Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.

Fate + Chapter Eighteen

"Are you ready for a great journey?"
-Mario Piu and Mario Picotto, Arabian Pleasures

Milliard was smirking. That alone was bad enough, Duo decided. But, when you tossed in Treize sitting at the table trying to hide a smile, and Quatre innocently sipping coffee and actually hiding a smile behind the mug, and Sasha and Stefan chuckling openly. Well, it just didn't seem to be helping his monstrous hangover. Heero appeared to be fairing no better, his head collapsed in his arms on the table, groaning occasionally. It made Duo feel a bit better to know he wasn't the only one suffering.

"I would say I told you so," Mil said. "But I never actually warned you, did I?" He grinned, patting Heero on the head and beaming at the loud groan he received in response.

"Be nice Milliard." Sasha warned, wagging a finger at him. "I've seen you in worse shape, and I did warn you."

"Ooo! She used the first name, you know what that means don't you?" Treize practically bounced out of his seat as he grabbed Mil around the waist and swung him around. "You're in trouble." He said tauntingly.

"Just because I'm in trouble doesn't mean you're getting out of your own hot water." Milliard gave him a meaningful look.

"Damn, I was hoping you might have forgotten you're supposed to be angry with me." He released the blonde man, and sat at the table again with a sulky expression.

"Forget? Never. I'm just having some fun with the hangover crowd." He grinned evilly at Duo, then knelt down next him and slung an arm around his shoulders. "You know, there are a few cures for what you've got."

"Like what?" Duo was trying hard to keep his head in one piece, he felt like any minute parts of it would go flying off hitting the walls.

"Hot shower?" Treize suggested, leaning over and pulling Mil away from the suffering boy.

"We already tried that." Heero moaned, still collapsed face first on the table.

Sasha raised an eyebrow and exchanged a glance with Mil, he nodded and she hid a smile.

"Some food?" Quatre asked. Everyone paused to look at him, watching the blush rise in the fair cheeks. "What?" He glanced around at them. "I've never had a hangover, but wouldn't food cure it?"

"There are so many things wrong with that idea Kat, I can't even begin to explain." Mil said, grinning as Duo started gagging at the mere suggestion. He inched across the floor and threw his arm around Duo's shoulders again. Leaning close, he said conspiratorially. "I know something that's a sure fire cure."

Duo perked up a little. "Oh yeah? What's that?"

Mil chuckled and whispered. "Sex." Then he leant back on his knees and watched as the boy started to turn crimson.

"I love watching you change colors!" He exclaimed, jumping up and running around the table when Duo reached out to grab him.

"Oouch." Heero moaned, trying to cover his head with his arms.

"Alright, enough torture. Seriously, I know a cure, and it's easy. Go take a nap. When you wake up, eat something and drink lots of water. You should feel better after that."

"Are you serious this time?" Duo asked suspiciously.

"Yes. Go over to Heero's so we don't keep you awake, and send Zero over here and we'll keep him entertained. Oh, and get rid of your hangovers." Mil sidled over to Duo again, putting on a serious expression. "Because frankly bro, you're just no fun when you're this pissy."

"Gee thanks."

"I live to serve, just ask Treize."

"Don't look at me, I'm dissatisfied with the service. No tips for you." Treize crossed his arms and turned slightly in his chair, ignoring the imploring look he received from the blonde.

Stefan rolled his eyes, and said in his softly accented voice. "Let me guess, Mil forgot breakfast in bed?"

Treize flushed and looked at the floor. "Maybe."

"You two will never grow up will you?" Sasha asked, laughing.

"Not if I can help it." Milliard said, grinning at his crimson love. "Maybe this will work towards my forgiving you, hmm Treize?" He reminded.

"Oh god, I can't take any more." Duo moaned, getting up from his chair and dragging Heero from his. "Come on, I think I need to throw up, and your bathroom is calling me."

"You do look somewhat green. I didn't think people could actually turn that shade in real life." Quatre piped up, not even bothering to hide his smile behind the mug of coffee this time.

"Shut up."

"See what I mean? Pissy." Mil said earnestly to the blond boy.

"Ohhh." Duo turned an unhealthy shade and clutched at his mouth suddenly, then stumbled and bolted for the bathroom.

Amazingly, Heero wasn't far behind, looking equally as green about the gills.

"Now that is a bonding experience." Milliard remarked, earning several dirty looks. "What? It is." Treize aimed a glare at him. Shrugging, he mumbled quietly under is breath, "Sheesh, nobody likes a comedian."


