Author: Bane's Desire
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A Grudging Seduction: Chapter Five
A Call For Help

With a jerk and a gasp Heero woke up from a disturbing dream where he was falling off the back of a motorcycle. As his mind began to clear from the dream and taking in his surroundings, he realized that it hadn't been a dream at all. His aching body and fuzzed memories now recalled that on top of being injured on the mission, he'd also been in a motorcycle accident. He remembered the pain in his shoulder from the bullet he caught, the wind whipping around him as he struggled focus on holding onto Duo while riding behind him on the motorcycle, willing himself to maintain consciousness as the other boy raced them back to the dorm with a promise to patch the both of them up. His thoughts lingered on the oddly pleasant memory of leaning heavily against Duo's warm back as the wind whipped furiously by them. He must have either fallen asleep or passed out because the next thing he vaguely remembered was Duo's voice shouting a warning and the bike swerving violently. He'd opened his eyes just in time to see the bike tilting to the right and the ground rushing by until the dirt and grass came up to meet him. After that, he had no memory as to what had happened.

Registering the strong ache in his right shoulder that radiated down to his right side, he realized that the rest of his body was hurting also, more so than was the usual pain after a mission. His right thigh and upper arm in particular stung horribly. Ignoring the irritating pain, he turned his head to survey the room, seeing the familiar surroundings of the dorm room he and Duo shared. By the faint light filtering through the shutters covering the one window in the room, he noted that it was either early morning or evening. At least they'd made it back, he thought with some relief. He looked further, to the bed opposite his, to see Duo resting on his back, his blankets were pulled up to his chin and his eyes were closed in slumber. The long familiar braid that lay limp on the bed next to him was severely frazzled and in the worst condition Heero had ever seen it. His partner, he decided, must be in terrible shape to have let his hair remain in such a condition.

His eyes shot to the doorway of their room at the sound of a key being put in the lock. He automatically reached under his pillow for his gun, only to find it missing. After a click sounded, the door swung open. He was surprised at the unexpected appearance of Wufei entering their room, carrying several brown paper bags in his arms.

Sensing he was being observed, Wufei looked at him, nodded his head respectfully in greeting and simply said, "Evening, Heero." He nodded back, realizing from Wufei's salutation that he'd slept the day away. He kept his eyes on the other pilot as he shut the door quietly behind him then put the two shopping bags on Duo's desk. He turned and quickly moved to the bed opposite Heero's to check on Duo's unmoving body to see if he'd awakened yet.

"What are you doing here?" Heero found his voice was thick and groggy sounding when he spoke.

"Duo called before dawn this morning. Said he needed a little help." Wufei replied as he put the bags on top of Duo's desk. "That was certainly the understatement of the year," he mumbled under his breath. Heero's sensitive hearing caught every word and he looked over to the other bed and to the unmoving boy, worry creeping over him.

"He had a leg wound. Did it become infected?"

"A deep knife puncture in the left thigh and next to a bullet wound that I had to cut open further to get the bullet out; yes, I'd call that a leg wound." Wufei replied, sarcasm heavy in his tone of voice. "But added to that was the loss of most of the skin on the right side of his body when he attempted to shield you after you began to fall off the back of the motorcycle. It upset the balance of the bike which he fought to keep upright one handed while his other hand was occupied with keeping you off the asphalt."

"I vaguely remember something like that happening. We fell on dirt and grass."

"He managed to get to the soft shoulder of the road before you both toppled off."

"How is he?" Heero turned his head, looking at the unmoving boy's profile. It seemed unnatural to see Duo so still with no sound, laughter or verbal, detailed insight to his surroundings. It felt... wrong.

"He's in a lot of pain." Wufei replied, looking thoughtfully at the other boy. "He holds you in high esteem, you know. Wouldn't let me treat his wounds until I dug the bullet out of your shoulder first and cleaned the scrapes on your arm and leg."

Heero's only response was to raise a surprised, questioning eyebrow.

"I gave him some pain pills that also contain a sleep inducer. It should hold him until Quatre and Trowa get here in the morning."

"What?" Heero couldn't have heard right. The other three pilots were supposed to be on missions.

"We finished our last mission," Wufei answered the unasked question. "They're coming here to help me move the both of you to a safehouse Quatre has set up. Someplace quiet and unobtrusive where you and Duo can recuperate."

"I'll be fully functional in a couple of days," Heero began to protest. "Then I'll resume my missions."

