or anyone he'd ever known. "More, more, more...ahh, more...mmm, more..." His body began trembling; he leant forward against Heero, crying out, his fingers biting into the powerful shoulders. "Heero." It came out as a half strangled gasp.

"You still want more?"

Duo started to chuckle, his lips finding Heero's. "Yeah, I do." He paused for a moment and glanced down between them. "Only, maybe I should...go clean up?"

Heero grinned. "Maybe." He slid his hand through the sticky warmth, stroking another pant from the shivering boy. "But you said you wanted more, and I don't think I'm done with you just yet." He nipped lightly at Duo's bottom lip, tasting each gasp for air that fell from the open mouth.

The sound of a throat being cleared right next to them, made both boys jump in shock.

"You know, some people are trying to sleep around here." Treize said haughtily, his head poking out one of the kitchen windows. They heard the window on the other side of them slide open.

"Don't you have some place other than the back porch to be doing that?" Milliard asked with a smirk.

Duo huddled against Heero, trying to hide his open fly as well as Heero's hand, which remained wrapped around him, the grip tightening as the dark haired boy glared at both men.

"Don't you two ever getting tired of teasing?" Heero growled out.

"Nope." Mil shook his head jovially.

"Definitely not." Treize agreed, grinning from ear to ear.

Duo leaned closer the Heero, his lips touching one perfectly shaped ear. "See what I mean? They're crazy." He began giggling, and tried to stifle it against Heero's neck. "Next time we go over to your house."

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