Well, because I'm not in the middle of enough projects at the moment, I'm starting another.
This story is, in some ways, an excuse to write smut, because I've been wanting to read vaguely slutty G-boys for awhile.
However, being me, there needs to be angst too.
So. This story will have many lemons, of about every variety you can imagine, including 1x2x3x4x5. It will also have prostitution, drug addiction, angst, sap, some NCSish situations, Preventer business and a partridge in a pear tree.
It will also likely be the first story I've ever written where I torment Duo more than Trowa ;)
I would LOVE comments on it :)
by: Shoori

Marking it Down to Learning + Chapter 1
Up in the Morning


"Goooood morning, ladies and gentleman! And a fine morning it is! The forecast for today - well, we're going for eight days in a row! It's more rain, rain and just for a change, toward evening we should see some rain! No drought worries this year, folks! Right now, it's five-thirty in the AM, 47 degrees - a little chilly for a May 17, and for your waking-up listening enjoyment, we found something special for you back in the stacks. Waaay back in the stacks - here's a classic from several centuries ago - wishing you a Grooooovy Kind of Day, here's "A Groovy Kind of Love."

Wufei groaned, burying his face deep into his pillow as the sickly saccharine tones of some long-dead crooner invaded the previously peaceful bedroom.

"When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do

Is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue... "

"Turn it off," he begged, his voice muffled by the pillow.

There was no response, either from the warm body pressing up against his right side, or from the other one, draped across him, sharp chin digging into the area between his shoulder blades.

"When you're close to me, I can feel your heartbeat

I can hear you breathing near my ear... "

"Please make it stop," he groaned.

A loud chuckle sounded, practically in his ear.

"I don't know, Wu," Duo muttered sleepily. "I kind of like it."

"Me too," Quatre echoed sleepily, conveniently moving so that his elbow as well as his chin was digging into Wufei's back. "Can you feel my heartbeat, Wu?" he asked, his sleep-husky voice deepening even further as he pressed his body even more tightly against Wufei's. The Chinese man felt a stirring between his legs as he felt something hard and hot press against his hip.

"Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love... "

Wufei turned suddenly, displacing the blond. Quatre started to grumble but caught his breath in a rush as Wufei grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back on top of his. They both cried out at the same moment, as their erections brushed together.

"Anytime you want to you can turn me onto

Anything you want to, anytime at all... "

"You can turn me onto this any time," Duo commented, pushing himself up onto his elbow to grin down at the entwined pair.

"Turn that off," Wufei ordered breathlessly an instant before Quatre captured his lips in a demanding kiss.

"When I kiss your lips, ooh I start to shiver

Can't control the quivering inside... "

"Are you quivering yet?" Duo asked, his voice heavy with laughter. Wufei scowled, and parted his lips to yell at the braided idiot, but Quatre took advantage of the move to boldly slide his tongue into Wufei's open mouth, forestalling the possible distraction.

At the same instant, Duo's hand slid between their bodies, and Wufei moaned loudly into Quatre's mouth as he felt the American's fingers softly caressing his length, rubbing the sensitive skin between his fingers and against Quatre's hard erection.

"Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love... " Duo sang along with the radio, pushing his voice up into a hideous falsetto.

"Maxwell, if you don't turn that off... " Wufei managed to gasp, tearing his lips away from Quatre's for a moment.

"Nothing's getting turned off in here," Duo interrupted mischievously, squeezing Wufei's shaft as he spoke.

"I can see that," came a bland voice from the door.

Wufei opened his eyes, looking past Quatre to the doorway of the room. Heero and Trowa stood there, both in matching blue robes, wet hair attesting that they had already showered.

Together, probably.

The vision of the two sleek bodies, hot streams of water streaming down toned, entwined bodies sent another jolt of feeling straight to Wufei's already overstimulated arousal.

"Well, that's just fine," Duo was complaining. "What's up with this morning? Everyone's getting some but me... "

"Doesn't seem at all fair," Heero agreed, his voice expressionless. Wufei groaned as Quatre's lips moved down his neck to one tight nipple, but he continued to watch the other men as Heero slowly crossed the room to the bed. "Maybe we should address that problem."

"Great idea," Duo purred, lying back and pulling aside the covers, revealing his naked body to the room.

