by: Shoori

The Beginning's End + Part 2


Intense, electrifying, amazing pleasure.

It’s all centered in those hands, moving over my body, and that mouth…God, those lips, that tongue…

I can’t think…can’t reciprocate…can’t do anything but absorb these amazing sensations…

I hear myself moan, and run my fingers through Duo’s hair, holding onto him, trying to keep myself anchored in reality, to prevent myself from being swept away on this current of sensation…

I’m getting close…so close…almost…


I jump slightly, but can’t be jarred from my state of arousal by the telephone ringing shrilly on the bedside table.

Duo’s lips are wrapped around me, and I feel rather than hear the slight noise of irritation he makes. The vibrations send another wave of pleasure through me, and I grip his hair tighter. In return, he increases the pressure his lips are applying to my most sensitive area, enabling me to ignore the second ring of the phone.


I don’t care if God himself is on the line - he can wait. I raise my hips, trying to get even closer to the warm, wet cavern engulfing me. This is the most amazing feeling in the world. I love this better than almost anything else. Duo is so gentle, so enticing, so wickedly skilled…he makes me feel ministered to, treasured, important. Never, with anyone else I’ve been with, has there been so much focus placed on my pleasure. Even after three years, it still amazes me every time he does this.


Duo increases the tempo of his motions, moving faster and more firmly upon my flesh. My hips move with him, matching him, striving for release…



"Hey! This is Duo and Trowa. We can’t come to the phone right now…"

Duo chuckles against me. I moan aloud, tugging on his hair, encouraging him to continue.

"…as soon as possible! Bye!"


"Duo? Trowa? Are you there? This is Relena."

Duo and I groan together, but, I think, for different reasons.

"I know you’re there! Pick up the phone!"

Duo mutters something. I think it’s an uncomplimentary adjective describing Her Serene Majesty, the Queen of Sank. I don’t really care…just as long as he continues…doesn’t stop…

"Pick up the phone right now! I mean it!"

I ignore the petulant voice on the phone. Finally, finally…my eyes are screwed tightly shut, but I start to see flashes of gold behind my eyelids…

"It’s Heero! He’s missing! You need to find him, he could be…"

With a startled gasp, Duo rises up quickly and grabs the phone, ignoring my half-roar of pained protest.

"Relena? What do you mean he’s missing?"

He listens for a moment, then sighs theatrically. "That’s what the answering machine is for, Relena…I was…Geez, I picked it up, didn’t I? Quit complaining!" he orders, holding the phone out and scowling at it.

I roll groaning onto my side, burying my face in the pillow. If he doesn’t get off the damned phone I swear I won’t be responsible for my actions.

"I assume you wanted something other than to bitch at me for not picking up the phone," he snaps. Despite the incredibly agonizing position I’m in at the moment, I manage a half-smile. Duo’s the only one who dares talk to the Queen like that. She never knows how to deal with it.

"How long has he been…Shit, Relena! And you’re just now looking for him? That was twelve hours ago!"

He listens for a moment, rolling his eyes in irritation. "Yeah, yeah. Did you have a fight?"

He yanks the phone away from his ear and I hear Relena’s voice raised in shrill indignation.

"Well, I thought that this was the night for intrusive personal questions," he growls into the receiver.

"Fine…Fine! We’ll go look for him. Don’t get your panties in a twist."

Even he doesn’t dare wait for the fallout from that one. He slams the phone down before Her Majesty can recover from her shock to reply.

He leans back on his heels to stare down at me. Please no, Duo. Don’t tell me that…

"We’re going to have to pick this up later, Tro-chan," he says ruefully, reaching down to brush his knuckles against my cheek. "Heero’s missing. Noone’s seen hide nor hair of him since ten-thirty this morning."

"Duo," I manage to grind out between clenched teeth, barely able to speak, "you can’t leave…I can’t just…"

He grins evilly, his eyes darting down to rest momentarily on my straining erection.

"We’ll have to take care of that when we get home," he half-promises, half-threatens.

