Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.

Fate + Chapter Nineteen

"For all that my eye may see, forever, for all my life through, I'll never grow tired of the taste of the love, the love in you."
- Bob Crew and Charles Fox, I Love All The Love In You

It was late afternoon and the sun hung low on the horizon, inching towards its bath in the ocean. Hazy sunlight streamed into the room, fanning out over the two boys collapsed together on the low bed. Duo lifted his head, and smirked down at Heero, who lay stretched out beneath him on his stomach. He grinned at the sun edged arms stretched above, the sleek whisper of muscle sliding beneath.

"I was thinking the kitchen needed to be the next room we visit." Came a muffled comment.

Duo lifted himself slightly, earning a gasp. "Hungry?"

"No, I'm very full. But I need nourishment."



"How about food?"

"I could use some of that, too." Heero turned his head to one side, his voice suddenly becoming clearer as he did. "All this exercise has made me hungry."

The longhaired boy smiled at the drowsy expression. "What would you like to eat?" He swiveled his hips a bit, remaining propped up on his elbows. The body beneath his gave a sinuous shudder.

"Mmm...Do you think you can stay right where you are and get some food at the same time?"

Duo glanced at the plate he'd brought up earlier. The slices of apple had turned a rusty brown at the edges, the cheese actually seemed to have melted slightly, and the bread, well the bread looked the same. "I can't believe you're hungry right now," He twisted slightly, letting out a quiet moan.

A low growl emanated from somewhere below them both.

"See?" Heero said, stretching and raising up, a muffled groan came from the lips pressed against his shoulder. He closed his eyes, rocking back, wanting to hear more of those melodic noises. "Have you," he paused, absorbing the feel of each slow thrust. "Decided what you like better?"

Duo's arms tightened around him, but the pace didn't quicken, the purposeful, silken movement never breaking. "I think as long," his hand drifted down beneath their bodies, brushing over the violently growling stomach. "As you're involved," he slipped his fingers lower, feathering them over the abandoned arousal. "I don't think I can decide." he let out a soft sigh, as his hand started stroking with a slow measured beat.

Each deliberate, steady movement brought them both closer, but the rate never once picked up from what it was. A careful, relentless pounding of flesh against flesh. It was infinitely erotic; Heero could feel each increment of the journey, each slide, drawn against his skin. It went perfectly with the matched building of energy that seemed to be coalescing within his groin and spreading out to every part of his body. He managed to pull his knees under himself, keeping his chest almost flat on the bed. The strangled gasps this action drew from both of them, only intensifying the height of their abandonment. Duo slipped both arms around him, holding them together, melding their bodies into one instrument whose grand design seemed to be pleasure. Carefully he tilted them back until they were in a semi-sitting position. His hips never losing the leisurely, driving movements, his hands coasting over the silken skin, before slipping down once more to wrap around Heero's erection

A low string of syllables flew from Heero's mouth as he rocked back, then moved forward again, undecided as to where he wanted to be more, within hand or filled so deeply it almost brought him to tears. Duo finally made the choice for him, lifting him by the hips and plunging him down, biting his shoulder softly, licking along his damp neck. It felt so good, so profound, and so sweet. It built and built, never quite reaching the top, just ascending endlessly closer.

Gasps and moans echoed in their ears, the noises of pleasure made by each of them. Lost words of love, endearments, softly chanted names. The sounds whispered across them, the low muted hum of their bodies communicating. At last, the feeling that had been banding together inside Heero began to reach a fever pitch, rising within him, slithering through his body and unwinding like a ribbon of pure rapture. His mouth opened, but only harsh breathing and a soft moan escaped, his body going rigid with release, his entire being seeming to expand and contract, bringing the universe along for the ride.

"" A soft sob against his shoulder, and Duo pulled him closer, wrapping his arms firmly around him, unable to let go, his entire world spiraling down into a pinpoint then rushing through his mind, blanking it of all thought, only able to experience the sensations that coursed through him.

