Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.

Fate + Chapter Fourteen

"Let me put you on a ship, on a long, long trip, your lips close to my lips. All the islands in the ocean, all the heavens in motion. Let me show you the world in my eyes."
- Depeche Mode, World In My Eyes

Saturday morning Heero looked out the window and saw two things, one he hated more than dental work, the other he thought he might love. The first thing however, grabbed his attention and turned it into a brooding force. Outside the sky had split open and thrown water as far as the eye could see, drenching the town, the bay, and most importantly the area surrounding Heero.

He'd never been able to explain what exactly he didn't like about rain. All he knew, was everytime it happened he became angry, temperamental, and irritable. It was almost as if the cosmic forces had gotten together and decreed he would go through foul mood changes everytime water poured down anywhere near him. In fables, Heero would have been the poor wretch the rain cloud followed, a personal storm over his head wherever he went.

So, upon looking out the window and seeing the bruised clouds and torrential downpour, he was not in the best of moods. It was the second thing that caught his eye that made him feel calmer, secure again. Duo stood by his window, and gazed directly at Heero, he smiled and gestured through the rain and the windows between them. Then he opened his window and leaned out, water dripping down his face to fall to the ground below. With a grimace, Heero opened his window as well, but did not lean out of it, carefully avoiding the cold liquid.

"Come over!" Duo yelled, his hair already becoming plastered to his forehead and neck, wet tendrils clinging to his cheeks.



"It's pouring out! I hate the rain. Why don't you come over here?!" Heero glared up at the dark sky, then glanced at Duo again. "You're already soaking wet, I'll meet you at my front door with a towel!"

"Promise me a towel and something else and I will!" Duo waved his wet braid, grinning like a maniac, blinking the rivulets of water from his eyes.

Heero shook his head at Duo's silliness, and closed the window. Grabbing two large towels out of the hall closet before sprinting down the stairs.

Opening the door to a dripping boy, standing in a small personal puddle, Heero actually smiled for the first time that day. "What would you like besides these towels?" He asked, wrapping one around Duo and dragging him inside.

Duo grinned over the edge of the cream colored towel and, reaching beneath his shirt, tugged something out of his waistband. "I want one vcr," he said, handing a video over to Heero. "And I need a microwave." He added, as he dug into his back pocket and pulled out a plastic wrapped packet of popcorn. "Oh, and there's one more thing I need."

Heero waited expectantly, popcorn in one hand, video and another towel in his other hand. "Well? What else?"

Gesturing at his wet clothing and hair, Duo smiled almost shyly. "Dry clothes? And something warm."

"You didn't have to ask for those, they're supplied at the door to all wet travelers." Heero said with perfect seriousness.

"I think you've been hanging around Mil and Treize too much. You're starting to talk like they do."

"Are you trying to scare me? Because it's working."




"We've been on this couch for nearly six hours now."


"Duo? Are you awake?" Heero leaned over and looked at the scrunched up, tightly closed eyes and tiny frown. Duo was spread across his lap, head resting partially against his chest, arms wrapped around his waist. From what Heero could see of his expression, he didn't appear to be awake. He relaxed back against the couch, feathering a few strands of hair away from the heart shaped face. "You're always falling asleep on me." He said softly.

"Mmm?" Duo tried to burrow his head under Heero's arm.

"I give up." Heero cupped one smooth cheek, idly running his thumb over the softly parted lips.


"Do you want to get up? Or do I have to carry you?" He waited for a mumble of some sort to answer him, but Duo remained quiet, snuggling against his chest. "Alright, carrying it is."

He glanced down at the sleeping features one more time. Then, with slow, careful movements, he managed to maneuver Duo's arms from their tight grip around his waist. Shifting to one side, he gently lowered the boy back down to the couch, and stood up. The next order of business involved some stretching, and a bathroom break.

It had been six hours on the couch. His muscles were screaming for movement, but he didn't want to attempt the staircase without getting all the stiffness -he stomped a foot- and numbness out of his body first. He hopped around for a moment as pins and needles shot up through his leg, the blood beginning to circulate again. Grimacing at the jolts still running up his leg, he limped off to fulfill the rest of his promise to himself.

A few minutes later, feeling relieved and almost human again, Heero eyed Duo. He was stretched out on the couch and had apparently tried to cover his head with one of the couch cushions. Heero lifted the pillow off of his face, smiling at the features soft and innocent in sleep. Then, he slid his arms under him, and lifted slowly, until he stood upright with the boy cradled against his chest.