"I’m not going anywhere until…"

"Duty calls," he sighs. "I’m worried. Heero doesn’t just disappear in the middle of the day…"

"Damn Heero," I mutter petulantly. "If he’s been gone that long, a few more minutes…"

"Come on, Tro," he interrupts, reaching down and grasping my hand. "Time to get dressed."

"I don’t believe this," I say as he pulls me to my feet. I really don’t. I don’t believe that I am expected to just…turn it off because I have to go chase down Heero. He’s a grown man. Let him take care of himself.

I cross the room and enter the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me. I turn on the water in the sink, and splash handfuls of the chilly liquid onto my body, ignoring how it splatters all over the bathroom.

"I don’t believe this," I repeat, staring at my agonized reflection. "Heero runs away from home, so I have to suffer. Relena’s got more people in that palace than there were in the Rebellion army. Why can’t they go…"

"Quit pouting," Duo orders cheerfully as he opens the door and throws my clothes at me. He grins as I turn to glare at him, his eyes running over my body, maliciously noting the water streaming down my skin, brightening as he confirms that the water hasn’t had much effect.

"At least I’ll know that you’ll be wanting me all night," he purrs, darting in to drop a quick, teasing kiss on my lips.

"Five minutes!" he calls over his shoulder as he bounces from the room.

I stare at my reflection again. I can see the smoldering irritation in my own eyes; did Duo miss it or just ignore it?

Heero had better be dead, I decide as I begin to carefully towel myself off. No, I amend, I won’t wish him dead. I just hope he’s hurting, hurting as badly as I am right now. If he’s not, he will be, I promise silently. He will be.



Blearily, I raise my glance. I didn’t really expect anyone to be addressing me by my first name here. The people I’d met earlier were all gone or sleeping by now, and this didn’t seem like the place that anyone I knew would frequent. That’s why I came here.

At least, I didn’t expect to see anyone when I came in. Suddenly, though, it doesn’t seem that odd that people who know my name are here.

"What the hell…what are you doing here?"

I blink at Duo, trying to get a fix on his face. That’s strange - there seems to be, three…or maybe just two…at any rate, there’s several more Duo’s than there should be. A trio of Duos? Ha.

"Did he just giggle?"

Who’s that? I turn my head toward the other voice. Turning my head is supposed to be easy. It doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, though, and suddenly my chin is buried in my chest, and I can’t see who’s talking. That’s funny too.

"He did. He just did it again. Damn it, Duo, he’s…"

I hear Duo making a shhing noise at the other person. That guy doesn’t sound happy. But why does Duo get to make all the noise? Perfect Soldiers don’t make noise, that’s why. But Duo was a damn good soldier, and a better pilot than me, and he makes noise all the time. Damned if that’s fair.

Damned if they’ll shush me. I’ll shush ‘em right back.


"Um, Heero? What’re you doing?"

I lean back in my chair, so I can see him. I lean back a little too far, I think, because my body keeps going when my back hits the back of the chair. My neck snaps back, and all of a sudden I’m looking at the ceiling. It’s not a very nice ceiling, as ceilings go. It’s cracked and there’s water stains on it, and there’s a few very dusty glass light fixtures clinging precariously to the old plaster. Nope, not a very pretty ceiling. Relena wouldn’t have it in the palace. That thought makes me angry. It’s a perfectly good ceiling! It’s been through a lot! Floods and…and… rain and…and…bugs and whatever else ceilings must endure. And it’s still there, doing its best, keeping people dry, taking the punishment whenever there’s a thunderstorm or a leaky pipe…and it wouldn’t be good enough for the Sanc Palace.

"Bitch!" I shout. "You’ll take that ceiling and like it! ’S a perfa’cly good ceiling and-"

"Heero!" A face moves above me, cutting off my view of the ceiling. I squint, trying to see who it is. The face moves closer, and its long overhang of hair brushes my face, tickling my forehead. Oh. Trowa!

"You tell ’er, Trowa!" I shout up to him. Surely Trowa will support me on this. He doesn’t have Wufei’s preoccupation with justice, but he knows what its like to be judged on appearances. Together, we will gain justice for this ceiling.

