Title: Fate
Author: Cs
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings And Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, and anyone who reads this should be aware of that fact at all times. This fic contains: One AU Romance, yaoi, 1x2/2x1, 1+2/2+1, several other pairings as well, sexual acts of one kind of or another- kissing, hugging, love, etc, sap most likely, mild angst, yuri, and about 20 chapters, though only 10 have been written so far.

Fate + Chapter Seven

"You make me hot, you make me sigh. You make me laugh, you make me cry. Keep me burning for your love. With the touch of a velvet glove."
- The Steve Miller Band, Abracadabra

Duo yawned as the morning light spread over his body. Slowly he opened his eyes and lay staring at the ceiling. He could still feel Heero's body pressed against his, hot lips on his own. He shook his head and peeled off the covers, climbing out of bed and stretching.

It had been a long restless night. He'd kept thinking of the boy next door. The dark eternally wind blown hair, midnight blue eyes, those perfect lips, that lean muscled body.

This morning he might just need a cold shower, he thought ruefully. He glared across the way at Heero's already empty room. He'd spent a good part of his evening watching that window, waiting for Heero to go to bed. But the other boy had never come upstairs. Duo had finally fallen asleep with his arm stretched towards the window, a frown on his face.

Hearing a shout outside, Duo opened the window and poked his head out. Down on the back lawn next door he saw Heero standing beside a petite, shorthaired girl. He leaned out a bit further, staring. She was holding onto Heero's hand and gesturing wildly at the bay, a grin on her pixie-like face. Duo felt a surge of jealousy and frowned. Maybe this is what Heero was doing last night. Slamming the window shut, Duo collapsed onto his bed with a sigh.

He mentally kicked himself as he realized just how deep he'd fallen. Ever since they'd met, all he could think about was Heero, and when they would spend time together again. Even if it was only a walk down the street, he just wanted to be around the dark haired boy. There was something different about Heero, something Duo couldn't put his finger on. All he knew, was everytime he was around him, he had the most peculiar urges. Duo had never felt this way before, and it bothered him. But none of it mattered now. Heero had a girlfriend.

Duo's fingers clenched in the covers of his bed, and he groaned. He would just ignore it. Yes, that was definitely the only thing to do. He would just have to not think about Heero and... that girl. Getting up, he cast a last withering look out the window, and went to go start his day.

Milliard was in the kitchen making an omelet when Duo came in. The blond turned, and frowned when he noticed the look on his brother's face. "All right, what's wrong now?"

Duo stared at his brother for a moment, then looked away. "Nothing."

Milliard's frown deepened as Duo slumped into a chair. He knew this probably had something to do with Heero. Mil had known his little brother long enough that he could almost read his mind. And right now, he could tell Duo was being bothered with thoughts of the boy next door. But he kept his mouth shut, and turning back to his omelet, folded it carefully over. Duo would tell him in his own good time.

"He's got a girlfriend," Duo said quietly.

Milliard scowled at the defeated tone, but remained silent. He cut the overfilled omelet in two with his spatula. Laying each half on a plate, he grabbed his coffee and went to the table. Setting one plate in front of Duo, he sat down and waited. After a few moments, Duo glanced up and pushed the plate away. "Thanks. I'm not hungry though."

Milliard sighed. "Duo, eat it." He pushed the plate back in front of his cousin. He couldn't stand to see Duo like this. "Come on little bro, it's not all bad. Did he actually tell you he had a girlfriend?"

"No." Duo played with his fork and moved bits of egg and mushroom around on his plate. "That's the worst part of all, he didn't even tell me."

"Then, how did you find out?" Milliard asked, puzzled.

"I saw them together out in his backyard, they were holding hands." Duo looked sullenly down at his plate.

Milliard started to chuckle. "That's it? Duo! You're jumping to conclusions. For all you know she's just a friend, maybe even a relative." He grinned as his cousin took a bite of egg.

