Lollipop (cont)

"Duo," he repeated, his mouth moving as if savoring the essence of such a name. Then he nodded, leading Duo back to the couches and pushing him down onto one of them. He laughed lightly, grabbing the end of the long braid that sat beside Duo, holding it up to his eyes and grinning at it. Then, with an odd little smile, he took the band that wrapped around the end of it, slowly pulling it off, rubbing the tip of the chestnut braid against his cheek for a moment, a happy little sigh escaping his lips, eyelids half-closed with pleasure.

"Shiruku." [6] He said softly, letting the end of the braid go and settling onto the couch, running the pads of his fingers delicately over Duo's cheek, before leaning in and stealing a light kiss. Their lips met again after a few moments of silent contemplation, gently, bare touches of mouth to mouth. Duo focused on the sensation, clinging to it, as his mind seemed to funnel away into a blank fog of sexual bliss. Hiiro's body molded itself against him, all strong lines and sleek skin gliding together.

His mouth was sending tingling sensations, little thrills down to his lap, reaffirming that one part of his body at least, was completely on the alert. His fingers loosely strung themselves through Hiiro's dark chaotic hair, finding it to be fine and silky to the touch, belying its appearance. Their lips parted only long enough to emit gasps between, then they would meet again, moving together, spreading and opening to reveal wet tongues, warm and inviting.

Duo groaned as one slim hand found its way down to his lap, pressing through his pants, kneading the bulge there. His thoughts were blinded completely as Hiiro climbed onto him, forcing him to lie back against the couch, shifting so that he lay between Duo's thighs. The feeling of their erections rubbing together, one silk clad, the other still confined by pants, had Duo moaning desperately into the boy's mouth, his tongue fighting for dominance and losing as he began panting with each rock of their bodies meeting.

It was almost too much, that erotic mingling of tongues, the feel of that hard body between his legs grinding against him. Duo felt lost, unable to come to grips with reality for even a moment. Everything was moving so impossibly fast; his emotions didn't seem to have time to play catch up with his body.

The faint sound of his zipper being lowered brought him back for a few seconds, his mind focusing on it, the click of each metal tooth being released, and then a warm hand was sliding inside and taking hold of him.

Duo's lips opened in a muted gasp, his mouth still pressed firmly to Hiiro's, tongues still entwined and slithering together. The hand wrapping around his arousal cupped gently and then began stroking with an unhurried pace, soothing pettings, thumb idly spreading the bit of moisture that leaked from the tip. Their kisses became measured, languid things, a more leisurely exploration of mouths. Duo found he was able to think, his mind becoming his own for a brief respite, though it didn't tell him anything he didn't know already.

He accepted the fact, lying there spread and wanton beneath the strange boy, that he wanted to be there, had been craving such a thing. So what did he want to do next, he questioned silently. The answer soon arrived in the form of the black silk robe slipping beneath his clutching fingers. His hands enveloping the warm skin revealed to his touch, he couldn't seem to get enough contact, needing to let in as much as he could at once. With a moan, he shifted his mouth from lips to neck, licking the smooth skin with the tip of his tongue, tasting the extraordinary flavor of the boy, unlike anything he'd had before.

Duo shifted his hips, moving himself more firmly within that caressing hand that enfolded his cock, striving for a release of some sort. His fingers pressed for an urgent moment against the gold skinned shoulders, leaving tiny white marks before they slid down, spreading the robe apart, slipping it off until it caught on the tie of the belt. He glanced down, at once taking in the view of Hiiro's hand delving deep within his undone fly, and the image of that marvelously uncovered chest just beneath his panting mouth. He leant close, teeth nipping lightly at a nipple before beginning worship.

His hands smoothed over heated flesh, fingers fumbling with the tie of Hiiro's robe, seemingly taking forever to get the knot undone before finally managing to release it, letting the robe drop onto the couch in a pool of black silk. The perfection of the boy's body struck him once more; astonishing him that anyone could be so utterly flawless. A reverence stole over him, admiration for what he was about to receive.

