Warnings And Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times.
This fic contains: One AU Romance, yaoi, 1x2/2x1, 1+2/2+1, several other pairings as well, sexual acts of one kind of or another- kissing, hugging, love, etc, sap most likely, mild angst, yuri, and about 20 chapters

by Clary Sage

Fate + Chapter Six

"And all my instincts, they return. And the grand facade, so soon will burn.
Without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside
- Peter Gabrielle, In Your Eyes

Milliard was enjoying a good morning kiss when Duo walked into the kitchen. Normally there would have followed some teasing remark from the boy. Instead, he grabbed a mug, poured himself some coffee, and sat at the table without saying a word. Treize, with his arms still wrapped around Milliard, raised an eyebrow. They pulled apart reluctantly and went to stand on either side of the table, looking over Duo's head at one another.

After the unusual silence continued for several long moments. Milliard finally pulled out a chair, sat down next to the distracted boy, and asked. "Duo? Are you alright?"

Duo looked up at him, and then looked back down at the table "Have you ever felt like you've known someone your entire life, when you've never met him before?" Duo asked, then sipped at his coffee, gazing at the table, tracing the pattern of the tablecloth with a fingertip.

Milliard and Treize exchanged glances and they both nodded, then the blonde asked. "This has to do with Heero doesn't it?"

Duo looked up in surprise. "How'd you know?"

Both men chuckled and Treize went to get another cup of coffee. He came back and leaned against the counter, sipping at the steaming brew. Lazily he reached out and began playing with a strand of long blonde hair. Mil grabbed his hand and held it.

"So, what happened?" Asked Milliard curiously, pulling Treize closer.

Duo stared off into space with a dreamy expression, idly playing with the tip of his braid. "We...kissed." He sighed, then looked confused. Glancing at his cousin he added. "But, well, it was strange. It only lasted for a second or two, and then he was standing and telling me to go home. But I got the feeling he didn't want me to go." Duo shook his head and frowned down at his coffee. "I don't understand that guy at all."

Milliard opened his mouth to tease Duo, and Treize nonchalantly slapped his hand over it. He gave a warning look at the fuming blond, and then winked. "Well Duo," Treize said easily, sliding his hand off Milliard's mouth. "Sounds like you should get to know him better."

"I've been trying, but..." Duo shrugged and absently nibbled on his lower lip. "Do you think it would be ok if I invited him on our 4th of July camping trip?"

"Sure, Relena is bringing a friend this year so I don't see why you can't." Milliard said, relaxing back into his chair.

"She is?" Duo asked, perking up and taking a swallow of his cooling coffee.

"Yup, though she's being very secretive about who it is for some reason." Milliard's elegant blond eyebrows drew together, and he frowned slightly.

"Maybe she's finally found someone?" Asked Treize sipping his coffee.

Milliard looked surprised at the idea. "I don't know, Relena's never brought anyone home before. It should be interesting to see whom she brings. At any rate Duo, go ahead and invite Heero along. The more the merrier."

The smile on Duo's face lit the room with its brilliance. "Thanks Mil, I will. I just hope he says he'll come."

Treize smiled, "Duo, if he says no, he's a fool."


Heero was walking the dog. That's what he kept telling himself. After all, Zero needed the exercise. He glanced over at the fat dog in question, then quickly looked away. He fervently hoped that whoever lived in this house wouldn't mind the rather large 'present' Zero had just left on their lawn.

He caught sight of what he'd been waiting for and began walking again; dragging Zero away from a rosebush the dog was passionately sniffing. No, he told himself. Not waiting, walking the dog. That's all. He wasn't waiting for anyone, why would he do a thing like that? He picked up his pace and walked a little faster.

Duo saw him coming down the street as he finished locking up, and smiled. His eyes lighting up at the sight of the slim boy towing the large dog behind him. "Hi Heero, giving Zero a walk huh?"

"Yeah, I thought he could use the exercise." Zero made puppy eyes at Duo and licked the proffered hand.

Duo laughed. "How many years of training did it take for these vicious attacks?"

