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Marking it Down to Learning + Chapter 6
Ideas Unfolding

Wufei sighed, some of the tension easing from his shoulders as he stepped into the large front room of their living quarters. He dropped down on the long sofa, yawning loudly. He heard Trowa and Quatre moving into the room, heard the door close, heard them shuffle around. But he closed his eyes, rubbing his face against the soft fabric of the sofa cushion.

He was tired. That stupid meeting had lasted more than twelve hours. Twelve hours! He'd been in battles that hadn't lasted twelve hours.

It had been awful. Everyone there was, as far as he could tell, just determined to talk. Not because they had anything much to contribute, but to show that they were so important that everyone else just had to listen to them.

So they'd talked, and talked, and talked. They'd repeated and summarized and shared their opinions of what the people before them had said. They talked about their own thoughts on the situation. Then they'd rephrased it, and repeated it, over and over and over again until Wufei thought he would scream.

Then, after the meeting from Hell, the three of them had had to have a private session with Une. That had been a great time. First, they'd had to listen to the woman bitch for a good forty minutes about Duo and Heero.

Duo and Heero. Wufei scowled at the thought of his missing lovers. About three hours into the meeting, Duo had gotten up and left the room. About five minutes later, Heero had oh-so-subtly followed him. Wufei had figured they were going to grab a quickie somewhere, and had dismissed the idea, after pushing down a brief qualm of jealousy.

But then time had passed, and their absence had lengthened, and they hadn't come back. People had started to demand of the three of them where the other two had gone - as though they hadn't been in the meeting too the whole damn time, Wufei thought testily.

Une had harangued them about Duo and Heero, dragging up every infraction the five of them had ever committed, harping again and again on her pet cause that they needed to prioritize, and made comments about their private lives that were pointed even for Une.

She'd gone on and on, and none of them bothered to stop her. They were pissed with Duo and Heero too. Finally, she'd begun to get a bit repetitive, and Quatre had rather sharply pointed out that they were there, and had been there, so her little speech about the importance of meeting attendance was a bit unnecessary.

Une had grudgingly let it go, and the four of them had remained in conference for another three hours.

It was, frankly, the only slightly productive three hours of the entire damn day, although he didn't like the results of it a single bit. That whole twelve-hour meeting from Hell had been completely unnecessary, except as an opportunity for the higher-ups to feel good about themselves.

Wufei sighed, feeling his muscles tighten again at the thought that he'd wasted an entire day of his life placating already over-inflated egos.

He was starting to really, really hate working for the Preventers.

He didn't like the crap, and he didn't at all like the way this particular mission was going.

He had joined them because he wanted to do something useful with his life. And he still did want that, of course. He had a lot of blood on his hands that still needed to be cleansed away, and the souls of his clan still deserved any honor that he could bring them by his actions.

But it was starting to be a moot point as to whether he was really honoring them by working for the Preventers.

Of course it was important work. It was necessary to have an organization like that, to ensure that wars such as he had lived through never happened again.

But... it had only existed for seven years, and already it was so top-heavy it was in danger of collapsing.

And Wufei wondered if there wasn't something he could be doing with his life that would be more valuable than helping to shore up some bureaucratic nightmare in progress, and surrendering the people he cared about most to...

Wufei jumped slightly as he felt a cool hand come to rest on the back of his neck, and a warm body sit down on the edge of the sofa behind him. He turned his head and opened his eyes, staring up into the green eyes calmly regarding him.

"Tired, Wu?" asked Trowa, and there was a note of sympathy in the smooth deepness of his voice.

Wufei groaned in acknowledgement, closing his eyes again. He felt Trowa's hands moving on his head, pulling the tie gently out of his hair, carefully separating and running his fingers through the silky strands.

"Yes, I'm tired," Wufei finally groaned in response to the question. It was well after midnight. He'd been at work, in stupid meetings, all day long. He'd been outvoted. He was exhausted, he was cranky, he was hungry, and he wanted to go to sleep...

He opened his mouth to voice all these complaints, when Trowa suddenly shifted so that he was on the sofa, kneeling over Wufei, one knee on either side of the Chinese man's body.