Duo became so engrossed in his study of the bare and silky skin, that he failed to notice the surreptitious tugs on his pants. Until the nimble fingers were at his collar, unbuttoning the long-sleeved shirt he had on. He could feel the smile on Hiiro's lips as they began kissing their way down his chest with each undone button. Duo had a feeling he was about to experience first hand what it felt like to be a lollipop within that vibrant mouth.

A groan ripped from his chest as he became aware of his lack of pants, nude now except for the white shirt fluttering from his shoulders. The next sound that flew from his lips was caused by the sudden pressure and warmth smothering his erection. He glanced down, fingers involuntarily threading their way into the dark pandemonium of Hiiro's hair, pushing that luxurious mouth down further, unable to control the urge to move within it's heat. His head fell back against the couch, braid half undone and draped over part of his chest and hip, legs spread shamelessly, open to receive all he could.

His hands tightened briefly at the sensation of one long and slick finger dipping inside of him, feeling both penetrated and penetrating as that searing mouth slipped further down his length, nearly taking him all in. Any minute he felt like he would come to his senses, notice his surroundings and bolt for the door. But it never happened; the feeling would flood him and then leave just as quickly. Stranding him to the delirious fate of being maneuvered until his legs hung over Hiiro's shoulders, hands relaxing within the confines of hair for a moment only to yank their faces close together, inhale the mingled scents of their bodies, before plundering Hiiro's more than willing mouth.

So thorough was his exploration of taste and impression, that the first incremental nudgings of Hiiro's cock went barely noticed. He was surprised to find that what little pain there was to be felt, quickly disappeared within the rapture of being widened, opened impossibly by that heated length. A sharp gasp began in his chest, working its way from his lips as little more than a moan, a begging for more.

Hiiro complied with the unspoken request, driving hard and fast in one quick movement, delving deep inside of Duo's body with one swift thrust. The frozen tableau that resulted could've been admired for its intensity, each tendon standing out, muscles straining. Then the movement began, slow circles of hips, a gentle rocking motion.

Both of them began panting as the pace increased, erotic frenzy just around the corner. Duo found his fingers slithering down to circle the sharp line of hips, pulling them forward in a demanding gesture. Acquiescence was immediate, as one of Hiiro's hands snaked between their stomachs to envelop Duo's erection.

All too soon, Hiiro's voice joined Duo's in an effort to somehow let out the feelings that were building in both of them, free the pent up desire of weeks within a few minutes. Duo felt his arousal throb within the confines of Hiiro's hand, before splattering that golden chest with his release, his body clamping down on the intruding member to the point that neither could move. An eternity passed, and then he felt as if he were falling at the same time he was being filled, each jet of heat within his body marking him as owned.

A few minutes of heavy breathing passed, no other sound marring the silence of the loft. Then Hiiro lifted his face from where it lay pressed against Duo's heart, licking a swath upward, pausing to nibble on a sweating shoulder before claiming Duo's mouth in an ardent kiss.

He leaned back, grinning down at the disheveled braid that had somehow managed to become tangled in his hands, before settling a butterfly kiss onto the tip Duo's nose. "Suge." [7] He remarked happily, sliding from between Duo's still splayed legs and stretching elegantly.

Before Duo's senses could be regained, Hiiro was tugging his hand, pulling him up onto shaky legs and drawing him towards the bedroom platform hidden behind the screens. Duo's fingers slipped from the loose grasp as they entered the room, Hiiro crawling onto the low bed, his body sharply illuminated by the skylight directly above it.

Duo noticed that within the bedroom, the light from the room beyond barely pierced the screening, moonlight instead colored everything in soft blue hues, muted greys and inky blacks. His eyes fell to the lithe boy stretching cat-like across the bed, bottom held high, back arched. The heady rush of it hardened him once more, readying him for the next act.

He understood what was wanted now, a return of favor, he smirked, running a finger down the long curving spine, climbing onto the bed and treating himself to a lick at the small of Hiiro's back. A slight shudder coursed through the slim body, an encouraging murmur tumbling from the boy's mouth. His hips thrust forward and then back, sending a tightening straight down to Duo's erection, convulsing it, sensitizing already aching flesh.

