Marking it Down to Learning + Chapter 4 (cont)
There's No Place Like Home

But every time he went back there... he got a little closer to it. He remembered a little more, it was a little easier to slip back into character, a little harder to remember who the new Duo Maxwell had become when he was done resurrecting the shade of the old one.

He'd fought in wars. He'd rubbed elbows with people who wanted to rule the world, people who were willing to sacrifice billions of lives to get their own way, people who so far transcended evil that they appeared almost normal. He'd attended social gatherings with Relena.

None of that had scared him, not even the annual Royal Ball.

But the thought - the nagging thought, more plausible all the time, that perhaps the street was where he belonged - terrified him.

Absolutely petrified him.

He couldn't go back. He just couldn't.

But maybe... maybe he wouldn't have much of a choice. How do you fight inevitability?

Duo groaned loudly, determinedly rinsed all the remaining soap from his body, and turned off the shower. He'd be damned if he were going to hang out in the shower being pissy, considering what was waiting for him back in the bedroom. He spent a few minutes wringing the excess water out of his hair, and quickly braided it again. It would be wet for hours and hours, but at least like this it would be mostly out of the way.

Duo dried himself off, and wandered naked out of the bathroom. He didn't bother wrapping himself in a towel or looking for some clothes... it would only be wasted effort.

He moved to the doorway of the room he'd seen Heero and Trowa in before. This time he didn't bother trying to be silent, but noone heard him anyway.

The scene had changed a bit in the time he'd been in the shower. Grinning, he leaned against the doorjamb for a moment to take stock of the situation.

Quatre and Wufei had gotten home while he'd been away, and seemed to have whole-heartedly joined in the fun. Duo was glad to see the Trowa hadn't been unbound while he was cleaning up - it might have been a little difficult to get him to allow himself to be tied up again, and Duo was definitely not missing that game tonight!

He smiled a touch wistfully as he stared at what he could see of the auburn-haired man. Quatre, his eyes closed in ecstasy, was kneeling over his head, the blond's thick cock buried in Trowa's talented mouth. Wufei lay draped over Trowa's bound thigh, his mouth wrapped around Trowa's hardness, and, if the blindfolded man's agitated movements were any indication, he was doing a rather good job of it too. Heero lay between Trowa's wide-spread legs, fingers moving slowly in and out of Trowa's exposed passage.

What an absolutely gorgeous sight. Porn producers would probably pay a damn fortune for footage of this event. Duo couldn't believe how lucky he was to be surrounded by so many incredibly sexy men.

But it had started with just him and Trowa. For almost six months, it had been just the two of them. Then Quatre had suggested his little idea, and it had stretched out for months, and they'd moved into Quatre's place, and Heero had shown up...

And then they were five. And for all that he himself always swore that there was never too much of a good thing, every once in awhile he missed those times when it was just him and Trowa. Somehow, there'd been more of a feeling of... well, of closeness then. With five people in a bed, you were always very close... but sometimes, it was hard to be close to any one person when surrounded by so many.

Duo shook his head, annoyed with himself. What the hell was his problem? If the fact that he had just too many hot guys to choose from was his biggest difficulty in life, he wasn't doing too bad at all.

He pushed himself away from the doorjamb and sauntered toward the bed.

"Hey guys... room for one more?" he asked laconically.

Three pairs of eyes turned toward him, and he grinned rather stupidly when he saw the pleasure in them.

"Always room for one more," Quatre managed huskily.

Duo crawled onto the bed next to Trowa, and casually toyed with the tall man's hard nipples as he reached up to press a warm kiss against Quatre's mouth. The blond kissed him back eagerly, pushing himself down a little further into Trowa's mouth as he did so.

"You showered first?" inserted Heero's deep voice, and Duo shivered as he felt the Japanese man's hand run lightly up his back, grasping his damp braid.

"I was pretty smelly," he answered lightly, turning his head to meet Heero's demanding kiss.

"You're back just in time," Wufei commented, lifting his head from Trowa's straining organ. Trowa moaned in protest, trying to raise his hips to reestablish the contact, but the sound was muffled by Quatre, and he could barely move an inch, the restraints were tied so tightly.

"I see that," Duo grinned, allowing his gaze to sweep over them all, his eyes lingering on Wufei's flushed face and swollen lips. He reached out and gently brushed Wufei's hair away from his cheek, loving as always the feel of the ultra-fine, silky strands against his fingers.

"How was your trip?" Heero asked casually, his fingers still moving inside Trowa as he slid his others hand into Duo's lap, playing with the hardening flesh there.

