By Cs
Warnings and Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and I shall never stop telling you that!
The Following Fic Contains: No plot whatsoever, 1x2x1, sextoys, sex, junk food, and the usual claptrap, enjoy it if you can!


"Beer, eggs, butter, leftover take-out...there isn't shit to eat!" Duo whined and rubbed his leg absently with his foot. He stood in front of the open refrigerator, door in one hand and a sorry excuse for dinner in his other hand.

"There has got to be something to eat in this house..." He muttered peevishly, trying to root around in the back of the fridge using his wrist, the apple he'd found nearly falling out of his hand. "I swear to god no one ever cares what's in this fridge but me." He continued to complain, finally giving up and slamming the door shut. His eyes wandered around the dark kitchen, narrowing as they met the blank wooden cabinets across the way. Maybe there'd be something in there... like a five-course dinner with dessert included. He could only hope as he began swinging open the cabinet doors, nearly feverish in his search.

A few seconds later he concluded that no one ever went shopping in the house, no one cared about what they ate, and all he had for dinner was a measly apple. Feeling in a fine funk of a mood he stomped his way back up the stairs towards the room he'd wound up sharing with Heero. "He doesn't care what he eats, it's just food to him, fuel." He said the last word bitterly, kicking the bedroom door open, uncaring of the glare sent his way from Heero. "You don't care do you? You don't care that I'm starving to death!" He didn't even bother to see the response his declaration had on the other pilot, instead, flopping face down on his bed still holding the apple.

"I'm starving, and this apple will not cut it, damned stupid non- shopping jerks that don't care about..." The rest of his muttering was lost in his pillow. He felt more than heard the shifting of floorboards and subtle slide of bare feet as Heero approached. A hand tentatively touched his arm and he jerked upright, swinging around and facing the dark haired boy. "Do you hear me Yuy! I'm starving here!" He held out the apple as if it were somehow all to blame, shaking it slightly before slumping down again. His head hung between his knees, braid thrown forward to wag along dolefully with him. "It's just not right..."

"Duo..." The bed shifted as Heero sat down beside him, silence ringing the room with its frigid company. A few minutes passed, Duo merely shaking his head, gripping the lone apple until it dented slightly with the increasing pressure of his fingers. "Duo..." Heero's voice was slightly admonishing, the tone low and persuasive.

Duo was just about to shout out his anger at having to starve after working so hard all day, after repairing his Gundam, showering in cold water, and then finding the fridge empty of food. When something landed in his lap. He glanced down, trying to register what it was; his eyes opening wide when he realized it was food. "What's that?" He rolled his eyes at his own stupidity, he could see what it was, what he'd wanted to ask was why. Why was it sitting in his lap? Why had Heero given it to him? What on earth did it mean? He picked it up, letting the apple fall forgotten onto the bed, fingers wrapping tightly around the chocolate bar resting on his thighs. "Nevermind, I can see what it is...Is it really ok if I eat it? I'm not depleting your sources here am I?"

Looking up he met a pair of darkened blue eyes, surprised to find them watching him.

"It's just a candy bar Duo, I think I'll survive without it."

"Humor from the boy who left his behind in the colonies?"

Heero merely rolled his eyes and snorted softly. "Even I can have a sense of humor, besides..."


Heero looked away, staring at the wall, shifting on the bed, fingers nervously toying with the comforter beneath him. Duo cleared his throat, nudging the stolid boy with the chocolate bar. "Come on, tell me, I promise I won't laugh."

"I never had any candy before coming to earth...and...well..."

"You like it! You like candy!" Duo practically crowed with delight, swinging his feet off the bed and laughing.

"You promised not to laugh!"

"I know...I'm" He broke off with a giggle, " I just never thought of you of all people as having a sweet tooth." He sat up, smiling at the frown directed at him. "Listen, I'm sorry I'm taking your stash from you, how about I share?"

"It's ok...I uh...I have more..." Heero glared at the longhaired boy as he laughed again, rolling around on the bed in sheer delight. "Stop that! I was deprived as a child!"