But he wanted to try to take a little more time this go round, examine the treasure that was spreading itself for him. His fingers stroked the lines of muscle that stretched across Hiiro's shoulders, caressed beneath the back of one ear, slid along the ribs that showed as pale markers against the moon dusted skin.

Was it possible for someone to be so exquisite, perfection in human form? Duo sighed, breath tickling the back of the slender neck he'd set his lips upon. He had wanted to take it slow, but already a rising tide of seductive waves was sweeping over his consciousness, overwhelming all coherent thought.

All he became aware of was the soft skin beneath his fingertips, the taste on his tongue of salty flesh. Within seconds, the slow experimental tracings of muscle and bone had become a conflagration, his hands gripping and kneading, trying to claim everything for his own. The little noises the boy made only spurred him on to further abandonment, each small gasp a thrill to hear knowing he was the cause of it.

His mouth traced a path of mayhem down Hiiro's spine, ending with a thrust inside for a quick taste. Duo's fingers gripped hard, holding the suddenly bowstrung body tightly in place as he plunged his tongue within the snug entrance, nearly climaxing at the pleading moans, the soft calling of his name in that gasping, accented voice.

The breaking point for Duo, was watching those long fingers dig into the bed covers, crumpling them in each fist. Suddenly he could wait no longer, the need for completion forcing him to stop. Desperate, he knelt up, positioning and thrusting in one swift motion. The sensation of his cock being surrounded and held tight inside of Hiiro, the sheer heat of it, halted Duo for a moment, holding him motionless inside the whimpering boy beneath him.

It crossed his mind that he might've just caused some pain, but that worry was immediately erased as he felt the small movement of Hiiro's hips, teasing little swivels, a gripping around where he rested inside. He smiled, lips parting to emit his ragged breathing, eyelids lowering to the slim backside his palms rested on. With a groan that sounded like suffering, he tightened his hold, sliding his fingers over ribs and down until they clasped Hiiro's hipbones, then he began slowly moving, each slide sending signals to his brain that this was what ecstasy was.

Already he could feel the mounting of impending orgasm, that tightening in his belly, the surges and chills that ran through his body. If he kept in this position, stayed with this marvelous view, he glanced down again, watching as he pushed in and out of that perfect ass, watching as he became enveloped by heat and flesh over and over again. If he kept this up, he'd last no longer then a few seconds, and for some reason he couldn't define, he wanted it to last eternally.

Shifting his legs slightly, he slid his hands up again, pulling Hiiro back against his chest, spreading his legs so that they fell to either side of his own. The position change forced him deeper, opening the boy completely, impaling him.

"I know... " Duo gasped, "I know you probably can't understand what I want to say to you... " He moaned as Hiiro turned slightly, fingers clenching in the bits of Duo's hair that had escaped the braid.

"I just have to... tell you... sex isn't the only thing I... oh god!... " He stopped talking, his mouth hanging open as Hiiro began riding him, using his hair almost like reins, pulling and tugging to force Duo's cock further inside himself.

Duo leaned forward into it, lips falling on one smooth shoulder to muffle his moans, one hand flowing downwards to wrap around Hiiro's abandoned erection, which twitched at the touch of his fingers. His other hand moved up slightly. Pinching a nipple firmly, loving the little shudder and gasp that followed the action. Nearly mad with the building of his release, he sped up, pounding into the willing body until they both began to wail, sounds springing from their mouths to bounce off the walls and the cold skylight above.

He nearly died when Hiiro began moaning in his own language, voice dripping with need, the intriguing sounds so much different than anything Duo had heard before, that he paused to listen, his hand still gliding over the glistening cock held within his grip. Before he could begin again, the boy turned around in place, lifting one leg to slide it over Duo's shoulder, fingers still tightly wrapped in the loosened braid.

Duo nearly howled, his face rising to the skylight, eyes glazing over as felt the round curves of Hiiro's rear spread against him, tempting mouth a few centimeters away from his own. He moaned softly, pressing with all the fervor of climax against those lollipop red lips, forcing his tongue inside, his stomach muscles clenched, thighs tightening reflexively as he pushed high and hard for one final thrust. Then it came, rolling over him, tearing apart his mind, a crashing of light and dark as he spilled himself within Hiiro, obtaining at last a release from the lust that had been haunting him for the past two weeks.