Duo gasped, shifting around to give Heero better access. "Oh, you know... same old, same old," he managed to gasp. "Taxis, nights at the opera, evenings with mysterious men in tiny bistros... " He gasped again as Heero's fingers tightened around him, stroking more roughly.

Wufei chuckled, and leaned forward, over Trowa, to kiss Duo as Heero continued to play with his erection.

"I'm glad you're home," the Chinese man whispered against his lips, just before his tongue swept demandingly into Duo's mouth.

"Mmm... .me too," Duo managed when Wufei finally pulled away.

A particularly loud moan from Quatre drew their attention. The blond man's body was tense, almost vibrating with the effort of keeping still. He wasn't entirely successful - he kept pressing downward, as though trying to bury himself more and more deeply into Trowa's warm mouth.

Heero's eyes gleamed, and abruptly he let go of Duo, and slid his fingers out of Trowa, ignoring the muffled moan and disappointed wriggle from the now entirely-neglected man. Heero stood up on the mattress, and moved so that he was standing over Trowa, directly in front of Quatre. He reached down and tangled his fingers in Quatre's hair, tugging on it. The blond reluctantly lifted his head, to find Heero's groin directly in front of him. He moaned in satisfaction and leaned forward, eagerly taking Heero into his mouth, pleasuring the Japanese man as Trowa pleasured him.

Wufei crawled up the bed a bit, and leaned against one of Heero's strong legs. He trailed a hand up the inside of Heero's thigh, then moved higher, teasing at the crevice separating the two halves of Heero's backside. The Japanese man groaned, pulling on Quatre's hair, pulling the blond's mouth further down on his cock as he pressed back against Wufei's invading finger.

Duo turned his attention to Trowa. He lay down between the spread legs, and gently kissed his way up the bound man's inner thighs, licking and teasing the soft flesh there, enjoying the sight of Trowa's engorged, neglected erection pulsing with desire and frustrated need.

Suddenly Quatre pulled away from Heero, crying out loudly. Duo looked up, glancing between Heero's outspread legs, and saw the blond's lower body clench, and saw Trowa's throat work as he struggled to swallow as Quatre's release suddenly flooded his mouth.

Heero growled, and barely allowed Quatre time to finish his orgasm before he reached down and bodily lifted the blond off of Trowa, shoving him down firmly on the mattress beside the tightly secured man.

Trowa gasped as soon as Quatre was lifted off him, drawing in air in quick, panting breaths. His chest moved rapidly, and the muscles in his arms flexed as he tried in vain to free himself.

"Duo?" he gasped after a moment.

"Hey, gorgeous," Duo replied lightly, moving up to press a kiss against Trowa's mouth, tasting Quatre as he slid his tongue boldly between the other man's lips. Trowa groaned into the caress, and groaned more loudly when Duo pulled back, sitting back on his heels and running his hands familiarly over his lover's splayed body.

"Please, Duo!" Trowa gasped. "Please... "

"Please, what?" Duo asked easily, grinning at Wufei.

The Chinese man grinned back, and he too began to randomly caress and fondle Trowa's body.

"Oh!" Trowa gasped, trembling at the extra stimulation. "God! Please!" he begged, dignity forgotten in the enormity of his need.

"Please, what?" Duo repeated meaningfully, experimentally pinching one nipple while he breathed a stream of cool air of another.

Trowa cried out, his face twisting in pleasured agony. "Please don't make me wait anymore!" he managed.

"I don't know," Duo mused thoughtfully. "You look incredibly good like this, Tro," he commented, running one fingertip along the length of the tall man's straining erection. "I think I want you to stay like this a bit... "

"All good things must end," Wufei laughingly reminded him over Trowa's tortured protests.

"But not yet," Duo responded, grinning.

Wufei grinned back. "But not yet," he agreed softly, lowering his head to lick teasingly around Trowa's belly button.

The muscles in Trowa's stomach contracted wildly, and he cried out, his cry of pleasure mingling with Quatre's.

Duo glanced over to see the blond lying flat on his back, his legs draped over Heero's broad shoulders. The Japanese man was kneeling upright on the bed, holding Quatre's legs in place as he drove into the blond with short, sharp strokes.

"You should see Quatre and Heero," he whispered in Trowa's ear, his fingers running lightly over the other man's body, tracing the lines and ridges, the bumps of muscles, the small crevices where perspiration had gathered. "Quatre's on the bottom, and Heero has his legs over his shoulders, and he's slamming inside him... "

"Deep inside him," Wufei added, thrusting his fingers, suddenly, deep inside of Trowa to illustrate the point.

Trowa moaned painfully. "Wufei!" he gasped. "Duo! Please!"

