By: Isabella Kraft

The Devil Made Me Do It + Part 3

"When I was a kid...I remember not liking my family at all," Quatre said slowly, fighting for words that would wrap up his....abnormal, to say the least, upbringing into normal, unsuspicious terms.

"Why was that?" Trowa asked gently, stroking the soft bangs out of Quatre's face.

Quatre smiled, looking up at the soft green eyes that held him captive from his position resting in Trowa's lap. Why did he feel so happy here? So at peace, so wonderfully open, so... comfortable?

"Well I had a lot of brothers and sisters...there were seven of us, I was the eighth, the youngest."

"Did they pick on you?"

Quatre laughed, "No quite the opposite, my family is so very... nice. I was always the trouble maker."

"Aaa," Trowa nodded as he scratched the back of Quatre's head, making him purr like a kitten. "When did you leave home?"

"A while ago.... My father and I got into a huge fight -- I challenged his authority and I lost. My oldest brother told me not to come back. So I stuck it out on my own, and made myself a reasonable success...."

"Your parents must be proud of you," Trowa said softly.

Quatre snickered, "I highly doubt that."

"Why's that?"

"My parents are.......ummmmm..... extraordinarily strict. My very existence seems to be a challenge to them. I know for certain my father doesn't approve of the methods I've used to achieve what I have."

"You've been dishonest," Trowa noted.

"That's the understatement of the eon," Quatre chuckled.

"I'm sure they'll forgive you..."

Quatre smiled, if only Trowa knew exactly what was being confessed to him, "What makes you say that?"

"Because inside you're a good person."

The words made a tiny part inside Quatre snap. He sprang out of the comfortable little niche he had crafted in Trowa's lap and tightened his fists until they were white. He was losing control. How could he? What was he doing telling some stupid little human all about his past? What was he doing opening up like this? He had let himself become weak.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Suddenly he really wanted to hurt Trowa. He wasn't sure how, but the overwhelming peace the clumsy monk gave him infuriated him to the point of madness. He wanted to hurt him, he wanted to show him how "good" he was inside...he wanted to hurt him so badly that he would never even think of looking at him again.

But would ruin everything....calm down Quatre....stay focused.

"Quatre what's wrong?" Trowa asked gently, his hand resting on Quatre's shoulder.

" it's nothing...."

"Really Quatre....I want to help. Let me help please?"

"You can't help Trowa....I just....I don't know..." Quatre sighed. He couldn't do this. Hurting Trowa would be satisfying at first and then when he realized that the far greater pleasure had been ruined he would regret. It was best to control himself and tolerate whatever Trowa's qualities did to him.

"Come on," Trowa said quietly, pushing himself off the ground and away from the tree. "Talking about your family has clearly upset you, let's go do something to take your mind off it."

Quatre smirked, "You know what I do that really helps?"

Trowa shook his head.

"I break stuff."

"Quatre," Trowa said hesitantly. "Isn't this a graveyard?"

The question was loaded with curiosity and confirmed the statement Trowa had made beforehand; that he really didn't know much about Western religions at all.

Because they were, in fact, in a Christian style graveyard.

"Don't be silly Trowa, look how old and unkempt everything is. Does this look like a place people bury their respected dead?"

Trowa looked around, his doubts still clearly written on his face, "I guess not...but....still."

"They're just old sculptures Trowa....mere junk to the people....see? That one's overturned. If this was holy ground, wouldn't they keep it in better condition?"

"I....guess so....I mean you would know better than I."

Quatre nodded sagely, "Yes, yes I would."

Trowa looked like some tourist who had suddenly been thrown from the busy streets of Tokyo to a small rural area without warning. He had the most bewildered look on his face, like he was searching for anything of even the slightest interest to photograph as a monument. Quatre chuckled, curving his hand around the estranged head of an angel and throwing it a good five feet straight into a tree.

It made a satisfying shattering sound that startled Trowa out of his stupor. "What was that?"

"Therapy," Quatre answered, wrapping one arm around Trowa's waist and nestling his chin in the corner between Trowa's neck and his shoulder. Trowa, jumped at the intimate touch, blushed and skidded away from him.


Quatre smiled and closed in on him again. "A little stressed Trowa-chan? Why don't you try it?"

