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by Clary Sage


Coffee was what got him going in the morning. What kept him going through the rest of the day was the boy that got on the train at Twelfth and Highland. He didn't know his name, had never heard his voice, he merely watched him daily. For two weeks now, every morning and every evening, the same boy got on the train exactly one stop after he did, and left the train, precisely two stops before he did.

And so, here he was again, buying his early morning cup of coffee from a decrepit vendor in the station hub, and waiting almost eagerly to step onto the train. He sipped his coffee, noticing that once more he'd burned his mouth, drinking the hot brew much too quickly for his health. His briefcase rested against the side of his leg, solid black, matching the dark suit he'd worn nearly every day for the past two years.

Ever since turning eighteen, he'd gotten this job in the city, striving to keep it and move ahead in the large company. It wasn't difficult; he was a genius, easily jumping up the ladder of success, when others could only try to accomplish what he did so easily. So, if he was such a genius, why was he so impatient to see this boy everyday?

Duo sighed, downing the rest of his bitter coffee and tossing the empty cup into the trash on his way to the train platform. Five minutes more, then another five until he got to see... him. Who was this boy? Where did he go each day dressing as he did? Every question Duo had, never seemed to be answered, today he knew, would be no different he was sure. He glanced up at the clock again, two minutes, if the train was on time. He hoped it would be, unwilling to be laid off merely because of something silly like tardiness.

He eyed the rest of the people lining up along the platform, wondering why none of them seemed to stick in his mind like the boy did. That boy, he knew exactly what it was about him. It was the lollipop. He nearly chuckled when he thought about it, but it was true.

Duo could hear the train whistling down the tracks, speeding towards the platform with a rush of air and screeching of brakes. It was time. Now he had five minutes to kill until he got on the train. So he sat, idly reading the advertisements peeling from the train walls. It seemed to take an eternity to reach Twelfth and Highland.

It had all started two weeks ago. It had begun like any other day going to work, boredom glazing his eyes at the mere thought of all the paperwork riding his desktop. His fingertips had been tapping discontentedly upon his briefcase, legs crossed as he watched the black walls through the tinted windows of the train. Twelfth and Highland, and that's when his life changed.

A soft tap on his shoulder, Duo glanced up to find the most exceptionally blue eyes he'd ever seen looking back at him. He'd waited, wondering what the beauty wanted. The azure eyes squinted slightly for a moment, and then a slim hand gestured with a lollipop at the empty seat beside Duo.

"Sure, go ahead." He'd said, only realizing after the dark haired pretty sat beside him, that it was a boy.

He'd shaken his head, wondering what was wrong with him when he started thinking boys were so attractive. But this one was, he was beautiful. Large exotic eyes, long lashes, slim build, and the longest legs he'd ever seen. While he was eyeing his seatmate, the boy also seemed to be checking him out. They stared at each other for a moment, and then Duo looked away, turning his face to the window through which showed only blackness.

In the reflection, he watched as the boy slid the lollipop into his mouth, soft lips parting to let in the red candy, tongue delicately swirling and shrouding it. Duo's mouth opened slightly, empathizing with the lollipop, almost able to feel that slick little tongue slide, the exhalations of breath from between the lips of the exotic boy as he bit down on the stick, sucking the candied end into his mouth and leaving it there.

Show over, Duo sighed and kept watching never the less. His gaze drifted down the tight black t-shirt the boy wore, the extremely tight black jeans, dark combat boots. His eyes went to the hands perched on the boy's lap, slim, long fingered, and almost delicate. Briefly, he imagined what those hands would feel like smoothing over his skin, trembling down his back.

That's how it had started, simple imaginings. What ifs. Now, everyday he waited for more, unable to tear his eyes off that damned boy and his lollipops. The flavor changed daily, the clothes never seemed to. Just as Duo only ever wore one suit to the office, so his seatmate only ever seemed to wear dark jeans and shirts, and those ratty combat boots.

The train ground to a halt, and Duo glanced up in time to see the boy, dressed as usual, sucking on a bright pink lollipop, the flavor of the day. They'd gotten over the invitation stage, the boy immediately plopping down in the empty seat beside Duo and nodding a greeting.

"Morning." Duo said, not expecting a response, since in all this time the boy had never uttered a word.

Another nod, Duo watched as the pink candy was sucked in, teased by that riotously matching tongue. The lush lips became stained with it, teeth nearly too white against the blush of it. One word kept filtering in and out of Duo's mind to describe it, erotic. There was just something about the boy, the way his eyes became half closed, his mouth working continuously on the lollipop, tongue moving delicately over its surface.

To his extreme embarrassment, Duo found himself growing hard watching the display. Damn, not again he grumbled silently. This was happening more and more often, this strange euphoric sensuality. He shifted in the seat, pulling his briefcase closer, covering his obvious excitement, hoping the boy hadn't noticed. Certainly, he wouldn't return this... feeling? Just because the boy was so pretty, consciously or unconsciously seductive in his every move, his very presence sending tingles of awareness down Duo's spine. It meant nothing.