Duo only laughed harder, rolling over until he bumped into Heero's hip, where he lay in a heap chuckling against it. He didn't seem to notice that Heero had frozen the instant Duo slumped against his side with laughter. He never saw the look the dark-haired boy cast on him, eyes narrowing in contemplation, the corners of his mouth turning up in a small smile.

"I've got some potato chips, too..." Heero mumbled, absently turning Duo over onto his back again.

"Potato chips..." Duo sat up, his braid bouncing with him, and stared at his roommate. "Then you don't have a sweet tooth Heero, you've got a junk food addiction!" Before he could start his laughter rolling again, Heero slapped a hand over his mouth and managed a tiny glare.

"I do not."

"Do too, and I bet I can prove it." Duo said with a smirk, removing Heero's hand with a wink. He stood up, wondering where the most likely hiding place of so much junk food could be. The desk caught his eyes; one drawer still slightly pulled out. With a grin, he went over to it, pulling it the rest of the way out and gasping in surprise. It was filled to the brim with snack foods, chips, candy, gum, nuts, cookies. He shook his head in disbelief, never having imagined Heero to like that sort of thing. "Wow...this is quite the stash Heero." He breathed softly, fishing through the drawer and marveling at the sheer amount of sugary snacks residing within it.

"Where do you think I go every time we hit a town?" Heero asked sarcastically, standing and joining the awestruck boy at the desk. He riffled through the candies and snacks, pulling out a piece of wrapped hardcandy, unwrapping it and almost joyfully popping it into his mouth.

"I always figured you were checking it out for Ozzies, not checking it out for candy stores." Duo said with another grin, pulling out a package of chocolate chip cookies and thoughtfully perusing the ingredients. "I really wouldn't be any more surprised if I found the drawer below this was filled with sex toys." He said, preoccupied with wondering what on earth xanthum gum did for a cookie.

The dead silence that followed that comment had him raising his eyebrows and turning towards Heero in shock. "You don't..." Heero's face had taken on a bright red glow, his eyes looking anywhere but at Duo. He fidgeted in place, settling on staring at his toes rather then at the boy beside him.

Duo gazed at him for a long moment, and then slowly closed the junk food drawer before reaching for the drawer below it; his fingers shook as he tugged on the handle. At first nothing odd looking inside the drawer caught his eyes, it merely contained paper and a few spare pens, along with a bottle and some small cardboard boxes. Then he did a double take, reaching in and pulling out the bottle to read the label. "Astroglide?!"

Heero's hand caught his, forcing him to drop the bottle back into the draw and shutting it quickly. "It's nothing."

"It's lubricant for sex!" Duo yelled, trying to open the drawer again, wondering what could have been in the boxes. He was discovering all kinds of things, and his curiosity was killing him, though, glancing at Heero's face, curiosity wasn't the only thing that could kill him. "Come on Heero, I'm dying to know..." He put on his best wheedling face, pushing his lower lip out in a pout and opening his eyes wide.

Heero's hand relaxed its grip on his wrist, and Duo yanked open the drawer again, bending over it to look at everything with interest. He picked out a box, opening it up and dumping out whatever was in it into his palm. A slim blue vibrator fell through his fingers and landed on the floor with a soft thump, turning itself on and buzzing gently. Duo's eyes grew even wider, and he knelt down, picking up the vibrator and examining it closely before shutting it off and slipping it back into its box. Carefully he put it back into the drawer, idly picking through the innocent seeming blank paper. Below the blank paper were magazines, Duo gasped upon discovering they weren't at all what he'd expected. They were gay magazines, boys with boys, men with men, jerking themselves off, jerking each other off, bending every which way to display their bodies.

He didn't realize he'd been frozenly holding onto a fistful of the magazines, until Heero cleared his throat beside him, tugging them out of his hand and putting them back inside the drawer. Duo snapped out of his shock, turning to look at Heero at last, and finding the other boy staring back at him openly. "Heero you...I" His head shook from side to side, as if trying to deny what he'd seen. "I never knew...never would have guessed..."

"I never had porn on the colonies either." Heero said, his lips quirking slightly when Duo's eyes opened wide once more.