"But I saw them..."

"What? Holding hands? That doesn't mean a thing. Finish eating breakfast and go over there."

Duo looked doubtfully at his brother, who sat blissfully eating his omelet, problem solved. He thought about it for a moment, Milliard could be right. "Alright, you might be right. Maybe I am just jumping to conclusions. I'll go see him after work"

Milliard hid a smile of satisfaction, "Want some coffee?"

"Yeah, bring it on." The usual cheerful note was back in Duo's voice. Milliard breathed a silent sigh of relief.


"Hilde Schbeiker?" Duo raised an eyebrow at the girl in question.

"Yup, I'm Heero's half sister, nice to meet you." She took his limp hand and shook it vigorously.

"Half sister?" Duo felt a sudden release of tension, and smiled at the girl. "Half sister, that's great, I didn't think Heero had a sister."

She nodded and grinned at Heero. "He didn't think he had a sister either. Actually, uh, I'm not supposed to be here." She lowered her voice and leaned closer to Duo. "If dad knew I was here he'd kill Heero. You see," She looked around then said conspiratorially, "Dad doesn't know Heero found out about me. If Heero's mom ever knew about me, let's just say things would not be happy in the Yuy clan." Duo stood with his mouth slightly open and gaped at her.

"Hilde!" Heero glared at her warningly.

"What? You like him right? Sheesh, its not like I just told him something you wouldn't have eventually told him yourself." She stuck out her tongue and thumbed her nose at the fuming boy.

Heero sighed and rolled his eyes at Duo. "This is what I'm busy with this weekend." He said dryly.

Duo hadn't thought he could become any happier than he had at finding out Hilde wasn't Heero's girlfriend. But now he suddenly saw his entire day grow brighter, and he blurted out, "Then, maybe you can both come."

"What? Come where?" Heero asked, looking at Duo.

"Well, yesterday when I asked you what you were doing this weekend. I wanted to know if you were free to come camping with us. You see, every 4th of July we go camping out on Balalaika Island for a few days. I thought maybe you'd like to come. Now that Hilde's here she can come too. You'll love the island. We'll be going out there tomorrow." Duo took a deep breath and waited.

"Oh wow Heero, we're going!" Hilde grabbed Heero's arm and bounced in place next to him. Heero gave her a look; she dropped his arm and continued to jump in place.

Glancing up, Heero met Duo's eyes, and smiled at the pleasure he saw in them. "Yeah we'll go," He jerked his head at Hilde. "Then I won't have to think of how to entertain her."

"Aww, you like my ideas. Last time you said you never knew glue could last so long." She grinned and dodged as Heero lunged at her.

"That was not funny Hilde. My hand stayed glued to that thing for a week. My teachers kept asking me why I had my hand in my pocket." He glared at her.

Duo looked curiously at them. "Do I even want to know?"



Heero scowled at his sister and stepped closer to her. "Hilde if you tell him that you glued my hand to a ...a...Omae o korosu!"

Duo was dying of curiosity. He looked at Hilde, who winked at him. "I'll tell ya some other time, when he's not threatening to kill me." She said in a low voice, as Heero growled.

"Is that what he said?" Duo asked.

"Yeah, he does that sometimes. Haven't you noticed? When he gets all flustered he starts talking in Japanese. I think it's a throwback from his childhood personally. You know..." Heero slapped his hand over her mouth.


"Heero, this dog gets fatter and fatter everytime I see him. What do you feed this guy? Linebackers?" Hilde was kneeling on the floor next to Zero and patting his exposed belly. The fat dog looked like he was in heaven, his eyes rolled back in his head and his tongue hanging out.

"Yes, linebackers. I'm building him up to sumo wrestlers." Heero nodded and managed to keep a straight face. Duo chuckled. They were sitting in Heero's living room. After the braided boy had found out that Hilde was Heero's sister, he'd completely forgotten his frustration of the night before. They'd stayed out on the lawn until sunset, eventually going over to meet Milliard.