Wufei sighed loudly, wondering how exactly to phrase his protest. He really wasn't in the mood right now. He wanted food and sleep right now, not...

"Oh!" He moaned, as Trowa's strong hands came down on his shoulders, kneading the tense muscles there. He moaned again as Trowa's hands continued to move over his back and neck and shoulders, finding the knots of tension coiled there, carefully, firmly rubbing them away.

"God, Trowa... " he murmured, pressing his face into the cushions again. "That feels wonderful... "

The taller man chuckled slightly, but didn't speak, just continued to move his hands over Wufei's increasingly relaxed body. He moved his hands lower, his fingers pressing hard as they moved down along the other man's spine, and Wufei couldn't contain the sound of agonized pleasure that drew from him.

Trowa chuckled again, and adjusted his position, moving down so that he was straddling Wufei's thighs. He began to work on the Chinese man's lower back, his fingers swirling over the aching muscles in a slow, relaxing pattern.

"They aren't here!" Quatre's annoyed voice broke the languorous spell Trowa's touch was weaving over Wufei, and he lifted his head, trying to look at the irritated blond. One of Trowa's hard hands caught him in the middle of his back, unceremoniously shoving him back down onto the couch.

"Where the hell are they?" Quatre continued, his tone taking on a hectoring edge.

"Who knows," Trowa answered flatly, his hands continued to soothe the aches out of Wufei's lower back.

"I thought they'd be here. They... "

"They probably don't want to hear us yell at them for skipping out," Trowa pointed out logically. His hands moved a little lower, his thumbs rubbing slow, hard circles over the top of Wufei's buttocks, through the material of his pants. Wufei moaned softly as another feeling began to slide in and mingle with the pleasant relaxation Trowa was creating.

There was a moment of silence in the room, and Wufei just concentrated on the feel of Trowa's hands on his body. Then Quatre spoke again, and he was much closer than he'd been before.

"Looks comfy, Wu," he commented, and his voice had taken on a note of huskiness.

Wufei made a long noise of agreement, squirming slightly as the promise in the blond's voice moved straight to his groin. He hadn't thought he'd been in the mood for this, he really hadn't, but the feel of Trowa's hands over his body, the soft sensuality in Quatre's voice... he felt himself growing hard. Maybe he did need to... unwind a little after the stress of the day.

"I'm a little... tense myself," Quatre murmured thoughtfully.

Wufei groaned softly and turned his head to the side, opening his eyes to squint up at the blond who was standing right next to him. "You should have Trowa work on you too," he suggested, smiling slowly. "He's great."

Quatre smiled back, reaching down to run his fingers gently along Wufei's cheek. "Not a bad idea... " His eyes moved up to Trowa. "What do you say?" he asked softly.

Wufei felt the man straddling his thighs shift his weight, and in one graceful move Trowa had extracted himself from his position on the sofa, and was standing next to Quatre.

"I say, I won't at all mind getting my hands all over you," Trowa told the blond softly, reaching boldly around him to squeeze his buttock firmly in one hand.

Wufei's eyes widened slightly. It wasn't really like Trowa to be so verbally aggressive. Maybe it was a reaction to the decisions made today, or maybe he was just feeling the repercussions of last night a bit. They had all played with the tall man for hours - teased him, held him without allowing him release, touched him everywhere, thrust their erections into both orifices of his body... And every time they had all come to a shuddering release together, and every time Trowa thought it was all over, someone had started up again. Wufei had lost track of how many rounds they'd gone, how many times he'd been sucked and taken and allowed to take another, and he knew that Trowa had received far more attention than he. He'd already been with Heero for at least a few hours when they arrived, and they'd gone until the early hours of the morning. Wufei watched as Trowa reached up to cup Quatre's cheek, pulling the blond's face toward his for a kiss. He winced as the tall man's sleeve rode up slightly, and he saw the dark bruise ringing his wrist. Maybe they'd gotten a bit carried away...