Trowa swallowed as Quatre's hand gently covered one of his own.

"It's wonderful treatment for.....frustration."

A sharp "Eep!" exploded from Trowa's mouth as Quatre squeezed his hand just a little. This time he jumped at least a foot or two away, panting slightly, eyes confused and troubled. "Quatre... you're trying to seduce me...."

Quatre sighed comically and winked at him. "Is it that obvious?"

The bewildered monk could only nod silently.

"Does it offend you?"

There was a considerable pause as Quatre had hit upon the question that really had no answer. Slowly Trowa shook his head. "It's're leaving soo--When are you leaving again?"

Damn, damn, damn, DAMN!!! Quatre thought. Seeing it as his only escape from a question he really thought best not to answer, Quatre turned up the seduction just a notch slipped his arms around Trowa's neck and said happily, "It doesn't matter."

Trowa stepped back a little, his nerves failing him. "Quatre....I don't think...I mean...this isn't a good id--"

"Of course it's not a good idea," Quatre grinned, drawing his face closer to Trowa's and sliding a thick rock into his hand. "No one said anything about it being a good idea...But it makes you feel so good inside to see something shattered and broken and to know that you broke it. These thing are worthless Trowa-chan ... there's no harm in breaking them. Don't think of it as destroying it ... think of it as creating something new."

Trowa blinked, "What are we talking about now?"

"Here ... see that cross right there?" Quatre pointed.


"Throw the rock at it as hard as you can," Quatre purred.

All it took was one gentle squeeze of Trowa's rump and the young monk's subconscious neatly obeyed. Trowa was funny like that -- catch him off guard enough and he'd spontaneously do anything that would 'resolve' the situation.

Quatre leaned up to nibble on Trowa's throat, and the tip of his tongue just barely touched the salty golden skin as the shattering sound rang again in his ears. He expected Trowa to pull away, he did not expect the skin to fall practically on top of him as Trowa passed out.

Quatre blinked but quickly supported Trowa's now limp body, sighing heavily and rolling his eyes. "Trowa you idiot."


Quatre placed another cold cloth on Trowa's forehead, patting it down a little to make sure the skin absorbed it. He wasn't altogether sure why he was doing this since he didn't particularly think that having a cold, wet head helped fainting any, but it was one of those silly little things he had seen humans do to the unconscious. He figured if nothing else he was keeping with the proper tradition.

Trowa groaned and stirred a little. Quatre watched his eyes flutter open quickly and his hand automatically coeme to rest on the bridge of his nose ... apparently another tradition of the occasion. "Quatre?" he asked slowly.

"Yes, I'm right here."

His gentle, soft hands stroked Trowa's bangs away from his face as Trowa asked his next question, "Where am I?"

"Back at the temple..." Quatre said.

"Wha---How did I get back here?"

How indeed. Never let it be said that the Dark Angel didn't work his ass off on his little projects. Shortly after Trowa fainted he found himself at a loss at what to do. They were in the middle of nowhere, and Trowa presented a considerable dead weight being both taller and of a broader build-- though not by much-- than Quatre. At first he tried to revive him, but when that failed he had no choice but to bring him home. And that forced him to get a little creative.

Ok, very creative ... being the devil had its perks.

"Ummm are you feeling?" Quatre dodged.

"All right... better than before." Trowa blushed as he remembered the exact circumstances of 'before' and fiddled nervously with the edge of the light blanket Quatre had covered him with. "Look Quatre... I'm sorry about-- what happened."

"You don't have to apologize," Quatre said evenly. "I understand, you're not in to this kind of thing..."

"No, that's not it at all Quatre..." Trowa said softly.

"Oh?" One beautiful thin blond eyebrow questioned him. "Then if I didn't scare you, why the fainting?"

" did scare me....but only because... I think I'm in love with you, Quatre..."

A pause, then softly, "You shouldn't say things like that, Trowa."

"Now who's afraid?"

"I'm not afraid, but you shouldn't say things like that..."

He leaned forwarded a bit, "And why's that?"

"Because," Quatre said sadly, then moving in on him until their noses touching he whispered, "it makes me really horny."

He let loose an amused chuckle as Trowa's eyes grew as wide as dinner plates and shattered just as well when Quatre added, "Maybe we should be a little naughty."