Milliard and Hilde had hit it off like a house on fire. Both Heero and Duo had backed away, as their conversation got louder and louder. Their arms had been gesticulating wildly; Hilde had been trying -as far as Duo could figure out- to explain the difference between a New York pizza and a Chicago pizza. It had taken nearly an hour before they finally agreed to order a New York style pizza. Then, they argued over what to get on it.

Now it was getting late, Duo stifled a yawn and leaned back against the sofa. It had been a better day than he'd thought it would be. He'd found out a lot about Heero just from listening to Hilde's endless chatter. The girl was positively filled with energy and never seemed to stop talking. Duo had payed close attention though, and every now and then, she would say something that he'd found himself storing away in his memory for later use.

Heero was allergic to jello, and he couldn't stand rainy days. He liked martial arts, and was trained in most of them. He had a bookshelf that went to the ceiling. At which point they'd gone upstairs, and for the first time Duo had seen Heero's room from the inside.

It was bare except for a large bookshelf, the bed, and a low dresser sitting next to the bed. The only bit of color in the room had been that bookshelf, and Duo had found himself just staring at the spines wondering what had made the other boy the way he was. Then Heero and Hilde had started arguing about authors. Eventually they'd all trooped downstairs again, only to argue about which movie to watch. Hilde hadn't stopped talking through the entire movie.

Duo stifled another yawn and fought to keep his eyes open. He glanced at the clock on the wall and noticed it was past midnight. "Guys? I have to go home and go to bed. I've got to work early tomorrow. It's been a great evening though, wish I could stay longer."

Hilde jumped up and ran to the couch, bouncing on the cushions and tumbling several pillows to the floor. "Awww, Do you really have to go? I haven't told you about when Heero..." Heero slapped his hand over Hilde's mouth again. She kept talking. Then she finally gave up trying to talk behind the hand and settled with rolling her eyes expressively at Duo.

Heero smiled. "I'll walk you home. Hilde stay." Letting go of her mouth, he pointed at the couch and glared at her.

"Yeah, yeah. I won't move a muscle." She made kissing sounds as Heero ushered a grinning Duo out the front door.

The door closed and Duo turned, still grinning, and looked at Heero. "I like her."

"Mm, most people either like her or hate her." He shook his head; his dark bangs falling to cover his eyes.

"I'm glad you can come camping with me." Duo said, glancing away and blushing in the dim light of the front step. Heero remained silent, and taking his hand, started walking across the lawn towards Duo's front porch.

They stood for a long moment in the shadows of the porch; finally, Heero let go of the hand he was still holding. Amethyst eyes were dark in the dim light and Heero wanted to see them, wanted to see the look in them. He walked closer to the other boy and reached out a hand to smooth one finger over a delicately arched eyebrow. His fingers trailed down Duo's temple and over his cheek, running briefly over his nose, then tracing his lips. Duo shivered at the sensation and closed his eyes.

"I don't know why." Heero said softly, his fingers moving to caress the skin of Duo's neck then sliding into his hair. He pulled the other boy close and brushed his mouth against the tender area below Duo's ear.

"Ww-why what?" Duo asked, as his head rolled back, fully exposing himself to the feel of Heero's mouth. Scorching breath washed over his skin and he stifled a moan as the other boy pressed more tightly against him.

"Why I can't stop thinking about you." Heero whispered hotly against his ear, he brushed his lips over Duo's and sighed. "Why I want you so much."

"Get a room guys!" A familiar girlish voice yelled. Heero groaned and reluctantly pulled away from Duo.


Howling laughter flowed out the open upstairs window. And Duo started to laugh himself, the mood broken.

"I'll see you later Duo, I need to go sedate her and tie her to a kitchen chair for the night."

Duo nodded and tried to look serious. "You can tie her to a tree when we go camping."

Heero grinned, "You see? You're getting to know her already."

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