The Japanese man's blue eyes lit up - Heero was the most easily aroused of the group. Without further words, he ripped off his robe and fell eagerly atop Duo, who just as eagerly wrapped his arms and legs around the other man.

"Hello?" Trowa called out, irritation apparent in his voice. "We're supposed to be getting an early start," he reminded in a hectoring tone as he approached the bed. "New case - early briefing... this ringing any bells with anybody? Anyone remember this?"

He stopped by the edge of the bed, folding his arms across his chest and glaring at the two entwined couples.

"Hand me the lube," Quatre requested, briefly lifting his head from Wufei's chest, stretching one hand blindly out in Trowa's direction.

The green-eyed man sighed loudly in exasperation, but picked up the tube from the bedside table and placed it in the Arab's outstretched hand.

Wufei groaned as Quatre's slickened fingers pushed slowly inside him, and he shut his eyes to better revel in the ecstasy of the feeling, but he could still sense Trowa's disapproving gaze on them.

Trowa hated to be late. When they were younger, Heero had always been the fussy one. The one who was always focused on the mission, always on time, always seeing the business first and pleasure later.

But after the wars, when the five of them had signed up with the Preventers and signed on with each other, Heero had found that seeing to pleasure first was... just a lot more fun.

Wufei supposed that many people disapproved of the arrangement the five of them had together. At least, many people would have if many people had known about it.

Everyone who did know disapproved of it.

Une, intently focused on her role as head of the Preventers, despaired of anything that drew the attention of her best operatives away from the field.

Relena disapproved of it because she considered it the height of unfairness that four people other than her got to sleep with Heero on a regular basis, while she'd only had him on one drunken night which had driven Heero to swear off liquor forever.

Hilde disapproved of it for similar reasons - even Duo wasn't inexhaustible, and he since he'd hooked up with the rest of them, he was too busy, and too tired, to play with her. She'd put up the good fight, tried to attract Duo with every lure she could think of, but in the end she'd been out-maneuvered and out-fought. She'd moved off planet, and pretty much washed her hands of all of them.

Catherine despaired of the lifestyle her little brother had fallen into. You knew you were being unconventional when you shocked circus folk.

Quatre's sisters had tried several times to take out contracts on the lives of the other four former pilots. But when Quatre threatened to force them all out of the company - and bought up controlling shares of stock in all Winner interests to show the seriousness of his threats - they had all back off, sulking loudly but making subtle, gleeful plans to draw the attention of "Uncle Quatre" to their various sons and daughters.

Sally Po. She'd lectured him many times on the dangers of too much of a good thing. It was just... tempting fate.

But Wufei argued that they could hardly be tempting fate when only at the directives of fate could such a bizarre, unlikely arrangement have been arrived at in the first place.

None of them had expected to survive the war. They had, though, and to their great surprise they'd survived the one after that as well. After the Bartons had been defeated, the people of the earth and the colonies settled down determinedly into a carefully maintained peace. Everyone had had enough of war. Their tastes of battle would last them a long time, and everyone's focus suddenly turned to getting along.

That had left five teenaged former Gundam Pilots abruptly out of work.

They'd drifted for a few years, drifted away from each other, all of them trying to find a place in this strange world that they'd helped to create, but that they'd never expected to inhabit.

They'd been pretty miserable.

You didn't encounter a lot of people on the streets who'd shared the life experiences they had.

Everyone had been affected by the war, sure. But most of them hadn't started it, finished it, or directly influenced its course much.

So, eventually, they all found their way back to each other.

They'd signed up to join the Preventers, and spent another miserable year working together, all of them living in their miserable little rented apartments.

Except for Quatre, who lived in his miserable huge luxurious townhouse.

They'd been bored, annoyed, sexually frustrated... and lonely.

They'd tried to find companionship - but it never lasted. People wanted too much or too little. Noone seemed to be able to give any of them just the level of interested but detached commitment that they were all looking for.

They wanted permanent relationships. Life was too short to keep ending and starting over.

They just didn't want... the frills. The expectations. The engagement rings, the choosing linens, the weddings, the meeting the families, the introducing the significant other to the co-workers, the arguments over whose apartment to move to, the reminders of biological clocks, the fights over whose friends were more annoying, the why-do-you-love-me conversations, the choosing-a-pet agonies, the joint laundry hampers, the remembering anniversaries and birthdays and being in trouble if you didn't, the what-would-you-do-if-I-died talk, the no-sex-with-anyone-else rule...