Duo rolled over and buried his face against Heero's neck, breathing in deeply and then exhaling on a sigh. His head had finally stopped its incessant pounding and he no longer felt like he was going to vomit everything he had ever eaten. It was a beautiful thing, he decided, slipping out of bed and heading for the kitchen in search of the food Mil had suggested along with a pitcher of water.

Heero was still sound asleep when he came back upstairs, curled into a ball on one corner of the bed, clutching a pillow to his chest. Duo stopped in the doorway, watching the peaceful expression, the steady rise and fall of chest.

"Are you just going to watch me?"

He blinked in surprise; Heero hadn't even opened his eyes. "How the hell do you do that?"

"Magic. What's on the plate?" Heero rolled into a sitting position, absently wiping the hair from his eyes.

"Some fruit, bread, cheese. I didn't think we should try anything too heavy."

Heero groaned, reaching for a slice of apple. "I don't think I could even imagine trying to eat a burger or pizza."

Duo made a face and sat on the edge of the bed, laying the plate on his lap and the pitcher and glasses on the floor. "Mil suggested something else." He hid his face behind his hair as he reached for a slice of bread and some of the sharp cheese.



"Are you going to tell me? Or do I have to resort to threats?"

"I'll tell you when we're done eating."

Heero peered around the curtain of chestnut hair streaked with sunlight, lifting it out of the way and gazing at Duo's blush. It was a fine blush, a delicate pink that ran from neck to ear tips. "Would this be the suggestion he whispered to you?"

"Maybe." Duo turned his head aside, hiding his face again.

Heero began sliding a hand through the soft curtain of hair, feeling the texture between his fingers as he munched absentmindedly on another slice of apple. "When did you let your hair down?"

"I couldn't sleep with it in the braid, I kept thinking it was making my head ache worse."

"It probably was." Heero hefted the weight of it in his hand, curling the tips around his fingers. He'd never paid attention before to how illuminated it was, as if a something lived inside of it. He took a slice of cheese, nibbling on it while contemplating the strands of hair that trailed over his hand. "Do you know, for dead cells made up of protein, this is rather beautiful." He let his fingers slide through it again, marveling at the softness.

Duo paused, a piece of apple halfway to his lips. "God Heero, That's so romantic I think my knees have just turned to milk, cream, and milkfat with a hint of salt."

"Huh?" Heero glanced up from the length of hair he'd been wrapping around his fingers.


"Ah." He kept playing with the strands, twisting them around his wrist and over his hand.

Duo watched him, nibbling on some cheese. An idea forming in his mind as he watched Heero playing with his hair, the loops around the supple wrist, the writhing of it over the strong forearm.

"So then, do you want romance?" Heero asked, jerking Duo out of his reverie of watching.

"Actually, I don't really know. I mean, what's romantic anymore?" He shrugged, reaching down to pour a glass of water for each of them. He took a long drink as Heero thought about the question.

"I guess you're right. Everything seems to have been done so many times before that it's no longer romantic. Who gets flowers and thinks they're romantic? Do people still have candlelit dinners? And when was the last time someone took a long walk on the beach?" He frowned and picked up his glass from the floor. "Do you know what might be romantic."

"No, what?" Duo glanced up curiously.

"Curling up on a couch together and watching a movie. Or maybe," Heero paused, "Maybe lying in bed together for the whole day and doing nothing but reading." "Yeah, but is that comfort or romance?"

"Comfortable romance." Heero responded, grinning over a slice of bread.

Duo eyed him for a moment. "Ok, so if that's comfortable romance, what's passionate romance?"

"Easy, that's one part comfort two parts lust, shaken not stirred." The smile widened on Heero's face, and he started laughing.

"Heero that's scary, I really think you have been hanging around Mil and Treize too much." Duo tried to keep a serious expression on his face, but the dark haired boy had collapsed face forward on the mattress and seemed to be trying to muffle his laughter in the blankets.

Duo gazed at the shaking back thoughtfully, then carefully set his glass aside and put the plate on the dresser. He slid onto his stomach and lay beside Heero, then reached a hand around to roll him over. Smiling, he leant close, stifling the soft laughter with his lips. He felt the briefest tensing, and then the mouth against his relaxed and began moving, the warm sensation of lips and tongue stirring over his own. He pulled back after a few seconds, gasping for breath. "Heero?"

The dusky blue eyes opened slowly, Heero brought a hand up to his face, running his fingers over one smooth cheek. "What?"

"Do you remember what I asked you last night before we," He paused, chuckling. "Before we fell asleep?" He shifted his hips, tugging the hard body closer until they lay pressed together from knee to shoulder.

