Author: May Chang
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The Path Between + Chapter 1

Zechs and Noin were mildly annoyed at me. Alright, so I lied. They were pissed at me, even though it was all Trowa's fault. I mean, he was the one who suggested we toss water on them. I never knew how loud Noin could scream.

Or the fact that she has a gorgeous body.

Quatre and Trowa, on the other hand, seemed to be drooling over Zechs's body. Actually, Quatre turned red and Trowa just stared. But I digress.

We did get to an inn, the Morning Glory. Sheyeah, nice name. We all checked in, threw our stuff into our rooms and returned to the main room for some food.

You know, for someone as small as Quatre, he eats alot. I mean, his appetite rivals mine. Zechs and Noin... again with the sexual tension. And Trowa... well, he's as quiet eating as he is on the road.

I wonder if his vocabulary include some words besides "Hn."

The minute we finished eating, Zechs and Noin literally flew up to their room. I guess they wanted to finish what they had started before we interrupted.

"May I ask where you are going?" Quatre inquired as he sipped his redberry.

I shrugged. "No idea. We're just travelers by nature," I said as I played with my cup.

Trowa just stared at me. Do you know uncomfortable that is, to be stared at by just one eye?

"So why did you want us to join in?" Quatre asked. I shrugged again.

"Better traveling companions," I replied.

Trowa snorted, while Quatre giggled. They both were thinking the same thing I was: Zechs and Noin being horny all the fucking time.

"So, the two of you are from Recluce," I said. Quatre blinked in surprised while Trowa, again, stared at me. I really don't like the way he's looking at me. "Don't look so surprise, Q- bean. Hell, I'm from Recluce."

"How...? What...?? You...?"

"Quatre, think it out first, then ask me," I said, taking another sip of wine.

Quatre paused for a moment. "What do you know about Recluce and us?" Quatre asked, fingering his cup. I drained the last of my wine and waved the maid over for some more.

"Well, first off, there's the matter of your staffs," I began as soon as the maid walked off. "Second, you two have Recluce written all over you. Well, actually, Trowa doesn't show as much as you, Q-bean. Finally, there's the fact that you have absolutely no idea what to expect from the mainland."

Trowa and Quatre both exchanged looks with each other. I couldn't help but think they make a cute couple. Ye gods, what the hell was I thinking?!

The maid finally arrived with my golden wine and I paid two coppers for it. Then I looked at the two.

"I figure that you two aren't the only dangergelders, either," I continued, sipping a bit of wine. "From what I've heard, Recluce turned out two blackstaffers and two blademasters. Since I've figured out that you two are the blackstaffers, there's still the two blademasters. I take it you know them?"

"That would be Heero Yuy and Chang Wufei," Quatre acknowledged. "We all decided that we should be paired off."

Oddly enough, he didn't look very happy. Hm...

"I take it that you wanted to be with one of the blademasters instead," I said, narrowing an eye.

"Yes," Quatre and Trowa both replied, then both blushed. I think I got the point at that stage.

"Right. Whatever," I said, draining the last of the wine. "Time to go to bed, kids. Tomorrow is another day on the road with two horny people."

Trowa actually groaned slightly and made a exaggerated gesture of mock defeat.


Well, we started the morning quite well, even though it would seem that I was not a morning person. I can't believe how chirpy Quatre is in the morning.

Never give Quatre coffee in the morning. Especially with the amount of sugar he pours into it.

Yet again on the road, we all felt the sexual tension between Zechs and Noin. Quatre, it turns out, could sense what other people were feeling, and he was getting horny, too.

I was this close to actually tossing Quatre into the river. Trowa, strangely enough, was taking everything in stride.

"Duo, could I focus on you?" Quatre said, blushing furiously. "Zechs and Noin are really making"

"Yeah, please do," I replied. I paused, then looked at Quatre curiously. "Why don't you focus on Trowa?"

"He's also... um..."

"Really? With who?" I was really curious. Trowa began to glare at Quatre, while Quatre seemed to turn redder with every moment.

"I'd rather not say, Duo," he replied.