He could feel Hiiro's heel pressing into his back, his hair being pulled painfully as the boy contorted, his entire body stiffening as he climaxed, drenching both stomach and arms with slick fluids of bliss. And then, like a tree that's been axed, they both fell to the bed in a heap of arms, legs, and sweat soaked sheets.

Duo's last conscious thought, was wishing he had the energy to do it again, and then his mind went dark, the abyss of sleep taking over.


He woke up with the sun beating against his eyelids, turning over with a groan to bury his face against the pillow. Inhaling the scent on it, he blinked open one eye, smiling as he breathed in deeply, before snuggling his face against the pillow contentedly. Then he opened his eye again, realizing he wasn't alone. Hiiro lay beside him; dark hair spilling over high cheekbones, long lashes looking like shadows against them. He reached out, tentatively stroking a finger down that beautiful face.

Something nagged at the edge of his vision, pulling his eyes away from the boy that slept beside him. He glanced up, noticing there was an enormous black and white photo on the wall just beyond Hiiro's shoulder. His mouth fell open in amazement as he realized what it was of.

"Oh my god... " he whispered softly, easing off the bed and approaching the picture as if it would bite him. It was a photo taken in the train station, dark and blurred around the edges as if burnt, displayed raggedly against black matting. His fingers traced the shape of the train, halting at the windows of it. The windows, usually tinted, were not in the picture, instead it seemed as if the lights inside the train had somehow been amplified, making it look as if it was a train heading for heaven, its no longer earth bound passengers departing to another place.

And there, in the very center of the photo, was Duo himself, face turned to the window, the only person on the train who was looking directly at the camera. There was such a look of longing in his eyes, as if he knew there was something more out there.

"Do... you... like?" A hesitant voice asked from behind him, startling him so that he fell forward, losing his balance and slipping to the floor in a sprawled heap. He looked up, eyes wide as Hiiro bent down, face level with his own.

"You speak english?" Duo asked, the first question to pop into his chaotic mind.

"Some, not good. I have trouble saying... the right way." He smiled, holding out a hand to help Duo to his feet. "Easier to ... say none." His mouth twisted into a small grimace. "Nothing, right word?"

"Yes, that's the right word... Hiiro," He turned to the photo again, once more becoming mesmerized by it, "Is this the reason?' He asked quietly, pointing at image of himself in the train window.

"Reason?" Hiiro responded, tilting his head questioningly.

"The reason why... why you brought me here... why we had sex... " He met the dawn lit eyes, noticing they were even more incredible washed in sunlight. "Is this why?"

"No," Hiiro shook his head, leading Duo back to the bed and pushing him down onto it, sitting beside him and leaning against his shoulder. They gazed together at the picture for a moment in silence. "You... wanted something... wanted I could give you... see?"

"But why?" Duo shifted in place, his breath ruffling the sleep tousled hair that lay below his mouth.

"Shukumei." [8] Hiiro responded softly. "Not knowing word is... connection?"


"Yes, fate. Think when I photo ... was my fate to meet with you?"

"Yes." Duo lifted his arm, sliding it around the gold skinned shoulders and pulling Hiiro close. "There's something about you I've never had before, I... want more than just sex with you, do you know what I mean?"

"Yes, netsuai, you want... " [9]

It was Duo's turn to look quizzical. "Netsuai?" He asked.

"Love... I think."

"Love... yes, when I saw you that's what I wanted. It just took me a while to... admit it."

"Almost long too much." Hiiro said, turning his head and grinning at Duo. "Was soon giving up, thought you like me not at all." He shrugged, "yesterday, you could hide nothing, I saw you cover under... box?" His expression twisted again, and he growled in frustration, "Not box... what's word?"

"Briefcase?" Duo asked, amused by the low growl. Then he realized what Hiiro was talking about.

"You thought I might be straight? And yesterday you saw me hiding my... " he blushed for a moment, remembering exactly what he'd tried to hide while he'd watched Hiiro with the lollipop.

"Yes, seiyoku." [10] Hiiro nodded, nuzzling briefly against Duo's neck, giggling softly as his hand wrapped loosely around the reawakened desire that stood at attention in Duo's lap.

