Author: ClarySage
yup, finally finished it, so now we all know it has 3 parts woohoo! ok, ok gomen for the crossposting, to those it might apply to hope everyone enjoys the end o this ^_^
Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, I merely smear the boys with food, and then film them having sex.
This Fic Contains: yaoi, 1x2, lemon type stuff, rated: nc-17?, butter, humor?, etc? Pardon me if this lemon is a bit weird, but I've actually never Tried to write a humorous lemon before... it was rather difficult 0.0

Popcorn + Part 3

It was a losing battle for both boys, as they sat on the couch and tried to ignore various carnal thoughts. Butter running rampant through Heero's mind, and popcorn, salt, and butter scampering through Duo's. All in all, pretty much everything in the house was giving off hentai vibes by this time, right down to the end table beside the couch, which happened to be getting off on the ice cold drink resting on it. It loved being teased, and it thought the can was particularly kinky in its little electric tape outfit.

The movie, tired of being ignored in favor of naughty thoughts, decided to mess with the boys by suddenly throwing the tracking off. Sometimes movies like to do this even when you are paying attention, vindictive little things, movies.

Heero sighed, and putting his soda down, went and hunkered in front of the VCR, fiddling with the tracking and cursing under his breath. Why? Every single time, Why did this happen? It was Heero's favorite movie, and no matter when he played it the tracking always seemed to go out at a different spot. It sometimes almost seemed as if the movie were doing it deliberately, which of course as we know, it was.

Duo was thrilled with the sight before his eyes. Screw the movie; he had Heero bending over and on his knees. Ok, so it was only to fix the tracking, but that guy had such a great ass you couldn't help but cheer when he bent over.

As several of the articles in the living room in fact were. The lampshade in particular had a great view, and practically howled with joy.

The braided boy himself wanted to howl, but wisely choice to ignore that urge and instead focus on other things, like the fact that the popcorn was almost gone already and the movie had only just begun. That always seemed to be the way with popcorn; it never stuck around till the end.

Heero in the meantime was actually fully aware that Duo was staring at his rear end; in fact, he was intentionally delaying getting the movie back on track, and had even managed to mess it up further.

Realizing that he couldn't do this forever though, our prussian eyed boy finally tuned the movie and went back to the couch, trying not to notice that Duo was now sitting much closer, and failing miserably.

Finally, with a hentai vibe swinging at full force through out the entire house, the two boys could hold back no longer. With a thought born of desperation and root beer fantasies, Heero jumped up from the couch and raced to the kitchen.

Grabbing up the bowl of butter and tossing it into the microwave, which started bitterly complaining about being used for melting things rather than for actual cooking, Heero waited for 30 seconds then took out the completely remelted butter. Grinning, he quickly walked back into the living room, and snatching up Duo's braid in his free hand, started towing the rather surprised boy up the stairs.

The bed was very lonely, every night a boy slept on it, twisting about on its soft surface and moaning into its springs. It had hoped one day it might get more; perhaps two boys to lie on it, and make every fantasy it ever had come true. But night after night only one boy rested upon it, and the bed had almost given up on its dreams. Little did the bed know, today was its lucky day.

Duo did not question the sudden change of mood from Heero. Sure being dragged upstairs by the other boy, who happened to be holding melted butter in a bowl, was not an everyday occurrence, far from it. It had in fact, never happened before. But Duo was not one to question when fortune decided to smile on him, so he went willingly after the panting Heero, his own breath catching at the thought of what could be done with melted butter.

Butter had finally managed to get into Duo's head as well. In a mighty burst of telepathic power, the struggling melted substance had wriggled its way into the braided boys mind, and now was having a field day throwing erotic butter covered fantasies around inside Duo's brain. An image of Heero pouring the slick substance all over the two of them and then proceeding to slide, really shocked Duo. Only because he was amazed at never having thought of it before, butter had such a way with imagery.

The bedroom reached, Heero flung open the door and tossed the non-struggling Duo upon the quivering bed. Bed was very excited, sure they'd had tickling matches on it before, but never had something like this happened to it, it tried to control its delighted shaking. So did Duo.

Setting the butter down on the nightstand, the short Heero proceeded to slowly strip all clothing from Duo's body, his eyes holding once more that strange light they'd had earlier in the kitchen.