"Yes, but it''s..." Duo couldn't seem to bring himself to point out that it wasn't the kind of porn he would have expected Heero to have. If he had ever even thought the other boy would go for porno of any sort.

"Gay?" Heero asked, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

Duo nodded, his eyes drifting back to the open drawer. He pulled out another of the small boxes, carefully opening it and peering inside. A flesh colored penis stared back at him, and he felt beads of sweat popping out all over his body at the thought of Heero using it. Unbidden, images of Heero lying on his bed came to him, legs spread, head thrown back, hand working the plastic bit of fake flesh inside of his body. Duo shuddered, closing the box and leaning against the desk heavily, his breath coming out in shallow gasps.

Heero eased the box from Duo's clutching fingers, dropping it back into the drawer and gazing silently at his companion. Then he smiled, a small tight little smile. "It's all your fault you know."

Duo's head jerked up, his entire body becoming tense, his eyes clashed with Heero's, mouth opening to deny any such thing. And then he saw the small smile that sat on Heero's lips, a subtle little twist. "It is huh? And how do you figure that?"

"You once said that I needed to get laid, and, well, I had to find out what that was first. So I asked around, and looked it up on the net, and well..."

"So you promptly bought up a warehouse of gay magazines and a truckload of dildos and vibrators? I don't believe it." Duo made his way back to the bed, picking up the apple and biting into it, the crisp crunch of it the only sound in the room for several moments.

"Well," Heero sat beside him, drawing his legs up and wrapping his arms around them. "There's a bit more to it than that."

"Ok." Duo took another bite of the apple, wiping up the stray juice that dribbled down his chin. He felt as if he'd gone into shock, and he probably had. He kept his eyes on the floor, not daring to look at the other boy, afraid of what he might see.

"I never really knew what sex was before I came to earth, and then there was Relena, always wanting something from me, and you, telling me to get laid, and Quatre, giggling about having sex with Trowa...and well...I was confused."

"I don't think I've ever heard you say so much in one breath." Duo muttered, wiggling his feet in a nervous gesture and nibbling his way around the core of the apple.

"So when I looked it up, trying to find out what all the interest was about, there were so many choices. There were men with men, and women with women, and women with men, and children with adults and relatives with relatives." Heero sat up a little straighter trying to catch Duo's eyes, but the boy with the braid continued to thoughtfully chew his apple, refusing to meet his gaze. Heero sighed and went on. "I realized there was a lot more to this whole sex thing than I'd thought, it seemed to rule the world more than any government did..."

"It does, everyone has it, most people like it, it's like the universal thing we all seem to have in common." Duo said quietly, tossing the remains of his apple across the room into a small trashcan. "So how did you figure out you like boys?"

"Well, on some sites there were pictures or stories, some even had little movies to watch. So I spent some time sifting through them."

"And then?" Despite himself Duo found his curiosity piqued, he moved a little closer to Heero, watching the expressions on the other boy's face as he talked.

"Nothing seemed to ...excite me, at least I thought that's what the point of all of this stuff was. Right?" He looked up and met Duo's eyes, quickly looking away again when Duo nodded. "Some of it was disgusting, some it was just strange, and then I found this one site..."

"So what was on it?"

Heero shifted nervously, putting his feet onto the floor and resting his hands in his lap. He was quiet for a long time, merely staring at his bare toes. "There were boys...together...and I liked it. They were, they were kissing and ...playing..."

"And you felt something?"

"Yeah...I was..." Heero blushed slightly, meeting Duo's eyes again for a few seconds. "I was excited by it."

"You mean you..."

"Got hard."

"I see..." Duo could feel his own cheeks flame at the thought. He could so easily see it all in his mind. Heero sitting in front of his laptop, staring at the screen, his cock slowly rising at the sight before him, maybe his hand slipping downwards, caressing himself. Duo shivered, abruptly standing up and pacing in front of the bed. "So that's when you decided you liked boys?"

"No, not at all." Heero leaned back on the bed, pillowing his head with his arms and staring at the ceiling. "I still didn't have a clue what I liked, I only knew that this was the first thing that had excited me. The first thing that had made me...hard."