But Trowa was kissing Quatre, thoroughly, masterfully, and the blond was making little sounds of need and desire in his throat... Trowa didn't seem mad. He seemed to like being restrained from time to time, to like surrendering control of the act to the others, and only being able to receive, and experience, and feel...

Trowa pulled suddenly away from Quatre, and grinned down into the blond's face. "You guys go get ready," he said. "I'll be in in a few minutes to... help you both relax."

Wufei shivered at the dark promise in that voice, and watched Trowa as he disappeared toward the kitchen area. Quatre watched him go as well, and when he'd vanished, turned back slowly toward Wufei. The Chinese man shivered as he saw the hunger in the Arab's turquoise eyes.

Quatre extended a hand, and Wufei accepted it, letting the blond pull him off the bed and down the corridor, into one of the bedrooms. They had seven, all equipped with the same huge beds with the solid frames. That way, if they... messed up one bed, there was sure to be another one that they could sleep in comfortably.

It was nice to have an insanely rich lover.

Quatre stopped at the edge of the bed, and turned to face Wufei. They stared at each other for a long, silent, moment, then Quatre reached out and slowly undid Wufei's uniform tie, letting it run along the back of his neck as he pulled it off. He threw the length of fabric aside, then leaned forward to press a kiss to Wufei's throat, right above where the knot of the tie had rested.

He leaned back and stared at Wufei, a hint of amused challenge in his eyes.

Wufei smiled back. He reached forward and undid Quatre's tie, pulling it off and throwing it aside in the same manner. Then he moved closer to the blond and kissed him in the same spot on his throat that Quatre had kissed him, tasting the salty sweetness of the blond's skin on his tongue, smiling slightly as he felt the blond's pulse leap at the caress.

He stepped away, smirking at Quatre with the same light of challenge in his dark eyes.

The blond rose to the bait - he moved forward and, never breaking eye contact with Wufei, slowly unbuttoned his shirt, allowing his fingers to slide down the bare skin of Wufei's chest as he moved from button to button.

When the shirt was entirely unbuttoned and untucked, and hung loosely from Wufei's shoulders, he stepped back.

Wufei smiled slowly, then stepped forward, repeating the process, allowing his fingers to linger teasingly on Quatre's skin as he moved with painful slowness to each next button. As he pulled the material of the shirt out of Quatre's pants, he allowed his fingers to dip beneath the waistband of the pants, and smiled wider when he felt the muscles in Quatre's stomach contract.

The blond caught his breath sharply, then moved forward, slowly pushing the fabric of the loosened shirt off Wufei's shoulders. He moved it slowly, tracing the path of the fabric along each shoulder with his tongue. He pulled the shirt off of one arm at a time, pulling each arm behind Wufei to slowly slide the fabric off over each hand. As each arm was pulled behind Wufei, it pushed the Chinese man's chest forward, and Quatre took eager advantage, laving and sucking hard on each brown nipple in turn.

He stood back when the shirt was finally off, grinning at Wufei.

Wufei stared back at him, his breathing uneven. His nipples throbbed for more attention, and his erection strained at his pants. He wanted more - this slow stripping was suddenly torture.

But he wasn't going to lose the game.

He moved forward and removed Quatre's shirt in the same way, moaning softly as he tasted each of Quatre's nipples, his cock growing even harder at the blond's fluttery sighs of pleasure.

He stood back, clenching his fists to keep himself from trembling, and stared hotly at the blond.

Quatre stared back for a moment, his chest heaving with his own ragged breaths, and suddenly he dropped to his knees before Wufei. The Chinese man swallowed a moan at the sight of the angelic blond kneeling before him, but he couldn't swallow the sound of pleasure that tore out of his throat when Quatre's cheek came in contact with his groin. The blond slowly removed both of his shoes and socks, rubbing his cheeks and lips and chin against Wufei's throbbing hardness through the thin material of Wufei's work pants.

Once the shoes and socks were gone, Quatre stood again, somewhat unsteadily. The challenge in his eyes was almost ridden over by boiling need by this point, but Wufei was still not about to abandon the game.