"Hiiro... I hate to ask, but ... do you think we could take a shower?"

Hiiro beamed at him, then stood, still holding onto the erection Duo sported. "Forou." Grinning from ear to ear, he began tugging Duo out of the room by his cock.

"Hey!" Duo protested, a quick squeeze shutting up his complaints in an instant. "Oooh... " He managed, following the firm backside that flexed in front of him.

They went down the stairs and out into the open spaced living room, through the little hallway made of rice paper screens, and then a left. Hiiro released his grasp, pushing open the door and gesturing inside.

The bathroom was large, white tile making it look snowy and clean, the shower stood in the center of the room, another skylight directly above it. Hiiro stepped through the glass doors, motioning for Duo to follow.

A small bench sat in one corner of the huge shower, blue tile coating it so that it matched the accent tiles that edged around the room. Duo sat down, pulling his braid around to where he could see it and trying to untangle the snarled mess it had become. It was hopelessly knotted, a muddle from the night's escapades. He grimaced as he found a bit that crunched when he tried to pull it apart. The low chuckle from beside him nearly made him rip a chunk of hair out.

"Help?" Hiiro asked, picking up a long hank of the unruly hair and examining it. He turned, the hair still held in his hand, and twisted the shower knobs, grabbing the hose that was connected to the showerhead and testing the water with a finger. Nodding, he turned the water full force on Duo's head, soaking him in an instant. He smiled at the spluttering, and then stretched up to reach a small shelf, taking down a bottle of shampoo without a label on it.

Duo could smell it as soon as the bottle was opened, the scent of ripe cherries, he closed his eyes, relaxing on the bench as Hiiro went to work. It felt nice to merely sit and be washed, something no one had done for him in a long time, almost since childhood. It felt so pleasant and comforting, that he fell asleep sitting up, a gentle smile curving his lips.


Seven months later Duo sat on the hard seat of the train, his gaze turned towards the busy station. His hands rested loosely clasped on his lap, the suit he wore a dark blue that made him look very professional. His braid wriggled in a line next him, the tip of it sitting in the seat beside him. He was smiling, a curvature of his mouth that was as mysterious as the Mona Lisa's smile.

The train stopped at Twelfth and Highland, he glanced up, remembering what he used to wait for, once upon a time. With a deep sigh, he stood and exited the train, walking through the station unaware of anything but his own thoughts. The click of a camera, made him look up, the strange smile on his face broadening.

"Good, I like it, but I want not so much smile." Hiiro said, shifting the straps of the various cameras and equipment that hung on him. "I need sad, thinking, not... " He gestured vaguely, with the hand still holding the camera.

"Not complete happiness?" Duo asked, trying not to smile at his lover's loss for words. He'd grown used to figuring out what Hiiro wanted to say, even going so far as to start learning Japanese from him. Though, and he frowned at the thought, his accent was terrible, which Hiiro never ceased to remind him about, with a grin no less.

"I give up, you too happy about things. Let's go home." Hiiro threw his hand in the air in defeat, returning the smile Duo directed at him. Then he held out the hand, curling his fingers.

"Home, alright. But I want you to tell me what the body parts are again." Duo grinned, unable to hide his pleasure.

"Body parts? Ohhh... " Hiiro paused, tapping the longhaired man on the nose. "Hana." He said firmly, then grabbed Duo's hand in his own and began tugging him from the station. He stopped for a moment and squeezed the hand. "Te." He said with a smile.

"Saiai?" Duo asked softly, and then a slow smirk crept across his face.


They walked down the street together, hand in hand, the setting sun casting a fire on them, outlining them in gold.

"Do you think you could remind me what the word is for this?"

Laughter followed them the rest of the way home.


Horrible and rough translations from someone who actually doesn't speak Japanese ^_^' (cont)
6- Silk (silken)
7- Amazing, wonderful (and I've been informed, this is the way males would say it... )
8- Fate, destiny, predestination
9- Love passionately, ardent love, devotion
10- Sexual desire The last few words hana and te, are nose and hand...
And the very last word, saiai, means beloved... ^_^'

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