They slowly bowed forward, relaxing gradually, melted against one another. A growl tore through the room, and Heero chuckled.

"Kitchen?" Duo asked

"Mhm. Though I feel full, apparently my stomach thinks it's empty."

"Would you like me to try and talk some sense into it?" Duo gasped as the body below his began quivering with laughter. "Ooohh... don't laugh Heero or you'll never... uhhnn... eat again."

"Is that a promise?" Heero began chuckling again, shifting against the bed and pushing back. Then his stomach roared, and he collapsed, laughing into the pillow. He raised one hand limply, twirling his fingers. "Food!" Then one finger pointed towards the doorway before the hand settled lifelessly onto the covers.


"Ok, guess what this one is."

Heero's face squinched up, and one eye popped open while he chewed judiciously.

"Duo, Tell me that wasn't what was in the tinfoil all the way at the back of the fridge."

Duo shoved the tinfoil out of sight, trying to hide the action behind his back. "That wasn't it." He beamed as innocently as he could.

"Oh, good."


"Go for it."

Duo turned and peered into the refrigerator, rifling through it, muttering and shifting things aside. "Your eyes are closed, right?" He asked over his shoulder without turning around.


"Ok, open your mouth."

Heero did, smiling when he felt the small round object hit his tongue. He rolled it around then bit into and nearly choked. "A cherry tomato?"

"Yeah, what did you think it was?"

Heero blushed slightly. "A grape."

"Ooh, that explains the look on your face when you bit it."

"What look?" He opened one eye.

"The one where your face gets this pinched look, and you sort of look like you just tasted something completely not at all like you expected." Duo grinned at him and held up a grape. "You were getting this next."

"Have I told you lately that you're evil?"

"Um, no?"

"Then maybe it's time I did, you're evil Duo, very evil. Now, find me some more food?" Heero asked pleadingly, then opened both eyes for a moment and admired the view as Duo turned to search the fridge again. They'd thrown on whatever had been handy when they'd come downstairs, and Duo had wound up in only a t-shirt. It lifted up a bit now as he bent to peer on a low shelf. Heero smirked and slid a hand down one perfect globe, squeezing it gently.

"Hey!" Duo whirled around and pinned him with a mock glare. "I thought you were hungry?"

"I am."

"For food." Duo said, crossing his arms, and leaning his weight on one hip.

"Yes, for food."

"Hm." He made the mistake of turning around again.

"Do you think you could be considered a food?" Heero asked, wrapping his arms securely around the longhaired boy while nuzzling the slim neck.


"Would you like to be?"

They both grinned, though neither could see the other's face.


The bathroom had been cleaned up from the night before. All signs of the drunken revelry now mopped up, as well as a certain plate of hors d'oeuvres, which had been hoovered up by Zero. Duo stood in front of the sink, vainly trying to get his hair on top of his head. Heero was quite impressed when he actually managed it.

"Interesting." Was all the dark haired boy said, eyes roaming the perfect features that lay revealed.

"I really feel like I need a shower," Duo paused and looked vaguely uncomfortable for a moment. "I think it was the grapes." He said finally, blushing to the roots of his hair.

"I enjoyed the grapes thoroughly, I don't see what could have bothered you about them." The sparkle in Heero's eyes seemed to dance merrily for a moment. A decidedly self-satisfied smirk crawling over his face, as he continued to merely gaze at Duo.

"I can't believe you..." Duo stopped and once again seemed to get a glazed look in his eyes. "I'll never look at grapes the same way again." He said finally, still flushing a rosy red.

"I didn't know you could see them..."



"I still can't believe you...used them like that."

Heero grinned.


The water was sluicing down one naked leg. Heero slid his glance up that long, slim leg, dwelling on the sharp angle of a knee, the smooth curve of thigh. Duo swayed to one side, and to Heero's great enjoyment, dropped the soap. It was a day that seemed to be turning into one of those days that Heero never thought he could have. Wonderful. It couldn't be described any other way.

