Author: May Chang
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The Path Between + Chapter 4

"Eep?" Quatre squeaked, looking up at the horde. Wufei, Heero and Trowa rode up to look at the army we were facing. Noin and I just stared, as Une appeared in front of the army and glared at us. You would have assumed she'd sneer at us, or at least laugh maniacally.

"At last, a battle," Wufei said solemnly, drawing out his sword.

"Hn," Heero replied, drawing out his broadsword. If time hadn't been such a bitch, I would've started laughing. I sighed as I reached down and picked up Deathscythe. Quatre looked over at me, eyes curious at the 2 foot long stick with a sharp edge. I grinned as it suddenly lengthened to a good six-feet and the edge popped out to form a scythe. I twirled it once, then looked at an awe-struck Quatre.

"Eh, Q? Tell me you're good with that staff of yours," I said, as I looked up at the army. Quatre smirked, glancing at Trowa.

"I'm a lot better at it than Trowa."

Trowa glared at Quatre as he shifted his staff. Noin sighed as she readied her bow. Une just glared at us, then barked out some orders and a wave of soldier swarmed right at us.


I am very glad that Heero and Wufei are our side. I mean, they just went through a column of soldiers like a hot knife through butter. One word: wow.

Trowa and Quatre were holding up pretty well. Quatre was right about being better with the staff than Trowa, but Trowa made it up with his flexibility. Hmmm.... I wonder what would happen if --

Duo, kid, we're in a battle for our life here. Think about sex later.


Noin was doing her part shooting down soldiers, but we know that just the six of us weren't going to be able to fight all of them, plus that damn bitch on the hill. Quatre and Trowa finally fell back with me, breathing hard.

"There's too many," Quatre panted, sweat trickling down his face.

Trowa was breathing heavily as he quickly parried off another soldier, knocking him unconscious. I decapitated two and quickly glanced over at Wufei and Heero. They didn't seem to be faring any better.

"Then I suggest a strategic retreat," I growled. "You two, try to get to Noin as fast as you can and tell her to cloak, and meet me at Vassta."

"Cloak?" Quatre blinked at me.

"Q-bean, now's not the time," I said. "Just get over to her. I'll go get Heero and Wufei." I swung at the soldiers, sending some reeling back. "Now, get!"

Quatre and Trowa quickly broke out of the ring and ran to Noin. I took another swing, making soldiers scatter out of my way, then ran towards Heero and Wufei.

"Out of my way!!!" I yelled, hurling a weak chaos blast at the soldiers. Hey, I may be a gray wizard, but I'll use chaos when the need arises. A few soldiers disappeared, as I stepped right between Heero and Wufei, and threw a cloak over us. I quickly stuck Deathscythe on to my back, grabbed Heero and Wufei's arm and dragged them out of the mess.

"Where the fuck did they go?!" shouted one of the soldiers, right next to my ear. Ow.

Wufei was about to say something when I quickly clapped my hand over his mouth. He blinked at me, and I shook my head. He nodded, and moved them towards the horses. I threw the field over Shinigami, Wing, and Nataku, as we mounted. I gestured to them to follow me and we quickly rode off to Vassta.


Wufei was nervous. I swear to god. He may be sitting in the middle of the room, looking calmer than the eye of a hurricane, but I can tell. I'm good at reading people.

"Oi, Wu-man! Quatre will be just fine!" I said as I padded in from my bath. Wufei opened his eyes and glared at me.

"My name is Wufei, Duo," he growled, then blinked at me.

I blinked back. "What?"

"Duo, have you no modesty?"

A blush began to creep up on his face. I blinked again, then looked down. There was nothing wrong, besides the fact that I'm --


I quickly took the towel and wrapped it around myself. This is what I get for getting screwed in the bathroom. Wufei rolled his eyes, then returned to meditating. Heero then entered the room, toweling his hair. At least he remembered to put on his pants. He blinked at the still kind of pink Wufei then at me. I blushed. "I forgot to put on pants."

"Ah." I then sat down and started brushing my hair. Heero stepped up and took the brush out of my hands. I started to protest, but he looked at me, telling me to shut up and sit down. I sighed and just sat there as Heero began to brush my hair. I think I started to purr, since I remembered Wufei opening his eyes and quirking an eyebrow at me for some reason.

It felt like forever as Heero brushed my hair. I could lose my entire world to that sensation. Then Heero leaned over and whispers into my ears.

"Ai shiteru, Duo."

I think my eyes nearly popped out. My breathing became rather erratic as I tried to pick up what was left of my mind, but Heero kept brushing my hair.

"Heero, I don't think you should have said that while brushing Duo's hair," Wufei said blandly. "His mind isn't cooperating with him at the moment, it would seem."

Heero shot Wufei a scathing look as he finished braiding my hair. I then turned around and glomped him. Wufei got up and left the room, muttering something about me and Heero being so sweet he was going to be sick. Eh! Fei! Take a look at you and Quatre!!! The sap factor goes way above 100%, you know! Other than that, when I glomped Heero, my towel slipped off, so it only covered me somewhat. I then bent down and kissed him and smiled at him.

"Ai shiteru, Heero."

Heero actually smiled at that statement. He then reached behind my neck and pulled me in for another kiss.

"Heero, please save some for me," Trowa said as he entered the room.

I looked up from Heero to see Trowa looking down at us, a smile playing on his face. He then looked down at me, an appreciative look crossing his face. If I wasn't already sleeping with the guy, I would've been blushing furiously by now.

I smirked at him. Then I looked at Heero. "Ready for round two?"


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