The train halted twice more, one more stop and the boy would get off, but Duo knew he'd be back again that evening, dressed the same, another lollipop hanging out of his mouth and enticing the unwary. Duo was becoming desperate, two weeks of this seduction, whether it be known or not, and he didn't quite know how to handle it anymore. He felt like he would burst from the tension, the strain of doing nothing about such an attraction.

Then it was over, the boy's stop. He stood, glancing down at Duo, his eyes as always shuttered, not a suspicion of what he was thinking or feeling showing in them. With another nod, he was gone; Duo's eyes remaining glued to him, watching through the tinted window until the train pulled away a few moments later.


Work went as it always did, sometimes Duo thought, as it always would. It felt on some days as if he would spend forever trapped in his office, the immense windows displaying his withering body for all to see. And though he would snort at such thoughts, he was half afraid it would become true. He didn't know what was worse, becoming a doddering old man who still worked for this company, pouring his life into it. Or to become just another person on the street, a low paying job with legs. At least here, he had a chance to save his money, invest it wisely, and one day he would leave just as easily as he'd come to this place, or so he would tell himself.

As usual, what got him through his day carrying it quickly past, was the thought of the boy on the train; he'd be there again on the way home. His hair would perhaps be a bit more mussed, but his eyes would remain the same. Duo smiled slightly, wondering what the flavor of the evening would be.

He was barely aware of the walk to the station, his heart already beginning to hammer, thinking of that boy again. Something about him, something so different from others. If Duo hadn't known better, he would have thought it was destiny working for him, finding him something he'd been unable to find on his own. But Duo knew better, hope was easily let down.

His mind wandered as his feet carried him into the station, his briefcase grasped loosely in his right hand, eyes cast down watching the concrete as he passed over it. Automatically he headed for the platform, the whistling screech of the train as it sailed down the tunnel caught his ears and he halted.

In two stops, he'd see him again, what flavor tonight? He smiled secretly, contemplating. Perhaps it would be blue? Maybe green? But the boy always seemed to go for red hues, pinks, peaches, scarlet. Almost as if he purposely chose colors that would seem erotic on his tongue and staining his lips. But that was ridiculous. Duo shook his head at such thoughts, and stepped onto the train with the rest of the people heading home for the day. Night was coming quickly, dark would fall all too soon.

The seat he usually sat in was taken, but that didn't worry him, somehow he knew the boy would still find him. He located an empty bench towards the rear car; the light was out over the seat, graffiti painting the window and part of the wall. Hellish, but a place to rest while traveling homewards. He sat back, placing his briefcase on his knees and folding his hands over it, eyes glazing as he stared blindly out the window at the flashing and dark tunnel.

His mind began roaming in the fifteen minutes it took to get to the second stop. He wondered why the boy never spoke, why he always wore black, and why of all things did he incessantly suck on those lollipops. Anything else Duo felt he could have dealt with, but those damned candy sticks would be his undoing he was sure of it. And as if to answer these unspoken and drifting thoughts, the center of his problem walked through the door of the last car, and headed directly for him. He'd been right, the boy had known exactly where to find him, somehow.

The long fingered hands delved into a pocket of the tight jeans, and came out holding a lollipop. Duo's eyes slid upward, meeting the stunning blue of the boy's. With a nod, the boy sat beside him, leaning back with complete nonchalance, unwrapping and sucking on his candy. Duo watched as the pink tongue flickered out, tasting. The soft lips parted, gently drawing in the ruby sweet, circling it and bobbing over it, caressing.

Duo's mouth opened in response, his eyes glued to the scene, unable to tear his gaze away. His fingers began trembling on the top of his briefcase. His legs twitched, he crossed and uncrossed them, trying to remain calm despite his racing blood. Time ceased to exist, the motion of that lush mouth captivating and holding him in place, the rest of the world flowing by unnoticed. Then the train was screeching to a halt, and the boy stood, those amazing eyes meeting Duo's, drowning him for a moment.

"Omae wa ore no mono da." [1]

Duo blinked, taken by surprise, that voice. It was silk sliding along his nerves, raw and pure, like the slide of flesh on flesh. Unfortunately, he hadn't a clue what the boy had just said. He held out his hand, catching the sleeve of the black t-shirt, tugging slightly.

"Wait, what's your name? What do you mean?"

The shuttered eyes met his, eyelids sliding low in a feral little look. In a slow movement, the lollipop slid from between the boy's lips, the sugary resin filling the air with its perfume of false fruit. Duo's mouth remained opened and parted as if waiting.