"But Duo won't be." Wufei's eyes were dark and forbidding. "The three of us be covering the extra missions while the two of you recuperate. You will stay behind with Duo until he's better. And you will do it, Yuy," the Chinese boy said firmly, his gaze and tone of voice brooking no complaint or excuse. "You owe him."

"I went back to the base and rescued him after he'd gotten himself captured. I think we're even," Heero shot back with a frown. Even to his own ears his voice sounded harsh and unfeeling and he wondered why that suddenly disturbed him so much.

The other boy gave him a disapproving glare, then turned to dig into the bags he'd brought in and pulled out several items and tossed them to him. A saran-wrapped sandwich, a container of juice and an orange landed with a dull thud on his blankets. Heero reached for the sandwich and watched as Wufei brought one out for himself.

"Duo's going to be starving when he wakes up," Heero informed the other boy, trying to break the tense silence that had suddenly come between them. And his statement was truthful; Duo was always ravenous after a mission, not to mention he'd gone a whole day without food.

"I'm fully prepared for that contingency," Wufei replied confidently just before taking a bite of his own sandwich. The two ate their meal in a relative silence that they both were quite comfortable with.


Contrary to Heero's prediction, Duo's first thoughts when he woke up around two a.m. was not his stomach. Both the pain and sleeping medication had worn off much more quickly than Wufei had anticipated. The Altron pilot meticulously tended to the woeful boy's wounds while the recipient of his ministrations managed to keep his complaints about the painful treatment limited to quiet, muffled moans.

Heero lay silent and unmoving on his bed, listening to Duo who was obviously in a lot of pain. He kept his silence while listening to Wufei's soft and steady voice reassuring the braided pilot that he would feel better soon, that the ointment he was applying to the area of raw, scraped flesh would help to heal him with minimal scarring. Shutting his eyes, he tried to block out Duo's quiet pleas for Wufei to stop and leave him the hell alone. His efforts failed and Heero realized that Wufei had most likely detached himself from the situation as he continued to perform the necessary first aid to their fellow comrade.

It took a total of twenty minutes for the Chinese pilot to finish doctoring the wounded boy's injuries. He then helped Duo to sit up and pushed several pills into his mouth before giving him a glass of water accompanied by a stern order to swallow them down. Heero watched and noted that Duo emptied the entire contents of the glass in one attempt, seeming desperate for the water. After settling the wounded pilot back down and making him as comfortable as possible, the Shenlong pilot sat on the edge of their comrade's bed exchanging whispered comments with Duo. Heero strained to hear what they were saying, but couldn't make out anything that made sense. When at last the room fell silent once again, he watched as Wufei stood, covered the sleeping boy with his blankets again, then picked up the herb ointment and first aid kit and moved to put them away. He stopped short when he saw that Heero was awake and watching him.

"I'll show you tomorrow how to tend to his wounds to insure they won't become infected."

"Hn." Heero nodded, though he doubted the other boy could see him.

"Would you like me to change your bandages now or in the morning?" Wufei asked while stifling a yawn.

"I'm fine until morning. Go back to sleep."

The items in Wufei's hands were quickly put away and the black haired boy settled back down to the sleeping bag on the carpeted floor and silence filled the dorm room once again.

Quatre and Trowa arrived amidst the hustle and bustle of students moving from the cafeteria to their morning classes. It would have been considered impossible for the two newcomers could enter the dorms without notice, but with Trowa, a master at stealth and blending in, leading the way, it came as no surprise to the three waiting in the dorm room that their entry into their small living space was easily accomplished. However, it was a given that removing the two injured boys from the school would not be as easy an undertaking to accomplish especially with Heero stubbornly insisting he leave on his own two feet, while Duo didn't want to be touched or moved from his bed. Still groggy with the drugs Wufei had been feeding him on a regular basis, the long haired boy protested the idea of leaving his bed between gritted teeth and repeatedly wished his three, well-intentioned friends an expressway trip to hell.

Trowa and Quatre shared an amused grin at Duo's curses, not understanding the severity of their friend's wounds until Wufei forcefully pulled back Duo's covers to reveal the damage to the boy's slender body.