The business of a relationship.

They'd expected to die. The last thing any of them had wanted was to spend the time they'd miraculously been given corralling themselves with petty rules.

Even Wufei, who loved petty rules, and Heero, who knew nothing but a life governed by them, finally reached that conclusion.

Duo and Quatre came to it first, independently of each other and the rest of them. They'd convinced Trowa and Wufei, respectively, that that's what they wanted too, and that they, Trowa and Wufei, could find it with them, Duo and Quatre.

Then Duo had gotten to wondering about Wufei. And Quatre had always had a soft spot before Trowa...

Before Wufei really knew what was happening, they were all living in Quatre's huge townhouse, and every day was an adventure wherein you never knew who exactly you were going to bed with.

Then one night Heero had shown up at the door, scowling furiously, demanding to know why exactly he was being left out.

Once the other four had scraped their chins off the floor, they'd jumped on the opportunity.

And on Heero.

And they'd been together ever since.

They had, Wufei was sure, more sex than any other group of twenty-three-year-olds in the entire world.

And if, sometimes, any of them wondered vaguely what was in the future, if they could really hold onto this level of casual togetherness forever, none of them ever mentioned it.

They lived wholly, gloriously in the now.

Duo taught them all how to live from moment to moment, enjoying everything they had.

Quatre shared unselfishly of all his wealth, enabling them all to live together without any worries.

Wufei himself mediated between them all, ensuring that everything worked, everything was smooth, everyone was happy. There was remarkably little friction between them.

Heero guarded them all - and his time with them all - fiercely. Heero had been the biggest surprise, had changed the most since the wars. Wufei thought sometimes that the Japanese man was making up for all the years of his childhood when he had not been allowed to feel any emotions by trying to experience the full range of human emotions every single day. There was never a dull moment around him, and his intense passions and moods drove and excited them all.

And Trowa kept them honest. He made sure they still went to work, that they didn't live in filth, that they did everything that they were supposed to despite the almost decadent lifestyle they enjoyed. It was sometimes a thankless task, but everyone tried to ensure that the green-eyed man never felt unappreciated.

Right now, though, he was obviously annoyed.

He was right. They were supposed to get an early start this morning.

That's why Heero and Trowa had slept together, away from the others, the night before. It wasn't unusual for any of them to wander off in randomly selected twos or threes, but if efficiency were required in the morning, Heero and Trowa always spent the night together. Old habits died hard, and Heero was always the first one awake, and Trowa woke instantly. They would get ready, and come wake the others.

All too often, though, a situation like this morning's arose, and they got... side-tracked.

Wufei cried out wordlessly as he felt Quatre's long, hard length press against him, then slowly move inside him. He groaned, clenching his muscles tightly around the other man's shaft, shuddering with pleasure when he heard Quatre's low moan.

Dimly he heard Trowa sigh again. "Well, you all can explain to Une why we're late," the tall man warned dolefully. A moment later, a startled cry rang out, and the bed shook. Wufei, with difficulty, opened his eyes to see that Heero had unceremoniously yanked Trowa into the bed beside them.

Without pulling away from him, Quatre took hold of Wufei's hips, and moved them both several inches to the left, making more room for the others.

The bed was huge, like all the other beds in the townhouse. They had to be - though none of them were large people, five did tend to be a bit of a crowd, sometimes.

Wufei turned his head, watching through the haze of his own pleasure as Duo and Heero easily overcame Trowa's initial resistance.

"Knock it off," Trowa complained, trying to push Duo's hands away as the American untied his robe, pushing it away, revealing Trowa's deceptively lean body. "I already showered," he protested, but his arguments had lost their heat, and ended in a low groan as Heero's mouth wrapped around the head of his manhood.

Duo pressed his mouth to Trowa's, and Wufei reached over and fondled the tall man's nipples, squeezing harder and harder as his own pleasure mounted as Quatre slammed into him with increasing force.

Duo and Trowa both moaned loudly, the sounds muffled, and Wufei looked down to see Heero preparing both his lovers at once. A moment later, the Japanese man moved back, and pulled on Duo's lean hips, positioning the American over Trowa.

The auburn-haired man cried out loudly, pulling his mouth away from Duo's as the braided man abruptly thrust into him. Wufei shuddered at the patent eroticism of the sight, forcing his eyes to remain open even as his own pleasure mounted higher and higher.