"Ja matta ne." [2]


The train gave a warning chime at the door, the engine rumbling in readiness for departure. With a quick smile, the boy shoved the lollipop into Duo's open mouth, and then he was gone, moving swiftly.

Duo sank back against the seat, pulling his forgotten briefcase onto his lap once more. It took him a moment to realize that the lollipop still sat in his mouth, perched between his lips. His eyes closed as he pushed it further in, tasting the artificial fruit flavor and the boy all at once. And he still hadn't gotten his name. Without a second thought he stood, grabbing his briefcase and bounding out the doors just as they were closing, sending the motion sensors into a screeching frenzy as he passed through them.


Twelfth and Highland, he'd never actually been there before, he'd never had a reason before. But now, with the taste of the boy on his tongue and the sweetness of the candy awash within his mouth, he had a reason. He caught sight of the slim, black clad form heading for the stairs at the far end of the station, briefly the boy turned, flashing him a look that said he knew Duo was there, knew the hunt was on.

Duo nodded in response, loosening his tie and slipping his jacket off his shoulders as he walked. The lollipop still held between his lips, he dropped the jacket in the nearest trashcan, uncaring of its fate. Some things were more important than a suit that made you a slave. The tie flew into the next trashcan as Duo bounded up the stairs, fingers still clutching his briefcase tightly. It was the last barrier. With a tug in his chest, he dropped the case in the lap of a bum sitting outside the station, his eyes never leaving the black clothed boy who strode ahead of him.

Later, he could not say why he did these things, why he felt his life should be left behind in his pursuit of the boy. He thought perhaps it was the lollipop. In the last effort to be rid of a life shackled to his desk, working for eternity with no true happiness, he pulled the thing he'd hidden for the past two years from its hiding place. Tucked inside his shirt, hidden beneath the suit jacket, nurtured at the small of his back, he pulled the long chestnut braid free. It slid out striking the backs of his thighs. It was his atonement, for being unable to live the life he'd truly wanted.

He felt free for the first time in years, his existence finally his own, no, he realized, it wasn't his life anymore. It now belonged to that boy just up ahead, for some bizarre reason he couldn't define, he belonged to that boy, the wildness he'd left behind in his childhood to pursue financial security striding alive and free along the street ahead.

For a while, everytime he came within ten feet of the boy, someone got between them, until Duo noticed how crowded the street was becoming. He barely caught the sharp right turn the boy made going down a side street, and followed, completely unaware of where he was or where he was going. Smells assailed him, the sharp taint of meat, the spicy fragrance of teas, flowers, unknown items of equally unknown origins. An open-air market, the vendors growing thick amongst haphazard stalls.

He could hear voices raised in shouts, languages of every possible nation filtering through the multitude. Once more, he caught sight of the boy, standing beside a stall, holding three apples in his hand and listening to an old woman who was trying to hand him yet another fruit. He watched as the boy shook his head at the woman, smiling and patting her arm, then he turned and met Duo's eyes before melting into the crowd again.

It felt surreal to be following this boy, wondering how this evening could end. Possibility was an infinite thing, so much could happen. He found himself stopped by the press of the crowds again, a few feet away from where the boy stood beside yet another stall, apparently buying tea. Then, they moved on, the boy easily finding his way through the clusters of humanity, Duo following as best he could.

Soon, the stalls began to dissolve into nothing, a few stray vendors calling out as he passed by them in his pursuit. The boy's pace stepped up and he began moving more quickly, disappearing around a corner. Duo ran to catch up, turning the corner, taking out the leftover stick of the lollipop, and tossing it aside.

"Wait!" He shouted to the boy, afraid of losing the chase.

He was mildly shocked when the boy did, halting on the street corner and turning, his eyes meeting Duo's once more. He waited until Duo had managed to make his way beside him and then held out his hand, his other arm wrapped around the bundle of items he'd bought.

"Forou." [3]

Duo tilted his head questioningly. The boy took his hand, tugging it slightly, taking a step away and turning. "Sonomama." [4]

"I don't understand." Duo said, wondering if he actually did understand what the boy was saying. But he didn't dare hope, he might after all, be completely wrong about the strange situation he was finding himself in.

"Do you want me to follow you?" Duo asked, knowing he most likely would not receive a response. To his surprise, he did, as the boy nodded, tugging his hand again, taking a small step away and then waiting.

"Alright." He allowed himself to be led, his mind going blank with activity. Concentrating instead on the warmth, the sleekness of the boy's hand holding his own, the tenseness of the long fingers over his palm, the small bite of fingernails. His eyes followed the booted feet up the boy's long legs, dwelling briefly on the firm rear and then moving upwards. Muscles undulated and slid in the boy's back with each step, clearly visible against the tight black t-shirt. Duo realized, despite the slim, near femininity of the boy, that he was well built and unquestionably male.