Heero tried to recall what had been said; the night seemed to wave in and out, parts of it clear and then other parts completely blurry. He vaguely remembered something; he felt his face grow hot. "Did you ask me what sex was like?"

"Mhm. Do you remember what I asked you after that?" Duo nuzzled the slim neck, his lips leaving a tiny trail over it before he began nibbling on an ear.

"I think you asked me when I was going to have sex with you?" Heero was unsure if that was what he had asked or not, and he couldn't remember at all what Duo's answer might have been. He tried, dredging up as much of his memory as he could, but nothing would come to the forefront of his brain.

"Yes, that's what I asked. And do you remember what my answer was?" He squirmed, sliding his leg between Heero's, wrapping his arms firmly about the slim waist. He knew that most likely Heero wouldn't be able to remember, but wondered just the same what the answer might be.

"," Heero chuckled, rubbing against the thigh between his own, slipping his hands around behind the boy and running them down his lithe back. "What was your answer?"

"I don't know if I should tell you." He laughed softly, bringing his mouth back to Heero's, teasing with the tip of his tongue before twining his fingers through the mass of dark hair and tugging.

"Mmm, that's mean Duo, very cruel. I can't remember." Heero mumbled in between the kisses, breathless after each one.

"I said," Duo nipped at the tongue that tried to slip inside his mouth again. "Now."

Heero paused, for the life of him; he couldn't seem to recall what his own answer to the question of when he would have sex with Duo had been. He tried to think of what he might have said. Another vague recollection filtered through his mind. 'Whenever you want me to, whenever you're ready.' He smiled against Duo's mouth, slipping his hands down a bit further until they rested on the upper curve of the firm little rear. "Does this 'Now', does it still apply?"

"Oh yeah, definitely." Duo rubbed his desire against him, muffling his gasp at just how good it felt. Heero's mouth kept finding his, all hot and wet and so very enticing, he felt if he didn't get their clothes off soon he might burst. "I want sex now." Duo began rocking against him, hands slipping between them, tugging at the button of Heero's shorts. "I want it with you." He moaned when one hand closed over him through his clothes. "Will you give me what I want?" He managed to ask.

"Yes." Heero gently squeezed the shaft thumping against his palm, trying to undo the zipper of Duo's shorts with his other hand. He kept getting distracted by the insistent kisses, the leg still between his own, grinding against him. "Only," he paused pulling away just far enough to start tugging the shorts down, smoothing his fingers over the warm flesh. "I need to go get something." There was a low moan against his mouth as Duo tried to get close again.

"No...mmm..." Duo gave an extra squeeze. "How far do you have to go?" It felt so bad as Heero started to pull away, his body suddenly cold as all that heat left it.

Heero leaned down to kiss him again. "Not far." He pointed to his dresser and started chuckling again. "Right over there."

Duo grinned at him, refusing to let go. "Too far." He said firmly, trying to pull the laughing boy back down.

"Mmm, Duo let me..." He lost track of what he was saying. Duo was nuzzling the back of his neck, hands sliding his shorts down until he could feel the naked boy pressed against him from behind. "Ok, now you get what you have to." Duo murmured in his ear, trailing a finger lightly over the tip of Heero's erection.

Heero forgot everything, immersed in the feel of the bare skin flush with his back, the teasing fingers gliding over him, and Duo's warm breath against his neck. He reached for the bottom drawer, bending over slightly from his kneeling position on the bed, groaning at the change of angle. "Duo, you're making it very hard to ...uhhn...remember what I'm doing."

"And what are you doing?" Duo tried to peer around him, grinding against him, giggling when he shuddered and leant back.

"I'm trying," He paused, taking hold of Duo's wandering hands in one of his. "To get into this drawer." He searched through it for a moment, his fingers finally closing around the little bottle he'd been trying to find. He hung a foot off the bed, nudging the drawer shut with his toes. Taking a careful hold on Duo's wrists, he raised them above their heads, then twisted slightly and turned around.

Duo blinked in surprise. "How did you do that?" His arms were pinned behind his back and he was straddling Heero's lap.

"Trade secret." Heero grinned up at the mystified expression, holding up his other hand and wiggling the vial. "This is what I was trying to retrieve," He raised his hips, sliding against the pert bottom. "Before you so rudely interrupted my quest."

"Ooohh." Duo rolled his hips at the sensation of the hardness sliding and pressing between his cheeks, desperate for even more contact. He wriggled, trying to free his arms so he could touch, closing his eyes and moaning as Heero dropped the little bottle and began stroking him.