He laid a hand on the pert rear end that stuck up as Duo bent to retrieve the elusive soap. Gliding his fingers across the wet contours, Heero moved forward and pressed against the willing body. In a few seconds he had the lithe boy pinned against the wall, arms spread above, chest nearly flat against the wet tiles. Water rained against them as they tried to reach yet another height of ecstasy.

It wasn't like the joining they'd shared earlier; there were no tender words this time, only loud moans that grew steadily louder with each thrust, echoing and bouncing off the slick tiled walls.

Rivulets of steam and water drew steady trails down their heated skin. The pitch of Duo's hoarse shouts growing louder and more intense, matching the glow that was lighting up his very soul. All he seemed able to do was arch further back and press forward, a body made of sensation, each touch, thrust, lick, and caress sliding over and through his skin, catching every nerve ending he had and making it thrum with sensual overload. And he thought the grapes had been an interesting exploration of what could be done with two overheated bodies and the various crevices they contained.

But the relentless pounding of Heero within him, the soft gasps in his ear, the hands that wandered over his skin, igniting it. This was a sensation to die for, or live for. He wondered, as the feelings within began a familiar building pattern, whether a person could die from pleasure. And as the feelings gathered, rolling with all the weight of a cannonball through his body, knocking down every defense within him, all the myriad of thoughts that his head contained. He realized that pleasure was meant to be lived for, and shared.


"How do you know what you know about sex?" Duo lay on the bed, stretched out and feeling so relaxed he didn't think he would ever be capable of standing again. The muscles in his body felt tranquil, lazy, designed only for sinuous, fluid movement. Heero felt much in the same way. His legs were piled on top of Duo's, arms wrapped snuggly around the slim waist. He felt, that he wasn't capable of letting go of the warm body, ever. He smiled dreamily into the amethyst eyes that watched him. "Books, and a few real life experiences."

"Real you've done this with other people?" and despite himself, Duo felt a flash of jealousy. He didn't like the idea that someone else might of enjoyed the boy next to him, explored, and loved. It bothered him intensely.

"Some of it, I've never loved someone before though. And I think it makes all the difference in the world when there's love involved. Because," He paused, caressing the smooth skin. "I think with love, there's a feeling that's not just physical, it's almost as if, as if I can feel the emotions inside you." he paused again, looking puzzled. "It's never felt like that before, nothing has."

"And what feels so different?" Duo buried his face against Heero's neck, breathing in deeply of the familiar scent.

"You, everything about you. I care about everything you feel with me. I want you to enjoy everytime I touch you. I've never cared before, not really. I just took whatever I could get."

"What did you get?" The soft question was muffled against Heero's shoulder.

"I got, nothing. I received a physical pleasure. But do you know, I think if there's no love, it's like you're missing this great big part of what sex is all about. Because it's not just about getting off, or climaxing. It's about wanting to share a piece of your mind at the same time you share your body."

"Sort of like, mind reading through physical touch?" Duo shook his head and curled tighter against the warmth of Heero's body. "Does that make any sense?"

"In a weird way? Yeah." Heero grinned, rolling over, careful not to tangle their legs further together then they already were. "With you, I get everything I've never gotten before." He leaned down and kissed the lips that seemed to be pouting just a bit. "It's like everything I feel is reflected in you, and everything you feel I feel too."

"Are you a poet now?" Duo could already feel the heat starting to simmer within him once more, like a tide rising to crest and crash against the beach of his sanity.

"No, I just think I'm in love." Heero's hands were moving of their own volition, stroking, teasing, receiving. "And people in love are allowed to behave differently, say things they wouldn't normally say, and," He let his mouth cruise over the soft lips again. "They're allowed to have a libido that doesn't stop for a moment."

"Not even for a single moment?" Duo's legs wrapped around the narrow hips, drawing the dark haired boy closer and tighter against himself.

"Mmmm..." more kisses sprinkled down to fall on skin that seemed to be heating itself from within. "Never, this kind of love never stops."

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