For a brief moment Quatre thought Trowa might actually faint again as he was swaying awkwardly. But Trowa managed to blink it out and mirror Quatre's trademarked smirk perfectly.

For a second Quatre panicked, evil grins were generally speaking not good signs. Perhaps he had taken it a bit too far...

"Okay," Trowa said.

"Excuse me?"

"Okay, take me. Right here. Right now..."

He felt his jaw slip and fall open. He wasn't sure how to respond to that, other than fuck Trowa silly without anymore questions. Something was preventing that, though. Some kind of attachment he could quite figure.

"Gotcha." Trowa winked, laughing hardly and grinning like the fool he undoubtedly was.

Quatre blinked then scowled and curled his legs up to his chest, pouting just slightly as he spoke. "Tease. And to think that I took care of you."

Trowa, still snickering, patted Quatre softly on the head. "You just can't take a joke."

"Hm!" Quatre snorted, flipping his bangs out of his eyes and turning up his nose. "Not when it's at the expense of my libido, no." He paused then added, "But you must be hungry Trowa I'll go get---"

The bashful monk grabbed his hand before Quatre could leave his side. "No, stay.... I just confessed that I'm in love with you. You have no idea how paranoid it makes me when you just make up excuses to leave."

"How is my concern for your nutrition an excuse?"

Trowa's voice suddenly lost its playfulness. "Quatre..... if you don't feel the same, I understand. Just please don't string me along...."

Quatre looked down quickly, his mind trying to comprehend the frenzy of emotions spinning through his soul. He fidgeted as he felt Trowa staring at him, waiting, and each moment of silence was certainly ripping his quarry away from him. "I'm not sure how I feel, Trowa. I feel something for you, I admit that much. But I've made my fortune crushing love out of people. I wouldn't know it if I felt it....and I certainly don't deserve it now."

"Don't say that," Trowa soothed as he brushed Quatre's bangs away from his face. "You deserve it just because you've never felt it before."

"Oh Trowa.. If only you knew..."

"I do know," Trowa said as he pulled Quatre to his chest, embracing him lightly but tenderly. "You're Quatre Winner, and I'm in love with you so there's nothing you can do about it."

Quatre snickered and sighed, "You smell good... like incense... Me like."

"Good to know."

Quatre leaned closer, rubbing his nose between the slight definition of Trowa's pectoral muscles. " really like. Wonder what you taste like." Little licks followed that. Small kisses as Quatre moved up Trowa's neck, then down again.


The floor was cool and hard and to Quatre much better suited for sex than the soft futon Trowa had been resting on. Of course he liked his sex dirty, or at least he had until lately when his thoughts he been invaded by fantasies about kissing Trowa, stroking, and....

Quatre pulled back, taking up Trowa's soft hand with his own. His thumb began running little circles over Trowa's knuckles, bringing them to his lips soon after and licking each one gently. His tongue barely ran over the skin.

Soon his mouth wondered down to Trowa's long elegant fingers, swallowing them slowly and sucking lightly. Trowa moaned and tried to pull his finger away, wanting to direct Quatre's interest elsewhere. Quatre grinned and bit lightly. "Now, now...I'm going to take my time with you," he whispered.

The light growl that rolled over those words made Trowa swallow and lick his lips eagerly. He was nervous, that much was obvious, but Quatre liked it that way. Virgins were always so much more fun, he thought with a smirk.

He caught Trowa's lips with his own as he gently worked his hand under the soft cotton of Trowa's shirt. He parted their mouths slightly and licked the bare edge of Trowa's bottom lip. If fell open obediently with a small sigh and Quatre forced them together again so that his tongue could explore the walls of Trowa's mouth.

He curved the tip of his tongue under the soft belly of Trowa's, his hand reaching a pert nipple at the same time. Trowa tensed up, a small gasp escaping him. Quatre grinned and scooped his arm around Trowa's back, keeping him relatively still. His fingers slowly rubbed one nipple in tiny circles, barely touching it.

Trowa shuddered with pleasure as his shirt was removed and Quatre straddled him, pressing his hardness up against him. There was something forceful and conniving about Quatre now. Something cold and withdrawn keeping him away from Trowa's touch.

Yes, that was it. Quatre was pulling away from him.