Just when Heero felt he could start walking with the dead weight in his arms, Zero came into the room and began butting against the back of his legs. Heero nearly fell face forward onto the couch. "Zero!" He hissed, glaring at the wagging tail and innocent look.

It took almost fifteen minutes to get up the stairs and into his bedroom, the entire trip seeming to have been miles and hours in the undertaking. With a sigh, Heero lay Duo down on the bed, and then slumped beside him. "You're a lot heavier then you look." He mumbled under his breath, wrapping an arm possessively around the still soundly sleeping boy. "I hope you appreciate the effort that took."

"Mmm." Duo murmured softly, rolling over and burying his face against Heero's shoulder.

"You're welcome."


A bare arm slithered across Heero's chest, then warm breath whispered against his ear. Soft lips trailed down his neck and over his shoulder. Heero wondered if he was still dreaming. Even as that thought crossed his mind however, he realized that the leg pressed between his was very real. He slid a hand down and squeezed, it was real all right. He decided to leave his hand where it was, absently caressing the bare skin. Bare skin? He smoothed his hand over the warmth of the naked flesh again. Then opened his eyes, Duo had his head buried against his shoulder, and all their clothes appeared to be completely gone.

Soft kisses fluttered over his shoulder, as the thigh pressing between his legs gave a little extra pressure. "Duo?" It came out half choked.


Heero felt a wet tongue lick a swath along his shoulder. "Are you awake?" He nearly slapped his own forehead even as he asked. What a stupid question! Of course Duo was awake.



"I want more." Came the soft response, followed by another light kiss on his shoulder.

"I can tell," Heero said, shifting his hips, and running his hands down, pulling the willing body, until Duo lay on top of him. They both groaned as their hips met, skin sliding against skin. Then Duo's mouth was on Heero's, tongue sliding out to tease, before his lips moved lower, tracing the sleek lines of Heero's neck, nipping, tongue darting out to taste.

"What would you like more of?" Heero managed to gasp out as Duo ground their hips together.

"You." Duo's lips found Heero's again, hands caressing down the well-muscled body. He couldn't get enough of the smooth skin, the hard muscles. One hard muscle in particular grabbed his attention; it's heat and length pressing against his belly. He slid to the right, drawing Heero with him until they lay facing each other on their sides.

With a tentative hand, Duo reached between their bodies, lightly gliding his fingers over and around Heero's erection. He smiled as the dark haired boy groaned, moving forward slightly, pressing himself more firmly into Duo's hand. Obligingly, Duo wrapped his fist around the pulsing shaft within his grip, his hold suddenly tightening as Heero reached over and returned the favor. Their mouths met, panting against each other.

Emotion welled up within Duo's chest threatening to choke him with the intensity. Slowly the feeling subsided only to slip lower, settling into the pit of his stomach. The motion of Heero's hand over his throbbing flesh making him writhe, even as the feeling in his stomach shifted again, sliding into his groin and spreading out to the rest of his body in waves of pleasure. "Mmm Heero." He panted against the lips still moving over his own, " I want..." He wasn't sure what exactly he wanted, but he knew he wanted it, now. His eyes threatened to roll back into his head as Heero tightened his hand, pumping harder, and then abruptly the wonderful sensation was gone. "Wha?"

"Shh, I won't stop for long." Heero whispered against his mouth, hands sliding down Duo's back, soothing the trembling muscles. He nibbled gently on the boy's lower lip for a moment, focusing on the texture of it, tasting the soft flesh. A squeeze from the hand still wrapped firmly around his aching flesh, reminded him of its presence. He paused for a moment in his tasting, moaning at the feel. "Mmm, you keep doing that and I'm never going to stop."

Duo smiled against his mouth. "That's the idea."

"I just want it to last." Heero shivered as Duo's mouth trailed down his neck and over his chest. His hands burying themselves in the long braid, tugging gently, pulling the hot lips closer to his skin, trying to feel more. He arched upwards as Duo licked at his belly, mouth gliding down until Heero could feel warm currents of air embracing his arousal. He groaned as Duo daintily licked the tip, just barely touching it. Unconsciously his hips jerked upwards, and he forced himself to lie still again, low sounds of pleasure tumbling from his open mouth. He could actually feel Duo's lips stretch into a smile before they wrapped around him, descending so minutely he thought he'd go mad before it ended. "Oh, god Duo...that feels so good." His hips began moving of their own accord again; trying to gain deeper access into the tight, wet heat gliding so slowly down his length.