Duo stilled in his pacing, eyeing the stretched out form on his bed, the long tan legs, flat stomach, bare arms. He could completely understand, not many things had made him horny in his life, until a certain wild haired boy had come into it. But he'd never shown it, never wanted Heero to know. And now...he didn't know what to think. "So when did you realize you liked boys?" Duo finally asked, plopping down on the bed beside Heero and watching his still face.

"A few months ago..."

"Am I going to have to drag it out of you? Or are you going to tell me?"

"I'll tell you, I just don't want you to...laugh at me." Heero blushed again, sitting up and nearly bumping into Duo, who sat leaning close to him. His violet eyes wide and sparkling, lips parted slightly, his face wreathed with curiosity...and something else Heero couldn't identify. "Remember that time we had to stay in that disgusting motel?"

"The one with the broken air conditioning unit, lack of television, nasty smell, windows that wouldn't open and the only thing that was worth anything being the shower?" Duo asked with a grin.

"That's the one," Heero nodded, returning the grin with one of his own. "Remember what you wound up wearing to sleep in?"

Duo thought about it for a few seconds, trying to recall. "Uh...I don't remember wearing anything, it was so damned hot in that room." His brow furrowed as he tried to remember. "I remember we had to share a bed though."

Heero nodded again, waiting for Duo to catch on.

"Oh my god..."

Heero smiled, "Remember now?"

"Yeah, I slept naked in the same bed with you..." Duo blushed to the roots of his hair, turning his head away and swallowing the sudden lump of nervousness that seemed to be choking him. At the time, he hadn't thought much of it, always sure that Heero had no interest in sex, let alone in the male body, but now, he saw it in a whole new light. "Ok, I know I must be missing something, tell me how this helped you figure out you liked boys."

"Duo..." Heero rolled his eyes but decided to tell the story anyway, hope filling him. Perhaps, just maybe, Duo didn't mind.

"Well, first you got annoyed with the heat, so you stripped until you were parading around in your underwear." Heero started, leaning back on his elbows and letting himself remember that hot night.

"I was not parading." Duo said with a frown, wondering if maybe he had been unconsciously trying to get Heero's attention.

"Whatever," Heero waved his hand in dismissal and went on, "Then you said the heat was killing you, and went to take a shower, leaving the door wide open."

"I remember, you were sitting in front of your laptop, I didn't even think you'd noticed." Duo said softly, turning so he could rest his head on a pillow and stretching his legs out beside where Heero sat.

"Well I did," Heero eased up the bed, lying beside Duo and turning his eyes to the ceiling along with him. "I watched you the entire time, that shower curtain didn't hide a thing. And as I watched you, you started singing, and...swaying...I could see your hair getting wet and sticking to you, you had your eyes closed..."

"Yeah, I was thinking about that field we crawled through earlier, wondering what it would be like to not be at war, to just sit in that field and let the sun warm me..."

"You were beautiful," Heero turned his head, smiling at the statement on his friend's face. "After a few minutes I realized that not only was I watching you, I was...excited."


"Very." He turned onto his side, staring openly at Duo's face, wondering what he was thinking. "I managed to make it go down before you got out of the shower, and pretended nothing had happened, you didn't seem to notice anything amiss."

"I didn't."

"Then, a few hours later, we went to bed."

"And I was naked."

"Completely naked."

"Hey, you wore your shorts to bed, didn't you?"

"You bet. I didn't want to...disgust you..."

"I don't think you ever could."

"But later on, when you fell asleep, I watched you. I...took the sheet off you, and looked at you."

"What else did you do?" Duo could see it, like a movie playing inside his mind. Heero easing the thin sheet off him, staring at his nude body, eyes sliding over everything he wanted to touch. Just like Duo had wanted to do so many times and hadn't. He turned onto his side, trying to hold back the blush that wanted to cover his face, and meeting Heero's blue eyes.

"I...well...I did something I'd never done before." Heero said at last, looking down at the comforter they laid upon, and playing with a stray thread that poked out of it.

"You jerked off?"