He knelt before Quatre, and slowly pressed his cheek against the bulge in the other man's pants as he worked on untying Quatre's dress shoes, and easing them and the socks off of the blond's feet. He nuzzled Quatre's hardness through the pants, his own erection aching with the need to tear the flimsy fabric away from the blond's body and have his way with him.

He forced himself to move away, though, and stood up to face Quatre.

The blond stepped forward, so close that their chests were almost touching, and reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. As he did, his lips pressed gently, undemandingly, against Wufei's, in a tender kiss.

He stepped back, but Wufei followed, his hands moving down to unfasten Quatre's slacks, as he reached up to press his lips against the blond's in another gentle caress.

Wufei didn't back up this time, and Quatre kissed him again, still just a light pressure of lips, as he pushed the pants down the Chinese man's hips until they pooled around his ankles.

Wufei kicked the material off, pushing it away with his feet. He pressed another light, teasing kiss to the blond's lips, as he pushed Quatre's pants down. The blond stepped out of them, and moved closer to Wufei, pushing the line of his body wholly against the other man's.

Wufei moaned, harshly, as he felt their erections rub together. He sought Quatre's lips again, this time kissing him more deeply, tasting the blond's mouth as their tongues rubbed together.

Quatre moaned, and Wufei shivered as he felt the vibrations move through his own mouth. Quatre pulled away slightly, and Wufei felt his hands on his waist, gathering the material of his underwear in his hands.

He didn't move to pull them away, though, and Wufei pulled away slightly to stare into the blond's eyes. Quatre stared steadily at him, and after a moment, Wufei understood. He smiled faintly, and grasped the waist of Quatre's only remaining clothing, and together they pushed the clinging material down, letting it drop to fall over their lover's legs.

Quatre's hand moved down and firmly grasped Wufei's trembling hardness, and he caught his breath sharply, throwing his head back with need. He reached down and took Quatre's own length in his hand, squeezing the hot flesh in his hand.

Quatre cried out sharply, and his hips bucked, rocking against Wufei's hand, seeking more friction, more movement, pushing himself toward release.

Wufei obliged, working his fist up and down over Quatre's hardness. In response, the blond began to move his own hand over Wufei's penis, moving faster and faster, meeting Wufei's pace. The Chinese man felt his knees start to weaken, and he closed his eyes, his other hand frantically grabbing Quatre's shoulder for balance, barely aware that the blond was hanging onto him in the same way... getting closer and closer...

"Hey!" Trowa's voice suddenly broke into their joint reverie. "I told you to get ready, not to finish... "

"Trowa," Quatre gasped, still moving into Wufei's strokes. "I can't stop... we need... "

"You're stopping," Trowa contradicted firmly. Wufei cried out in agony as Quatre was pulled away from him. He swore in frustration, his need pulsing painfully.

He opened his eyes to see Trowa grinning maliciously at them. "I thought you guys wanted a rubdown?" he reminded them mildly.

"Barton... " Wufei growled menacingly.

"Trowa... I can't wait that long," Quatre moaned.

Trowa grinned. "All right... we'll abbreviate the experience," he grinned. "Both of you... on the bed. On your front," he added, when Quatre lied down on his back.

They both groaned as their throbbing erections pressed against the mattress. Wufei reached beneath him to adjust himself, forcing himself not to rub against the soft material of the sheets.

"I don't want to waste all of the oil," Trowa commented as he moved onto the bed, kneeling between the other two bodies.

Quatre cried out, and Wufei turned his head to watch what Trowa was doing, feeling a bolt of anticipation move through him. Trowa had poured oil from a small bottle into his hands, and he was massaging the slippery liquid into the flesh of Quatre's backside. The blond moaned, squirming, as the taller man's powerful hands worked the muscles of his buttocks, kneading and squeezing them, moving over them again and again, blending the oil into his skin.

Wufei breathed deeply as the scent of the oil reached his nostrils. Sandalwood. He loved sandalwood oil, and the others knew it. So, more often than not, if oil were involved in their games, it was sandalwood. All they knew is that just the scent of it could make Wufei instantly hard.