Then Heero moved, positioning himself over Duo, and thrust into the American as Duo thrust into Trowa. The three started moving in tandem, slowly at first, but then faster and faster as they became more sure of the rhythm

Wufei cried out as he felt Quatre's sure fingers wrap around his arousal.

"Hey. Keep your eyes on the main event," the Arab chided without heat, and began to pump Wufei's shaft in time to his thrusts.

The Chinese man forgot about the others, focused only on his own pleasure, his own delight, the man moving so forcefully in and out of his body.

Abruptly, Quatre stiffened and cried out, his lower body jerking against Wufei's. Wufei felt his hot need explode inside him, and that, combined with the sudden, unthinking tightening of Quatre's hand on his own arousal, pushed him over the edge, and he joined his blond lover in oblivious pleasure.

They lay together for what seemed like eternity, Quatre hot and heavy on top of him. After several long moments, Wufei slowly became aware of his surroundings again, and turned his head to the side.

Heero, Duo and Trowa were moving faster now, their motions almost uncontrolled, the careful rhythms of before lost in the frenzy of their lust.

Quatre rolled off Wufei and gathered him in his arms, and together they watched the culmination of the pleasure of their other lovers.

Duo came first, slamming into Trowa with one last powerful thrust. He screamed his pleasure, and sank his teeth deeply into the sensitive skin of Trowa's upper arm.

The sudden pain had an immediate effect on Trowa - he tensed, his hips thrusting wildly upward, and Quatre and Wufei saw his pleasure erupt, coating his and Duo's chests and stomachs with his essence.

Heero growled in satisfaction and gripped Duo's hips, driving himself forcefully into the slighter man, pushing Duo, still in the throes of his own orgasm, deeper into Trowa.

They all cried out together, and Heero threw his head back, the tendons in his neck working as he came. They all seemed to hang there, suspended in time for a moment, then together they collapsed into a pile of sated, sweaty, exhausted bodies.

Trowa and Heero's earlier showers seem to be a sadly wasted effort.

After a moment, Heero rolled off of the other two, and Quatre and Wufei moved in closer to the other three.

They all lay pressed against each other, arms and legs and bodies intertwined, for a long time, their mutual satisfaction too deep for anything to penetrate.

Almost anything.

"Wasn't that looovely? We're feeling a bit nostalgic down here at WSNC, the Sanc Kingdom's Home of Harmony, so we've got another twentieth century piece lined up next! We've brushed the dust off this beauty, juust for your morning enjoyment. So here's a little "Sugar, Sugar" for your morning coffee! Thanks for waking up with us, and heeeere's the Archies!"

"Sugar sugar... .oohhh honey, honey...

You're my candy girl

And you've got me wanting you... "

Wufei groaned, pushing his head down into the mattress.

"We've got to set that to a new station," he muttered.

"We've got to set it forty-five minutes earlier," Trowa added dolefully.

Duo grinned, pushing himself up on his elbow, and leaning down to kiss the deep frown etched between Trowa's brows. "We'll just tell her we were busy having sex... She won't be able to think of anything to say to that," he predicted airily, nimbly climbing over Heero and walking naked across the floor toward the bathroom.

"Oh, perfect," Trowa shouted after him, nudging Heero until the other man sat up, and climbing out of the bed to follow Duo. "I can't just hear it now... 'Preventer business is of paramount importance... "

Heero climbed out of the bed and wandered after them, taking up the recitation with Trowa. " 'If you can't separate personal business from official business, I'll have to assign these cases to some other agents... '"

Their voices faded away as they all disappeared from view. Quatre chuckled, and swung his legs over the other side of the bed. He yawned loudly, stretching his arms high above his head.

"I'll get some coffee," he ordered, absently rubbing his stomach as he too strode naked across the bedroom. "Meet you in the green bathroom," he called as he stumbled out of the room.

Wufei rolled over and stretched. He couldn't help the grin that tugged at his lips as he heard Duo singing the radio stations last awful archaic offering. The American's voice ended abruptly. He could only hope Heero or Trowa had dunked him beneath the bath water.

"The cah-ray-ziness never stops here at WSNC," the DJs voice assured him loudly.

Wufei grinned, and slammed his hand down on the top of the alarm clock. "I feel your pain," he assured him, chuckling. "I know exactly what you mean."

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