Author: May Chang
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The Path Between + Chapter 10

Wufei sighed as he fingered the hilt of his blade. Quatre and I just looked expectedly at the raven-tressed fighter. The pain in my ass finally receded (thank you God!) as my curiosity was piqued. I threw my senses out again, just to make sure that no one hostile was in front of us. I then returned to look at Wufei.

"'re going to insist that I tell you about my life..." Wufei grumbled. I smiled brightly at him, turning on the Maxwell Charm at full blast.

"But of course!!!!!!" I chirped happily. Quatre just looked at me like I was high. Well, I am definitely high, as high as a kite, as high as the sun, as high as a.......

.......but I digress.

Wufei sighed again, this time with a hint of exasperation. "Fine," he huffed, then looked back at the road, an expression of sadness crossing his face.

"I am the son of Lord Chang of the Dragon Clan," he began softly. Quatre blinked, then blinked again. Wufei nodded slightly. "Yes, that Lord Chang. He was the one who helped the masters during the Scandrin War."

I nodded; that was one hell of a bloody war.... Well, for the Scandrins, that is. Never mess with the warriors and order-masters of Recluce.

"My family were all trained to be order-masters as well as fighters," Wufei continued. "Then, he came. I don't know who he was, but he....." Wufei trailed off, pausing before taking a shaky breath. "I don't know who he was, but all I know was that he was a chaos- master, and a powerful one at that. He killed my mother first. My sister, Meiran was next, then my father fell under the chaos-master's blade. I also rushed to right him, but I was too weak," he said bitterly. "I have been training myself for over four years to fight against him again, but the masters felt that, with my need for revenge, I would slowly succumb to chaos."

"But then you met Quatre," I said, smiling gently at Wufei. Quatre blinked, then pinked a bit. Wufei nodded, then realized what he'd done, looked up into Quatre's eyes and blushed.

Ah...... young love...........

It was then that we reached the border to the Romefeller Empire.


Beautiful. That is what I have to say as we rode down the rode to the capital, White Hall. It's kind of ironic to see such a warlike empire have such beauty all over the place. The trees, the streams, the flowers, the women --

Oof! Heero! Trowa! You know I wouldn't!! Sheesh, can't a guy check out some of the people of an unexplored kingdom???

White Hall announced its presence by the white walls surrounding the castle. My stomach suddenly twisted. Quatre went so far as to gag slightly, then clapping a hand over his mouth. Wufei looked worriedly at his blond lover.

"Chaos........... so strong," Quatre managed to blurt out before he clapped his hands over his mouth again. I swallowed hard, then looked at Quatre.

"Quatre, think about Wufei," I said sternly. Quatre nodded, feeling too sick to be confused.

"Hold up, we may need to make a decision here," I said. Quatre and Wufei nodded, stopping Nataku and Sandrock. I quickly reeled Shinigami around and rode over to Trowa and Heero, pausing to tell Noin and Zechs to wait also. Trowa also looked pale and Heero was looking pretty concerned for bang-boy.

"How are you doing, Tro-chan?" I asked.

" shit," he responded. "Is this what chaos feels like?" I nodded, glaring at White Hall.

"Afraid so," I replied. "That's what it feels like when chaos is literally stuck all over the place. It's the balance." Heero looked questioning at me. I waved my hand. "I'll explain later," I said. We then met up with the others. "We now have a decision to make, people."

"We're still going in, Duo," Zechs growled, giving me a look that spelled death.

"No, no, I'm not talking about that," I said, suppressing the urge to stick my tongue out at him. Sometimes he can be such a pain in the ass. "I just wanted to know if you want to either go into the city now, or do you prefer to set up camp off the road. I for one, am not sleeping in that city."

"I agree,," Noin said, giving the city a sick look. "In reality, I don't even want to be anywhere near that city. The chaos that it's giving off is enough to kill someone."

"Slowly and painfully," Quatre moaned. At least he didn't look like he was about to throw up. What do you know, thinking about Wufei works!

........then again, I think I know what he's thinking about.

How typical..............

Zechs grunted, looking slightly peeved, and nodded. We then turned our horses off the road and to a nearby stream. Thankfully, the water was just plain water, all nice and cool too. It was night when we were approached by the person you'd least expect. Lady Une.

And in a dark blue dress with a gray cloak, mind you. That is something that's confusing me.

Dinner was over with, and Noin and I had finished cleaning up when a twig snapped nearby. Heero, Zechs and Wufei all immediately unsheathed their sword, glaring out into the darkness.

"Who's there?" Zechs demanded. Une then appeared, pulling away the hood from her head. "Une. What brings you here?"

"I have come to help you bring back Relena," she said simply and calmly. There was something about her that was making me kind of uneasy. I silently sent a probing thought at her and was taken aback at what I felt. It was as though she was another being, one who hoped for.... something.....

And I trusted her. I kid you not.

"Fine," I said. Quatre and Zechs jerked to look at me as though as I was nuts. Again, they weren't far from the truth. "I just want to know what you want out of this."

"I want you to save Trieze," she said softly. She looked down, embarrassed. "My power in order isn't powerful enough to pull away the cage surrounding him, but," she looked into my eyes, "I know that you're powerful enough to save him."

I snorted. "Une, I'm just a gray wizard," I said. "Quatre and Trowa here are the order-master, and Quatre's ability is quite powerful."

Quatre was gaping at me.

Quatre, close you mouth, or you'll be catching flies.

"No, he's nothing compared to you," she responded, her eyes hardening. "Besides, if I'm correct, you know all about Dekim and his moves..... plus there is the matter of experience and age."

.....Damn, how did she know?!

"Duo?" Quatre asked, looking puzzled. I glared at him, telling him to shut up. Then I looked back at Une.

"Fine, it's a deal," I said. Noin opened her mouth. "Don't argue with me, Noin. I'm not in the mood," I snapped. Noin looked surprised. I don't blame her; I'm usually so jolly, aren't I?

"Thank you," Une said, smiling shyly. "Meet me at the Dark Saturn tomorrow. I will help you from there." With that, she placed the hood back on and disappeared into the darkness.


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