They didn't know that he loved it so because of the memories it evoked. Sandalwood oil had been burning in the room where he'd lost his virginity. It had hung around him in the air when he'd made love to his wife for the first time.

They had been children, awkward and scared. But for all that she mocked him and infuriated him and confused him, he'd loved her. She'd loved him too, though she had never admitted it aloud until the moment she'd lay in his arms, dying.

She'd died for him, so that he didn't have to fight. Because she'd loved him.

And every time he smelt sandalwood, it was like that warm, protective love was wrapping him again.

When she'd died, he'd sworn he would never love again.

It was wonderful... but carried too much potential for pain.

He'd been alone, until Quatre had persuaded him to share their bodies. Then Trowa and Duo had joined them, then Heero...

They were companions. They were even friends. But they never spoke of love, and that was how Wufei remained part of the group.

He couldn't love. He just couldn't.

He couldn't bear to lose it again.

Quatre shrieked, and Wufei returned his attention to the two beside him, shaking himself out of the reverie induced by the scent of the sandalwood. Quatre's legs were spread, and Trowa knelt between them, and he was carefully oiling the area between the blond's buttocks. Wufei shuddered at the eroticism of the sight, and Trowa carefully rubbed his fingers along the tight opening, moving slightly inside to caress the sensitive flesh from within. Quatre cried out again, moving agitatedly beneath Trowa's caress, and the taller man pulled his fingers out entirely, coated them with more of the scented oil, and thrust them deep into Quatre's body.

The fingers moved inside of Quatre, wringing agonized cries from the blond, for several minutes. Then Trowa slowly worked his fingers out, running them teasingly up the enticing crevice, before sitting back on his heels, away from the blond.

"Turn over," he ordered huskily.

"Trowa... " Quatre panted, agonized.

"Turn over," the other man insisted, and with a moan, Quatre rolled onto his back.

Wufei licked his lips unconsciously at the sight of the blond's swollen erection, hard and throbbing with need. Quatre's hand moved between his own legs, but Trowa firmly captured it and pushed it away.

"Please, Trowa... " Quatre moaned.

"No," the green-eyed man replied firmly. "Not yet." With that order, he moved out of Wufei's line of sight, and the Chinese man gasped as he suddenly felt the taller man's hands on his legs, pulling them apart. He felt Trowa kneel between his own opened thighs, and a moment later the man's strong, oiled hands descended on his buttocks.

Wufei moaned softly, continuously, as charges of electricity danced over his skin from Trowa's touch. He kept kneading his flesh, occasionally dipping teasingly into his flesh, until Wufei thought he was going to die from need. Then, just when he thought he couldn't stand any more pleasure, Trowa's fingers were prodding at his opening.

"Trowa!" he screamed, writhing under the other man's touch. "God, Trowa, please... I can't... "

His tormentor took no notice of his cries, sliding his long fingers inside of him, teasing him from within. Wufei felt the hot oil being rubbed into him, making his skin tingle, as Trowa stretched him, oiled him, pushed fleetingly at the spot inside him that brought him the most pleasure...

But then, maddeningly, he was gone, and his voice was commanding him to roll over.

He did, and through passion-fogged eyes, he saw Trowa move to Quatre. He poured still more oil into his hard palm, and without preamble, took Quatre's hard cock in his fist. He ran his fist down Quatre's length, and when it reached the bottom, his other fist slid over the top. He continued that, sliding first one fist, then the other, then the first again, then the other, over the blond in one long, continuous caress until Quatre was thrusting himself off the bed, screaming Trowa's name.

Then the auburn-haired man moved, and Wufei whimpered as he felt the oiled fingers moving over him, stroking him, pumping him, non-endingly until he felt that he was going to disintegrate under his ministrations. Just as he was about to find fulfillment, Trowa moved again.