Duo's clothes screamed in agony as they left his body; they really hated to be removed. They, after all, got to spend almost every waking moment of everyday as close to the braided boy as possible, and dearly missed the contact of his skin against them when he took them off. So being taken off earlier then usual, and by someone other then their true love, had rather upset the poor dears.

Finishing stripping Duo, and briefly admiring the wonderful view, Heero then began on his own clothing, which as you might guess, was just as attached to him as Duo's was, but the mop haired boys clothes often tended to want to stick to his body as they got peeled from it. They were such clingy things, never wanting to be separated from their soldier of love, if even for a moment.

Sitting up, Duo smiled his delight at the completely naked form standing before him. Heero without clothes was one of the most magnificent sights in the world; at least that's what the carpet whispered softly to the door frame, which could only nod silently in agreement, speechless for the moment.

Taking up the bowl of butter, Heero knelt on the bed beside the braided delight, and dipped a finger into the melted yellow substance. Fingertip glistening, the Japanese boy then proceeded to slowly finger-paint Duo's chest, his slick digit sliding effortlessly over the smooth flesh.

The painting on the wall leaned closer for a better view, tilting its frame slightly as it did so. The wall nudged the painting discreetly and tried to peek out from behind it, it too wanted to see the show.

With a small smirk and a large amount of deliberate torture, Heero proceeded to butter up Duo, in more ways then one. His fingers repeatedly dipping into the melted substance and sliding over the braided ones body, gliding ever more closely towards the ultimate destination of most young, deliberate hands, that is to say, downwards.

With soft moans and not a few panting noises, Duo wriggled on the bed, his body on automatic pilot, his brain having wandered off on more important errands. Like what it might do besides gibber in the corner and shiver with glee. Which almost precisely echoed what Duo's body was doing in response to the slick touches of the perfect soldier.

Deciding that the amethyst-eyed boy was coated well enough, Heero began licking the melted butter off of the squirming boy. His tongue swirling delicately over the heaving chest and then down the smooth stomach, briefly dipping into a pool of butter located in Duo's navel.

Duo's head was thrown back against the pillow, his legs unconsciously spreading, even as his back arched off the bed. A silent plea any number of horny objects around the house would have gladly answered if they could. Though actually one of those objects had managed to get into Duo's pants any number of times, not to mention into various other parts of the boys anatomy. But which object it might be, was however not telling.

Heero was not unaware of the silent begging emanating from the boy beneath him. In fact he was all too aware of that lithe body desperately trying to rub against his own. Not one to refuse things when offered, Heero took matters into his own hands, literally.

His slippery fist closed around Duo's rigidly upright second in command and began to pump it slowly, while his tongue went back to its task of tasting the braided boys flesh. Bringing his mouth eventually down to the target of his hands attention, Heero lightly licked, and then completely swallowed the happy staff. This elicited a loud scream of delight from Duo, as well as from the butter, which finally got to have all of its fantasies come true.

Heero continued his wonderful torture; not noticing that he was about to lose what little control remained within him. And sure enough, with an almost audible snapping sound, Heero lost it. Every ounce of control and coherent thought flew out of the wing pilot's head and bounced down the stairs and out of the house, quickly losing itself in the great outdoors.

With a low growl of lust, Heero grabbed Duo's legs and raised them slightly. Then taking the remaining butter, he poured it liberally between the other boy's thighs. With an impish grin, Heero slid his hands over Duo's slippery body and also managed to coat himself in butter. Much to the butter's utter delight.

Several long moments passed, while Heero let his fingers do the walking, mapping out that road less traveled, and figuring out just where the button to turn off Duo's `self destruct' was.

Within a few more minutes cries of "You ARE a god!"

And "If you stop..." with a stifled giggle, " I WILL kill you." echoed throughout the room.

Soon though, these words turned to sheer gibberish, and only a few syllables managed to get away from the two heavily breathing boys.

" Ahh."




Though in reaching towards climax they did start to make a few more coherent phrases.

A hard kiss and a "This," gasp "is so much..." pant, pant "better than popcorn." Filtered towards the ceiling. Which by the way had the best view in the house.

A shift of bodies and few slapping sounds later another sentence drifted lazily around the room.

Slide, "I never," tighten, shudder, "thought ..." loud moan, " butter had..." thrust, "so many uses." Gasp.

The sheets, I'm afraid to say, were the only objects not at all thrilled with the whole experience. But as you might well imagine, it sucks to not only sleep on the wet spot, but it Really sucks when you actually are the wet spot.

end ^_~

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