"Tell who what?" Duo asked this question. He’s joined Trowa, and he’s blocking my ceiling too, but I don’t mind. They’re the only two people in the world who could block my ceiling and not upset me. I feel myself smile. They’re my best friends.

I see Duo’s face break into a grin, and Trowa shake his head. "Man, you’re crazy tonight," Duo tells me. "Yelling one minute and grinning like a fool the next. What’s up with you?"

Duo’s words remind me of my mission, and I sit up in the chair. Things are precarious for a moment, but I manage to remain steady. Everything’s a bit wobbly tonight. "Duo," I say seriously. "Trowa." I look back and forth between them, trying to gauge their degree of dedication. "Duo. Trowa."

"Yes, Heero?" Trowa is regarding me with a somewhat irritated expression on his features. I scowl at him. The irritated look is better than that closed, blank look he used to hide behind before he got together with Duo, but I still don’t like it. Nope, don’t like it at all.

"Don’t look at me like that," I order.

Better. Now he looks surprised.

"Like what?" he ventures.

"Like this." I scowl as hard as I can, lowering my brows fiercely and pressing my lips out as far as I can, imitating the look Trowa had just bestowed on me.

A roar of laughter on my other side breaks my concentration. "God!" Duo gasps between chortles. "I promise you, man, Trowa has never looked like that."

I frown at him. "You know what I mean," I accuse.

Trowa, shaking his head, wraps his hand around my arm and begins tugging me to my feet. "Come on, Heero," he says. "We’re taking you home."

"Like Hell!" I reply vehemently, pulling my arm from his grasp. I look away from the penetrating green gaze, and my eye falls on the table in front of me. My beer is empty. My shot glass is empty.

"I need another drink!" I shout. "Waitress!"

"I don’t think so," Trowa says firmly. Duo drops into a chair next to me. Duo will never turn down a drink. I turn and smile approvingly at him. He looks rather startled.

The waitress approaches the table. She’s a rather worn-out looking woman, who works nights at this bar to earn extra money. I heard all about it before - she was excited when she recognized me. "Whatcha need, honey?"

"Three of those," I tell her, pointing at my empty shot glass. I don’t remember exactly what it was - some earth liquor that tasted like Gundam fuel, the drinking of which involved a complicated and bizarre ritual.

"No," says Trowa firmly. The waitress ignores him, and wanders back toward the bar. "Bring the bottle!" I shout after her.

"We aren’t doing shots, Heero."

"Like Hell we aren’t!" I roar. Why’s Trowa trying to ruin my fun? I glare at him. "We are doing shots, and then…" I stop and frown at them. I’ve lost my train of thought. Oh! "And then," I continue, "I am telling you about something important that mus’ be done!"

"Well, I have to hear this," Duo interjects. "One shot won’t hurt, Tro-chan." The stubborn line of Trowa’s mouth softens as he looks into Duo’s smiling eyes, and he nods reluctantly.

"One shot," he says.

The waitress comes back with three full shot glasses, a few other objects for the drinking ritual, and a half-full bottle. Duo turns the bottle so he can read the label, and groans. "Oh, Hee-kun," he mutters. "Not tequila."

"’S what the guys at the bar recommended," I tell him seriously.

"What guys?" Trowa interrupts, frowning. I smile at him - he’s worried they’re bad men - soldiers or agents or something. Nothing more serious than paparazzi hounds me anymore.

"Them," I clarify, waving vaguely at the indistinct shapes slumped on the barstools, their heads collapsed on the bar.

"Did you knock them out? What the Hell’s going on?" Poor Trowa. Now he sounds confused. But the accusation has me indignant.

"I didn’ knock ’em out! They got…tired." I shrug. I’d thought it a little rude when they all went to sleep, but…

Duo chuckles again. "I bet they did," he says. "Were you drinking this, Heero?" he asks, gesturing to the bottle of tequila.

I nod.

"How much?" he asks.