Wufei opened his eyes to shout at the man who was teasing him so, to demand his satisfaction, but his breath caught in his throat and he could only watch, entranced, as Trowa climbed atop Quatre. The blond opened himself eagerly to his taller lover, stretching and shifting as Trowa demanded. The green-eyed man lifted one of Quatre's long, muscled legs over his shoulder, heightening the vulnerability of the blond's position. With one hard thrust, Trowa was inside Quatre, and Wufei moaned with them as he watched the taller man pump into and out of the Arab. Quatre was crying out, and the occasional grunt of satisfaction escaped Trowa's throat as he continued to move on the shorter man. Wufei clenched his fists to keep them from his own cock, staring at the point where Quatre and Trowa were joined, watching them come apart and back together, again and again...

After a very few moments, Quatre's entire body tensed. He cried out incoherently and Trowa pulled back slightly so that Wufei could see the blond's cock pulse and erupt with his need.

Trowa leaned down and briefly kissed the trembling blond, then unceremoniously rolled off of him and pulled Wufei beneath him. The Chinese man spread his legs as wide as he could, drawing in his breath sharply as Trowa slammed his length into his well-oiled passage.

Then Wufei couldn't think, couldn't see, couldn't focus on anything except the wonderful hardness moving in and out of him, couldn't do anything but welcome it, push himself up to meet the downward thrusts to try to pull it deeper inside of him, couldn't care about anything but the invading length that was bringing him such delight.

Finally, at last, his orgasm spread over him, and he cried out hoarsely as he felt himself finally find release. At the same moment, Trowa shouted, and Wufei felt a spreading liquid heat inside him that told him that Trowa too had found his pleasure, and nothing else mattered...

A long time later, Wufei finally came to himself again. He was lying on his side, pressed up next to Trowa's damp body. He opened his eyes and saw that Quatre was curled up against the other side, his eyes shut. Trowa had one arm around each of them, and as Wufei looked up, he saw that Trowa was staring down at him. They stared at each other for a moment, then the other man leaned down and kissed him gently.

"That was... amazing," Wufei told him sincerely. It always surprised him how... intense... all of their encounters were. It seemed that they should run out of things to do, or that the experience should pall with time, but it hadn't.

Trowa smiled. "Not bad at all," he proclaimed gently.

Wufei's attention turned to Quatre as the blond groaned. "Much more of that, and I'll die young," he announced, opening his clear eyes to look at the others.

Trowa grinned, and reached down to kiss Quatre. "Young, but happy," he pointed out mildly.

Quatre snorted, and rested his head on Trowa's chest again. Wufei felt himself slowly drifting off to sleep. It had been a long day, and an exhausting encounter... surely he deserved some rest...

He heard Quatre sigh, and then the blond spoke, a note of reluctance in his voice.

"Maybe we should talk about this plan now, while none of us are angry," the blond suggested.

Wufei tensed, suddenly not sleepy. He'd been trying not to think of the 'plan' ever since they got home. Most of his earlier tension had been caused by it, and he felt his muscles growing tight again just at the thought of it.

"Now... don't get all worked up," Quatre cautioned them both, and Wufei suddenly felt a wave of soothing calm move over him. He knew that Quatre was manipulating them, but if it helped him hold onto some measure of that delicious post-coital languor that he'd been enjoying, all the better.

"I don't like it," Trowa said softly.

That was no secret. Noone liked the plan except for Une. She'd thought it was brilliant. Even Quatre, who'd suggested it, didn't like it.

"Heero's going to flip," Wufei predicted sleepily. "And Duo... " His voice trailed off. He didn't have to finish - they all knew how Duo was going to react.

"It's really the best way," Quatre insisted.

"I don't like it," Trowa repeated stubbornly. "It's too dangerous. You've never done that sort of work, and you don't know how... "

"I don't have to do anything difficult," Quatre insisted. "I'm just being... myself."

Duo was the undercover expert. But Quatre had offered himself up as the field operative on this case.

Only, he wasn't planning to precisely do undercover work. He thought to take advantage of his position as a powerful businessman, and infiltrate the Order.

But he wasn't going in under a false name. The premise was simply that he, Quatre Raberba Winner, fabulously wealthy corporate mogul, was bored. He wanted... to play. And thus, he would turn to the best of the meat markets for a little... entertainment.