With every kiss, every stroke, every small pleasure Quatre was pulling further away from him. He was delivering intimacy with coldness.

"Quatre," Trowa panted out. "Stop."

For a moment Quatre didn't even hesitating in not stopping. He pinned Trowa's arms above him and continued licking and nipping the sensitive skin before him. But a small whimper that escaped Trowa's lips must have made him reconsider his action, because he sat up and moved off him.

Trowa took in Quatre's expression, trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. He seemed puzzled, but not with Trowa's sudden request. He seemed more puzzled at himself.


"What's wrong?" Quatre asked very quietly. His voice was firm, and made cold by the lack of emotions running through it.

"I want you, that's what's wrong."

"I was giving you me," Quatre snorted, a trace of annoyance in his voice.

Yes, Quatre was definitely running from something. Perhaps he was nervous? Trowa smiled, the sort of smile he give naughty children when they were wracked with guilt and crawled over to Quatre. He ended up supporting his weight just above Quatre's form with his upper body.

Quatre looked up at him with wide bewildered eyes. He was dressed in black as always-- three buttons had been undone in their foreplay though, exposing soft creamy flesh-- legs parted and weight shifted back on his arms as he reclined casually.

"What are you doing?" he asked. He had intended it to sound cold, but he had lost any conviction in his voice.

"Kissing you," Trowa breathed as he slowly closed the space between them, taking Quatre's lips gently.

He felt Quatre relax and watched his blond lover's confused turquoise eyes slide closed blissfully. This lasted only a few moments before Quatre's senses returned to him and he pulled back so violently he fell out of Trowa's arms.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "What are you trying to do Trowa? Are you going to save my soul? Are you going to love me until I forget what a demon I am?

"You're good, you know. I keep forgetting who I am..... I have a reputation to uphold you know? There are certain things I just can't do, certain things I just can't feel."

Damn him, Quatre thought, he thinks he knows, he keeps giving me this knowing little smile like he understands...

"You can feel them here," Trowa assured quietly. If he was hurt by Quatre vicious tone, he gave no indication of it. It infuriated Quatre even more, to have someone love him so much. "I can keep your secrets here for you. There's nothing you can't let yourself feel."

"Except love....I can't fall in love, I can't fall in love, I can't..." Quatre repeated to himself. Squinting his eyes shut and burying his face in Trowa's chest his fists pounding weakly on Trowa's shoulders.

"Goddamn you, you just don't understand.. You just don't understand that you're not supposed to love me. You're suppose to worship me, adore me, devote yourself to me, but you're NOT SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME!!!!"

"Why not?" Trowa asked softly. "I like loving you. You're a nice person to love. It's fun."

Moments passed before Trowa realized that Quatre was laughing. "Fun, huh? No one's ever said that before Trowa. What's so fun about loving Sat---me?"

Trowa smirked, his lips barely touching the tip of Quatre's ear as he whispered, "Will you let me show you?"

Quatre's eyes glittered with mischief. "Trowa, you are one naughty monk," he teased.

"I'll consider that a yes," Trowa remarked as he lowered Quatre to the floor and began undoing the buttons to his tailored black silk shirt.

"I won't let you get away with this," Quatre teased. "I shall have my revenge."

"Oh?" Trowa asked in between kisses. "And what will that entail?"

"I'm going to take you home with me and fuck you senseless.."

Trowa laughed, "to pay me back for taking you home and fucking you senseless?"

Quatre didn't respond to that, he didn't want to admit that he wasn't dominating Trowa, and that he was enjoying it. Satan the uke....God, if that got out he'd never live it down.

The slight brush of Trowa's hands over his hardened cock suddenly changed his focus. Trowa was clumsy in a wonderful, wonderful way. The soft pleasure Quatre got from Trowa desperately trying to get his pants off was sinful.

"You could help me here," Trowa growled in his ear.

"No, I'm fine," his blond partner smirked. His fingers seeped under the soft fabric of Trowa's pants and teased the soft flesh on his hip gently. "You look a little flushed, Trowa. Sure you don't want to lie down?"

Trowa devoured Quatre cocky smile before responding. "Not a chance. You're my guest remember?"

"Ahhh...that's right the pleasures of serving, huh?" Quatre said as he discarded his pants and slid under Trowa.