Duo paused in his descent, letting his tongue float along the hard flesh within his mouth. He loved the way Heero moaned, hips raising and falling, muscles taut as he fought against instinct. Sliding back up, Duo took the exquisite shaft in one hand, running his fingers along it, tightening his mouth around it as he sped up his pace. He wanted Heero to lose the control he was holding in check, to fall into heaven. Duo had a feeling the results would be satisfying.

Heero was panting, moaning almost constantly now as he felt his body tighten, so close to release. His hands clenched and unclenched in Duo's hair. Then the mouth gliding over his arousal slid all the way down. Heero shouted Duo's name as he felt the uncoiling within his belly and groin, the crash of orgasm, the sudden calm that settled within his mind. Tender licks and kisses traced their way up his body, and then Duo was nuzzling against his cheek, and Heero could swear the boy was actually purring, almost like some great cat that had just dined on the finest of caviar and cream.

A grin slowly spread across Heero's face. "Your turn." Then he pounced, dragging Duo down to the bed under him, lips feverishly meeting. He could taste his seed on Duo's tongue and relished it, but wanted a different flavor in his mouth, and he was going to get it. He curled one hand around the slim wrists within reach, holding them firmly, then sat up to stare into the darkened amethyst eyes. With his free hand, he reached out and stroked one softly rounded cheek, fingers drifting over the parted lips. Duo licked his fingertips, arching his back, and trying to rub as much of his bare skin against him as possible. "Mmm, be good Duo." Heero waggled a finger in front of the boy's upturned nose, smirking at his temporary captive.

Duo grinned up at him, teeth flashing briefly before they sank into the wagging finger. Then his tongue wrapped around it, suckling, licking, reminding Heero of what had just occurred moments before. He felt every sensation again, each moment of that mouth on him, those perfect white teeth barely touching, that hot cave surrounding his flesh. His eyes closed and he lost himself for a moment. Then he felt Duo trying to wriggle his wrists free, and his eyes snapped open. Before the longhaired boy could escape, he captured those invitingly parted lips, entrancing Duo with the motion of his mouth, mesmerizing with the feel of each caress of tongue against tongue.

Sitting up once more, Heero watched with a bemused expression as Duo tried to regain his breath. His eyes were glassy, lips wet and parted, chest heaving with the struggle to keep from writhing on the bed. "You're so beautiful," Heero leant down and kissed him senseless again. "But I think what I like most, " his mouth trailed lower, leaving Duo's open mouth and ragged breathing. "Ahh, what I like most." Heero flicked his tongue out over one stiff nipple before softly biting. "I love the beauty you have inside." He let go of Duo's hands, his own wrapping around the rigid shaft begging for touching, in one swift movement his mouth securing it, swallowing it to the hilt.

All that could escape Duo's thrown back head and open mouth was a soft keening sound, his back arching incredibly, hips rising off the bed to follow Heero back up. "Ooohh, please Heero...I want..." His head shook back and forth on the pillow, hands still crossed above it as he remained bowed back, desperate for the touch of that unbelievable sensation. "I want..." He whispered on a low moan.

Heero contained the urge to finish Duo's agony of need, instead, he deliberately took his time in sliding back up the swollen length, giving it a final tongue lashing before releasing it to the tender ministrations of his hand. Eyes on Duo's face, he methodically licked two of his fingers, not losing the slow steady rhythm of the hand still pumping the boy's tortured instrument. Gaze never once leaving the erotically twisted features; Heero stroked his wet fingers down and across the tight entrance of Duo's body. Teasingly he slid the tip of one finger in. Satisfied with the soft gasp and sharp jolt that ran through the straining body, Heero again brought his mouth to the dripping shaft, sheathing Duo within him just as his fingers entered the soft body fully.

"Aahhh...god yes! Uuhhh...mmm..don't ...yesss..." Duo's fists clenched, his body thrusting into each sensation, mind swathed in each new feeling. He felt as if he wanted to both cave in and fall outwards at once, just so each part of him could touch everything. He bent his knees, hands reaching forward to secure Heero to him, plunging in and down, crying out with every movement. In his minds eye he could see what was to come, it was like rushing up a giant mountain and finding the view to be of the most breathtaking landscape in the world, every shade of color transparent and shimmering in the air. He wasn't a body anymore, just a ball of sensation, touch, feel, take in, breath out. In Duo's ears rang an incredible roaring of blood through his body, then white silence as every cell within him focused on the spreading warmth and release. The tension taking him and forming his body into a pure physical and mental sculpture, and with a soft sigh, he fainted.

Heero grinned at the unconscious boy, then licked his lips and crawled upwards, sliding his body against Duo's. Leaning down, he peered at the slack features for a moment, and then chuckled. "Still want more?" Not a whisper answered him.

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