He wasn't going to try to hide his affiliation with the Preventers. Rather, he would inform the Order that that's how he'd found them - through the Preventer investigation. That, he would claim, was his reason for belonging to the Preventers - for easy access to information about any crime ring, so that he and his company could profit from it.

Trowa and Wufei had angrily derided the idea. Noone would believe it. It was ridiculous.

It was ridiculous, Quatre agreed - and brilliant. It was a deceitful, ruthless, under-handed scheme that any bastard corporate asshole would love to hatch. Very few would be able to manage it, but Quatre's reputation for sweetness could have gotten him into the Preventers, his connection with the other pilots kept him there.

He would be inside the Order. He had agents that could put the word out on the street that he was looking for contact with them, and his money and name would get him in. His reputation and connections might make them leery, but if he could hold up his end of the act, they'd fall for the story. It fit the stereotype of his niche in life perfectly.

He would be inside the Order, the Order would have confirmation of their suspicions that the Preventers were investigating them, but they'd have "information" fed to them by Quatre. That might enable some other undercover people to operate without raising the suspicions they would have otherwise.

It was a great plan. But...

"Do you realize what you'll have to do?" Trowa asked suddenly.

There was silence. They hadn't discussed this - noone had wanted to bring it up in front of Une.

But it was there, between them, now.

In order to maintain his cover... Quatre would have to act as that bastard he was portraying would act.

The Order existed for one reason - to provide those who wanted it and could afford it with access to sex.

Quatre would have to make use of those... facilities.

"Do you?" the green-eyed man pressed.

Quatre sighed. "Yes," he said wearily. "I know."

"I don't want you to do that," Wufei said abruptly. He didn't. He didn't want Quatre sleeping with the Order's prostitutes. The other man was so sensitive to others, he'd have a terrible time using people who were such victims themselves. And what if he couldn't do it - if he couldn't keep up the premise. He'd be discovered, captured, killed...

He opened his eyes, and Quatre was staring steadily at him. He stared back, stubbornly. He wasn't going to back off. He didn't like it, he didn't want Quatre to do it...

"I'm sorry," Quatre told him softly. "If I could think of a better idea, that would be more likely to get us in with as little risk to personnel as this one... "

"There's a pretty damn high risk to you," Trowa interrupted angrily.

Quatre sighed. "I'll have the microchip," he reminded the other man. Une had told them of a special, virtually undetectable spy microchip that they could implant in Quatre's tooth. It was newly developed, and almost noone knew of it. It could be implanted in a tooth, and would look like a filling in an X-ray. But it would perfectly transmit back to Headquarters a complete sound recording of everything Quatre heard. Even his own voice and breathing wouldn't interfere with its transmission.

Wufei had no idea in Hell how they managed that. But Une insisted that they had, and that it had been extensively tested.

"You'll know where I am, and if I need help," the blond continued.

Trowa snorted. "It won't do much good if they just decide you're too much of a risk and shoot you point-blank."

That remark was met with silence. There was no way to argue with it. The silence grew and grew, and eventually Quatre sighed softly.

"I have to do something," he said sadly. "I can't... let this go on anymore. Did you see those two kids... "

Trowa and Wufei both sighed. They had. And they knew why Quatre had to do this.

It was really a very good plan. If it were anyone but Quatre, they would never have argued with it.

Trowa sighed. "Could this case suck anymore?" he demanded testily.

They all started, suddenly, at a loud crash from the main room, and a bellow from Heero.

They jumped up, trying to untangle themselves from each other, as the Japanese man burst into the room.

"Where's Duo?" he shouted.

Wufei frowned. Where was Duo? He'd disappeared with Heero hours ago...

"I thought he was with you," Trowa said aloud, echoing Wufei's thoughts.

"Shit!" Heero shouted, banging out of the room. They heard him slamming open doors to the other rooms, shouting Duo's name.

Wufei met Quatre's and Trowa's concerned gazes.

"I think it can suck more," Quatre predicted dolefully, before they all got up to run after Heero.

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