"No underwear?" Trowa asked curiously.

Quatre shrugged, "I was planning on getting laid today."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really," Quatre said as he nibbled on Trowa's chin. "I'm not tied down to you or anything, and there's always so much sexual tension between us. If I don't get some relief soon I'll probably explode."

Quatre was much more effective at stripping what remained of Trowa's clothes. Before long they were both bare on the naked wood floor. There was a chill on their skin, but it was quickly overtaken away by the flush of heated bodies. Trowa loved the closeness of feeling Quatre all over him. The warmth, the pressure, the feel of living skin moving over the very edge of himself...

The need was insistent. Foreplay was short.

"Quatre, I don't really--"

"It's okay," Quatre smiled. "I'll be right back."

Trowa watched Quatre plod off in all his naked glory to points unknow. He found himself admiring Quatre's firm ass instead of wondering what he was doing digging through the closet.

Quatre returned with a small container of oil. He had done this enough times to know creative things to use for lube. This time, though, he was happy that he could find a bottle of simple clear lamp oil. He really wasn't in the mood for peanut butter tonight.

"Give me your hand."

Quatre took Trowa's hand and smeared oil across his fingers, lightly as not to rub it in, and settled himself down on the floor. "Stick them in."

"Excuse me?" Trowa blinked.

"Stick. Them. In," Quatre repeated, more firmly this time.

Hesitantly, Trowa rubbed Quatre's tight hole, surprised when it relaxed easily and one finger slid in.

"I'm not exactly a virgin, Trowa. Now just stick another one in and stretch it a little. That should do the trick."

Trowa could feel his cheeks swell and flush. "I don't need you to instruct me," he mumbled between gritted teeth.

Quatre laughed, "Oh yes you do... I saw that look on your face. You wouldn't know what end to stick in if I didn't tell you!"

Trowa blushed deeply and in his haste ended up pushing his fingers harder into Quatre. Quatre laughter was abruptly cut off by sharps moans. " that again."

"What now?" Trowa asked hesitantly.

"Oh wait, what's this? Trowa Barton sexual expert wants me to inform him how to fuck me good and proper?"

"Oh, shut up. They didn't exactly train me in this."

Quatre smirked wildly and stroked Trowa's bang, laughing again. "Were you expecting an FAQ? 'I have my lover all lubed up and two fingers up his ass what do I do now?' "

Trowa scowled.

"Oh, you're so testy when you're horny," Quatre exclaimed. He blinked and then exploded with laughter at his own pun.

Trowa's frown deepened, "I'm glad you find this funny..."

Quatre smiled and kissed Trowa softly on the lips. "I'm sorry, love. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Now, I'm ready so you can take out your fingers." Despite his words, Quatre moaned at the loss of Trowa's presence inside him. "Now....just... Oh goddamnit, do I really have to explain this part to you?"

"No," Trowa laughed. "I think I got it.... That's it?"

"Yes, please for the love of all things holy just fuck me!!!"

Trowa's erection pushed up against Quatre's small hole gently, almost as if he was entering a thin ring of crystal. Quatre sighed impatiently and pushed up against him, sliding him in just a little further. "I'm not going to break."


"Don't apologize."


"Stop apologizing!!!!"

Frustrated Quatre grabbed what he could of Trowa's hips and pushed him forward, impaling him on Trowa's cock. "Ahhhhh..," he sighed happily. "That's what I'm talking about. Now move."

Trowa didn't need any clarification on that. Quatre was squeezing him so tightly he thought he might go insane. He moved deep inside Quatre, increasing his speed with each thrust. Going deeper, harder, faster. He could only barely hear Quatre moaning under him, his senses were so flooded with pleasure.

Quatre smiled and took Trowa's hand in his own, guiding it down to his swelling erection. Trowa followed his lead and began pumping hard, almost too lost in his own sensations to have any idea the effect this had on Quatre who was writhing in pure pleasure.

He felt a warmth building up inside of him. It was pleasant at first but soon grew so intense it was almost painful. His toes tingled. It was like electricity was being run through his whole body. He cried out and felt himself release with a sudden shutter.

Quatre was panting below him, dazed and satisfied himself. He wiggled out a little, then pulled Trowa down- resting Trowa's head on his chest- and dozed off.

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