"Why not?"

"Because Trowa would then have to beat me up."

"Oh." Damn. I really wanted to know who was making bang-boy horny. It certainly couldn't be Quatre. Zechs?? Hm...

Quatre breathed a sigh of relief, probably because he didn't have an erection. So this means I won't have to throw him into the river. Then, a wicked little thought came to mind.

"Saay, Trowa? Who were you thinking about just then?" I asked, grinning wickedly at Trowa.

Trowa turned to glare at me. "... No one," he mumbled. I edged Shinigami until he was hip to hip with Trowa's Heavy Arms. What a name for a horse. I mean, Heavy Arms? His horse doesn't even look heavy-set, and the weapons? No weapons, just a staff. OK, digressing again...

"But Quatre said you were also horny. Could it be you were thinking about...Zechs???" I asked, smiling evilly at Trowa. Trowa actually had the decency to blush. I began to laugh. Hysterically. Maniacally.

Crazily enough to actually get a stone chucked at my head.

"OW!" I yelled, rubbing the back of my head, and turned around to see Zechs and Noin glaring at me. "What?!"

"Shut... up... Maxwell!" the two grated out. In harmony, too. Amazing.

Quatre was giggling like mad. I glared at Zechs and Noin.

"Whatever. Sheesh."


Calno had to be one of the busiest cities on the mainland. It rivals those of Hodrus and Sange in everything, from trade to games to... Well, Zechs and Noin's favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Interestingly enough, we also happened to run into Heero and Wufei. Isn't Fate annoying?

"Wufei? Is that you?" Quatre blurted out as he spotted his friend, a guy with black hair tied back. Wufei turned around, as did his companion, a guy with messy hair and piercing cobalt eyes. Trowa actually went so far as to smile. Quatre just jumped off Sandrock and launch himself into Wufei's arms.

What's scarier is the fact that they looked cute together.

What the hell am I thinking?!

Wait, do not go there.

"Duo! This is Chang Wufei and Heero Yuy," Quatre introduced me to the other two dangergelders. Wufei nodded slightly to me, while Heero just glared at me. I suddenly had a thought that he acted a lot like Trowa. Oh, the horror...

"How do you do?" Wufei asked, flicking onyx eyes over me to the love-birds.

"I'm fine," I responded. "There's a good inn down the street, the Black Dog. If you have the time, come on down."

Wufei and Heero both nodded, and headed off to who knows where, while I led the others to the inn.


Wufei and Heero both arrived at dinner, just as we were getting ready to eat.

"So, what brings you two to Calno?" I asked after a few bites of stew. Heero continued to glare at me, as Trowa continued to stare. What the hell is wrong with these two?

"Heero and I went into the guarding business," Wufei replied, taking another bite of stew. "It just so happens that the trader was going to Calno."

"Hn," Trowa and Heero both responded. I must've lifted an eyebrow because Quatre started to giggle. Zechs and Noin finished their dinner and what happens next is obvious.

"Oh, no, not again," Quatre groaned. Wufei and Heero looked at Quatre, then at me.

"Zechs and Noin are feeling horny," I said, taking a sip of wine.

"Ah," Wufei commented, a smile twitching at his mouth.

Heero continued to glare at me. What is up with that?

"So how long are you and Heero gonna stay here?" I asked.

Wufei shrugged. "I don't know. We could leave anytime. Our job here is done," Wufei said, fingering his cup of tea.

Which reminds me, out of the whole group, he's the only one here who drinks tea. Tea, not redberry or some alcoholic beverage. Tea. Digressing again...

"How's about coming along with us?" I offered. Quatre blinked, while Trowa quirked an eyebrow. Wufei and Heero both exchanged looks.

"Sure," Wufei said, shrugging.

Heero and Trowa continue to look at me. Finally I couldn't take it.

"What?! Do I have food stuck in my teeth or something?" I asked them, glaring back. The two blinked, looked at each and looked back at me, with the word, "Hn."

I looked helplessly at Quatre. He looked at me and shrugged. Wufei sighed and shook his head.


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