They walked along the street for a few minutes, Duo's thoughts swirling in confusion. Presently, they came to a building, one that seemed to be different from the rest in that it didn't have any taller buildings surrounding it, the view from the large windows clear and unblocked. The boy paused outside a metal door, releasing Duo's hand and fishing in his pocket, eventually pulling out a key. With a snick, the door opened, and the boy once more took Duo's hand, tugging him into a surprisingly well-lit and clean hallway.

Duo had about had enough, his patience growing thin with the lack of information. "Wait, why are we here? Is this where you live? What's your name? Please tell me."

The boy halted, setting his packages aside on a shelf that sat conveniently near a small row of mailboxes imbedded in the wall. He pulled Duo's hand up between them, lightly kissing his palm, eyes narrowed in seeming contemplation. Then he looked up, the corners of his mouth curving in a smile.

"God, you're beautiful." Duo heard himself mutter, becoming lost in the endless depths of blue that were the boy's eyes. Unthinkingly he leaned closer, swaying as if enthralled, as indeed he felt he was.

"Please tell me your name." His voice was barely a whisper, he moved in slow motion, his lips grazing the boy's, tasting the sweetness of the candy, the softness of lush red. His arms went around the slim waist, dragging the boy against him only to find himself being pushed against a wall in return; he felt his back pressing against a mailbox. His mouth was opened, a hot tongue moving against his lips before sliding inside and toying with his own. The boy's hands tangled with his, maneuvering them until they were held against the wall, a slim thigh pushing between his legs, grinding against him.

He found his breath heaving, his head falling back against the wall, eyes closing with a sudden weakness. His throat laid bare to the soft huffing of breath from the boy, the quick slash of a tongue against the hollow in his neck. Then the heat that had been burning into him was gone as the boy moved away, picking up his packages from the shelf and taking Duo's hand once more.

Duo was at a loss for words, the entire situation seeming illusory and mysterious. He felt flushed from the kisses, his lips swollen from the force of them. He lost track of time again, blindly following the boy, nearly unaware of the stairs they climbed. Soon, another door lay in front of them. The boy released his hand, fishing in a pocket again. Pulling out a small card, he slid it into the slot beside the cold metal door. A sharp click, and the door swung open onto a moonlit loft.

"Matte kudasai." [5] Came the soft request, a hand held against Duo's chest for a moment, before it disappeared in the darkness.

Duo stood in the doorway, barely able to keep track of the black clad form as it moved within the moonlight. Then a light flicked on, and the entire space became visible. Cream carpeting, large picture windows, stairs that seemed to lead to a bedroom platform that was hidden behind delicate Japanese screens. A low sitting area was located near the center of the room, two wide couches filling up the space pleasingly, a long flat table resting between them. The boy gestured at one of the couches, motioning for Duo to sit.

He nodded when Duo obeyed, and held out his free hand in a stay gesture before turning and disappearing into a small hallway made of rice paper screening. Duo heard the sound of cabinets being opened and shut, and then silence. He felt as if his brain had been shut off for the duration of the past hour, senses on overload. He'd never done something like this before, and was frightened of the impulses that had led him this far.

Nervously he crossed his legs, and then, too filled with excitement to sit, he bounced up, pacing around the couch for a moment. He glanced around the wide room, noticing a neat pile of shoes at the doorway beside a small rug. Walking over, he carefully removed his own shoes, setting them beside the others. His sock clad feet carried him around the room, whispering on the carpet as he at last took the time to calm down and absorb his surroundings.

The walls for the most part were undecorated, except for the small arrays of black and white photos, neatly matted and arranged here and there. Duo leaned close, the pictures were of scenes from market places, streets, cities, people milling about, shouting, laughing, dancing. It was as if a gallery of life at its lustiest lay before his eyes. Humanity in all its activity, movement and purpose. So, this was what life looked like, and he'd been living his as if it did not contain these things. Slogging along in his work, thinking he would leave someday and never actually doing so. Nothing had distracted him from his goals until now. Suddenly, nothing seemed to matter anymore, nothing but the enigma of the strange boy.

Duo nearly jumped out of his skin as a hand landed gently on his forearm, startling him from his thoughts. He turned, freezing as he took in what the boy was wearing. It was silk robe, black and short, open at the neck and showing off a smooth expanse of golden skin. Duo glanced down, seeing for the first time those long legs unclothed, incredibly muscled and tight, slim and faultless. Every inch of skin in view gold and unmarred.

"You're perfect." Duo whispered, his eyes sliding up and clashing with the electric blue of the boy's.

"Hiiro." The boy said, pointing to himself and then gesturing at Duo.

"Your name?"

The boy nodded and gestured again at Duo.

"You want to know my name?"

A nod.


The boy smiled.


Horrible and rough translations from someone who actually doesn't speak Japanese ^_^'
1- You belong to me
2- Bye, Later
3- Follow (me)
4- Now (at this time)
5- Wait please