Duo chuckled, and moved down Trowa's body, sucking hard on each of the already over-stimulated nipples. He and Wufei continued to play with Trowa's body, touching him everywhere but where he most wanted to be touched, pushing him to the very brink of orgasm before backing away, leaving him frustrated and needy.

Duo glanced to the side again, to see Heero and Quatre. The blond's legs were still draped over Heero's shoulders, but the Japanese man had leaned forward, bracing his arms on either side of the other man, changing and deepening his angle of penetration. Quatre's head was thrown back and he was panting, moaning as his already-hardened arousal rubbed between his body and Heero's with every thrust.

Duo groaned at the sight, and shifted, unable to hold on any longer himself. He moved down, positioning his hips over Trowa's. The blindfolded man thrust upward, trying to find some way to connect himself with Duo, but he didn't have enough leverage. The American motioned to Wufei, and the other man came and stood before him, as Heero had stood before Quatre a few moments before.

Duo lifted himself up, and slowly relaxed, impaling himself on Trowa's quivering length. The auburn-haired man screamed at the sensation of Duo's tight passage clamping down on his incredibly enflamed organ.

Duo moaned in pleasure as he felt Trowa fill him. He pressed his hips down further, pressing the other man as deeply inside him as he could. He was still for a long, long moment, waiting until he heard Trowa's pained whimpers to lift himself up, and slowly lower himself again.

He continued to move like that, frustratingly so, for a long time. As he did, giving Trowa a little, but not nearly all, of what he wanted, he carefully slid his lips around Wufei's long manhood.

The Chinese man caught his breath as Duo first took him in, and his hands tightened almost painfully on Duo's shoulders. Duo just held him in his mouth for a moment, then teasingly ran his tongue around the head, tasting the liquid gathered there.

Wufei gasped, cursing hoarsely in Chinese, and Duo took pity on him, sliding his mouth down all the way, relaxing the muscles in his throat to accommodate all of Wufei. He began to suck gently, slowly, allowing the other man to feel every movement of his mouth and tongue as he pleasured him.

Gradually, he stared moving faster and faster on Trowa, and he increased the speed and pressure of his suction as he did so. Before long, Trowa was screaming mindlessly with long-denied pleasure, and Wufei was moaning almost as loudly, one hand tugging painfully on Duo's braid as he tried to push himself deeper into Duo's mouth.

The American groaned, almost overwhelmed with the diversity of sensations he was experiencing - Trowa, hard and hot, pounding inside him, Wufei's smooth, hot length in his mouth, the sound of Quatre's cries and Heero's growls ringing in his ears...

Trowa was the first to come, screaming so loud that it must have hurt his throat as he forcefully emptied himself inside Duo. Trowa was only that loud when he was tied down. It... released some of his inhibitions, somehow. Duo moaned, shuddering at the sensation of Trowa exploding inside him, then moaned louder in surprise as Wufei's long fingers wrapped around his own ignored arousal, pumping it in time to the rhythm Duo set with his mouth.

Wufei was the next to surrender, driving himself deep into Duo's mouth and releasing his pleasure.

Duo swallowed greedily, still moving up and down on Trowa as Wufei slid slowly out of his mouth. His own orgasm hit him suddenly, and he felt every muscle in his body tense as he abruptly, painfully came all over Wufei's hand and Trowa's chest.

Duo fell forward, his body heavy on Trowa's, as he waited for his heartbeat to slow and his head to clear. Eventually, he became aware of himself again, and rolled off the prone man. He reached up and pulled Trowa's blindfold off, smiling down into the confused, blinking green eyes, the moved back down, snuggling up against one side of Trowa's still-trembling body.

Wufei had moved down between Trowa's legs, and he lay down too, lying over Trowa's thigh, his groin pressed against Trowa's hip and his head nestled into Duo's side. Duo reached down and ran his fingers through Wufei's silky, damp hair.

He looked up and saw Heero and Quatre curled against Trowa's other side. He smiled over at them, and they smiled back. Quatre rested his head on Trowa's chest, his eyes closing.

They lay there, silently, for several minutes. Duo felt his eyes drift shut. He wondered dimly what he'd been thinking before, when he'd been solemnly telling himself that it was hard to feel close to four other people at once.

He felt pretty close to everyone right now.

This was better than any drug. Much better.

Suddenly, Trowa spoke, breaking the silence.

"Hey, guys?" he ventured. "Would someone mind untying me?"

Duo's eyes opened, and he met Heero's steady blue gaze across Trowa's restrained body. Heero's lips slowly curved in a grin of pure evil, and Duo felt an answering expression cross his own face.

This was going to be a night for the record books.

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