"You'd be surprised." Heero chuckled, and drank in the sight of Duo's open, cheerful face. His fingers itched to tug on the long braid trailing down the other boys back. There was just something about that long chestnut tail; it beckoned Heero. With a mental groan, he shook his head and focused on the sidewalk.

They walked along together quietly, Zero stopping them every few feet to sniff vigorously at interesting smells. Neither of them wanted to be the first to mention the previous night, though it weighed heavily on both of their minds.

Finally, Duo swallowed his fear, and asked what he'd been wanting to since his conversation with Mil and Treize that morning. "Heero, what are you doing this weekend?"

They stopped as Zero sat on his haunches and watched a bird fly overhead. Duo fidgeted with his braid while he waited for Heero to answer. After last night, he didn't know what to expect. They started walking again.

"I'm busy." Heero said flatly, nearly flinching at the look on Duo's face.

"Oh." They were fast approaching Heero's house and Duo couldn't think of a thing more to say. He looked at the ground and tried not to feel disappointed. He should have expected as much. He was surprised when Heero grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the front step.

"Duo, come in for a minute?"

"I..." Duo looked up and met the dusky blue eyes. "Ok."

They walked up the front step. Opening the door, Heero took the leash off Zero and set it on the hall table. The chubby dog ran around the corner into the kitchen, and they could hear him taking a long, thirsty drink.

Heero turned to Duo, and reached around him to shut the door. He paused, turning his head to one side, noticing how close he was standing to the boy. He could smell a faint spicy odor emanating from him. Without even realizing what he was doing, he leaned closer and inhaled.

All the little hairs on the back of Duo's neck stood up. He shivered. Heero was standing so close Duo could actually feel the heat rising from him. Unconsciously he leant towards that warmth, his eyes becoming heavy lidded, as if a trance had been put on him.

"Cinnamon," Heero breathed against his neck, "Right?"

"Ye-yes." Duo stuttered, trying not to slump against the wall for support, his legs having gone suddenly weak. "It's my shampoo."

Heero leaned even closer, his lips almost touching Duo's neck. "Hmmm," he inhaled again, and then breathed out softly, sending another shiver down Duo's spine. "Something else too," He paused, and the amethyst-eyed boy felt the hot breath close to his ear, "Paint?"

Heero's lips were so close; Duo could almost feel them on his skin. "Mmm." He managed to respond. He felt the doorknob bump against his spine and realized he'd been backing up, blindly looking for something to lean against. His breathing sped up another notch as a mere inch separated them. He felt his stomach flutter in anticipation, though of what he wasn't sure.

Heero sighed, and gave into temptation, unable to hold himself back. He ran his hands up Duo's arms. Slipping them over the slender shoulders and along the slim neck, then behind his head, into the hair at the base of his skull. His fingers tightened in the silky mass. He put his mouth against the enticing neck and brushed his lips against it, tasting the faint saltiness, and smelling cinnamon. His mouth lingered briefly; then he looked up into glazed violet eyes. For a moment he was lost, watching the emotions play across the heart shaped face. Then his lips were grazing Duo's, his hands fisting for a moment, and then sliding down to pull the other boy close.

Duo melted into the kiss, his mind shutting out everything but the warm mouth and strong body pressing tightly against him. He braced his hands against Heero's chest, and felt the rapid beating beneath his fingertips, echoing his own erratic pulse. Nearly whimpering at the loss as Heero pulled away, he opened his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. I... maybe you should go." Heero's voice was husky with need. He backed up, slowly taking his arms from around Duo, and opened the door. "Go Duo," He whispered softly, his face becoming tense. "Please?"

Duo nodded, numb, and turned, glad that his face was hidden from Heero's view, as the door shut with a soft click behind him. He stood on the steps for a long moment letting the twilight air bring him back to his senses. Then, feeling weak in the knees he trudged across the lawn and up his own front porch.

Turning around as he opened the door, he gazed at Heero's house expressionlessly for a long moment. Then he grinned, and yelled, "I won't always go when you want me to Heero Yuy!" With that, he stuck out his tongue at the silent house and slamming his front door, collapsed and started laughing until tears poured down his face.

Heero rested his face against the cool varnish of his front door, and smiled. "I hope you're right Duo. I hope you're right."

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