"Oh, Duo." Quatre moved quickly forward to comfort his friend, but stopped short of touching him. His eyes fell on Duo's damaged body, laying on blood splattered sheets with only a towel draped over his slender hips to lend him some modesty. The exposed skin on much of the right side of his body was shredded, with raw, ugly red tissue that had to be terribly painful. The damage was concentrated on his right calf, thigh, ribs and arm as well as a small scrape on his face. Though the towel covered it, Quatre was sure Duo's hip was in an equally dismal state. On his left leg, a rectangular shaped bandage was wrapped around the middle of his thigh. Wufei explained to the newly arrived the two wounds that lay underneath that bandage.

"How do you propose we move him?" Trowa asked, his trained eyes taking in all of Duo's wounds and the pained, pinched look around his wary eyes.

"Not goin' nowhere," Duo grumbled.

His comment was completely ignored as Wufei answered the Heavyarms pilot without taking his eyes off the wounded boy. "No matter what method we undertake to get him out of here, it's going to hurt. First, we have to dress him. I think my loose workout gi will be the easiest article of clothing to put over his wounds." He pointed to the bottom of the bed to the folded black cotton outfit, then looked directly to the blond and brunette. "Trowa, you help me with dressing Duo and Quatre can assist Heero. I think our best chance for leaving here undetected will be during this morning's classes when the students and staff are otherwise occupied."

Another pain/sleeping pill was given to Duo and they waited twenty minutes for it to kick in. With his usual stubbornness, the L-2 teen fought the overwhelming feeling of sleepiness, his defenses, though weak, were still strong enough for him to want to protect himself, even from his friends.

Dressing the American proved difficult, not only for the boy in question, but for the other two who took great pains to be careful in completing the task. No matter how hard they tried not to add more discomfort to the wounded boy. From his pitiful moans and assorted curses it was obvious they failed. Several times Wufei admonished the braided boy to stop biting his lower lip when he observed blood was beginning to come through the deep teeth marks he'd made in his lower lip.

Quatre helped a more cooperative Heero to dress, noting that the Japanese boy's wounds were less severe than Duo's, but still looked painful. The blond teen couldn't help but marvel at Heero's strength, how he could push aside his physical discomfort when he chose to do so. Once the Wing pilot was fully dressed and sitting on the edge of his bed, Quatre set out to pack up their belongings into the two duffles he'd found in the closet, knowing from being around the two which items belonged to whom.

Trowa and Wufei stepped back from Duo's bed, having completed the task of dressing him. Duo lay tense and panting as a result with sweat glistening on his face. His eyes were shut tightly and visible moisture was forming under the long lashes, making his two friends feel guilty for hurting him.

"I've packed all of their things." Quatre's quiet voice came from behind them.

Wufei nodded. "We'll let Duo rest a moment before we leave."

They actually ended up waiting a half hour before the braided boy's breathing began a slow, rhythmic pattern, indicating he'd finally succumbed to the drug inducing sleep.

"The eastern door of the dorm leads to the parking lot. It's the best escape route," Heero informed the other three in a quiet voice, not wanting to disturb the sleeping boy. "It's on the far side of the classrooms and out of sight of the administrative offices. Do you have a car?"

"I rented one," Quatre replied, patting his pocket so that the others could hear the tinkling of keys. He then picked up the two nearly identical black duffle bags and shouldered them. "Ready to go?"

Heero nodded, and seeing it, Wufei went towards Duo's bed, angling himself to pick the sleeping teen up so that his less wounded side would rest against his torso.

"Want some help?" Trowa offered, but the hesitation in his voice and uneasy stance clearly showed that he had no idea how he could accomplish aiding the Chinese teen without hurting Duo further.

"Just grab the sheets and catch the door on the way out," Wufei answered, carefully easing Duo's limp body out of his bed and into his arms. Though drugged, the movement disturbed the injured boy back to wakefulness and Wufei paused. It took a lot of resolve for the Chinese youth to ignore his comrade's quiet pleas to be left alone. Thankfully, only a few moments passed until Duo's voice faded and he slipped back into his induced slumber.

Trowa quickly pulled the bloody sheets off of both beds, wadded the material up and put the combined bundle under his arm. Receiving a nod from Wufei that he was ready, he then led the way out of the dorm room, holding the door open for Quatre, aiding Heero by taking his left arm, then Wufei and Duo. He then quietly shut the door behind them and moved to the front of the group to take point. Together the five left the school as discretely as possible and without interruption. They swiftly drove away from the campus towards the location of their next safehouse in a nondescript car legally obtained from a rental agency by Quatre's seemingly endless supply of cash.

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