He sat up, spreading Duo's legs further apart with his own. He reached out, releasing the dripping shaft, fumbling for the vial. Grabbing it up, he unscrewed the cap with one hand, pouring some of the oil into his palm, then setting the bottle on the floor.

Duo kept trying to get his hands free, moaning mellifluous, unintelligible pleas. His hair brushing Heero's thighs, tickling.

Sliding his hand down, Heero dripped some of the light oil onto his own erection, then he glanced up, his mind blanking as the sight of Duo captivated him.

The sun gleamed around him, dancing through the long waves of hair, twisting over his open mouth and closed eyelids. He looked as if he were concentrating, as if he were trying to memorize everything he felt.

Heero kept his eyes on the flushed face, gliding his fingers down between Duo's legs.

"Aaahh...let me touch...mmm..." A slick finger teased Duo's entrance, sliding into him so slowly, it seemed like some sort of sweet torture. He tried to sit up, move his hips, anything to have more. He wanted to drown in it, let it never end and finish quickly, anything. His mind silently kept up a solid chant, his lips opening and releasing it. "More Heero...more...please?" He opened his eyes and saw the watching gaze burning into him, nearly finishing him as the scorching eyes blinked languidly up at him.

"You want more?" Heero held completely still, stopping all movement, then steadily drawing his finger down, feeling his groin tighten as Duo threw back his head and wailed.

"I'll give you a bit more." He said in a low growl, slipping in another finger, twisting the two together then pulling them apart slightly, being careful to remain gentle, yet all the time adding a little more force to the thrusting.

Duo all but sobbed, arching his back, body focused on the driving digits within. He couldn't even think, he was past it, nothing but pleasure filling his senses. Filling, it seemed such an appropriate sentiment; the way Heero was filling him, filling his mind, his body.

"Beautiful." Heero whispered, watching the contortions of face and body. He raised his hips and slipped his free fingers around his own aching frustration, sliding them along the tip while still using his other fingers to keep Duo writhing. When he released the hands he'd been holding behind Duo's back, the other boy barely seemed to notice, simply putting his hands down, bracing them on Heero's legs.

Duo plunged down, crying out as he at last achieved more, rising back up a bit before driving himself further onto those invading fingers. He felt stretched, everything in him focusing on nothing but Heero and the wash of emotions. Then the delicious sensation stopped as all movement became static, and he felt the fingers stretch him impossibly wide, something hot bumping between them as they slid out, allowing the new intrusion. Duo welcomed it, collapsing forward against Heero's chest, gripping tightly as he slid down ever so slowly along the full, pulsing length.

Heero sat up a little more, guiding the slim hips, delaying his entry even more, unwilling to accidentally do harm. Duo moaned against his neck, arms wrapped firmly around him, gasping as each inch steadily filled him. At last, he was fully seated, frozen by pleasure. Heero started a gradual pumping movement, tiny juts of his hips, teasing circles. It was almost too much, just that feeling of being so completed, joined. Sounds of incoherent bliss filled the room as he continued to swivel his hips, changing the angle with every short, deep thrust.

Duo twined his hands through the hair at the back of Heero's neck, spreading his legs further apart, raising his knees up. He leant forward, panting, violet eyes hazed with pleasure, pressing his lips tightly against Heero's, thrusting his tongue out into the warmth of the other boy's mouth, moaning into him. Just when he didn't believe he was capable of adding another new sensation, a hand wrapped around his long neglected arousal, stroking it, fondling it. He shouted as the feeling within doubled, then tripled, endlessly becoming more as each minute passed. It felt as if his head were spinning, and he realized that world really did seem to revolve around him, only it also seemed to whirl around Heero, folding them both away within each other, floating together in a timeless place. Then everything came crashing, rising in a great crescendo, and smashing everything in a movement of flesh within flesh against flesh. With a soft desperate howl that verged on a scream, Duo at last succumbed to the spiral of completion, dragging Heero with him into the shattering, mind-emptying void.

They lay panting together, collapsed in a heap, still joined. Catching his breath, Heero pulled Duo's head down, kissing him softly, tasting the satisfaction. He felt a laugh start up within the longhaired boy, bubbling out.

"I think you're out of luck," Duo panted, wriggling slightly. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you." He grinned; sliding his hands down Heero's back. "I'm always going to want more."

"Do you know, I really don't think I mind."

"Good," Duo purred, shifting his hips. "Because I'm ready for more right now." He paused, a mischievous smile flitting across his face. "Only this time, I think it's your turn."

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